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  1. Engineer42

    No chains needed.......

    I found this and thought it was interesting. According to some reading I did, they pulled 20 tons of logs at a time out of the woods with it.
  2. Engineer42

    A little help

    what's the A with inverted v mean next to the date? It shows up on some but not all posts.
  3. Engineer42

    Thumb for forks.

    Ok, I need some help. I知 looking to build a thumb for my 48 forks. Just something simple, with one arm and one cylinder. I would use it took pick up cut limbs and other tree debris. I swore I remembered seeing a recent post regarding someone building one but I can稚 find it. Any help would be...
  4. Engineer42

    2555/2655 owners

    So do any of you guys run a disk or rototiller behind your tractors? If so, what size and/or type are you using? I知 thinking about purchasing one or both and looking for information from present users. I値l be tilling my own garden and thinking of hiring out to others for the same purpose. Any...
  5. Engineer42

    Snow  Mahindra 2555 first snow

    Only 5 inches of snow so far, but itç—´ her first snow so was impatiently waiting to get started. She did good!:thumbsup:
  6. Engineer42

    2555 HST/Cab

    A few pics of the ammo can toolbox I added and my 2555
  7. Engineer42

    2555 exhaust outlet

    So I was wondering if anyone had relocated the exhaust discharge point on their 2555. I知 thinking it may help quiet the noise down a bit in the cab and help a little with heat in the summer. When I was looking at other tractors before buying mine in March, I noticed that most discharge at the...