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    Not Enough Babies?

    I thought the anti vaxxers did a good job of lowering the population.
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    Zero turn fatality

    I almost flipped mine in a ditch, because of lack of traction with the turf tires. Bought some AGs and no problem.
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    Grease fittings size

    If you try to install a zerk that is almost the same, you could ruin the threads. Find a zerk thread gauge online or store. I have one that I bought from Amazon.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I retired in 2005, even though I was a crane operator and didn't work very hard I had calluses on my heels. For the next 12 years dried skin would peel off of my calluses. Worst part was when in the winter dry air they would crack. Very painful. I tried some OTC medicines that didn't work. I...
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    Pictures of older and well-cared for tractors?

    My 1978 B7100DT I bought new. Use it for box blading and my CMI dump trailer on the front. The 1958 Ferguson, use it for brush hogging only, used to belong to my Uncle and I operated it when I was a teen. He must have overhauled it, because the engine has like new compression and runs great.
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Henry Ford didn't invent the assembly line, that was done by Ransom Eli Olds.
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    Tyres for a Massey Ferguson 35 with front end loader

    I put 10 ply tri-rib from India on my Ferguson TO-35. I had a FEL on it, but I sold it, because I have the Kubota. I don't think you could wear them out that quick they seem pretty tough.
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    Not Enough Babies?

    For 2023, revenue 4.4 trillion, spending 6.1 trillion and debt 34 trillion. Of course the best way to fix this problem is to cut taxes.
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    6x6 treated posts in ground

    Nothing rots in the ground, only at ground level if you allow water to surround the post. My poles are 2x6 treated completely and 3 are nailed together to make a pole. I have the grade on PB where the water runs away from it. I'm 77 and I won't live long enough to worry about it. Edit: The...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Reminds me of a joke I saw, it's not a good idea to be sniffing your fingers when you come out of the restroom.
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    Do You Have a Tractor Shed/Barn?

    For you guys thinking about building a pole barn, one thing to remember is the larger you make it, the cheaper it is per square foot. I had a 40x60 built for 40k and my brother had a 28x32 built for 25k. Same company.
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    Changing Hydraulic Fluid on L3240 HST

    Please don't assume, they are screwed together as ramps and I drove the tractor up on them. I've done it twice and soon will do it again. The reason I put it on blocks is, because I use 5 gallon pails and I need the room. Edit, also in the winter I would drive on to two blocks on the right...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I'm just curious, how many goats per million acres would it take to do a decent job?
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    Attached GARAGE (homeowner) thoughts

    I was going to have 10x10 doors on my pole barn, but my buddy talked me into 12x10 doors. I'm glad I listened to him.
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    The Air National Guard from Duluth, MN uses the F-16 and they fly over here quite a bit attacking the bridge 3 miles west of me. Plus there's electronics at the small airport in our county that simulates ground attacks on the jets. There's another one in South Dakota.
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    Changing Hydraulic Fluid on L3240 HST

    I have the L3540HSTC-3, same trans as yours. I'm at 853 hours and I'm going to do my 3rd change soon. I use 5 gal pails, the two rear side drains fill less than half of each bucket and I do them first. Then I do the front main one and that is about 4 3/4 gal. I get somewhere around 8+ gal total...
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    I hate to see this...

    We had a Case Vac 14 and my Dad built a box for the top of the 3pt disc. When we were small we sat on the box, my Dad would stop and we would pick up the rocks, we would get a penny for each. I remember driving the Case when I was young, I had to slide off of the seat to reach the peddles. My...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    My cousin and his wife have Spectrum cell service, but wanted to switch to Verizon. When they were at Verizon and tried to download everything from their Spectrum phones to the new one, Spectrum locked up their phones. Then they had to drive 100 miles to fix their Spectrum phone to get them to...
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    Let's see some homemade log booms

    I notice a lot of people pull one log at a time. We always pull as many as we can to save time. The landing might be some distance from the woods. Some will say they don't want dirt on the log, you're going to get some no matter what you do. When bucking up the logs just touch up the chain each...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Check the square miles of water in the top states.
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    You Know You Are Old When

    If Congress would have raised the minimum wage every year a certain percentage, instead of leaving at $7.25 since 2009 we wouldn't have the problem with the current minimum wage. According to my inflation calculator app in my cell phone, the minimum should be $10.60 now.
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    You Know You Are Old When

    I don't go to burger joints, so I don't care if they pay them $50 an hour. I refuse to think about something I have no control over. Water seeks it's own level, either their pay will go down or nobody will buy the burgers. What will happen, will happen.
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    Plantar Fasciitis, what a curse!!

    My brother gave me some Rockies boots that he couldn't wear. I could see why, the arches were so high just walking 100 ft to the mailbox killed my feet. I never laced them up, just stepped into them when I need to go somewhere in the yard or pole barn to get something. It took me 8-10 years...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    Friends of mine, husband and wife worked for a company that made some kind of widget for the car industry. They said working conditions were terrible. They were paid $7.25 and hour. There are many companies like this making widgets for the auto industry in the Detroit area and anywhere else...
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    Plantar Fasciitis, what a curse!!

    In the last 17 years I've had it maybe 3 times, probably not as bad as the rest of you. I don't where the idea came from, but I hold on the wall at the living room doorway and do toe stands. It usually goes away in a few days.
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    Do You Have a Tractor Shed/Barn?

    The whole barn is sitting on sand, but the back 2/3 of my PB is on a hill side. The dozer operator built me a very large bathtub with clay and we filled it with 400 yds of compacted sand. Notice the purlins, they are vertical 2x4. Top of the truss are 2x12 and bottom are 2x10. This gives me 100...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    I finally found a way to cut my toe nails that works for me. I put on my eyeglasses, a headlamp, sit on a low stool, put my feet on a foam pad, use toe nail side cutters for my big toes and regular stainless clippers for the rest. My toe nails fly sometimes when cut, so I use an exercise mat...
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    My Dad was out visiting me in the Bay area. One Sunday we went for a drive and stopped in Carmel to have a beer in the Hogsbreath Inn, which Clint owns. Found out that he usually stops in on Thursday and buy a round for the bar.
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    In the 70's I had a dozen or so people come up to me and said I looked like Barney Miller. I didn't think so.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    A couple of years ago I bought a fridge, a plane jane Amana. I hope it lasts. I bought a 4.5 cu ft Avanti chest freezer in 1985, it still works great, but getting long in the tooth. Looking to buy a small upright soon. Have one of those real old rounded top fridges in the cow barn that works...
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    Do You Have a Tractor Shed/Barn?

    Finished in 2014, 40x60x12 6-12 roof, 100 lb snow load, vented 1' overhang, 3 12x10 OH doors 2 36" man doors and a 22x33 insulated, heated shop the SW corner with a separate compressor room. About 2' high plastic windows at the top for light, that work really well.
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    lock n lube vs power lube

    I've had two Lock and Lubes and had problems with both. I've been greasing equipment since I was 12 years old, but the LNL gives me grief. Looking to buy a different brand.
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    What water bottle do you have?

    I use stainless steel, uninsulated. Mine are 2.75 inch diameter and hold 27 oz, which fit my cup holder. I don't care about the temperature as long as it is wet.
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    Some Days…

    Happened on my Dad's 1964 Valiant station wagon when I was driving home at night. No traffic up here so I opened the window to see and stopped to fix it.
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    You Know You Are Old When

    Back in the 70's I was working construction, the foreman and I were talking at the end of the street. We were near a small airport, there was an opening in the trees and we heard and saw an airplane landing too quickly. We were wondering what that was about. The next day in the local paper...
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    Free program to sketch scaled drawings on aerials

    I have 5 credit cards and probably use each one every month, also pay off each one when the bill comes. I've read where a lot people on this forum do the same thing. When you have a high available credit and don't carry a balance, you end up having good credit. Having a good credit rating...
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    Free program to sketch scaled drawings on aerials

    That was true years ago. When I went to buy my 2018 Silverado, they said if I got a loan I would save $1000. While getting the loan he told me my credit rating was 834. My last loan was in 1999 and I didn't owe any money. I had 5 credit cards with open credit of $50k. I paid the truck off on the...
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    rusting tools in tool boxes

    I use desiccant packets in all my socket sets and in all my tool chest drawers. Sometimes I wipe some with Fluid Film.
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    You Know You Are Old When

    My ex-wife and I had a milk man for about 3 years. The milk man told me he was retiring and that nobody was taking his place. What I liked was the milk was really fresh compared to the store. Before I went into the USAF my Mom bought me a back brush from the Fuller Brush man. I still have and...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    When I was USAF 1967-68 Spain gas on the base was .18 cents a gallon. After I got out I moved to the Detroit area and gas was .30 cents a gallon. There were two gas stations on the opposite sides of 8 mile road and they had price wars for several years. It was great for all of us that traveled...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I have a cheap wheelbarrow that I put a airless tire on and use once in a while. I have my Dad's garden cart which I use a lot. No way am I going to start my tractor to move some small items. That guy slipping on that board with the wheelbarrow, reminds me of the time I filled a wheelbarrow...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    When I was in the USAF 1967-68 in Sevilla, Spain a few of my buddies and I rented a very nice apartment downtown. It had an icebox, which we never used. We either ate on the base or downtown. When we had a party we would go to the ice house and buy a block of ice, put in the bathtub with some beer.
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    Backhoe Grading bucket on a bh76?

    I have several worn grader blades from the county. My BH bucket is 18", so I had my welder cut two pieces 18" long and drilled two holes in each. I just put them on the teeth and tighten the bolts. Works great for me. I ideal though for 30" you would want it to swivel so it will follow the...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    When I was a kid most farmers and others would cut and peel Poplar trees in the spring to make extra money for the family. We used to do 3 or 4 carloads each spring. Train car load is 40'x8'x8'. One stick was 8' long, most Poplar trees up here are 4 or 5 sticks long. The bark had to be peeled...
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    L3940 Engine Valve Lifter adjustment

    I have a L3540HSTC, my mechanic did mine last fall. I have a manual on my tractor, explains what you have to do. One thing is you have to take off the FEL mount on the right side to see the timing mark.
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    How many acres do you own?

    140 acres that my brother and I own, but I live on the property. Was a farm so about half is cleared. My friend makes hay on 18 acres for free. I'm at the end of the road, 60 acres on the west side and 80 acres on the east side. I mow about 2 acres and brush hog trails and part of the orchard...
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    What do Y'all charge ?

    Off point a little, but here's my story. Around 2015 I needed to rent a dozer, no rentals anywhere near here, but a couple of contractors have some. I called the first one and he said his dozer is tied up. I remembered the second guy and he said ok, not being used. I asked how much is this...
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    Front Differntial failure L3940

    I have a L3540 with the 6 ft snowblower and subframe. I've had it for 12 winters now and up to 40 hrs of use per winter. I have the oversized FEL with the 6 ft heavy duty bucket, which puts much more weight on the front axle. So far no problems, I change the front axle oil with 75w-90 Mobil 1...
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    Kubota seat

    I have a B7100DT that I bought new in 1978. The seat was torn like yours, went online and found an identical seat. I'm not sure where I bought it, but I think it was on ebay.
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    You Know You Are Old When

    I think there was a Queen and her court also. I remember watching both teams on TV.
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    Question for those who live in California

    I was at Walmart and had to do #2. I'm sitting there and someone else gets into the next stall, I look at there shoes and I said to myself those don't look like men's shoes. I finish and as I'm walking out past the sinks there's 3 women there and I say hi on my way out to the men's room to wash...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    We have one of those wood buzz saws that hooked up to the 3ph, still sitting in the old garage. I don't think it's been used since I was a teenager. Around 1975 I was changing the battery on a P&H Truck Crane in the upper crane engine. It's tight quarters there and as I set it in the battery...
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    Coffee scoops and coffee makers

    San Francisco Bay Fog Chaser. It's not too bad, years ago I had a great coffee, but I'm too old to remember what it was.
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    Coffee scoops and coffee makers

    I buy coffee beans from Amazon, burr grinder and a 5 cup Mr Coffee. I weigh my coffee, I use 36 grams of coffee, which gives me two mugs of coffee and I only drink coffee in the morning. I change the weight and grind once in a while for a change of pace.
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    Pole Barn sizing for workshop and placement

    Do what I did, I'm a bit ****. I got some of the paper that has all the squares on it. Cut paper to the size of my tractors, equipment and pickups and placed it on there to see if everything would fit. Worked out great for me. Mine is 40x60x12 and one thing for sure, it will never be big...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Sorry, I said it wrong, I had headlight washers without wipers.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    My 1970 Corvette had windshield washers without wipers. I disconnected them though, because they used too much fluid and the washer fluid tank was too small.
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    Dog stories

    Back when I was married I had a male Cocker Spaniel named Brandy. We went to Cleveland to visit her sister and husband. One day there a guy comes to visit, my Cocker is sleeping on the other side of the room, he gets up walks over to this guy and pi$$es on his leg. I apologized to the guy and...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    We watched Lawrence Welk, because we had one channel. I liked the Lemmon Sisters (sp), they sang great and were pretty.
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    You Know You Are Old When

    When I got married in 1976 my wife and I bought two grave sites at small local cemetery for $20. Today they are still $10 each. My ashes will be buried on an acre that my Dad gave to the cemetery around 1950.
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    What to do with all these boxes?

    California 1984 I ran into a guy at a bar that brought cardboard boxes and wave solder dross to recycle centers and made $250 a week with two days work. The rest of the time he sat in the bar.
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    Another brutal day in the desert

    When I graduated high school in 1964 our family went on a trip. Stopped for my cousins wedding in Chicago, from there we went on Route 66 to Phoenix, AZ to visit a friend of my Dad's. Next was the Mojave Desert where my Mother's sister, husband and kids lived. Don't remember where. My cousin...
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    Tractor smoking

    What does your manual say, my L3540HSTC-3 calls for 1300 RPMs to warm it up. I never idle it, if sitting for a bit I keep it at 1200 RPMs, I operate it at 1800-2600 RPMs.
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    Keeping mice out of your tractors engine bay over the winter and summer too.

    From the internet I used 1 part Gerbil food, 1 part baking soda and enough peanut butter to hold it all together. I used my dough mixer and mixed everything up, I ended up with six 8 oz packed paper cups. Another article said that it's only 60% effective. Probably use something different than...
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    Keeping mice out of your tractors engine bay over the winter and summer too.

    About my non-poison poison (seeds-baking soda-peanut butter), suckers are eating it from all 6 piles. Two piles are completely gone. Problem is I couldn't train them to lay in a line on floor when they die, so I could count them. No dead mice anywhere. I can only assume they are dying.
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    You Know You Are Old When

    I take MSM, Glucosamine/Chondroitin and Turmeric. I have Osteo Arthritis, wear and tear or injury. Sometimes I have trouble slicing an apple with a knife. Everything hurts, but my hips, spine and knees are the worse. What helps is every morning after breakfast, I do shoulder and knee therapy...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    No, not a typo, that's what I pay for my DirecTV and DVR. The DVR is maybe $10, but I have every channel except the sports bundles. Does it irritate me that it cost that much, of course, but I look at it like this, I don't know how many years I have left, so if I enjoy watching some TV so be it...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    This might possibly help one of you. Back in early summer 2023 I had a urinary infection, they gave me Cipro. It made my lower legs, ankles and feet swell up. I couldn't wear my work boots all summer, just old shoes. Plus I got mild sick, dizzyness and nausea. Then it got worse. I have a CMI...
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    You Know You Are Old When

    Speaking of PBS, one of the best things I ever saw on there was The History of Music in the USA. I think it was five 2 hour shows. I wasn't going to record it, but I'm glad I did.
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    You Know You Are Old When

    There's always a few TV show worth watching, but I have a DVR for adds and I usually watch 1 movie a week. I pay $242.00 a month for it. I know some off you have arthritis bad like me, I have it in every joint in my body, even my foot bones. The only place it doesn't hurt is my elbows. I still...
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    Anyone go back to a flip phone?

    My first dumb phone was 1998 and my first smart phone was 2013, except for the first couple I've always had a holster on my belt. From my experience, don't buy any holsters on a swivel or with a nylon belt strap, get one with a riveted leather strap. I can see the cell tower from the house. I...
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    Looking again for a 3,500 GVWR utility trailer

    It might happen if there is an accident review. Some times lawyers like to get involved.
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    Looking again for a 3,500 GVWR utility trailer

    My Cargo Mate aluminum utility trailer weighs 800 lb. It has no brakes and is rated at 2990. The ramp on the back it very light and I can pick it up with one hand easy.
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    Trailer recommendation

    I bought the Country Manufacturing Inc trailer. They make several in different sizes and gross weights. Also you can have hydraulic dump or electric/hydraulic dump. I bought the 4 x 8 tandem, fat tires 4k gross. I haul limbs, fire wood and clay. I use it on my ATV or my B7100DT, which I can use...
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    Keweenaw snow photos

    The house was built in the 1920's, uninsulated crawl space. I had the house 3/4 banked from before, then we got temps in the 40's and 50's. I had enough snow to bank it all around yesterday. Also covered the water line and the drain at my shop.
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    Watts needed for generator to run a 1/2 HP sump pump?

    The well here is 85 feet deep with a 220V 3/4 hp pump. I bought a Champion 3500/4000 watt generator in 2008. It will run my well pump. I think they quit making this generator, because 3500/4000 is too small for 220V in most cases. My neighbor and brother bought 3500/4000 right after, but they...
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    front end weights vs chains

    My first 6 years back to the UP of Michigan I put a 50" Buhler rear snowblower on the back of my B7100DT. Don't know how much it weighed, but it was heavy and made the front end very light. I put a flat steel bumper on the front and hung two 150 lb chunks of steel on the bumper to keep the...
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    Tools That Are NEVER Used!!

    My Dad had one, when I was 16 or so my younger brother and I did a bunch of hardwood. You could count the teeth on the chain when it was running it was so slow.
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    You Know You Are Old When

    When I was 39 and my Dad was 65 when he came to visit me, I had 4 times more gray hair than him. When 50 something and the Barber asked me if I wanted my eyebrows trimmed.
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    You Know You Are Old When

    When I was 18 I was 5' 8 1/2", now at 77 I'm 5' 6". Went to a county fair at around 50 years old and they wanted to give me the senior discount.
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    Automating multiple battery tenders - how often to turn them on/off?

    I buy Battery Tender brand .75A. They can't cost much to operate, because my normal PB electric is $32.00 on average and $25 of that is for the meter. B7100DT, Honda Rincon, Husky zero turn and Ferguson TO-35 battery are on all winter. I used to have my 1997 Dodge diesel also. There isn't any...
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    Help, scammers attacking my email

    My DSL provider stops about 99% of my junk mail and sends them to me in an email. The email will have anywhere from 1 to 45 in it. I look at them to see if anything is ok, then blacklist the rest with on click. In the last couple of months I've received three emails from Paypal that look...
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    What do you use for diesel transfer storage?

    As I was getting older, now 77, I knew I needed to do something, it was getting harder to put the 5 gal can on the hood of the tractor. The most I ever used was 75 gal in one year, but use much less now most of the time. Went to Tractor Supply and bought a 50 gal cube and a 120v pump, about...
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    fuel filter schedule

    My two Kubota's fuel filters last much longer after I bought a 50 gallon cube with a 10 micron filter on it. It's sold now, but I had to change the fuel filter on my 1997 Dodge diesel at about 12k miles. One time a screwed up and didn't change it until 20k and the filter was so dirty it was...
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    New/old box blade

    They used a piece of a grader blade on the side. I have several worn grader blades that I got from the county junk yard. I used some pieces on the front of my B7100DT to offset the weight of my box blade. I put another one under my implement shelf where I store my forks so I don't push them...
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    What kind of apples?

    Dozens of different types. I haven't tried all of them, because most are sour. There're a few mixed in there that are pretty good. When my Dad bought the farm there were 3 apple trees in the yard, one good tasting and two sour that were good for pies. The Deer enjoy the apples in the fall...
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    What kind of apples?

    Our milk cow planted our orchard and she wasn't picky about what she planted or where. Here's a picture taken from the west. The apple trees on the left was the cow's pasture and we fed her apples she did the planting, no charge. I don't know how many trees there are, quite a few. Also there...
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    Keweenaw snow photos

    Here's my weather for the next 10 days. I texted Arly and if I remember correctly 2014 the year they built my Pole Barn we had snow come, then melt until the 3rd week of January. After that we got some decent snow and the guys doing my PB were amazed, but they were from the southern part of the...
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    Laundry Washing Machine Lint Filter & Septic Field

    I'm new to a front loading washer and I don't use fabric softener. I found this online, to use white vinegar in the softener spot instead. I tried it on a bunch of t-shirts and they were soft, it was if they were ironed too. Plus it helps to remove any excess soap from your clothes.
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    Removing small dead trees - best way to pull

    I have a few dead apple trees from time to time. I have a BH92 and at first I cut them off low and dug them out. Too much of a mess. Now I cut the smaller ones off at 2 1/2 to 3 feet and the larger ones with 10-11 inches at the stump off at 5 feet. I set my bucket on the top, push forward and...
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    One of the sweetest sounds on Earth

    Somewhere around 2010 for five years I had tinnitis, usually only heard it when I was going to sleep and it was quiet. Crickets in my left ear and a medium tone in my right ear. Now it's rare, but it will happen once in a while. Recently I went to two funerals, my cousins husband and her...
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    Working under the tractor

    When I change engine oil I just put a couple of drain pans under the engine to drain both sides of oil pan and filter. When I change my hydraulic oil I have 4 ramps made from 2x6. My tractor isn't high enough to put 5 gal pails under it. I have 3 drain plugs, I drain the back two first and get...
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    Veteran Appreciation Thread

    I usually live under a rock and don't know anything. I just got a new phone at Verizon and get $10 off of my bill. I also get 15% off at Ace Hardware. Found out about these from my buddy in Tucson who's a vet. Last time I renewed my Drivers License I added Veteran to it.
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    Keweenaw snow photos

    Arly, we got a little over 2" here. No winter yet. 48 degrees on Friday.
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    Veteran Appreciation Thread There're many MOH recipients, but this guy was something else. They made a movie about him. President Truman said when shaking his hand that he considered this a greater honor than being President.
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    Veteran Appreciation Thread

    About the boats that ran the rivers in Viet Nam, my buddy was in the Coast Guard and they did the same thing as the Navy. I posted earlier that I was in the USAF Oct 64-Dec 68. Michigan did a nice thing, gave us Viet Nam era vets $400 about 6 months after I got out. Came in handy big time...
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    The one thing that you wonder why you didn't buy sooner?

    I put a hydraulic top link on my B7100DT, a hydraulic thumb on my BH92 and bought a Husky 54" zero turn that works great. Cut my mowing time in half. Best part is that I only mow my yard 4-5 times a year.
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    How to keep radiators free of grass chaff?

    My Kubota L3540HSTC-3 has two screens, but I don't brush with it anyways. I installed plastic screen on my Kubota B7100DT and my Ferguson TO-35. I brush hog with the Ferguson and the screen works great. I watch the temp and when it goes up I stop at the shop and vacuum it clean. I usually know...
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    Keeping mice out of your tractors engine bay over the winter and summer too.

    On my Kubota L3540HSTC-3 I had the side covers off and then lost the little plastic fasteners, so I don't use the side covers anymore. Also leave the hood open on both tractors. I found on the internet a good mouse/rat killer that is not poison. 1 part seeds/chicken food (something that they...
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    Keweenaw snow photos

    Good pics Arly, how much did you guys get. We got 10" Sunday night and another 5" on Monday. Ed
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    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I saw the Spruce Goose in the mid 80's, but the line was too long and we didn't wait to go up inside. Very impressive airplane.
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    Tree cutting accident

    In the 70's I operated a 15 ton P&H Crane(40' boom/25' jib) FWD truck platform with front wheel drive. It had a Chrysler flathead 6 in the crane. In warm weather there was a window on my left that we would take out to get some air. The engine was not loud, but it had a motorcycle throttle and we...
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    How Many Have More Than One Tractor?

    1978 Kubota B7100DT, 5 ft rear blade, 4 ft box blade, 3 pt hitch forks and a 12" single bottom plow. Bought new, used it to mow my acre and plow snow off of my 130 ft long driveway in the Detroit area. 2012 Kubota L3540HSTC-3, heavy duty FEL with 6 ft heavy duty bucket, heavy duty BH92 with...
  104. M

    Zerk Unblocked

    I might be wrong, but what I've seen is Kubota tractor takes metric zerks. Kubota equipment FEL, BH and snowblower are SAE.
  105. M

    Keweenaw snow photos

    I live 30 miles south of the sign. Our winter snow amounts are lower than average now. When you get 300 inches, the snow in the fields is usually around 3-4 feet, because of settling. Snow weight and mini thaws. Other wise nobody could move up here.
  106. M

    Banking… how things have changed

    You're right about that. Some of the people have changed over time, but when I first started going there I didn't even have to tell them my account number. A few years ago I went to the next town for shopping etc. Only time I ever forgot my wallet, no DL or carry permit. I wasn't sure what to...
  107. M

    Veteran Appreciation Thread

    Joined the USAF Oct 1964, 18 months Kadena AB Okinawa, Then 24 months at Sevilla Communications Annex near Sevilla, Spain. I had to extend for two months to go to Spain, I said where do I sign. I had decided to join the USAF in the 9th grade, because my cousin who was in the Air Force.
  108. M

    Banking… how things have changed

    Last two banks I used, I asked do you have any hidden charges, answer was no. They always managed to charge me 5, 10 or 20 bucks for some reason. Early 90's I switched to Credit Union and no more hidden charges ever. The one I have now I can get 10k without using my ID. They don't ask any...
  109. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    You're right, when I started working in the poured basement walls company the 2 x 4 were 1 3/4 x 3 3/4. They changed I think in the 70's to what they are now. The old house I live in has rough real 2 x 6 for studs.
  110. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Ontonagon county where I live is the farthest west county in EST. I live about 80 miles west of Chicago.
  111. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    How many of us older folks remember resonance in cars. I remember my Dad's 1956 DeSoto, I think at was at 62 mph. I talked to a guy who worked for a company that worked on eliminating resonance in cars from the big three.
  112. M

    Anybody still use CB's?

    When I was living in an apartment in Detroit City one of my neighbors kids broke a bunch of antennas off of cars so he would have swords to play with. He didn't touch my junker work car, but broke the one off of my 70 Corvette. Of course the mother denied everything. So I went to the radio shop...
  113. M

    Tree cutting accident

    Many years ago, my Dad died in 2000. My Dad's first cousin was 62 years old, a logger all his life and on his last job. After this he was going to retire and winter in Florida. A widow maker fell out of the tree and broke his neck.
  114. M

    Tree cutting accident

    I was a crane operator for a poured wall basement company and was laid off, because of the recession of 1980/81. I couldn't buy a job so I went too California bay area to work for my cousin. He was a tree wrecker/trimmer. I worked with him for 3 months and the biggest tree we took down was a...
  115. M

    Box scrapper lift up on a turn?

    I was pushing backwards a deadfall off of a trail with my B7100DT-4' KingKutter boxblade and bent my lower arms. My tractor mechanic was still working and brought them to work where they a hydraulic press and fixed them.
  116. M

    Sharp Again!

    I have a 5' King Kutter and take the blades off and sharpen when needed. After I'm done brush hogging I blow the debris off with my compresser air wand.
  117. M

    Limburger and onions sandwiches?

    When we were kids my Mother always bought to jars of Limburger Cheese mild spread for my brother and me. I had a zero marked on mine and he had an X to keep them separate. When I was older I bought the foil wrapped package which was much stronger smelling, but good. I also love Blue Cheese...
  118. M

    Lawn Tractor vs Zero Turn

    I have a Husky Z254F, there's a slight grade behind the spruce trees behind the house and I was heading for a ditch. It wouldn't back up or turn, it wasn't looking good. I don't know if I would have had time to jump off it before it went into the ditch and have it on top of me. Finally it...
  119. M

    Show us your front end weights and brackets.

    I had a 50" Buhler rear snowblower on my B7100DT that was kind of heavy and stuck out fairly far in the rear. I got two 150 lb rectangular steel weights that I hung on the front bumper to balance it out. Worked great. Later I put a linear actuator on the chute and sold it after I bought my...
  120. M

    What could have caused this ???

    About 10 years ago I was in the sauna change room looking out the window and I saw something strange. A dust devil came from the west, encircled the old red garage, picked up and bent some roof tins on both sides. I could see through the roof when the tins were picked up. Dust was swirling...
  121. M

    Mowing Will bx series mid mowers work on a b7100

    I've had a Woods RM48 3pt hitch mower on my B7100DT that I bought new in 1978.
  122. M

    Mailbox studded T post ideas needed

    Most of my neighbors have pipe or brackets guarding the mailbox from damage, but it's mounted on a 45 degree hinge so when it's hit it just swings out of the way and then swings back ether from snow or the plow. I live at the end of a road so I don't have this problem.
  123. M

    Another use for my tractor.

    I was brush hogging the apple orchard and found a bald faced hornet nest, before they found me. Drove by it many times with my Ferguson TO-35. First I thought I would go with my wheeler and shotgun, but after I thought about it didn't seem like a good idea. Next I put the forks on my L3540HSTC...
  124. M

    Long hair care for busy farmers

    I spent 29 years in construction, my hair was long enough to comb. My hair would get dusty, dirty and oily. Don't remember who, but I mentioned that my shampoo wasn't very good about cleaning my hair. The lady said use baby shampoo first. I said it's gentle for babies. I tried it and it worked...
  125. M

    It’s too hot to mow.

    I have a yard, not a lawn. Most of it is white clover and doesn't grow tall. I mowed 5 times last year, probably more this year. I like it, even when it over grown, it looks ok. One thing I'm sure of is that Better Homes and Gardens isn't coming here and taking pictures.
  126. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I bought a 1969 427 390 hp 4 sp ragtop used in 1971, had it a year and someone stole it. Bought a 1970 454 390 hp 4 sp coupe used in 1972, kept it untill 1999 and sold it to a friend.
  127. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I was 17 in the 12th grade when Kennedy died, they let us go home. I saw Elvis with my ex-wife, her sister and husband in Detroit 3 months before he died. My ex-wife's sister was older than us and was nuts about Elvis. My buddy and I were backup communication for Gemini 8 when it landed near...
  128. M

    What is the value of 3 range HST vs. 2 range?

    Like the other two guys said, the feature I like best on my L3540HSTC is the 3 ranges and high/low in each range.
  129. M

    (Does this count as an attachment?) Who uses a speedball on their steering wheel? Any recommendations ?

    I've had one on my B7100DT for 45 years. None on the Ford 9n or the Ferguson TO-35, because it might break a finger. Don't need one on my L3540HSTC.
  130. M

    What VA Benefits are available for seniors?

    I have veteran on my DL, gets me 15% at the local Ace Hardware. Nearest Lowe's is 100 miles.
  131. M

    Pillow Shopping

    I have a pillow almost identical to this one. I can't find the one I bought from Amazon. I've had this pillow for a few years and it hasn't changed at all, still firm, but comfortable. I use the thick side to watch TV and the thin side to sleep. I spine full of arthritis and I'm a side...
  132. M

    What is this critter?

    My Dad shot one in the 50's that was 47 lbs and a friend of mine shot one that 54 lbs. I just saw one about a week ago just as I opened the door one morning at 6:30am. It stopped and looked at me for a couple of seconds then kept walking north on the road. Looked like an average size one...
  133. M

    hydraulic oil life

    I follow the Kubota manual, I changed the filters when required and I did the SUDT2 at 50 and 450. This summer I will do the 850. It holds around 11 gallons, but I only get about 8 out of it. I use 5 gallon pails. I open the two side plugs first, then I open the bigger one. The big one gives...
  134. M

    Lawn mowing done right.

    Back when I was married we had acre lot in the Detroit area and I bought my B7100DT with the Woods RM48 mower. My neighbor said why do you make your wife mow the lawn, I said I don't, we argue you who's going to do it and she wins most of the time. She was from the UP also and was used to...
  135. M

    It’s too hot to mow.

    The second time I mowed this year it was 90*, I don't know what the humidity was. I put the ZTR away and sat down in the shop. Finally the energy to go to the house with the portable AC going and sat in my recliner. I sat there for 2 1/2 hours, I didn't even eat dinner. Finally after that I...
  136. M

    Lost the key

    Lost the key for my 2018 Chevy 1500 4x4, ended up costing me around $250 I think.
  137. M

    Always carry a valid spare tire and tools to change it.

    My Welder/Tractor Mechanic told me about this, so I bought one too. Should fit almost everything. My Chevy 1500 4x4, utility trailer tires and trailer spare mount are all different.
  138. M

    Lawn mowing done right.

    When I was in the USAF in Spain on a small base near Sevilla, a Farmer would bring his sheep to keep the grass cut.
  139. M

    B7100 Wiring problem

    I've had my B7100DT since 1978, but after moving up to the UP of Michigan and parking it in a chicken coop and now my PB, the best thing to do is always open the hood. I don't think is is a 100%, but it's been working for me.
  140. M

    Kubota UDT or gear lube for front axle case

    I use Mobile 1 75/90 syn in my front axle on my L3540HSTC and my B7100DT. I use SUDT2 in both transmissions.
  141. M

    Tractor idling

    Diesels cool down when they idle, If I idle for more than a couple of minutes I set the RPMs around 1200 or so.
  142. M

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Detroit area, Telegraph Rd, I had my 1980 Datsun 4x4 2 L engine. Leaving Square Lake Rd going south me and a Porche 911 take off, I get to 53 mph, but the Porche nails the line and is waiting for me at the next light. The light is green when I get there and I drive through, along comes the...
  143. M

    Wheel barrow tires?

    Have a garden hose cart, tires always flat, put air in one tire, blew the tire and bent the aluminum rim. Hand truck dolly tires always flat. Wheelbarrow tire always flat. Now all have airless tires, no more problems. I don't use my wheelbarrow enough to tell the difference between air and airless.
  144. M

    Why some people are too stupid to own a car

    When I was working in the Detroit area before I retired I was living in an apartment. My mechanic was also our company mechanic and lived 65 miles from me. I couldn't do any work on my truck there so I drove to his place to do my own oil changes and grease job. One time I parked my truck and...
  145. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    It looks like it takes little over 5 hours to get from Paridise Michigan to Hell Michigan.
  146. M

    Top Link Indicator

    Here's why I like the level, every year there are a few anthills in the yard and a lot in the orchard. I just set it to zero(level) and it only cuts the anthill. Like I said before it's crude, but it works perfect for me.
  147. M

    Top Link Indicator

    The reason I have my level the way I do is I'm 76 years old and have bad arthritis in my spine. Also from my sitting position the blade on the box blade is blocked by the frame bar. Before I had this I had to get off of the tractor to see and adjust it. I ended up having to buy a zero turn...
  148. M

    Top Link Indicator

    This way may be crude, but it works great. Didn't cost much.
  149. M

    Fuel gallon counter

    I have a aluminum yardstick next to my 50 gal cube. I clean the yardstick put it in the tank and take measurement. I came up with 2.35 gallons per inch. May not be perfect, but very close.
  150. M

    Leveling a barn site

    Up here we don't build them even with the ground, because of frost. My 40x60 is on a raised sand pad, but the back end is on a hillside, I had to use 400 yards of compacted sand. A friend of mine bought a house with a pole barn that was even with the ground and the concrete is cracked and the...
  151. M

    Best way to get diesel into the tractor?

    I use between 50-75 gals a year. I take six 5 gal cans to town and fill them. Come home and back my Chev into the pole barn and dump them into the tank, take about 12 minutes. Now I can fill my L3540 and B7100 easily and quickly. It pumps 12 gal per minute. Not sure what year I bought it, but I...
  152. M

    Suggestions on a "bombproof" phone case that will offer great protection?

    Get a leather holster. Don't buy the one with a swivel(wears out), or the one with a cloth/nylon belt loop. The one I have now from Amazon has a leather belt loop and seems to be the best yet. None of them are perfect...
  153. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    I should have been clearer. It's a truck crane, lower is a Crane Carrier Corporation (CCC) and a P&H crane upper. They put a Cummins 8.3 in the truck lower and the upper had a Detroit 353. It's a 22 ton crane with 3 axles.
  154. M


    I liked Sherry when I was in the Air Force stationed near Sevilla, Spain in 1967-68. Other wines were good too, also some beer. I don't know what the costs are now, but at that time it was really cheap. 30 shorties beer was a dollar and their shorties were much bigger that ours.
  155. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    Sorry, I should have replied to Moss on page 385 he was talking about the Detroit Diesel 353 in the Gama-Goats. I do that crap once in a while, makes sense to me only.
  156. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    The last crane I operated had a 3-53 in the upper, pretty noisy. The owner bought some Army Surplus aluminum 3-53's that were from Gama-Goats. He had at least one in the upper on one crane. I operated it for about 3 months and you want to talk about noisy. The cast iron 3-53 in my crane had max...
  157. M

    Looking for small off-road trailer

    I bought a CMI dump trailer, 4000 lb gross. Front, back and sides come off, only the four corner posts are left. Trailer weighs 700 lb. I'm using hydraulics off of my tractor to dump it, but you can dump it from a UTV with electro-hydraulic. They also have smaller sizes. I like this trailer a...
  158. M

    Goldenrod 415 fence stretcher splicer you must have for ranch life.

    I got and old two clamp that was my Dad's when we farmed. No need for fences here anymore, but I've used it on the clothesline.
  159. M

    PICS OF BARNS; Any barns; All barns; My barn; Your barn; Not your barn

    I got this picture a long time ago. I could be wrong, but I think the barn was built by Finnish immigrants without mortar quite a while ago. If I'm wrong it's still a beautiful barn
  160. M

    Placement of doors in 40x60x14 workshop

    I was going to put in 10x10 overhead doors and my buddy told me to do 12x10. I'm glad I listened to him.
  161. M

    Kubota Backhoe

    My left loader pin came off. I'm glad I happened to look at the ground and saw it, could have bent or broke something. I put those black, strong paper clips on the rod that secures the pin.
  162. M

    Placement of doors in 40x60x14 workshop

    This looking at the S.W. corner, PB is 40x60x12 6-12 pitch 100 lb snowload. This is March of 2014 not quite finished. I got the idea of the OH doors from my neighbor who had that on his 30x40 garage. I moved the mandoor around the corner just to the right of the OH door. I put a insulated...
  163. M

    Keweenaw snow photos

    We just got about 13 inches and some blowing. That's my south overhead door, I need to fuel up the tractor. Picture that Arly had from Mass was the way the roads were. Not a lot of snow, but pretty rough for driving. Ed
  164. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    There were these dances that my Mother and Dad used to go to. My Mother always had a box of Chef BoyArdee for us. This started when I was 12 and my brother was 8. She had extra pepperoni and cheese to put on it and was pretty darn good.
  165. M

    Hey....Coffee Lovers.... question...

    I have a 5 cup Mr Coffee and a burr grinder and I buy my beans from Amazon. I like to change up the taste now and then so I change the grind to finer or courser and I weigh my coffee amount from 30 to 34 grams for two mugs. Some of you who have been to the UP of Michigan may have had Trenary...
  166. M

    How much trust do you put into product reviews and ratings?

    The reviews that I find somewhat believable are the ones that are two or three paragraphs long and say what is good and bad about the product. The ones that say great product or is junk, mean nothing.
  167. M


    Usually don't see coyote here, but I hear them a lot at night singing. I saw 3 wolves last year and one was black. About 5 years ago I saw a white one. They claim there are 750 wolves in the UP of Michigan, right!
  168. M

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Thanks for the story Arly, I knew a little about it from before. There are two bars in Mass City, one is closed. Back when copper was king there were 28 bars in Mass City and a small movie theater. Ed
  169. M

    What is the coldest you have ever been ?

    I grew up in the UP so I've been around cold, but we wear clothes so it's not so bad. In 1999 we did the Lake Superior circle tour, counter clockwise. We did the 1200 miles in 4 days and 3 nights with 4 bikes. The last 300 mile leg we didn't put on our rain gear soon enough and we all got...
  170. M

    New Computer

    I bought my first computer in 1989, a Zenith laptop with msdos and I added a mouse. First desktop in 1997, Dell 286, ram?, 40 mb hard drive. I don't know how many computers since then and I still don't know what I'm doing. I like this one, Dell 8940, i9, 32 gb ram and a 27" flat screen. I...
  171. M

    Burn piles

    I have a limb pile, mostly apple tree including some stumps. In another area I have a tree pile. No burning, just let nature take care of them. I burn garbage paper and cardboard and when I get too many cardborad boxes. I always use diesel fuel and handheld propane torch. I tell anyone who will...
  172. M

    How to prevent locks from freezing.

    I spray all my locks (including pickup door) with Fluid Film and have never had a problem. The locks on my enclosed trailer were sprayed many years ago and are still fine. When I was working as a Crane Operator I used to spray the outside of padlocks with ether and then light it with my...
  173. M

    Keweenaw snow photos

    The Motel/Restaurant has new owners and now is only a Motel. The restaurant east of the blinking light has been closed for many years, because of a gas explosion. It has new owners, but I don't know if it's open again.
  174. M

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Come on Arly, maybe this storm, but by the end of the year you guys get more.
  175. M

    Keweenaw snow photos

    Arly said I should send some snow pictures. I live about 50 south of him. He gets more snow than me, but we get our share. This was Xmas day. When I first get some snow I bank the house, because it is on a uninsulated crawl space. My L3540HSTC with my L2195 6 ft blower is sitting behind the...
  176. M

    Log splitter and a flying log - safety

    Some years ago piece of a block (3/4" wide 6" long) hit me in the chest at some speed that didn't hurt, but if it would have hit me in the face it probably would have. I always wear eye and hearing protection. One time weed wacking a small rock hit me in the teeth, no damage. Again eye and...
  177. M

    How do you keep birds out of your sheds?

    I bought some .22 LR bird shot and shot some metal pieces from my PB and they were dented at different distances. Then I bought a Crosman 2100 that you pump up to 10 or 3 minimum. I tried it BB's and pellets on my metal with only 3 pumps and different distances and it dented the metal. I paid...
  178. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    When I had my Carotid Artery surgery they used Hospital super glue to put the neck skin back together. They did a pretty good job.
  179. M

    How do you keep birds out of your sheds?

    Here's a picture of the bird disks. There are 3 disks on each swivel.
  180. M

    How do you keep birds out of your sheds?

    I have 3 overhead doors on my PB. If the birds come in my shop they fly right out, but if they come in the other two they go up high and won't come out. I used pieces of pie tin moved in the wind and helped, but fell apart. I bought the disks that swivel and reflect the sun when they move. You...
  181. M


    I came up with something like that for my B7100. I have arthritis in my spine. I can't see the hydraulic top link or the blade. Mine is not fancy, but works great.
  182. M

    Adding grab hooks on front bucket, 2 or 3 hooks?

    On my L3540HST I have the 6 ft round back bucket with the bolted on harded edge. I put 5 welded on 5/16" hooks. With 5/16" you can use 1/4", 5/16" and 3/8" chain. I've used 4 outside ones one time and of course the center one most often. Always balance the load and you won't have any problems.
  183. M

    Bathroom tiling - regrouting - need Dremel tool with Cubitron for removing grout

    How about one of those oscillating tools with the correct blade. They have a blade for everything.
  184. M

    Backhoe M59 backhoe stabilizer pads

    Divots don't matter here, just the old farm I grew up on and I don't do any side jobs. The originals on the Kubota would slide on the grass and roll up sod. These help a lot. Don't slide around so much. I don't need pads either, no pavement or concrete.
  185. M

    Backhoe M59 backhoe stabilizer pads

    I didn't go quite so far, but I didn't like what I had, wasn't working. Slipped to much in all directions. I like yours, I could expand on mine in the future if needed.
  186. M

    Let's see your knife.

    When I was about 12 years old I was fishing with my younger brother and my much older cousin. I found a two blade jack knife stuck in the crutch of a tree. I carried that until I was around 30 and lost it. My older brother was a Superintendent in a Copper Mine and had lots of two bladed...
  187. M

    Tell us something we don’t know.

    The vibration sound that the old cars used to make at a certain speed, usually in the 60+ mph range. I asked my friends about it and they don't remember it. I met a guy (brother in law of a coworker) and he worked for a company that was hired by the auto companies to remove that vibration sound.
  188. M

    Linear actuator

    I've bought 3 linear actuators from Surplus Center. 2 were 105 lb load and the last one was 1000 lb load. Prices were $100 plus for the small ones and $300 for the strong one, but Kubota wanted $1000, but the one I bought is maybe 7 times stronger.
  189. M

    Storing implements for the winter.

    My 40' x 60' Pole Barn isn't big enough so I park my 1958 Ferguson T0-35 and 5' brush hog outside. I only remove the battery and put the maintainer on it. I don't cover it, I heard that causes rust. It's been fine outside so far.
  190. M

    Rear Counter Weight for Front Mount Blower

    I have a L3540HSTC with a 6' blower on the front. I tried my 1000 lb ballast box for traction and made the front end too light. Now I have my Dad's old 6' rear blade on the back for matting or any rocky areas, works great. I think it weighs 360 lb. Also I have ag tires with 2 link chain on the...
  191. M

    What Do You Do For Exercise?

    I'm 76. After breakfast I do spine stretches (for my arthritic spine). Shoulder therapy (hurt my right shoulder). Knee therapy for (been doing it for 14 years), had to stop for a bit. Rehabbing from my partial knee replacement. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday I lift weights, 20 lb dumbbells, 4...
  192. M


    I'm 76 now and moved back to the UP when I was 60. Hardly any Porkies anywhere at that time. Then they started rebounding. They had put Fishers up here to lower the Porkie numbers, but then hunters started shooting and trapping Fishers thinking they were killing Partridge eggs/chicks. I shot a...
  193. M

    Loader Broke the loader

    I have a L3540HSTC, so it might not have anything in common. Years ago in January I had my snowblower on and it wouldn't boom down. I called my tractor mechanic and he come right over. He took my right rear tire off and opened the inspection panel and had me move the joystick up and down. Bad...
  194. M

    Replacing the Knee

    This past week I had some sad news, my Ortho Doctor that did Arthroscopic to remove floaters and then did a partial on my left knew died in an ATV/UTV accident. I think he was 57 yrs old, good Doctor and a good guy. I was supposed to have x-rays and see him this afternoon. I have arthritis in...
  195. M

    USAF Thunderbirds Coming to Atlantic City, NJ

    I saw the Thunderbirds in Spain (Sevilla) either 67 or 68 and again at Selfridge Air Force base, Detroit area in 69. I worked next to Moffet Field in Mountain View, CA and all I had to do was walk over to the fence at Moffet Field and watch the Blue Angels. Saw they twice. Both put on a heck...
  196. M

    FLUID FILM, MO-DECK, what's the difference?

    I tried Fluid Film on my new Husqvarna zero turn with no rust, it didn't work. On my 44 year old Woods RM-48, underside is rusted, the FF works really good. I would spray it in the fall, cut all summer and then clean and spray in the fall and have hardly any grass stuck to the underside.
  197. M

    Cleaning gunky hydraulic quick disconnects

    Fluid Film for pto splines, any light lubing. WD-40 for some cleaning. Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol for cleaning recessed zerks on my BH after cleaning the excess out with the screwdriver blade on my knife. Would rubbing alcohol be ok for cleaning out hydraulic couplers?
  198. M

    zero-turn mower, turning around w/o wrecking the grass

    I have a Husqvarna zero turn and I have scrub marks here and there every time I mow. I could do better if I wanted to, but I don't have a lawn, but a yard out in the country. Close to 2 acres of mowing. Heavy with white clover, thick, but doesn't grow tall. Mow every 2-2 1/2 weeks.
  199. M

    Anyone use identity theft protection services?

    I have LifeLock, they monitor my bank account, credit cards and the credit monitor agencies. In 2018 I was buying a Silverado, I was going to pay cash, but they talked me into taking a loan and save me a $1000. As I was signing the paper work I got a call from LifeLock that someone just...