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  1. General Lee

    RTV 520 delivered today

    So how are the RTV 500 series these days? Any good improvements? I have a 2010 RTV 500. It has treated me well since new. Just a turd in power, stiff ride and low ground clearance. But its starts up and runs every time. I have a love hate relationship with it. Only has 200 hours on it, but the...
  2. General Lee

    No start troubles

    So after looking things over there are plenty of things to adjust on the linkages. I wasn't comfortable just to start loosing jam nuts and all, plus had no one to operate the pedal while I see what linkage does what. So I just fluid filmed all the linkage and so far things are working as they...
  3. General Lee

    No start troubles

    I'm hoping it's a relatively easy fix. I've been poking around on the forums looking for info on hydro pedal adjustments. I'm just seeing doom and gloom posts about worn bushings/hydro servo's. The hydro pedal has been operating just fine as far as I can tell when I'm operating the tractor. For...
  4. General Lee

    No start troubles

    Found the problem... I actually just got back inside from taking the dog out and decided to have another look because I felt I've missed a safety switch somewhere. Finally found the hydro pedal "neutral switch". Plunger style and its on the opposite side of the pedal all the way on the left side...
  5. General Lee

    No start troubles

    Haven't forgot about you guys, just haven't had much time to investigate further. I did spend about 45 minutes going through some things before dark this evening. Got a new test light coming tomorrow. I'd like to figure this out on my own if I can before I ship it to the dealer. This tractor...
  6. General Lee

    12 to 18 month wait for new vehicle!!

    Remember the campaign quote a number years back? ...."change is coming to America" Well here it is
  7. General Lee

    No start troubles

    I simply am not good at electrical diagnostics. Unless I had an how to video on which connections to poke around with and how to test them......I'm lost. Like you mentioned, I'd be the one burning a U shape on my fingers with the paper clip. Only reason I know how to jump the starter, is because...
  8. General Lee

    No start troubles

    Bumping this thread as I have not found a solution. Only now instead of the problem previously being intermittent, it now simply does nothing when the key is turned all the way to the right to start. Turning the key left will engage the glow plugs and I get the standard click sound when that...
  9. General Lee

    No start troubles

    It starts right up by jumping the starter solenoid, taking a pig tail to the positive bolt on the starter and the other end to the solenoid connection. I haven't simply tried jump starting from the battery. Worth a shot though
  10. General Lee

    No start troubles

    Only 150 hours, but it does sit outside a lot. Original battery too, so maybe it is a voltage problem. When it decides not to start, glow plugs click on and all other electrical systems seem to work, keep turning the key to start and clicking no trying to start, just dead.
  11. General Lee

    No start troubles

    I have a 2010 L4400. Intermittently it wont start, most times right after using it and shutting down, then a short time later it wont start. I have to jump the starter and starter solenoid and it fires right up. Doesn't appear to be the Hydro pedal not finding center. I'm thinking maybe the...
  12. General Lee

    Source for ATV mud tires for Kubota RTV500

    Hey all, Anyone have a source for the ATV tires that come optioned on the RTV500? I don't like my worksite tires any longer and the ATV tires will serve me better. Looking for a source cheaper than the dealer. Messicks only seems to have the worksite tires.
  13. General Lee

    Interminent Starting Issues

    I have a 2010 L4400. I'm experiencing some starting issues where I get nothing but the starter click when turning the key. Battery is good and starter is good, Already tested those. I thought it might be the hydro pedal not settling in neutral but its not that either. Now I'm wondering if its...
  14. General Lee

    Investing for beginners

    Can anyone recommend the best way to start investing for beginners? For example, opening an account with TD Ameritrade or Fidelity? Broad topic I know, just would like someplace to start. Thanks!
  15. General Lee

    Kubota Delivery Mishap

    Ran across this video on YouTube. Not sure how I would feel if it happened to a tractor I was getting delivered. Delivery Disaster. Does the Kubota Monster survive? - YouTube
  16. General Lee

    Fence Building

    I am in the process of erecting a fence. First time for me. I'm going with post and plank design w/ 2x4 welded wire to keep the chickens and ducks in. I'm in the beginning stages but the problem I'm running into the post post height varies a little. The welded fence that will be attached is 60''...
  17. General Lee

    Protect them radiators!

    Somehow my radiator on my L4400 got a hole in it. Not sure how it happened. Started the tractor up for 5 minutes to move something and saw it leaking. Dealer came and got it, new radiator...................$650.00 I tried to speak to the mechanic when I picked it up but he had already left...
  18. General Lee

    Hand Wood Carving

    Anyone here dabble in this hobby? Kinda got the bug to try out hand carving wood. Started carving a spoon out of a piece of cherry. It's not as easy as I've read and watched......
  19. General Lee

    Here it is....New BX23S

    Some may have seen a couple recent threads of mine regarding Pricing and the backhoe capabilities .... Brought it home today First Stump Third stump..... Check out the tap root on that little sucker I removed 3 stumps in about 30 minutes. Nothing to crazy. Would have been faster if...
  20. General Lee

    BX23S / BX25 Back hoe capabilities

    Can anyone share their insights on the new BX23S backhoe capabilities? I'm strongly considering the BX23S. I don't really need tractor capabilities, more interested in the BH. I need to decide if the BH will meet some of my needs. Some stump digging, various landscape projects from time to time...
  21. General Lee

    New BX23S Price Check

    Hello all - Looking at a new BX23S w/ loader, BH and 60 inch MMM. was given a quick quote of 21, 250. I stopped in the dealer for a tractor part and inquired on the BX23S. Curious what you guys think of that price? If I can get comfortable w/ the numbers I'd be trading in my BX1870.
  22. General Lee

    With the recent chicken discussions.......

    Thought we could discuss care and maintenance of the chickens. My first question is do any of you de-worm your chickens say, once or twice a year or only when you see evidence of worms? Also any coop maintenance like diatomaceous earth in the coop for mite control?
  23. General Lee

    Gonna have to put a chicken down

    I know its just chicken, but as I get older I respect animal life a bit more. Plus I only had 5 and lost one last year due to being egg bound. This current one is also showing signs of being egg bound. The first one last year I let her ride it out hoping she'd pass the blockage but after a few...
  24. General Lee

    Lets talk low back pain/issues

    First I'd like to ask if anyone can recommend a good back brace and where they got it from. Something that supports the low back and is not to big and bulky. I'm currently suffering from a couple bulged/herniated discs L-4, L-5 S-1. Also have onset of arthritis with minor nerve impingement...
  25. General Lee

    RTV500 Tail light

    Anyone know where I can a whole tail light assembly besides a special order from the dealer? Hadn't had much luck poking around online.
  26. General Lee

    Recommend a magnetic sweeper

    I need a magnetic sweeper mainly to run over a burn pile that had pallets and other wood with nails in it. Would the basic ones at Nothern Tool or Amazon suffice? I'm worried the small wheels won't allow it to roll over rough terrain to well. Anybody have one they used for this same purpose?
  27. General Lee

    Deer processing

    Hello all- For several years I had access to a walk in box to hang deer in. This spolied me me as it was a huge convenience. Simply hang deer and when it was convienent for me within the week I would process the deer. The walk in box is no longer availble and lots of time the weather in...
  28. General Lee

    Any HVAC techs in the house?

    I just had a new AC/Heat pump installed last week. The company has been out twice since the install. First time was because a factory defect in the indoor coil. That was replaced and all seemed fine. Had them out today because my split temps were falling compared to last night when the new coil...
  29. General Lee

    So I finally got a welder adding to my DIY possibilities

    :laughing: A decade and a half ago, my first career choice I was a steel fabricator at a local welding company. Learned a lot and was pretty decent at the job. Fast forward until now and I've only burned a few rods here and there. I need to fix my drum aerator because I forgot to drain the...
  30. General Lee

    Hunting Cabin

    I've been wanting a little cabin / man cave for a while now. I'd like to hunt from it, have it double as a man cave and just an all around place to relax. Don't laugh, but it will only be about 150 yards from the house. It will be in the woods on an elevated finger overlooking my creek bottom...
  31. General Lee

    Putting your dog down.....

    Hopefully we can keep this discussion professional. I know some here probably have done it, but could you put your own dog down by pulling the trigger yourself? Lets skip the fact that something traumatic happened to the dog and the vet is to far away to await euthanasia. That is a little...
  32. General Lee

    Back Brace Recommendations

    Hey all, Looking for back brace recommendations for the lower back. If you've seen my wood shed build thread in the projects forum.......well the ladder slipped out from underneath me and I went down and landed on the ladder across my lower back. I cracked a Tranverse process bone at the...
  33. General Lee

    I'm building a wood shed....I need some help

    Got some more done today............ Its just me and the Kubota working this job I'll go back and either add the hurricane ties or more screws to the rafters. I decided to use the timberlock screws 6'' that take the place of hurricane ties. These timberlocks are bad A**. They really pull...
  34. General Lee

    I'm building a wood shed....I need some help

    Got a few hours today to work on the shed. Got the rear double header up, a couple side braces and a couple trusses. Question: I picked up these truss braces but I don't know if I'm installing them right. Here is a couple pics. I've flipped these things all around and can only get them to...
  35. General Lee

    I'm building a wood shed....I need some help

    Well got the double header up this afternoon. Only had a portion of the day to work on it. For the notches I started with my cordless circular followed by the cordless sawzall, but as you said Eddie it was eating my batteries up. So I dragged out 150' of extension cord used the power sawzall to...
  36. General Lee

    I'm building a wood shed....I need some help

    Well fellas everyone's advice so far is helping. I really appreciate. I strung some lines using the 3,4,5 rule and I now have the front 3 posts set. Having a confident string line helped me get my posts in line. I also "set the grade" with the front string line using a line level. Marked the...
  37. General Lee

    I'm building a wood shed....I need some help

    Fellas - I am building a 3 sided wood shed 12x16. Simple one direction slant roof. 10 foot high in the front, 8 foot in the back. Now, I'm fairly decent with carpentry but its the brain work of the laying out I suck at. I have limited time and I tend to rush with things and get over...
  38. General Lee

    Log splitter control valve - sticking

    I noticed the control valve on my iron oak splitter is sticking on the auto return. So basically when you're finished the splitting stroke and you return the ram its supposed to release the control level at the end of the return stroke. Instead its holding causing the relief valve to engage. A...
  39. General Lee

    Golf cart charger....

    I got a new club car and it came with a "Power Drive 3" charger. This charger is loud when charging. Its a loud hum, gets pretty hot and was burning off the newness I guess because it smelled hot. I'm new to the golf cart world, Is this normal for the charger? I'm more concerned with the noise...
  40. General Lee

    Storm scare....I need some thoughts/opinions

    Hey everyone.... Strong thunderstorm just came through with heavy lightening and tornado warnings etc. Took shelter in the basement and during the height of the storm I started hearing some electrical "ticks" or sparks overhead along the steel beam. Shortly after a good lightening strike hit...
  41. General Lee

    BBQ Smokers

    Been meaning to update this thread with some recent cooks Beer brats poached in beer Sliders
  42. General Lee

    Hair line cracks in garage slab - need recommendation

    What do the good folks here recommend to fill/seal cracks in my garage floor? I have some cracks forming after roughly 15 years. The worst is about a 1/16 inch thick. I'd like to go ahead and fill and seal them hoping to stop or slow down their mission of expanding. Which products have you all...
  43. General Lee

    Strawberry Patch Woes

    I have a small strawberry patch in a raised bed that I started last year. Well this year its producing pretty decent. However, The strawberries are basically rotting before my eyes. I'll have a hand full of berries just about ready to pick, that need about a day to ripen up a bit more.......and...
  44. General Lee

    L4400 : Stiff throttle lever

    Hey folks, Can anyone point me in the right direction to fix my throttle lever. Its been stiff for a while and seems to be getting stiffer :laughing: Anyway, It hardly gets to full throttle due to this. Can it be lubed somehow or there a lock nut and nut to adjust?
  45. General Lee

    BBQ Smokers

    Here is a couple recent cooks fellas. First up is some grub for new year's eve.... Beer brats...Literally Wings on the smoker along with the brats I also did a chunk of beef on the rotisserie A week prior grilled up some flank steak guessed it.......steak fajitas
  46. General Lee

    BBQ Smokers

    So I fired up the new Horizon these past couple of days. Terrible heat swings from one end of the box to the other. Horizon makes a baffle plate to help even temps out and I will be ordering it. From what I read though, they are slow getting orders out. Depending on the stage of the fire I was...
  47. General Lee

    BBQ Smokers

    My Horizon Firebox.... those splits are roughly 16'' long
  48. General Lee

    BBQ Smokers

    Picked up a new BBQ smoker. Its a 20'' diameter Horizon side firebox. Made of 1/4 inch steel all the way around. Should last a life time. BBQ and grilling is a hobby of mine and I have many smokers and grills to prove it :laughing: Anywho, just curious who on here shares the same...
  49. General Lee

    cucumber snacks/meals

    Fellas, I need some other meal ideas for cucumbers other than in a salad. Any body have a good cucumber salad recipe? I'm giving all my cukes away because I can't eat that many without having a salad everyday, and that is just not me :)
  50. General Lee

    Camping: Any campers here?

    Been thinking about entering the camping scene for a while. I keep going back and forth about it. I think I wanna begin with a pop up. I enjoy the outdoors and can't justify a 20 grand bedroom with those big travel trailers. They are nice but starting out I want to keep it simple. I'm a whimp...
  51. General Lee

    She let me down today

    I know aren't they :) I tried added tongue weight and wood in the back of the buggy. Trailer has a long tongue so its hard to get weight to it. I could have used my tractor, in fact I hauled a load out weeks back until the hill got to muddy and things got squirrely. Just didn't feel like...
  52. General Lee

    She let me down today

    I was deep in the woods to grab a leftover ash tree. Bucked it up and felt confident the 500 would pull the trailer full of wood up the hill. There is only 2 ways out of the bottom valley. Both hills are just as steep, just one is shorter than the other. I figured on about 3 loads using the...
  53. General Lee

    Picked up some chicks

    I've had my chickens for about 4 months now. I have 5 and all are laying now. Eggs sure do taste great. Expect them to start laying anywhere from 18-24 weeks old. I have 3 Rhode Island Reds, and 2 Black Australorps. 4x6 coop in a 10x20 run. I let them roam the yard as much as possible, but its...
  54. General Lee

    Raised garden beds

    I know most here probably have land that allows large gardens. My land is mostly wooded and my soil is terrible so I am trying a couple of raised beds this year. Has anyone else gone this route for their own veggies? I've been reading a book on "Square Foot Gardening". Seems you can get a lot...
  55. General Lee

    New BX1870 - Some observations and questions

    Just obtained a new BX1870. Put 1.5 hours on it today tinkering around. This will primarily be my mower, but got the loader w/ it as well. While operating the machine I noticed at RPM's below 2500, when the steering is at full turn I get a shuddering/vibration that is basically felt throughout...
  56. General Lee

    Fill me in guys on John Deere's 345 model please

    I'm looking at a used 1996 John Deere 345. Kawasaki 18 hp, liquid cooled engine. 54'' inch deck and power steering. 975 hours It looks to be in good condition, seller is asking 2500. My question(s) is, this mower is pushing 20 years old. How's the price for this age mower and the hours? Are...
  57. General Lee

    Checking air in loaded tires......Am I doing something wrong?

    I positioned the tires so the valve stem is at 12 o'clock. Took my handy dandy pressure gauge for ballasted tires and the fluid poured out of the stem as I applied the gauge, and couldn't get a reading. Are my tires filled to much? Or am I doing something wrong?
  58. General Lee

    Raising a beef cow/steer - looking for advice and tips

    I would like to raise ONE cow for my family. I'm looking for recent pricing and such. I can keep it on my land but there will be no pasture. I could fence approximately 1/2 to 3/4 acre and It would penned and would like to know if this size area, could the cow maintain sanity? Lol. I...
  59. General Lee

    Got my first chicken coop on the way!!

    I've been wanting to try having some chickens for a while so I figured I'd jump in. I've been doing some reading and educating myself, but would like to hear some real world experiences from you guys that have them. How worth is it to have them?, pros, cons, etc. I'm thinking about starting...
  60. General Lee

    RTV 500 - a tad upsize in tires

    Does anyone foresee any problems putting 25x 8-12 on my 500? I currently have the stock work site tires that are 24 x 11-12. So basically I'm going an inch taller and the tires will be about 3 inches thinner. I want to put a used set of ATV tires on it.
  61. General Lee

    My quick and dirty bridge

    For a while I couldn't access some of my property with my tractor due to a creek. I finally came across an old trailer frame which I laid in place and added some milled 2x12's. Quick and dirty, won't win any cosmetic awards but it works. I do have it staked at the 4 corners to hold it in place...
  62. General Lee

    13 hours on a one year oil change

    Pitiful I know. My tractor use comes in spurts depending on time of year. Unfortunately, there is only 13 hours of use since my oil change a year ago. Should I change the oil, based on the one year and not the hours? It still is golden yellow
  63. General Lee

    Little green inch worms

    Man, these things are terrible this year. I don't remember previous years being so bad. The little suckers are parachuting around on a silk web and eating the snot out of the leaves on the trees. I also think they are the source of the little black dots (Poop) on my vehicles from parking under...
  64. General Lee

    If you have Hughesnet.....Have you been put on notice?

    Trying to figure out if this is BS or not. They emailed me stating by the end of the month one of their satellites my service communicates with will be unavailable. If I don't take action, my service will be terminated. BUT, after a 2 year contract commitment I can have their new Gen4 if I act...
  65. General Lee

    Seasoning a cast iron skillet....Tips please

    Nothing I'm doing seems to be working very well. I have a few cast iron pieces but mainly use the skillet and recently have been trying to use it exclusively when a skillet is called for. Its the "Lodge" pre-seasoned brand and I am aware it is not considered as good as "Griswold" or "Wagner"...
  66. General Lee

    Normal to smell septic from roof vent.........?

    During cold weather? Occasionally I smell my septic from the roof plumbing vent depending on cold air temps and wind direction. One story house and the and the back deck is elevated due to hillside. This doesn't put me to far from the vent. My question(s) are, is this a sign of an issue? Is...
  67. General Lee

    Can you be denied access to the "Friendly Politics Forum"?

    After sending sending a couple PM's over the past few weeks to the appropriate person, I have not heard a thing nor am I seeing the politics forum. No response back saying Yay or Nay for access. Anyone know if it takes a while or not everybody gets in?
  68. General Lee

    Oil Furnace issue

    I have what I believe is called a 2 line system on my oil furnace. The oil supply line and the return line. I've been having some issues with the furnace "choking" on start up. I've had 2 companies come out and one couldn't get it fixed. The other found air was entering the system from...
  69. General Lee

    Those w/ Generac stanby generators....quick ?

    I have a 20KW, recently installed. I have noticed during exercise mode it sounds as if the exhaust or motor has a small miss. It runs at a lower RPM during exercise mode (normal) The miss, (slight popping sound) is really only heard up close to the unit. The further you are away you can't hear...
  70. General Lee

    Seymour Indiana

    Visited this area the other week, along with Butlersville and passed through North Vernon. Any forum members live in that area? Its to late for a hello because I came and went already, just thought I'd say I was there :laughing:
  71. General Lee

    Load shedding relay/contact in generator panel.

    Just got a 20KW automatic standby generator installed. A contact or relay (which ever you wish to call it) was installed for the Hot water tank. This contact will shed the load from the water heater in the event the genny starts to get over loaded. The relay is in the new sub panel and I noticed...
  72. General Lee

    What do chigger bites look like?

    I'm seeing so many variables on line, not sure what I got going on. Everyone that I've seen chigger bites on, they were just little red dots resembling a mosquito bites. Over the past several years, once or twice a year "mysterious" red bumps would appear on my legs that STARTED as little red...
  73. General Lee

    Which grinder should I get?

    I've been wanting to get a grinder, just never needed one very often. Now I need one because I am cleaning up an old steel wagon wheel. Need to get the rust off before painting it. I envision a standard angle gringer preventing me from getting in between the spokes, especially at the ends where...
  74. General Lee

    3-Point Hitch  Kubota M7040....What is this piece on the 3PH?

    There is an "L" bracket at the top of the adjustable side leveling rod. This bracket is spring loaded and you have to lift it up to hand screw the rod to level an implement. Problem is you need one hand to hold it up leaving you with just one hand to turn the rod. Most times you need both hands...
  75. General Lee

    Sound proofing HVAC return duct

    I'm about to have a sound proofing liner installed in my HVAC return duct. My return is a little undersized and I simply cannot take the air noise any longer. The return is above my recliner and I'm limited in options of where I can relocate it. I'm having the same return duct enlarged in the...
  76. General Lee

    Please post your generator choice and experiences

    There has been some talk lately about generators and I know there is previous threads on them but that is a lot of reading. What I would like to do is consolidate a lot of it in one thread. I am asking if every can post their PORTABLE generator of choice if they were to purchase one today AND...
  77. General Lee

    Wow! Window A/C unit amperage

    In light of another extended power outage, I added to my preps in order be more comfortable during summer outages. I picked a Kenmore 8,000btu window A/C unit to be able to cool one room during an outage. I installed it today to test it out and I am considering using when I sleep as I like cool...
  78. General Lee

    Changed Hydro filters : Pic of metal in filter

    Did the 50 hour service on my L4400, all went well. Waiting for the rain to stop so I can run it for a bit and top off fluids if need be. I don't think I'll have to add any hydro fluid, I believe I was on the high side to begin with. Here is a pic of the filter on the right hand side that has...
  79. General Lee

    Serviced the RTV500 (50 hour)

    First of all, I didn't have a near oil filter wrench to fit the 3 filters. The ones I have were just a tad to big. For the oil filter I had to punch a screw driver through it in order to get it off because it was so tight. Moved onto the hydraulic filters which took everything I had to remove...
  80. General Lee

    Two Kubotas about to battle

    My tractor (L4400) and a buddy's tractor (M7040) toeing the line. Enjoy the poser pic :drink:
  81. General Lee

    Technical question regarding Landpride FDR1660 Finish Mower

    Am I correct assuming the gear oil is measured by the two lines about a 1/4 inch up the dipstick? The manual only states "fill to the fill mark" but does not specify what is the fill mark. Usually manuals give a blown up picture of the fill lines. Those lines at the very end of the dipstick seem...
  82. General Lee

    Got a set of Landpride QA skidsteer forks

    This is way better then my clamp on forks. They were ok in a pinch or light duty applications but this is the way to IMO if you have Q/A capabilities. This set is the 48'' forks w/ 3,000# capacity. My loader can't lift 3,000# so I should be good there :)
  83. General Lee

    Goose vs. Raccoon

    I have a pair of nesting geese on the pond, been there close to 2 weeks I suppose. Momma stays on the nest while papa stands guard. Today I noticed a dead raccoon floating in the water. I got it out of the water and I couldn't find any trauma or cause of death. I'm thinking one or two...
  84. General Lee

    Dirt work with "L"

    Been working on cleaning up around the pond from excavating to make it a bit larger. Still got some work to do but stopped and snapped a couple pics. I still need a lot of the dirt to dry out some. Don't mind the green steel hanging off the back, I got a decent deal on that BB :) If you look...
  85. General Lee

    If you were buying a lawn tractor what would you get?

    I'm not sure I can get another season out of my Craftsman riding mower and need/want to look into something else. I don't need a top of line mower, not much grass on my wooded lot. But I do want dependability, best bang for the buck. What is a good buy these days? I've lost confidence in the...
  86. General Lee

    Need a nut size for a bolt on L4400

    Maybe someone with a parts manual can help me out. The nut that holds the grab handle on the left fender must have vibrated off. I need the nut and thread size so I can tighten the grab handle back down :)
  87. General Lee

    Raccoon hunters passing through

    I'm sitting down this evening eating supper and my dogs are going nuts. I poke my head out the door and can hear what sounds like some coon dogs trailing or treeing a raccoon. Then I see about about 4 flashlights in the woods on my property. I yell to them to get off my property and they...
  88. General Lee

    Smoke from exhaust: what's normal?

    I understand a puff a black or dark smoke on start up is normal on diesels. Here is what I have been noticing on my tractor: I get a puff of smoke which is a real light white when I in crease the rpm's quickly. The puff dissipates quickly but when I drop rpm's and raise them again, the exhaust...
  89. General Lee

    New Ford Superduty owners beware (diesels)

    I know there are some members on this site with 2011-12 Ford superduty's with the new 6.7L diesel motor. I am one of them. I cruise some Ford forums and lately there has been a lot of chatter reporting fuel system failures from contaminated fuel. The consensus seems to be the high pressure...
  90. General Lee

    Interior log cabin design materials

    One of these days I want to start transforming the interior of my house to that similar to a log cabin. Whether it be tongue n groove slats on the walls or "look a like" logs. Probably won't be the whole house but I want to do my game room first and see how it goes. I'm hoping to do it this...
  91. General Lee

    Help me with my well pressure tank please

    Hello all, I'm wondering if I have an issue with my pressure tank. I feel the pump kicks on to much. I did some tests today and here is what I found. Let me know what you all think. First off, the pump does not kick on unless the pressure switch calls for it so I'm good there. No leaks...
  92. General Lee

    I'm wondering if some things need adjusted on my L4400?

    First.....The throttle lever has about an inch of play from idle position until the rpm's actually start to rise when increasing rpm's. Not a big deal, just wondering if this is fairly normal. Second....The 3PH does not start to rise until I hit around the #4 position with the lever. So what...
  93. General Lee

    RTV 500: CV Boot Replacement

    Got a torn front CV Boot, anyone know a decent priced place on line to find one and how involved is this repair? I've never replaced a CV boot on anything so I really don't what is involved. Doesn't seem to complicated. Any tips or tricks you can provide would be appreciated :)
  94. General Lee

    How does your body react to yellow jacket stings?

    I know there is some threads regarding yellow jackets, but I'm wondering how a "typical" non allergic person's body reacts to a yellow jacket sting. Several years ago, one stung me on the elbow, sting didn't really hurt but the next day my elbow swelled close to the size of a softball with...
  95. General Lee

    Questions on re-grading the perimeter of my home

    With all the rain and storms the east coast has been receiving, I need to add more slope to some areas around the exterior of my home. My question is, can I just add dirt and tamp it to the slope I want or do I need to remove dirt and start with a "clean base" before adding dirt?
  96. General Lee

    Another grease fitting tip

    I had a fitting that I could not get to take grease. This was at the end of the hydraulic cylinder tube for the loader. New machine also. The ends of the pin were clean and there was no evidence of grease on the pin. I took the pin out and sure enough, clean as can be. Checked the hole of the...
  97. General Lee

    Its game time.......Me vs. Fox

    The wife saw a fox mid afternoon the other day. Said it looked mangy and it was up close to the house. When it saw her it didn't even care. This evening I saw right it up against the house about 30 minutes before dark. We have an indoor/outdoor cat and I was actually petting her when the fox ran...
  98. General Lee

    How to obtain wide load permits for interstate towing?

    Have a buddy that will be towing a boat a little over 10 feet wide up the east coast. I believe that width requires a wide load permit. How does one obtain these permits. Does each state have to be contacted to request a permit for the route being traveled?
  99. General Lee

    Anyone familar with Sherwood Forest Resort in Tennessee?

    The Pigeon Forge cabins? I'm wondering if they are as nice as they appear on the website? I'm been deceived before when resorts post photos when everything is new and when you arrive you get disappointed.
  100. General Lee

    Residential doors

    Hello folks, Question....actually two. Can a basic exterior door be replaced with a door of the same dimensions or will the whole package need to be replaced such as the framing/jam? Wondering if hinges and door latches would line up or most likely would I have some chiseling to do...
  101. General Lee

    Never seen this before

    While looking for some worms to do some fishing, we moved this board and saw this blue tailed lizard guarding her eggs. She wasn't to big but man she laid some eggs. These things are all over but I never stumbled across a nest with eggs. Kinda cool.
  102. General Lee

    HST whine on larger tractors...

    I have been wondering if the typical HST whine is more quiet on the larger tractors than the small ones. For instance, my prior B3200 would whine like a baby without its bottle, which drove me crazy. Something about that whine over riding that diesel sound. Now on my L4400, I don't really notice...
  103. General Lee

    Stihl recall

    Check your equipment fellas, I know my leaf blow has a fubarred fuel cap. STIHL Recalls Yard Power Products Due to Burn and Fire Hazards
  104. General Lee

    Hot water tank.....question

    I noticed this evening the hot water at the faucets is much hotter than normal. Last time I adjusted the T-stat was probably a year ago and I checked to make sure they were still set where I had them.....they were. I have the T-stat set at approximately 140 degrees.....main purpose is for the...
  105. General Lee

    Christened the new L4400

    Half way....... I decided to freshen up a trail in the woods with the box blade. When I got to the bottom of the hill, the soft spot (that I am aware of) was camouflaged by leaves. When I went to turn around I was down to the front axles. Luckily, my rears were still on solid ground but I had a...
  106. General Lee

    Is the online store safe?

    Every time I click on the on line store link to this site and click on the item I'm interested in, my browser tells me its an untrusted site.
  107. General Lee

    LA703A Loader on the L4400.....

    Greetings all......Those who have this set up, I have a question. I recently bought an L4400 and as I embark in my adventures with this machine I noticed something today. I am aware of the lack of curl on the bucket, but is the bucket supposed curl underneath itself? I thought the loader on My...
  108. General Lee

    Trailer weight question

    I seem to get confused sometimes with weight rating acronyms such as GVCW, GVW, etc. I have a 12 foot dual axle trailer and the sticker on it states 7,000lb GAVW. I am assuming this means "gross allowed vehicle weight"?? If so what exactly does that mean? I'm not sure what the trailer itself...
  109. General Lee

    BAM! Here she is....L4400

    BIG difference operating this vs. the B3200. Going to take some time getting used to thats for sure. For a while a been thinking I should have gotten an L series but never moved forward with it. This past weekend I decided to do it. Went and looked at one yesterday and got one delivered today.
  110. General Lee

    I'm upgrading mt B3200 to an L4400

    I'm upgrading my B3200 to an L4400 Most likely. I love my B3200 but within months of owning it, I began to think I should have got an L series. JohnThomas' thread about your first tractor being a test tractor makes sense to me. I have had my B3200 for year and a half, and pretty much have found...
  111. General Lee

    Valve stem protection

    I have been noticing on a lot of the recent pics of tractors members are posting that the valve stems aren't protected with the little steel surround. My 09' B3200 has them and thank goodness they do because of the work I have been doing with mine. Just curious if Kubota has stopped installing them?
  112. General Lee

    Lovin' my B3200 more and more every day

    Dropped a bunch of trees a few months ago. Been plucking at them here and there bucking them up and splitting them. Once they were cut they were just stacked which made a mess getting them out later to be cut. My B3200 has been working its tail off hauling the logs out to be cut, pushing the...
  113. General Lee

    Added bed rails to my RTV500

    I wanted to increase the ability to carry more firewood in the bed of my 500. At the corners of the bed, there are square channels covered with a plastic plug. I used 1 inch square steel tubing that fits perfect in these tubes. Bolted on 2x10's and added one across behind the back rest. Turned...
  114. General Lee

    Now I'm convinced, Superwinches are POS

    Second brand new superwinch failed. The second one did the exact same thing as the first one did. Second winch has one use under its belt, the first one didn't have any. Black rubber seal being ground up and pushed out from the gear side. This is two winches since Christmas. Both came from Amazon.
  115. General Lee

    Beretta96man: How is the track installation coming?

    On your RTV500? Making any progress?
  116. General Lee

    What did I do to my brand new winch! Pic attached

    I have the worst luck with winches. Just installed a brand new Superwinch on my RTV. While winding the rope on I noticed a few small pieces of metal falling from beneath the winch. After I finished, I looked at the winch and notice a black rubbery substance coming from the right side of the...
  117. General Lee

    Need help with winch installation

    I installed a winch on my RTV500, the same setup at Beretta96man. I got everything bolted up and wires run, however, I'm not sure which *key on hot wire* to splice into. Instructions call for you to join the remote control rocker switch's red wire and the rocker switch red wire into the red wire...
  118. General Lee

    Here is my new RTV 500

    Finally getting around to getting a few pics up. I'm still waiting on the front brush guard to arrive. Looks just like Berettaman's.....:thumbsup: Putting it to work
  119. General Lee

    Do I need a winch mounting kit for RTV500?

    Little confused of the front set up where the front hitch is on the 500. Can a Winch bolt right up or do to that plate or do I need the appropriate mounting kit for it? If so where have you all found good deals for the winch and kit?
  120. General Lee

    RTV 500 Initial thoughts: Demo from dealer

    I have a recent thread asking about RTV's, my local dealer let me demo a RTV500 for the weekend. I've drove it around so far for a whopping 30 mins. My initial thoughts: Underpowered, just like members have mentioned. I don't care about speed, just seems flat out underpowered. So far I am not...
  121. General Lee

    Need input and real life trial reviews on UTV/RTV

    I'm looking at purchasing an UTV or RTV. I looked at John Deere's 825i, that is all they had on the lot. I liked it, yet know nothing about the new Chinese motor (Cherri) that is in it. Dealer didn't know and took them 30 minutes to find who made the motor. They said this year is the first year...
  122. General Lee

    I was reminded about the *widow makers* today

    Today I was scooping up some dirt in the woods with the FEL to fill in some areas around the house. I was scooping between two small diameter trees, maybe 3-4 inches in diameter. As I was backing out, the FEL bumped one of the trees. I looked up and here comes a small dead branch about a foot...
  123. General Lee

    Power Steering Fluid question

    When I posted a pic of my 2011 F-250, I mentioned the steering box had to be replaced due to a leak. A week ago it was replaced. Since, I've keeping an eye on things checking for leakage. I had a lot of residual fluid dripping for days and I've been cleaning under the truck the best I can to...
  124. General Lee

    My new 2011 F-250 Super Duty

    Some may have seen this in the related topics forum, but as one suggested I put it here. Its the Lariat, with Fords new 6.7L power stroke diesel. This motor is sweeeeet!
  125. General Lee

    My 2011 F-250 Super Duty

    Ford's new 6.7L Powerstroke is simply bad *****.
  126. General Lee

    So I was out "playing" on my new B7100.....

    and whoops........ So I went and got big brother to help out
  127. General Lee

    Another HST noise thread.....

    I did some searching on the boards, couldn't find anything. Lately the HST on my B3200 has been making a "hissing" sound when the tranny is under strain. It does it in medium gear going up hills and high gear in general. If I'm driving on a flat surface and the terrain changes slightly uphill...
  128. General Lee

    Hey folks, got a question about diesel knock

    I just got this new to me 1978 B7100. Today I changed the oil, fuel filter and air filter. Changing the fuel filter caused the fuel system to loose prime. Took me a while to figure out where the bleeds were. I first cracked the bolts for the injector lines and turned the motor over for a while...
  129. General Lee

    About to buy a 1978 B7100

    About to buy a 1978 B7100... UPDATE W/ PICS I want this tractor to use in the swamppy area of my land pulling firewood out. It appears to be in good shape for 1800 hours. Sellers advised he has had no problems with it. Plus I can use some of my implements from the B3200 on it. I have...
  130. General Lee

    Electrical related

    While turning on the porch light this evening, when I hit the switch I heard a slight sizzle/crackling sound in the wall switch. I hit the switch several more times to listen and it did it pretty much every time. I removed the wall plate and inspected it. I saw no burn marks or smelled anything...
  131. General Lee

    I'm about to do the first 50 hour service...

    Wish me luck :D I picked up everything today to change all filters and hydraulic/transmission fluid and engine oil to include the front axle. Materials cost me $200 bucks vs. the dealers @400 to do it. The manual on my B3200 doesn't call for complete trans/hydraulic change or front axle fluid...
  132. General Lee

    Tooth bar weight?

    Might be a dumb it possible for a tooth bar to be to heavy for a bucket? I see a lot of tooth bars on this site and and they don't seem as stout as the one I have. I'm not being negative, I'm just wondering if to heavy of a tooth bar for a "light duty" bucket can cause...
  133. General Lee

    Any garden plants that I could plant now that will yield produce before the frost?

    Thinking about building a raised garden bed but I don't of any crops I could plant in mid July and get produce through the fall. Any suggestions?
  134. General Lee

    My B3200 and this hill.....

    For those that often wonder how steep a hill their tractor will climb, I posted a couple pictures of hill I routinely climb with my B3200. The first 15 or so feet going up is at a minimum 40 degrees, maybe more. The rest of the hill is well over 30 degrees. Low gear and 4wd and she climbs it no...
  135. General Lee

    TSC universal steering wheel knob.....

    Anyone know the deal with these things? I picked one up today from tractor supply. This thing will not go on the steering correctly. The ends on the main bracket hang off the sides and the two clamp brackets they give you can't be secured (bolts are to short) without forcing them tight with...
  136. General Lee

    Rear Ballast Gentlemen, Rear Ballast

    I'm closing in on the end of my rookie year of tractoring :laughing: Although I've haven't done a whole lot of things with my tractor, I've been really starting to put it work clearing under growth and small trees on my land. (with the use of the FEL) I began this task the other day...
  137. General Lee

    105* degree heat index today......

    I had planned on doing some dozer work with my tractor today :laughing: but its just to hot. So I've been piddlin' back and forth to the garage and computer staying cool. I just finished greasing the Bota' and checking fluids "in case" I decide to hop on later this evening when its only 95* or...
  138. General Lee

    MAYFLIES! Any deterent?

    These things are at full blitz in my area and tear your a** up while mowing. Anyone have any tips to keep them away? I have heard of a dryer sheet under your hat or tucked in the collar of your shirt but haven't tried it yet. Or does a simple spray of DEET work?
  139. General Lee

    I saw the new B330SU in person for the first time

    Was at my Kubota dealer today getting a finish mower and checked out the new 3300SU. By reading the specs on paper so to speak, I didn't see much difference between the 3200 and 3300. Well, there is a noticeable difference in person. The thing that jumped out the most was tire size. The 3300 has...
  140. General Lee

    How are these prices for Landpride RFM?

    Got a price on Landpride's 60RFM for 1970.00 and for a 72inch 2140.00 How do these prices sound to you fellow TBN'ers?
  141. General Lee

    Advantages over a MMM or a rear finish mower?

    I am in the market for a rear finishing mower. I have a Kubota B3200 and was wondering what are the advantages or disadvantages of having a MMM over a rear finishing mower and vise versa. I want to mow with my tractor, however, I don't really need it for my own yard. I was thinking if I...
  142. General Lee

    A little something I've been up to

    over the last couple of days. Its nothing special, just something to sit next to and chill. I'm new to fish ponds, so if anyone has hints and tips please share :) Its actually more level than it appears in this next pic, :laughing: In a couple of the pics you can see the Kubota peeking in
  143. General Lee

    Rake  So i was surely surprised with my landscape rake shopping today

    For some reason I had in my mind landscape rakes cost between 4-500 bucks for 6 footers. I head to my kubota dealer and see that Landprides are 600ish and Woods are 800. These were out of my budget so I head to Tractor supply. Their Countyline brand was 469 but I didn't like the construction...
  144. General Lee

    Is my rear diff lock working correctly?

    I was operating the B3200 in some wet slushy muddy stuff yesterday and engaged the diff lock when needed. Both rear tires seemed to skip and jump quite a bit and really couldn't gain much traction. I felt the peddle engage because it would drop all the to the floor when it found its spot, but...
  145. General Lee

    My Carry All / wood hauler

    I built this box on a tractor supply brand carry all frame. Three sides are removable for whatever reason the may need to be, depending on what I am hauling.
  146. General Lee

    My complaints on my B3200

    The vibration issue already being discussed here on the boards. AND The tractor is just to **** light for the power it has. I wish I did better research before hand and maybe got an L series instead.
  147. General Lee

    Please post your worst mud experiences

    Plus pictures if you got em :) I need to retrieve firewood from some sections of property but it is pretty muddy. I can get through it with my 4x4 ATV but it ALOT lighter then my B3200, lol. I was wondering how well the B3200 HST will perform in fairly muddy conditions. I'm looking for...
  148. General Lee

    Alright, Who all will confess?

    How many of you ride your tractor just to ride it when you don't have a project going on that you need it for? Us new tractor owners probably do it more than the ones who have had tractors all their life. It sucks to see the tractor just sit when I don't have a reason to use it, so maybe just a...
  149. General Lee

    Installing a wood stove in my garage

    Greetings, I picked up a 55,000 BTU wood stove and all the correct piping for my 28x28 garage. This will be my first wood stove and a first time installing one. I spend a decent amount of time in the garage and my labs are basically housed in there as well. I'm just getting tired of...
  150. General Lee

    This rainy weather is putting a damper on my seat time!!

    Everytime I make plans to get some work done with the tractor, IT RAINS! and all day at that. I've had the B3200 for two weeks and I'm still under 5 hours. I need to use so it can earn its keep within the family. I'm not sure I'm 100% satisfied with this unit yet.................
  151. General Lee

    My new tractor is gonna need some R1's.....

    I have a B3200 w/ R4's and mostly use it in the woods. Well, the soil is soft and if it rains a lot then its can be sloppy. The R4's aren't really cuttin it. I couldn't even pull a 15 foot hickory tree across the ground w/out spinning in a little mud . The tires filled with mud and that was all...
  152. General Lee

    What is the normal RPM's of the newer 4 cylinder diesels?

    I have an 09 B3200. When the throttle is set to the lowest position, RPM's are at 1000. Is this normal? Seems a little high to me..........
  153. General Lee

    Price Check  Is this a fair price on a 2009 MF 1528?

    Greetings all, I haven't signed yet but everything is ordered. I am purchasing a 2009 MF 1528 Hydro, with a 1520 Loader. Here is the price I was told: Tractor - $16,140 4WD w/R4 tires 1520 Loader $4,620 Now, there is a 3,800 discount bringing the package to 17,650 that includes freight and...
  154. General Lee

    Price Check  Am I getting a Fair/Good price on my MF 1528?

    Greetings all, I haven't signed yet but everything is ordered. I am purchasing a 2009 MF 1528 Hydro, with a 1520 Loader. Here is the price I was told: Tractor - $16,140 4WD w/R4 tires 1520 Loader $4,620 Now, there is a 3,800 discount bringing the package to 17,650 that includes freight...