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  1. WVH1977

    Easy does it

    Besides my grapple, forks where a great addition to my attachments. Use them a lot!!!
  2. WVH1977

    New here, question on LS MT242H and a Brush Hog

    Been running a Woods 72x on 35 PTO HP for years.
  3. WVH1977

    Tiller pulling dirt

    I was wondering if the forward rotation would be better. I am just wondering if a tiller is realy the best way to turn the soil in my garden. When i get to the end of a row and lift the tiller slowly, it always leaves the dirt lower than the ground arounf it. Its like it fluffs the dirt on top...
  4. WVH1977

    Tiller pulling dirt

    My reverse tine tiller seems to pulll dirt from one side of the garden to the other and digs deeper then the yard around it. Anyone else have this happen? Using the plow, disc and drag did not do this (kept the land more level and even. I like the tiller for its convenience and it does turn the...
  5. WVH1977


    They have to be one the worst pests I deal with!!!!!!
  6. WVH1977

    I’m thinking it’s finally time for a change

    Do they have a MT342? That size machine is closer to your New Holland tractor size. Not sure if money is an issue or you just dont want to go that big, but something to think about.
  7. WVH1977

    I’m thinking it’s finally time for a change

    They are not the same machine as what he has currently. New Holland used to be built by Shibaura and is now built by LS. He can get a comparable LS for less money minus the differewnt loader and blue color.
  8. WVH1977

    After 44+ Years It's Time For A New Tractor

    Just went through some of what youa re saying recently regarding Cab or not. I finallky decided and got the cab. It is nice. Still adjusting to it because I never had one and used to being open but the ac is great!!! Did I say the ac is great!!! Also, it might take me a few more seconds longer...
  9. WVH1977

    You Know You Are Old When

    When 9pm is the new 12 pm!!!!
  10. WVH1977

    You Know You Are Old When

    When Snoop Doggy Dog song , "Sipping on gin and juice" is 30 years and an oldie!!!!
  11. WVH1977

    Gravely Pro-Turn 152 Gas coming out of tailpipe

    Thanks for the responses. will check the float needle again. Trying to avoid buying carb. OEM is 350.00. I have seen cheaper knock-offs but not sure if they are as good. It is a kawasaki engine.
  12. WVH1977

    Gravely Pro-Turn 152 Gas coming out of tailpipe

    Hello all, My zero-turn had a clogged carb due to me not cutting ethanol fuel off last year in the gas tank over winter. This is my fault and I learned a lesson. I pulled the carb off, cleaned it and put back on. It runs fine now but I have to cut the fuel off and run out of fuel everytime now...
  13. WVH1977

    Buying advice: Massey, TYM, or Kubota

    I like the Massey 1835m as well but if it is not too much more, jump to the 1840m. More PTO HP.
  14. WVH1977

    Jumped into the deep end

    Congrats. You will have losts of fun with the new tractor. Also, you are no longer "tractorless".
  15. WVH1977


    I guessed too. Not enough information provided. Maybe they are cutting professionally??? They did not specify, just asked for zero0-turn recommendations. Maybe OP will give a budget????
  16. WVH1977

    blue book for tractors?

    Not that I can find. Dealers might use something but if they are, they are not sharing. Tractorhouse would be the closest to figuring what tractors are selling for in the retail market. Craigslist and Marketplace can are all over the place.
  17. WVH1977

    What did you buy this week?

    Bought a load of topsoil mixed with mushroom compost.
  18. WVH1977


    Gravely Pro-Turn 600 w/Kawasaki EFI motor. You will love it!!!!!
  19. WVH1977

    Deciding between HST & Power-Reverser

    So, I have been thouroughly enjoying my 60HP HST tractor. I tilled with it yesterday and did a grand job. Set the cruise control and went nice and slow. Also, being able to just go back and forward while turning in tight spots is nice as well. I am adjusting nicely. Still hitting the forward...
  20. WVH1977

    Trailer size needed to haul tractor

    When I bought my tractor, I knew nothing about trailers, weight, brakes, etc (or TBN). I brought it home in a F150 with a 4.6 V8. 35 miles an hour the whole way. It pulled it and got me home but I did not feel good about it. I sold that truck and got an F250. Best move I could of done. I only...
  21. WVH1977


    Last 2 years in Virginia have been really dry in my area. Finally getting rain, but like you said, when July/August get here we will be begging for it. I got collards and kale growing but need to get my other stuff going. Positive for me with all the rain, is all the brush piles I have burnt...
  22. WVH1977

    Gill box blade

    Workinonit is correct. This is what you need to do. I have a similar set-up. Tines come partially down. Then you get on tractor and back-up. It will push the he tines down and they will lock in place.
  23. WVH1977

    Heating 12 x 20 insulated shed w/propane

    I have an insulated shed I have built for my wife to use for school activities. I have been looking at heating it with a small propane heater. Any suggestions on best type of heater for this application? Will be using a window unit for air and not really intersted in a mini-split.
  24. WVH1977

    Grapple choices

    I also have a land pride SGC1072. It has been great. Light weight and strong.
  25. WVH1977

    Trailer size needed to haul tractor

    Also, I bought a Diamond C because they had the best built design tool box design when I was buying.
  26. WVH1977

    Trailer size needed to haul tractor

    I bought a 22 ft one and glad I did. Used to have a 20 ft but upgraded. The extra 2 ft really makes a difference. I have a smaller utility trailer to carry around the lawn mower and 4wheeler.
  27. WVH1977

    Joining the Big Show

    Had to replace a hydraulic line in the middle of the machine. Had a mechanic do it. It was a bear. Took him 2 trips and 6 hours to get it back in there and not leaking. Glad I did not fool with it. It was in a bad spot and I did not want any part of it. That puts me 6K now in the machine minus...
  28. WVH1977

    Why don’t you own a toothbar?

    Once I got my root grapple, I took off the toothbar on my bucket. Have not really needed it since.
  29. WVH1977

    MF 2850M/2860M Deluxe Cab vs Yanmar YT347/359 Cab

    I looked at and test drove both. I bought a massey 2860M. I have a write-up about it in the buying section. They are both very nice machines but I just liked the Massey Cab and features more.
  30. WVH1977

    Long term planning of selling your home?

    Can you sub-divide the 37 acres, say keep 5 or so acres and then take the money from the sale and build a one-story with wide halls and big bathrooms? Could probably pay cash from the 30 acre sale and 3 story house to build the smaller house.
  31. WVH1977

    Best Everything Attachments (EA) Alternative? Landscape Rake, etc.

    I just got a rear blade from Iron Craft. 7ft. It is pretty nice. My 7ft heavy duty landscape rake is a tuffline. It has been great. Paid a little more to get the heavy duty one but well worth it for a landscape rake. Tines are strong.
  32. WVH1977

    Massey Ferguson 2860M Cab

    So, I am fully set-up with the 2860M and did some real work with it today. I was tending a fire on the top of one the hills on my property. I was picking up debris from one pile and carrying it uphill to the current burn pile. The loader on this thing is strong and responsive!!! Much more...
  33. WVH1977

    CS2220 vs CX2510

    Congrats. Enjoy the new machine!!!!
  34. WVH1977

    CS2220 vs CX2510

    I think just having a new small tractor will be nice. I am in the camp of bigger and would also go with the CX. Tractors get smaller once you get them on the property and start using them. If you were just looking to keep up an acre or two, the CS would be nice but I really think the bigger...
  35. WVH1977

    Massey Ferguson 2860M Cab

    I did not include the TYM T574 in my search so I cannot give you a good comparison.
  36. WVH1977

    Massey Ferguson 2860M Cab

    So, after years of research and test driving tractors, I finally pulled the trigger on a new tractor. This was a tough decision for me and and I went through a lot of stress and shopping to get to this purchase. There is not a lot of information out there for the Massey 2860M and I want to share...
  37. WVH1977

    Look for advice on tractor purchase

    I have a 4x4 New Holland TC40. It is a 2005 model, Shibaura built. Very good tractor and can do what you want. They can be had for around 15-20K. I would shop around and look for something like/similar to this. Dont be scared to pay up to that 20K. Get the best bang for the buck and get 4x4 and...
  38. WVH1977

    To CAB or NOT

    The Cab on the 2860m is very nice. The comfort and layout of this cab won me over. They really though about the operator and ergonomics.
  39. WVH1977

    To CAB or NOT

    Ok, I pulled the trigger and bought a 2860M Massey Ferguson Deluxe CAB w/air-ride seat!!!! I road it around at the dealer in the cold and rain today. I was checking out a bigger OOS tractor they had in the rain as well. The bigger tractor was nice but every time I got back in that cab I was...
  40. WVH1977

    Is a subcompact under 25hp enough power?

    I looked really hard at downsizing my tractor years ago on a 6 acre property. Liked the idea of the smaller 25HP tractor for working around the yard. I went over to my neighbor who was a lont time farmer and asked his honest opinion. He bascially said in a nice way that would not be a wise...
  41. WVH1977

    To CAB or NOT

    Are the AC units in the Cabs good and last? Will they last 10 years and longer? Does anyone have a 10 year old Cab with ice cold AC still pumping out?
  42. WVH1977

    Debaiting on trading in

    Gotcha. I looked at and test drove a MT357 and it was a nice machine and would work just fine on your 5 acres. For a little more money that MT3 series might be worth looking at. Just an opinion and understand if you wanted to stay around the 25 HP range.
  43. WVH1977

    Buying new JD 5075E or Kubota M4D-071

    Based on what you are replying with, I think you would be good to go either way and be happy. Only other thing I noticed when looking was the Deere had a park gear. Does the M4D have a park gear? I liked the fact that Deere had a park gear.
  44. WVH1977

    Buying new JD 5075E or Kubota M4D-071

    I looked really hard at a used John Deere 5065e and new Kubota M6070. Almost pulled the trigger on the M6070. I am not doing hay work but drove both. I felt like the Deere had the edge on comfort, ease of use and bulkiness. It is a tough decision but if I were buying new with cab, I would...
  45. WVH1977

    Buying new JD 5075E or Kubota M4D-071

    You stated you really have looked, have you test driven both?
  46. WVH1977

    Debaiting on trading in

    I looked at some of your previous posts and believe you stated you are on 47 acres? If so, have you considered jumping up to the MT3 series tractor?
  47. WVH1977

    To CAB or NOT

    Yes. I will have two tractors now. Less implement changing. (y)
  48. WVH1977

    To CAB or NOT

    UPDATE: Thanks for all the responses. I have finally signed paperwork for a new tractor. It will probably be delivered this Friday or early next week. I am going to leave everyone guessing what I went with until I get it to the house with pictures. 😁 Keep everyone in suspense. LOL
  49. WVH1977

    MX5400 Gear Drive Cab

    Am I missing something? I am looking for information on the gear drive version. Did not see it in the archive. Does anyoneon here own the gear drive?
  50. WVH1977

    MX5400 Gear Drive Cab

    Does anyone on here own one of these? Do you like the shuttle shift on the left by the seat? I dont find many reviews on this type of tractor.
  51. WVH1977

    Property Question

    Unless you really like the house and can handle just 4 acres immediately around it, walk away.
  52. WVH1977

    Yanmar yt359 vs Massey 2850/60m

    Greetings, I have been posting a lot of threads lately in the operating section, getting everyones feedback on tractor functions. I appreciate all the feedback I have been given. I have been on a 6 year long quest for a new tractor. I am probably going to pull the trigger on one within the next...
  53. WVH1977

    To CAB or NOT

    Thanks for the response. If I get a CAB, it will not be removable. I want a solid, deluxe CAB.
  54. WVH1977

    To CAB or NOT

    Hello again, As I get closer to purchasing a new tractor, I am still struggling with getting a Cab. I have always been in an open station and feel a little enclosed when testing tractors with a Cab. I am 46 and not getting any younger (starting to feel it more). I want this next tractor...
  55. WVH1977

    Deciding between HST & Power-Reverser

    So I have been looking at new tractors and getting closer to my decision as far as manufacturer. I currently have a 12 x 12 shuttle shift. I have tested some new tractors this month and I never thought I would say, I am leaning towards HST. They have come a long ways and are smooth and easy to...
  56. WVH1977

    Iseki vs Shibaura engines on Massey Premium Compact

    The new Massey premium tractors are back with Iseki engines. My uncle has an older Iseki Massey and that is running good. I have a Shibarua in my TC40 and love the engine. I am wondering why Massey stopped building with Shibaura? The only reason I am asking is that the Iseki has less PTO HP...
  57. WVH1977

    LS MT357 Cab vs John Deere 4052M Heavy Duty

    Probably not the most apples to apples comparison but I have been looking at new tractors for a couple of years now and getting closer to pulling that trigger. I have looked at and drove most fo the current brands out there. LS was far from my list of tractors when this started. However, there...
  58. WVH1977

    Used Kubota L5030 - Good Buy?

    If the machine is in the shape you say it is in and you like it, who cares if you overpay for it. If you have the funds and it is good shape buy it and dont worry about it. I bought a 2002 f250 lariat, V-10 with 31,000 miles on it 2 years ago. I paid 24K for it. That is probaly high but I...
  59. WVH1977

    Hydraulic fluid

    I use the NAPA brand fluid for my excavator and dont even think twice because it has 5800 hrs. and is good and used. LOL But scared to death to use something other than OEM in the tractor. Sometimes I wonder if it is all the same thing or the OEM's actaully put special "things" in there that...
  60. WVH1977

    Quality ranking of compact tractor brands

    I have driven both Massey and Yanmar premium tractors. Both are excellent machines but I have to say that the Yanmar really impressed me the most. I am eventually going to buy a new tractor and Yanmar is defintely at the top of the list. I dont know know enought about the other two to give an...
  61. WVH1977

    New TY359C!

    Congrats. I test drove one last year just to see and it was NICE!!! You should enjoy it for a long time to come.
  62. WVH1977

    Not much info on BOOMER 55

    Just curious how many folks on here have a BOOMER 45,50,55? I have a few questions, if anyone on here has answers; 1. I know that it has been said that LS builds this tractor for New Holland but is the New Holland version more ergonomic, stronger loader, different frame, etc.? 2. Is the cab on...
  63. WVH1977

    Good morning!!!!

    Upper Teens with wind expected. Highs in the 30's. Going rabbit hunting in a little while. Nothing beter than freezing your hind parts off in a thicket jumping up rabbits!!!😁 I asked one of my ol'timers why we do it and he said "its something we have always done since childhood". I guess it just...
  64. WVH1977

    1st time buyer - 35 hp comparisons

    Do you have a trailer to pull the tractor? Tractor, loader and bushog is long and has some weight to it. How far is the 100 acres? The Ram 1500 will probably pull it but you need to think about the transportation part of it.
  65. WVH1977

    Pictures of BIG Trees

    Yes, I have talked with my Aunt about it but still procrastinating about getting the college folks over there. My uncle said a surveyor that was down there some years back, took measurments of the tree and said it was probably over 350 years old.
  66. WVH1977

    Pictures of BIG Trees

    I have always loved trees and everything about them. They are awesome and I thought I would share a picture of a BIG red oak at my Aunts house. What BIG trees do you know about?
  67. WVH1977

    Grass Seed for Outside Perimeter

    Good morning. I have been clearing land around my property and want to plant some type of grass on the clearings. I dont waant to use the expensive fescue that is around my house yard. Is something like alfalfa a good choice? Just not sure what to put out. I dont have any animals yet, but might...
  68. WVH1977

    What did you buy this week?

    2023 to 2024 Hunting License.
  69. WVH1977

    Landscape rake for roots, sticks

    I would start with a box blade. You can level the land and lower the scarifers to pull out roots, sticks etc. and pile up. I am clearing land as well and start with my box blade and then use my pulveriser after that for final touch up before planting grass. I also have a 7 ft. heavy duty...
  70. WVH1977

    Straw over grass seed

    I have winter rye and though about this. I might do this.
  71. WVH1977

    Straw over grass seed

    I have always put straw down over my grass seed after planting. Just planted some more of my yard and thinking about not putting straw down. Does it matter and will it make a big difference?
  72. WVH1977

    Fed up with the garden

  73. WVH1977

    Online Buying vs Brick & Mortar.

    I am in the mall generation (80s) with Sears/JC Penny, etc. I like brick and mortar. Back then who would have ever thought Sears would go away. I used to look at the big Sears catalogue with all the toys in the back and cirlce eveything I wanted/wished for for birthdays and Christmas. I also...
  74. WVH1977

    Sheathing and Birds Mouth on Rafter

    I got it. I talked with a builder frined of mine. I am square within 1/16 to 1/8 inch. Everything is plumb and level from pier blocks up. Only checked one thousand times. LOL Thanks for the replies.
  75. WVH1977

    Sheathing and Birds Mouth on Rafter

    Also, I never said the birds mouth was not on the bottom of the rafter?
  76. WVH1977

    Sheathing and Birds Mouth on Rafter

    Correct. Is it ok to run the sheathing first up to the top plate and put the birds moputh over the sheating and the top plate?
  77. WVH1977

    Sheathing and Birds Mouth on Rafter

    Good morning all. Two questions fro all the builders on here: 1. Is it a good idea to put the sheathing on frst and run it to the top plate. Then cut the birds mouth on the rafter to go over it and the 2 by 4? Hope I said that correctly!!! LOL 2. Have you used the Zip System? Is it a good way...
  78. WVH1977

    2020 RAM 1500 Bighorn

    Thanks for all the input. I ended up selling my 2003 2wd f150 manual and bought a 2003 f150 4wd automatic with 56,000 miles. I am just having a hard time getting over the cost of newer trucks right now. I tend to go through vehicles but going to drive this one for a couple of years and then...
  79. WVH1977

    LS MT468

    It is in my location on my profile.
  80. WVH1977

    LS MT468

    I know it is. My current New Holland is Shibuara built. Not sure when they went to LS. The price is right on it compared to the current market of cab 40 hp classs of tractor like I have now. It also has a lot of features standard that other manufacturers add on as options. Whatever I decide on...
  81. WVH1977

    2020 RAM 1500 Bighorn

    5th gen, Hemi, and 8 speed transmission.
  82. WVH1977

    2020 RAM 1500 Bighorn

    I have been looking at sdeveral different trucks recently. I am looking to get a newer truck. I have always had mostly Ford trucks. Today I was looking at the Tundra's on a Toyota lot when I noticed a RAM truck in their used side. It was really clean and I decided to take it for a test drive. I...
  83. WVH1977

    Weed Eater Attachment

    CDo any of you have this? Is it a gimmick or does it work?
  84. WVH1977

    Suggestions on 20” pro saw

    You qualify!!! Treat yourself!!! 😁 I dont cut every day either but when I do, it is hot and heavy and love cutting through wood like butter.
  85. WVH1977

    Suggestions on 20” pro saw

    Ohh, one last thing, whatever brand you get, I reccomend going with the pro-version. It is always more but when I am cutting wood I want the top of the line.
  86. WVH1977

    Suggestions on 20” pro saw

    Yeah the 362 is going to be in the 899 range probably. I bought a ms241 10 years ago and love it. It is my go to saw for smaller stuff. I use that thing all the time. I diont know why stihl stopped making them and not sure what is equivalent to it today buit I am so glad I have one. Love that saw.
  87. WVH1977

    Suggestions on 20” pro saw

    I have a 261 and it is nice saw. I still use my older ms361 pro saw for cutting bigger stuff. Have you thought about the ms362 pro-saw. Will cut great with 20 inch bar and have some more power. Not to sure about weight difference,
  88. WVH1977

    Thoughts on Chevy Colorado or Ford Ranger

    No pulling trailers. I have a Superduty for that.
  89. WVH1977

    Thoughts on Chevy Colorado or Ford Ranger

    Thinking about getting a midsized truck. I like both the Ranger and Colorado. Are there any Colarado owners out there? Any likes/dislikes?
  90. WVH1977

    Paint for Expanded Metal

    Hello all, I am going to be using some expanded metal sheets for some of my outdoor projects. They will be partly in the ground. I want to put a protective coating on them. What type of paint/coating would you reccomend?
  91. WVH1977

    Nail Gun Opinions

    I have started another building project and am thinking about getting a nail gun. Last shed build I did, I used screws on the whole thing. I have an air compressor but thinking about the battery so I don't have to worry about the hose. Any recommendation from the pro builders on here what to...
  92. WVH1977

    For Sale Add Definitions

    "Not in a hurry to sell" = please buy it now for full asking price!!
  93. WVH1977

    For Sale Add Definitions

    "I hate to have have to get rid of it, it has been so good to me" = "I can't keep it running and want it gone ASAP"
  94. WVH1977

    For Sale Add Definitions

    "you will never find a better one of this age" = desperate to get sold.
  95. WVH1977

    Used 4052m or new DK6010

    Congrats on your tractor. You will have a lot of fun with it and get plenty of work done. The 4 series tractors are a nice size and comfortable to operate.
  96. WVH1977

    Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

    So, I have been looking at used tractors. Mostly 2005 and up. Prices seem to be 10,000 dollars more than the tractors were worth when bought new. Example, are folks really paying 45,000 for a 2009 John Deere 4720 wit 600 hours? Seen Kubota's with similar prices. Lots of tractors in the 40 to 90...
  97. WVH1977

    Fed up with the garden

    My corn did well this year. Picked a wheel barrow full two days ago and there is more ready to go. Rain hit it just right this year. This year I planted it only about a foot apart. Did not even weed it. Also have good crop of cucumbers coming in. My green beans did not do as well just planted...
  98. WVH1977

    LS MT468

    Has anyone on here bought one of these? A friend of mine opened up a tractor shop 2 years ago and is selling LS tractors. I test drove this tractor and it seem to be really nice and has a good price on it compared to other brands and includes rear remotes. I am not worried about service if...
  99. WVH1977

    Shooting a Woodpecker.

    My brick house deters them pretty good!!!😁
  100. WVH1977

    Mulch around trees, yes or no?

    I have one spot in my front yard section around 2 oak trees and some cover plants I have out in that is not looking great, yet. I have cleaned it up but am thinking about putting some mulch around it until the cover plants and bushes I planted grow up some more. Also, thinking about using pine...
  101. WVH1977

    Mulch around trees, yes or no?

    Do you mulch around trees? Does it help the tree thrive? Same with bushes, do you mulch around them. I know I see lots of mulch beds around everywhere but just wondering what the benefits are besides making it look nice?
  102. WVH1977

    Help me pick between a massy, Kubota, or a new Holland

    If the New Holland was Shibaura built, it should be a nice tractor. The early to mid 2000's were good years for New Holland. I have had my TC40 for 17 years and not one major issue with it. I think aany of them would be good. Go sit on them and try to drive them around. See which one feels the best.
  103. WVH1977

    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

    Airlines stating one carry-on bag per person but once at the gate, they say flight is full and folks will have to check their bags. Happens every time. Every flight is FULL!!!!
  104. WVH1977

    Buying Stump Bucket Instead of Backhoe

    If you are serious about digging, look for an old excavator or old backhoe. I just cannot see a 790 even with a backhoe attachment doing much digging. 10,000 grand is a lot of digging time on a rented mini-ex.
  105. WVH1977

    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

    big bag of potato chips half full !!!!
  106. WVH1977

    STIHL Zero-Turn

    Has anyone seen or bought new of these? I did not know STIHL was now making zero-turns. I wonder how good the suspension is? Only 11,849. LOL
  107. WVH1977

    FEL whacking things when backing up.

    Buy another tractor with no FEL for 3 point work. 😁 Can never have enough tractors!!!
  108. WVH1977

    Tractor for land clearing and preparation

    You will need lots of money, heavy equipment, and someone with the know-how to get this done. Have you looked into talking with any local farmers/construction companies who have done this or are currently doing this? Is this going to be a business or hobby? 300 acres squared is around half a...
  109. WVH1977

    Sealed or serviceable bearing: your choice?

    I bought a my first Gravely mower in 2008. It has sealed spindles. I was not easy on that zero-turn and cut grass with it for 12 years. Sold it to my cousin and she is still cutting with it. Sealed spindles are still going strong. My new Gravely is in the commercial series and has sealed...
  110. WVH1977

    Side by Side for yard work 2x4 ok?

    I see some mud but my soil is mostly sandy loam where I am located. Snow, every once in a while. I figured if I got the side by side stuck I would just get the tractor and pull it out. If I get one it will probably be used not new. Will probably get the 4wd just to know I have it if I need it.
  111. WVH1977

    Need help deciding

    If you want to pull logs out, will a power reverser/gear drive be better? I am not an expert on this but my Uncle has a Massey 1643 hydro and I have a New Holland tc40, shuttle shift. I have run both a lot and feel like the geared drive has more pulling power. Just my experience.
  112. WVH1977

    Side by Side for yard work 2x4 ok?

    Good morning everyone, I might start looking for side by side for my property. I want it to have a dump bed and it only needs to be enough for 2 people to sit in. Property is rolling but not steep. For those with experience is 2x4 good enough or is 4x4 absolutely necessary? I will be moving...
  113. WVH1977

    Should Pharmaceutical Commercials be allowed on TV?

    So watching some TV tonight and it seems like 60 to 70 percent of commercials are selling some type of pill for what ails you. Do you think this should be allowed? Some of these medicines end up causing problems for folks down the road and then you see lawyer commercials suing them. Just...
  114. WVH1977

    Folks not tying down their trash!!!!

    So, I don't like to complain too much about things, but there is one thing that really gets me MAD. My road has a trash station/refuse on it. People come flying down the road with trash bags and junk not strapped down and drop off full bags of trash, half sofas, tires, etc. and don't stop to...
  115. WVH1977

    Good morning!!!!

    Good Morning!!!! Getting ready to do some bass fishing on the river today with a good friend. Of course I have to take 5 tackle boxes and 5 rod and reels to make sure I have enough lures, if needed. :LOL:
  116. WVH1977

    Selling a Tractor Back to the Dealer. Is this a possibility?

    I don't know your financial situation or how much you may have put down when purchasing this but more than likely you are going to lose money on this deal. If you really want to get out of that loan you might have to pay more into. I agree that the dealer would probably put it on consignment...
  117. WVH1977

    I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

    I would also be in the camp of buying a nice commercial Z-Turn. Use that for the dedicated mowing and keep your tractor.
  118. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    We Built This City - Starship
  119. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Ride the Lightning - Metallica
  120. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Only the Lonely - Roy Orbison
  121. WVH1977

    Just bought 6 acre of land. Now what???

    IMO, if you are going to make this your forever home, build a small rectangle brick house. Put a little wood stove in there for back-up heat and enjoy life.
  122. WVH1977

    Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

    I read a lot through the buying/pricing/comparison forums and see that almost everyone recommends new over used. I also see where most folks on here end up buying new. I know it is not everyone but it seems more common. I agree that used tractors are very expensive. 1. Is it because it is...
  123. WVH1977

    Good morning!!!!

    Going to continue working on staining my shed this morning. Then going bass fishing with a friend while we have this summertime weather in February here in VA. I just started doing 4, 10 hr days again and liking it!!! Off on Fridays. 😁
  124. WVH1977

    What do you always carry in your vehicle

    registration and proof of insurance
  125. WVH1977

    New Kioti and New Tractor Owner from Louisiana

    Welcome aboard. Now you can get into the attachments forum and we can start spending more of your money!!! If you have a picture of your tractor, could you share with us? We all like to see everyones new tractor on here.
  126. WVH1977

    What TV did you watch as a kid?

    I also used to watch the "Southern Sportsman with Franc White". This was a great show about outdoors with cooking recipes. I am not sure if this was just shown locally on the east coast or all over the country.
  127. WVH1977

    New tires, change size???

    I would stick with OEM recommendation. Same with trucks. You can lift them and put bigger tires but it will put more strain/wear and tear on the vehicle over time. I am a fan of keeping things stock but that is just my opinion. That $1200 could turn into more dollars if you do something other...
  128. WVH1977

    Good morning!!!!

    It has served me well. Got more money in attachments now than tractor. LOL.
  129. WVH1977

    Good morning!!!!

    Good morning. Been warm all week but it is right around 30 degrees right now. Getting ready to do a little rabbit hunting this morning followed by my daughters birthday party. Shew is 8 going on 16!!!!
  130. WVH1977

    Gov't mandates gas can flame arrestors.

    In todays world, I find myself looking and paying more for older items built years ago that have been cared for or are new old stock. I had a Great Aunt pass a few years ago and my cousin still lives in the house. Everything they have is in pristine condition. I went by there a while back to...
  131. WVH1977

    Bought a Toyota Avalon

    So, with my new job I will be doing some longer commuting a couple days a week. I was looking at Civics and Corollas. They are expensive even used ones. I just could not justify it. I kept looking and really wanted to see if I could find a Honda Crosstour. I had one before and it was a good...
  132. WVH1977

    Cannot view pictures

    Is anyone else having "?" marks in all of the pics? I have an Apple MacBook Pro. All of the other sites I am looking at work. Is there something I can do to fix or is the website?
  133. WVH1977

    Good morning!!!!

    Upper 20's this morning. Went out on the porch to get some more wood for the stove and heard a hissing sound. I could not find anything. It would hiss every couple of seconds. I kept looking thinking a small snake. Finally, I saw it, a small bat on a piece of wood. Not sure what it was doing...
  134. WVH1977

    Best used tiller for the price

    I believe any of the 3 should be fine. It also depends on how much tilling activity you plan on doing. How much tilling and what type of soil?
  135. WVH1977


    So, as with everything else toothpaste pricing is getting out of hand. About 6 months ago, I went back to the original Crest I used as a kid. It was nostalgic and a lot cheaper than the (whitens teeth, fortifies teeth, grows back teeth, scrubs gums, makes you 2 feet taller, etc.) toothpaste that...
  136. WVH1977


    A Castor oil plant will keep them away.They hate the chemicals/smells in it.
  137. WVH1977

    Good morning!!!!

    Good morning. In the mid-20s here in VA. Drinking coffee and getting ready to go rabbit hunting with some friends.
  138. WVH1977

    12 to 18 month wait for new vehicle!!

    I think we are in the "new normal".
  139. WVH1977

    Good Books.... Well, there are a few.

    Here is a book I got a few years ago you don't see everyday. Had to buy it!
  140. WVH1977

    Thinking of financing a mx54

    I hauled my TC40 on a 20ft 12k trailer that came with it for years. It did the job but when I upgraded, I ended up going with a 22ft 14k trailer. Best decision I could have made. That extra 2 feet makes a big difference when the bush hog is on the back. Also love the toolbox. Biggest reason for...
  141. WVH1977

    Seasoning Firewood

    Great minds think alike! Love my Jotul
  142. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Rock Around the Clock - Billy Haley and His Comets
  143. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Three Little Pigs - Green Jelly
  144. WVH1977

    HD box blade?

    I would also look on craigslist and facebook marketplace for good used heavy-duty ones. I saw one a month ago that was the real deal heavy duty type like BobG is talking about. The guy lowered the price to 250 and it disappeared. I knew I should have bought it. I have a 72 inch regular duty box...
  145. WVH1977


    I used to have these nightmares when I was a kid where these dark human-like cat creatures would be at my window and I was frozen and I would all of a sudden be strapped down with hands above my head. The human-like cat creature would then start tickling me under my arms and it did not feel...
  146. WVH1977

    Contemplating Career Change

    Update: So it has been around 9 months ago since I posted about this. The job got progressively worse. The micromanaging has increased and not improved. A few of the folks I work with have already left and others are looking. Moral is definitely down but upper management cannot see it. Anyway...
  147. WVH1977

    ***6,000,000th Post Contest***

    12/26/2022 @ 7:30 am
  148. WVH1977

    Worst Christmas gifts

    I used to get Christmas Ornaments every year during my teen years from Mom and Aunts, etc. Yesterday, got the chance to give my nephews in their teens Christmas Ornaments!!! They were so overjoyed🤣 they didn't know what to do with themselves.
  149. WVH1977

    Massey GC vs. Kubota BX Loader Lift Test

    Maybe I just don't understand but I see a lot of posts about loader lift capacity on these sub-compact tractors. Why is this such a big deal? None of them can pick up but so much weight anyway based on the design and size of the tractor. If lifting capacity is that critical then I would think a...
  150. WVH1977

    Weird Stuff in Tree

    Does it hurt the trees?
  151. WVH1977

    Weird Stuff in Tree

    I was working with one of my bird dogs in the woods today and ran across this black stuff on a beach tree. Anyone have an idea what it is?
  152. WVH1977

    Are you ready for Christmas?

    I think you took my post the wrong way. I am a Christian and Jesus actual birthday is not December 25. No one knows when it was but it was not during winter and the Bible does not say. I just started the post to see what everyone was planning on for the holidays. I understand what the "season" is.
  153. WVH1977

    Debit vs. Credit Cards

    I use both but mostly debit card. I use the credit card about 3 to 5 times a year. Things like Christmas and birthday presents and/or debit/credit both on something big that we might need for an unexpected repair. I try to not use the credit card that much. For me it is too much temptation to...
  154. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice !!!!(y)
  155. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Bust a Move - Young MC
  156. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Mrs. Robinson - Simon and Garfunkel
  157. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Summertime - Sublime
  158. WVH1977

    Are you ready for Christmas?

    I have done a little bit of shopping this year but as usual I am behind. It has been a long year and everything is much more expensive. I am getting my children a lot of little small items and thinking about getting one big thing like a basketball hoop/trampoline or something similar as the big...
  159. WVH1977

    My Evolution of Burning Fires

    Lots of rain here in the last couple of days. Taking advantage and burning a couple of piles. I started one and just kept adding from the other piles. I don't think I will ever use my tractor again for tending. The Hitachi is SO much better. ;)
  160. WVH1977

    Kioti cs2610 vs Kubota bx23s vs Massey gc1725M

    What are you planning on doing with the tractor? Are you on 5 acre lot, a farm, in a subdivision? Are there hills involved? Are you going to be tilling, moving logs, grading, etc.?
  161. WVH1977

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    My wife make those ham and cheese sliders with country ham, some kind of butter sauce with onion and poppy seed and extra sharp cheddar. Love this things!!!!
  162. WVH1977

    Paint or Stain on Shed

    So, I finally finished the actual building of my shed. It was way more involved than I ever thought. This is the FIRST shed I have ever built. I made mistakes but overall I am happy with what I did. It is solid and not going anywhere. I am also glad I built the lean-to off the back of it now...
  163. WVH1977

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    I don't know how many folks on here have had it or not but we do sausage balls. Mostly during Thanksgiving and Christmas. That stuff is ADDICTIVE!!!
  164. WVH1977

    Z930M on order -> Arrived

    I almost bought one of those. Ended up getting a Gravely but it was a close call. You are going to enjoy that machine. Good choice!!!
  165. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Shout - Tears for Fears
  166. WVH1977

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    You got to get the barbecue vienna sausages!!! 👍
  167. WVH1977

    Foods you ate growing up that most folks don't eat today

    Something else we ate growing up that most folks would not do today is chili with coleslaw on top. Ever since I was small we always had chili with coleslaw. It is really good when you put a dab on top of your hot chili bowl.
  168. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Doctor Feel Good - Motley Crue
  169. WVH1977

    Pop Quiz

    Who's your daddy - Toby Keith
  170. WVH1977

    Repairable? Or scrap?

    Water Hose Hanger (y)
  171. WVH1977

    Anyone using insulin for diabetes?

    I don't have the research in front of me but I read that Splenda is just as bad as sugar. It has been a while and I would have to dig back into it. I believe there is still conflicting evidence for and against Splenda as a substitute. I started using Stevia. That is probably bad too. lol
  172. WVH1977

    Anyone using insulin for diabetes?

    I got diagnosed with type II 2 years ago. Doc wanted me on Metformin and Insulin. My lovely wife did some research and talked me into trying a diet with fasting involved (at first thought it was a bunch of non-sense). For 6 months, I ate any meat I wanted, whole fat butter, eggs, bacon, nuts...
  173. WVH1977

    excavator pricing

    If you don't need to trailer it everywhere, you might get a better deal on a full size excavator with lots of hours that still runs good.
  174. WVH1977

    Bought a new L3560, state shut down the project. Sell or keep?

    Here is a though outside the box. How about sell your current house and property and buy a bigger property with more land to use your new tractor on? ;)
  175. WVH1977

    Time to sell my JD 2320, Considering a 3039R or 4052R

    I don't think you will be missing the 2320 anytime soon now!!!! Major upgrade.
  176. WVH1977

    Horsepower Upgrade

    If you can afford the step up in HP, go with something closer to the 50 HP range. This will give you closer to 40ish PTO HP. Also, if money is not a concern, I would get a premium tractor like a Grand L. Comfort/weight/power.
  177. WVH1977

    Contemplating Career Change

    So I am now going on 5 years in a management position. We had new leadership come in about two years ago and things are not improving. It is starting to affect my sleep and personal life. I think about work all the time. I have the ability to move back down and get back into my old position...
  178. WVH1977

    DIY fire pit

    You need the wood on the bottom and stew in that pot!!! 😁
  179. WVH1977

    My Brothers Estate

    Sorry to hear about your situation. Something else you need to think about is how much the funeral is going to cost and the burial. It is expensive and they only take cash.
  180. WVH1977

    Should a new tractor come with a full tank of gas?

    I can't remember if it came with fuel but when I drove 5 hours to pick it up they did not have the 18 foot trailer ready to come with it. He ended up giving me a 20 foot instead so I could make the trip back. I would say that was better than fuel or a hat !!! They also gave me two shirts.
  181. WVH1977

    My Evolution of Burning Fires

    I started my burning career with burning sticks in the burn barrel behind the house. Then I graduated to using a rake and pitch fork in piles on the ground. After that I started drinking beer with music, friends and hot dogs while burning bigger piles with the rake, chainsaw, axe and pitchfork...
  182. WVH1977

    Big tire disposal?

    One of those Cross-Fit Gyms can take it and use it for working out.
  183. WVH1977

    Remove gravel from yard.

    Put some grass seed down on it and let it grow. Run a roller over it. My grass grows really good in the gravel I have and the mower rides over it nicely. :LOL:
  184. WVH1977

    RIP Buddy

    Sorry for your loss. Losing a long time companion is always hard. I cried hard when I buried one of mine two years ago. Died in the utility room. I know it might be too early but go get you another puppy and start the next long term companionship.
  185. WVH1977

    Input and advice for adding tractor work to my skills

    If you get a 550, will the SCUT loader reach over the sides to dump material?
  186. WVH1977

    Tiny house as a first home solution for my son?

    Let them rent somewhere and start their life without your help. It is time for them to be on their own and learn how to survive. You can still help them and support them but they need to figure it out on their own. Once the land is out of conservation they can decide whether or not to build a...
  187. WVH1977

    Newb looking for advice and info on a new compact tractor and attachments

    This sounds like a lot of heavy duty work. How much digging and earth moving? I would suggest a 4 in 1 bucket for assistance with earth moving to go along with the box blade. I would also suggest considering renting bigger construction equipment for the earth moving and doing the finish work...
  188. WVH1977

    Time to sell my JD 2320, Considering a 3039R or 4052R

    Once you get it home and start using it the largeness will go away. You are going to be one happy camper!!!
  189. WVH1977

    Tractor Museum

    Lanz Bulldog. It was a German Company back in the day
  190. WVH1977

    Tractor Museum

    And also for all the firefighters on here. These trucks were amazing. So much detail and beauty:
  191. WVH1977

    Tractor Museum

    For all the John Deere fans, I believe it was circa 1907:
  192. WVH1977

    Tractor Museum

    More photos for your viewing pleasure:
  193. WVH1977

    Tractor Museum

    Here in central Virginia, in Colonial Heights, there is a building with lots of tractors and trucks form the old days. Thought I would share some pics:
  194. WVH1977

    What Do You Do For Exercise?

  195. WVH1977

    Escalating Construction Costs

    Around here, a trailer on an acre is $ 200,000. My neighbor down the drive has an old construction trailer he converted into a house to live in on his land. It is by far nothing fancy and I would not live in it. He said he got it for 1000 bucks I think. No power to it or well. The county has it...
  196. WVH1977

    Paint or Stain on Shed

    I have 1 foot overhangs so that should help.
  197. WVH1977

    Paint or Stain on Shed

    No, they don't give the discount for lumber. Isn't hardie board lumber?
  198. WVH1977

    Paint or Stain on Shed

    Thanks for all the responses. I have already bought the T1-11 so I am going to put it on. My Dad's shed is 30 years old and just got stained a year ago when Mom had her house painted. The T1-11 is still in pretty good shape. Everyone has given me a lot to think about and I am definitely second...
  199. WVH1977

    Paint or Stain on Shed

    The ones I was looking at was James Hardie primed Hardie sheets.They had something else called smart siding that was cheaper. I am not sure.