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  1. Combustix

    Kmarts new commercial

    Thought this was pretty darn funny may have to go there to ship my pants
  2. Combustix

    St. Croix Revolution pellet furnace experience

    Recently installed a ST. Croix multi fuel pellet furnace. Ran good for a day or so then started binding up. Has a clinker cutter in the burn pot that spins once every two hours or when the unit cools down so that you don't have the build up. Discover the shaft was not connected to the...
  3. Combustix

    Chainsaw cut is scalloping

    Cutting some rounds to take to my dad my saw started scalloping to the right toward the bottom of the cut so much that the saw was binding and stalling anyone know why and what causes this? I have a husky 350 with a 20" bar if that matters. Thanks
  4. Combustix

    Float not engaging

    I have a 2002 Kubota B 2710 and the float is not engaging. Have have cleaned off the shaft and sprayed some oil on it and nothing. Was wondering if anyone knew why this might not be clicking into the indent. Thanks for any help.
  5. Combustix

    Tiller  slip clutch adjustment

    Just picked up an Ortolan 48" tiller and new pto shaft and slipclutch from EA. Was wondering as to how to adjust the slipclutch to function properly with the tiller. Thanks