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    Backhoe Attachment John deere 8B $2400.

    Heres what I have its a john deere 8 b backhoe attachment . It has a subframe for a john deere and thats it , I have no brackets . i was going to fab something for my New Holland , But I dont have the time , other things are taking priority . So I am selling it .It is in Pasadena Md 21122 ...
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    Made a nice score at an online auction

    I was looking at online auctions and found go dove bid a couple months ago . So I was looking at what was for sale close to me and I found a 3 point Landpride 48 inch overseeder and a Mataway gas powered slit seeder . So I bid low and ...............there were no other bidders , I got them both...
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    Any one have experience with rocket mass heaters

    Like the topic says , anybody made one of these . Rocket Mass Heaters • Insteading
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    had some fun with a landscaper today . But I liked him being a go getter

    I was cleaning leaves at my house ( suburban Maryland ) and my neighbors this morning ( neighbor is 84 ) . I had a hand held blower and my tractor was around back .While I am blowing out the corners a landscaper stops with his dump trailer , leaf vac and blowers . He tries to get me to let him...
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    generator question Natural gas to gasoline conversion

    Well , I decided to wait for a diesel like the one my buddy got . The natural gas one was taken by another guy that worked there . They have another this size coming in a couple months . The one my buddy got is diesel , and yes the price was $ 500. plus tax . Fired right up as it should since...
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    generator question Natural gas to gasoline conversion

    I have the opportunity to pick up a 50KW gen set , Its powered by a ford inline 6 cyl . It is currently set up for natural gas . I would want to set it up for gasoline , have it set on a trailer so its portable . I havent looked at it yet , but it only has 100 hours on it . And its a whopping $...
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    Looking for a backhoe subframe part

    I have a new holland 1925 , and I am looking for a subframe part for a 757C , Its the part that bolts on the rear . The part number is sml44946 . Its part number 3 on this diagram New Holland (757C) - BACKHOE (1/96-12/7) Parts Diagrams. Its a shot in the dark that someone may have...
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    Found a needle in a haystack .

    About 6 months ago I picked up a John deere 9B backhoe , its the same unit as a 757B new holland . It came with the deere subframe . I put an add up on craigslist , and a guy called and said he may have what I need . Well he did and he didnt , he had the frame for a 757A , BUT its a lot closer...
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    Home built Jaw Crusher

    Friend of mine finished his jaw crusher for his Mini Ex . Along with it and his hog crusher on the bobcat he likes to make his own base and not go to the landfill . He is sitting on the pile he crushed with the jaw , further back is what he has left to do . He figures 4 days and he will have...
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    looking at a L2900 gst

    I have a friend and we are going to look at a L2900 GST with 1100 hours on it , Just wondering if I should be looking for anything specific . And a general price range .
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    I love playing with the kids new toys .....................Locked and loaded

    I am having a blast , Got the kids some cool nerf guns . I am sitting here using the cat for target practice . Driving the dumb thing nuts
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    Danuser post driver question

    I have the opportunity to get a danuser post driver , a pto powered one for a couple hundred bucks . I dont have too much need to drive posts as of now , but here is what I am wanting to do . I want it to drive well points for shallow wells for irrigation systems . I would be going 35 to 40 ft ...
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    agrimetal blower on auction in Virginia

    Blower - I already have one , but if you are close to this , it may be worth it
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    3 point leaf blower saw this for sale

    . Toro blowers 2670 - Used For Sale - I was checking out an add and fornd this if anybody hates raking leaves
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    Symbol on gauge cluster on a 1925

    I had a light come on on my gauge cluster , I have a 1925 , it was the symbol to the right of the battery symbol . I was cutting tall grass and it came on . I shut it down went to get my glasses , came back re started and it was off . But I would like to know what it is for
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    Had "The Talk " with my 11 year old son

    It was time , Ihad the sit down with my 11 year old son , he is heading for middle school this fall . So I explained to him that there is no Santa claus . "But Dad i saw the pictures of him in our basement " Yup , Ben thats called photo shop on the computer . " You mean you were lying to us...
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    I love craigs list and gov deals ,

    Gov deals . and public surplus Here is the link to what I picked up GROUNDS EQUIPMENT - and the blower
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    I love craigs list and gov deals ,

    In the past month I have been lucking out with online auctions and craigs list . In the past month I have picked up a JD 8B backhoe attachment , a vibratory roller (like new) , a 5 ft JD rototiller , a 3 point blade , a post hole digger with 4 augers , a lawn roller (new) an aerator ( cheesy but...
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    shipping services any one use one .

    I found a small piece of equip in New York , but I am in Maryland . Does anyone know of a reasonable shipper ?
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    identify the manufacturer of this Backhoe

    Can anyone identify what company manufactured this backhoe for john deere ? I am looking for a subframe for my NH 1925 . I got in touch with bradco and they say its not theirs . But they were great and sent me info on their subframe which stays on the tractor . ( I like their frame it looks to...
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    Backhoe subframe and brackets new holland TC25-TC34DA 1320-1715, 1530-1925

    Like the title says , I am lookin for a subframe , I have a 1925 new holland . and a john deere 8b backhoe that i want to install on it , I need a subframe and brackets . Any help apperciated
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    Attention guys that use snowblowers heres an auction

    Erskine 84inch 841FM Front Mount Snow Blower w/ Adjustable Subframe - Its located in laurel md . seems to be from the DC government . We dont get that much snow in these parts to even justify it . it doesnt look like it was ever used . there is another in the background , so...
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    Backhoe project for this winter any input appreciated

    I just won at auction a John deere 8 B Backhoe , with a sub frame . But I have a new holland 1925 tractor . I have a winter project ahead . Anybody done something similar? I havent picked it up yet so I havent seen it in person . Same auction I got a vibratory single drum roller , a grade...
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    BBQ grills great find next to the dumpster

    I was picking up some parts at the irrigation supply house , and a couple doors down there is a high end outdoor kitchen business . A guy was unloading this stainless grill , and getting a new really BIG one . I walked over and asked what you doing with the old grill ? ( I saw it was stainless...
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    I want this truck , It showed up at a rental I own

    I hope this pic uploaded .
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    Running Bamboo Hate it

    Spent 4 hours dealing with this weed , Bamboo . I was cutting 2 to 3 inch around bamboo 20 ft plus tall about 1/3 acre . You cant push it over into the rest of the growth . I tries a chainsaw , the blade kept jumping off , tries a sawzall it was way too slow . I finally tried a circular saw ...
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    Forget tractor supply , prices are nuts

    here is a pto shaft I drove over and bought at my local TSC then returned . WEASLER 4 SERIES 37" DRIVESHAFT ASSEMBLY $ 349.99 Here is one I found online same manufacturer and model no Weasler 4 Series Rotary Cutter Driveline Assembly (Length: 37") at Blain's Farm & Fleet...
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    Wimpy tractor pulls out tracked bobcat skid steer in the snow

    Good buddy of mine has the tracked bobcat , enclosed cab , stereo etc . Well he likes to make fun of my tractors , " those little toys" I get a call tonight , needs me to pull him out , tells me the road where he is and his phone dies . I called back and it goes straight to voice mail . Now I...
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    Its time east coast

    Looks like the east coast is going to finally get snow . Who isnt ready ?
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    3 point blower agrimetal , not impressed .

    I had the opportunity to use an agrimetal 3 point blower , its their mid size , just right for my 35 hp tractor . I am not impressed at all ,yes it blows leaves but no where near as good as a 8 hp little wonder push blower I have . One problem is the deflector is inside the discharge area , no...
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    ? about a 3 point slit seeder

    I just picked up a Jacobsen 548100 3 point slit seeder . Picked it up from a golf course for $ 300.. The guy showed me the basics of it , but I didnt ask him what my ground speed should be ? Has anyone had any experience with one of these or something similar .
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    arps 90 backhoe ..............going to a sale tomorrow any opinions good or bad

    I just found out about a sale tomorrow morning . They have a arps 90 backhoe , looks to be a 3 point , but there is little or no info about it . I have no clue as to the value , if its a great , good , poor , or bad unit . Any insite is helpfull there is also a John deere 5210 tractor 2 wheel...
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    Why I hate ST trailer tires

    I was out today striping a parking lot about 20 miles from home . On the return trip I heard a noise and I looked in my passanger side mirror . I watched my fender fly off and the tread from my tire go all over . The one thing I didnt hear was the flop ,flop of a flat tire . I am DONE with...
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    using a compost pile for heating . And making methane gas Anybody done it ?

    I had to move some wood chip piles and they were hot , steaming hot . It got me thinking and I ran across Jean Pain using biomass to heat his house and produce methane gas . Well I am tired of Kids science projects that are lame . So i started scrounging materials to make a compost heating...
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    Old sawmill ,the big round blade type

    I have a friend selling his farm and he asked me If I wanted the old sawmill thats up there . I am guessing that its 1940's to 1950's vintage .last used in the early 1980's , Last time I looked at it was in 1985 . I am wondering if it is worth the time to go and get it ?
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    I am going to gamble a bit on a tractor / boat trade

    I have a friend who I have known for 30 plus years , He wants a 15 ft boston whaler type boat that I dont use . The boat runs I just dont use it . He has a farm in west Va , and there is a 1970's gas ford tractor with a loader and implements that he doesnt use or want . I havent seen the...
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    Electric fuel shut off for air compressor ( murphy valve)

    I have a 100 cfm compressor with a deutz 2 cyl diesel . It quit on me last year , I just got around to working on it and figured out it was the coil on the murphy valve . I found one on line for 60 dollars . I was wondering if anyone has a source for these . It was interesting how I figured it...
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    How you protect your farm from theft???

    My wife saw this one
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    Question about a rotary cutter modifications

    I just bought a countrypride 5 ft rotary cutter . Its in good shape , but for some reason the guy he bought the property from welded a blocker plate on the front where it first goes over the material , and the rear where it would discharge . I am wondering if this was done for a specific purpose ?
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    I couldnt say no to my 7 year old . Now I need help with planting an acre .

    we started a garden in my back yard , 10 by 20 . My 7 year old is digging , moving dirt and has his seeds germinating in egg cartons and some corn is already sprouting . This is my hustler , he wants to make money , so all on his own he came up with the idea of my tractor and the 4 acres I have...
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    JD 750 2 wd tractor

    I just came across a 2 wheel drive JD 750 , no loader , 4 ft bush hog with 750 hours garage kept for $ 4500 . Looks like a pretty good deal except I dont need another tractor . It looks like new and its original . I am still debating , is this a great deal , or a fair deal ?
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    Snow Attachments  Cool snow pusher and use of old tires - Video I saw one of these on an auction and thought it was pretty cool . Looks like it would work
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    On craigs list for a kubota 853 loader a quick attach thing

    If anybody is looking there is one of those quick attach things for sale in the Annapolis md craigs list in the farm and garden section the guy wants $ 450.00 fits a LA 853 loader
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    Just got a 3 point aerator on auction 72 inch

    I finally found my camera , so I can post pics of my new to me aerator . This thing is super heavy duty , It has 180 tines on it .
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    Just got a 3 point aerator on auction 72 inch

    I am a bit happy , I just won a bid on a 6 ft 3 point aerator .1 Aerator Tracaire/Cushman 6 ft . I never would have paid what they want new about $4500.00 BUT , I got it for $ 600.00 . I will pay for it in 1 or 2 days this spring .
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    Idea for a push box for a tractor

    I was in my garage today , tractor was sitting there with the grade box on it . I looked it from a different angle and realized it is similar to a push box for the front of machines . Maybe a bit shorter but very similar . So if someone is thinking of making snow pusher , you may want to look at...
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    Tractors in the suburbs vs acreage

    This site has some great info , seems to me most of those on this site have some acreage or live in the country , and have a actual need for a tractor on their property . I live on a 1/2 suburban lot between Baltimore and Annapolis . There are some larger properties , but they are few . My shop...
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    Tired of ST tire blow outs , going to all LT tires

    I have 5 trailers from equipment to RV , I have gotten tired of ST tires coming apart for no reason . I just switched my last trailer to LT tires after I traded some 15 in rims for 16 inch rims . Has anyone had good luck with ST trailer tires ? I certainly havent .
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    Found a decent price on tires

    I needed tires for the front of my new holland , searched the net , read recommendations from this site . Best place I found was Amazon . My wife uses it all the time and has the prime so its free shipping . Ther were 14 inch carslile r 4 and were $ 107 each . The price was less than anything...
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    NH 1925 hst what is the clutch pedal for ?

    I have been playing with my new toy , but for the life of me I have no clue what the pedal on the left is for . I am guessing it is the clutch . But its a hydrostatic machine . Maybe for the 3 point ? I am also curious if the hydrostat is seperate from the hydraulic oil?
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    Dumb seat belt ? /idea

    My seat belt on the tractor is shot . I have an old van sitting in the yard , it has a shoulder strap seat belt , It seems pretty straight forward . Mount part on the rops and bolt the rest where the ols seat belt was ... Am I missing anything , that someone else has maybe tried.
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    My new to me nh 1925 is running good , now what size rotary mower

    Got the Nh running great , now I am torn between a 5 or 6 ft rotary mower , A 6ft may be tight on my trailer , and may be a bit big. I have a line on a like new JD rotary mower for $ 400 . I will be cutting a variety of sites and conditions. Opinions / recommendations
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    New member , new tractor , naturally a problem

    Just picked up a New Holland 1925 , 4x4 with a loader , its hydrostatic and has a whopping 420 hours . BUT there is a problem , the loader moves real slow and screeches when I use it . It lifted the 6 ft grade box and 6 ft york trake out of my truck , but slowly. No other noises in the power...