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  1. prestond

    Ventrac Videos

    Lots of Ventrac videos on this YouTube channel. Lots of real world work done. Blue Cord Property Care
  2. prestond

    New Product Launch

    New Ventrac Product Launch today. Product launch today! Join us at 3:00pm EST on YouTube for a first look!
  3. prestond

    Any advice before I purchase a Ventrac?

    In reference to my previous thread, it seems that Toro has the dealer situation sorted out in Kansas City ( I know everyone's uses and needs are different, but any advice before I purchase? Any thoughts like, "I wish I...
  4. prestond

    Beginning of the end?

    Just talked to my local Ventrac dealer in Kansas City. They were told recently that they are no longer a Ventrac dealer. They were the only Ventrac dealer in the Kansas City area. Is this the beginning of the end for Ventrac? I guess I'll have to continue with the 'wait and see' approach...