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  1. rockshaft

    Do you need a Mr. Funnel?

    I don't know what these cost at the store, but this ebay deal seems good (I bought one) 14$ delivered Mr Funnel Fuel Filter Funnel Removes Water and Debris from All Fuels | eBay
  2. rockshaft

    Boat trailer mod advice

    I have an approx 27ft long tandem axle boat trailer and i'm thinking on some mods and would like opinions. 1) the drop leg jack is fairly close to the coupler. I was thinking of relocating it back a couple feet, inside the "A" part of the frame. 2) the spare/mount is on the outside of the...
  3. rockshaft

    Snow  Plowing some powder with the 1026R

    8-10" of new snow. Tractor is working as a John Deere should!
  4. rockshaft

    Best Steel Finish

    I've never been all that impressed with various methods/products I've used to protect steel equipment. Would *love* to hear what has given good results for anyone else. Products I've used: Rustoleum Zinc Sel Rusty metal primer Clean metal primer Industrial Hammerite Seems like the best case...
  5. rockshaft

    Need info on loader bucket 1-series

    I'm looking for the *inside width* of the 49" materials bucket for the 1-series (probably same for 2305) loader bucket. I'm trying to order a toothbar and I don't have the tractor to measure myself. I'm leaning toward the BXpanded Piranha version, but I'm considering others too...