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    Lowe’s carrying LS? I saw one out front of a nearby Lowe’s near the garden side.
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    It’s too hot to mow.

    These are words not uttered by anyone with a cab and AC! “feels like” temp in triple digits, heat advisory…no worries.
  3. G31

    MT2 series with cab?

    '] It looks like LS is making a smaller cab tractor now. Maybe competition for the Kubota LX? It’s about 4” shorter than the MT3 with cab and 1,000lb less weight. Anyway, I’m glad to see it. The link says “sorry not found” and forces a redirect to the...
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    My experience with the 50 hour service.

    I’m just over the 50 hour mark on my MT347HC. I bought LS branded filters and it ran me about $125 for all three, engine oil, hydrostatic, and hydraulic. I don’t mind a few dollars extra every few years for the peace of mind. Now, for the work... The concept is simple. Spin off 3 filters and...
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    Looks like Kubota HQ is moving to TX

    I don't want to get into copyright stuff here, so I'll post a news link. Other than moving to a free state, I'm not sure if it will be very significant for any of us. Governor Abbott: Kubota Tractor Moving Headquarters To Grapevine « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
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    Land Pride grapple owners, check your welds!

    I noticed this today with SGC05 grapple on my BX: The weld seems to be under penetrated, and is beginning to tear away from the frame. This is where the left cylinder bracket connects to the square tube frame. Luckily, it is still under warranty. I will call my nearest Kubota dealer (I moved...
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    New member with BX HST strainer warning

    Hello, everyone. I stumbled upon this site a while back, while researching whether a BX2360 was a good machine. Now that I have 150 hours on mine, I can say it certainly is a fine piece of equipment. Though it is definitely a durable, reliable, and strong machine, I did have one small issue...