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  1. Foozle

    Digging edge of pond

    Good point. I don't want to make the edge deep, just want to get to the 3:1 slope they recommend.
  2. Foozle

    Digging edge of pond

    Hi all. With the recent dry weather, my 2.5 acre pond has dropped a fair bit. The shoreline was made to have a very flat/shallow slope and would probably benefit from having a bit more depth, so I'm wondering since it is exposed if it would be possible to use my tractor to deepen it a bit. I...
  3. Foozle

    Rennovating a garden

    Sorry my post seemed bizarre to you, but I was serious. Given the age and rust on the implement, I wasn't sure it would still be functional, but sounds like it might be fine - I just need to learn the controls and give it a go. If it turns out to be useable, I'll keep it, of course. If not...
  4. Foozle

    Rennovating a garden

    I have a really old John Deere subsoiler I inherited but have never used it. Not sure if and how well it would even work, and whether I might damage it trying, so am nervous about trying. Thoughts on whether this might work on back of my Kubota? I may also want to sell at some point - not...
  5. Foozle

    Rennovating a garden

    Thanks for the response! I'll look into the APPs. I did a couple soil tests on the garden. Good01 and Bad01. The Good01 was taken from a part of the garden that still actually does well, while the Bad01 was taken from a part of the garden that won't hardly grow anything well anymore. I...
  6. Foozle

    Rennovating a garden

    It is just a general garden, so I grow a variety of things, including: Okra, corn, squash, tomatoes, beans, watermelon, cucumber and cantaloupe. I have about 8 inches of top soil, then hard pan. It seems that the garden doesn't retain moisture well, so am assuming the hardpan is causing that...
  7. Foozle

    Rennovating a garden

    I have 150' x 30' garden I've been planting for over 20 years. Over time it has become less and less productive. I think I have a couple issues. One is nutrient depletion and the other is a rock hard subsoil. I'm planning on correcting the nutrient issue with compost, manure, etc. As to the...
  8. Foozle

    Tractor mounted tree cutter/saws

    I'd like to remove all the underbrush and also take out most of the smaller trees (under 6" diameter). I'd like to be left with just larger trees and select medium sized trees, depending on the species. Not building a trail, so if everything isn't flush to ground, it isn't a big deal. Thanks
  9. Foozle

    Tractor mounted tree cutter/saws

    Thanks for all the info!
  10. Foozle

    Tractor mounted tree cutter/saws

    I'm looking to clear out some woods on my property and have been looking into various options. I see the Brown tree cutters/saws look good, but having to work in reverse for long stretches doesn't look super appealing. Are there any front mounted tractor options or are the hydraulics not...
  11. Foozle

    Leaf Vacuum

    Is anyone aware of a 3 pt attachment that will vacuum leaves? I did some searching but couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  12. Foozle

    Trailer Advice

    I am looking to haul my Kubota L5740 and need some advice on the right trailer to get (and a bonus would be advice on the vehicle as well since I need a new one of those also). My tractor fully loaded with the heaviest attachment (backhoe) would be roughly 7,000 pounds. The length with the...
  13. Foozle

    Kubota Z421 mower

    I have a Kubota Z421 54" zero turn mower. I need to replace the blades, but am having a hard time finding the part. I looked in the user manual and there is no parts list. I went to the Kubota web site, and maybe I don't know where to look, but can't find a parts list there either...
  14. Foozle

    Local dealership closed

    I live in the Greenville, SC area and my local Kubota dealership closed. Apparently the dealership wasn't up to current Kubota standards in terms of their facility. The dealership was given the choice of upgrading their facility (probably in the neighborhood of $1 million upgrade), or losing...
  15. Foozle

    Epoxy Coating for Concrete

    I decided to hire it out after getting some advice from the garage forum. Attaching finished product. I was very pleased with the outcome.
  16. Foozle

    Epoxy Coating for Concrete

    I'm considering putting down an epoxy coating on at least part of my barn floor. Considering whether to do myself or hire out. Seems a bit complicated to get surface pretreated correctly and everything so that you won't have chipping, or problems later, but maybe I'm overstating the...
  17. Foozle

    House demolition

    Having just finished a new barn, I'm getting ready to have a new house built and need to have the old one torn down. I've already looked into having someone move the entire house, but because of the size, basement, brick, fireplace, etc. everyone is saying it would be impractical. Any advice...
  18. Foozle

    Advise on new metal barn

    The barn finished up right around Christmas. Attaching a couple pics. Was happy with everything, except there were a few cracks in the cement eminating from around some of the posts. Wondering if they didn't do a great job of compaction after drilling holes and placing posts.
  19. Foozle

    Advise on new metal barn

    Eddie - I'll definitely post a response after the inspector comes through. I will ask him specifically about the purlins and how they are attached. Attaching a couple more pics with progress.
  20. Foozle

    Advise on new metal barn

    I talked to my builder. He is from Michigan originally and said up there because of the snow potential, they do 8 feet between trusses. He said in SC 10 feet was sufficient. Not sure if that is accurate, but I'm just passing along. They require inspections where I am in SC, so I can runy by...
  21. Foozle

    Advise on new metal barn

    I'm planning to build a metal barn. Will likely use a contractor for this as much too ambitious for myself. I had a few questions from the experienced builders/users of barns out there as this is my first foray into building such a structure. I'm attaching a rough plan as to layout and can...
  22. Foozle

    Barn forum?

    I'm getting ready to build a barn to hold my Kubota L5740, boat/truck combo, a couple vintage tractors and other garden stuff. Also want to build a wood shop and hobby area. I have some questions as to good door/ceiling heights, garage door types, etc. and was looking for a good forum for...
  23. Foozle

    6H-02 Disc and 15-12 Subsoiler

    I have both of these John Deere attachments sitting out at my farm property and given I've been hit recently by theft, I may be trying to sell before the thieves get them also. Can anyone direct me to where I can find approximate pricing for these? I have a neighbor interested, but am looking...
  24. Foozle

    Chipper  Bearcat 73554 PTO

    I bought this new a few years ago but haven't used it much so far. Want to start using now, but had a few questions for someone who might have one of these. I noticed there are two grease points that require the removal of the metal covers near the PTO shaft. I removed and was able to grease...
  25. Foozle

    Dehulling Buckwheat

    Hi! I grew and picked a few bushels of buckwheat for the first time this year and was wondering if anyone's had any luck dehulling by hand. I have a flour grinder that I'm trying and it works, to an extent. The trouble I'm mainly having is that many of the seeds are crumbly, so break apart...
  26. Foozle

    PTO rpm independent from engine rpm?

    Hi, I have an L5740 and was wondering whether there was anyway to run the PTO at a higher rpm independent of revving up the engine. I seem to recall certain other tractors being able to do this. The application I have in mind is for my flail mower. When I'm cutting my lawn it doesn't require...
  27. Foozle

    Homemade Cedar Planks

    Has anyone cut their own cedar planks for use in grilling? The price for pre-cut ones in the stores are somewhat pricey for what you get, so I was wondering if it would be worthwhile to cut down a cedar tree on my property and make some planks up. I have several excess cedars so I can spare...
  28. Foozle

    Freshwater Spring Development

    I live in drought-stricken South Carolina and I have a freshwater spring that is still flowing fairly good even with the dry weather. Historically, it looks like the spring used to flow down a small path through the woods and drain into the creek nearby. Over time, the pathway has silted up...
  29. Foozle

    Woods BH90x and Kubota L5740 cab

    Does anyone have this setup? I have an L5740 cab and have had on order a Woods BH90x. The BH came in, but the dealer now tells me that Woods doesn't make a hose kit that is compatible with an L5740 that has rear remotes installed. So, my choice is to either have the rear remotes removed, if...
  30. Foozle

    Farmall Cub

    Hi, I inherited a Farmall Cub and am trying to find parts to restore it a bit. The face plate is not recognizable so I can't obtain the serial number. My understanding is that some of the parts are dependent on the serial number. Is there another way to identify which model I have? Also, it...
  31. Foozle

    Pallet Fork lack of visibility

    I tried out my pallet forks last weekend for the first time for moving some pallets around and found it difficult to line up the forks with the pallet holes because I can't see the forks from inside my cab. I can use the bucket level indicator to get the forks level, and I can get the correct...
  32. Foozle

    L5740 Arrived Today!

    Well, after several weeks of researching, posting threads and discussing in PMs, I ordered and received my tractor and most of the attachments. Still waiting on the backhoe and flail mower, but here are pics of what I've got so far. My first project is to prepare my gardens by moving around 69...
  33. Foozle

    Chipper  Too much HP for a Chipper?

    I have on order a Bearcat 5" 73554S chipper/shredder. I plan to use with a Kubota L5740, which has a 50 HP PTO. I got an advance copy of the chipper user manual and noted that it warns: "This chipper is designed to be used with tractor PTOs rated at 15 to 45 horsepower. Using this chipper...
  34. Foozle

    Removing wire fence from trees

    Hi, I'm on some property where the previous owner put up fencing around about 1/2 of the property. To save time/money, I guess, he tacked some of the wire fence to trees, where available, rather than putting up posts. I'm hearing it was a pretty common practice long ago and this gentleman is...
  35. Foozle

    Excavation-type pond/tank

    Hi all, I've done a fair amount of searching on pond boss and this forum and couldn't find this question asked, so I'll take a chance and post it. I apologize if I've missed it somewhere, but there are so many threads on pond building it is sometimes difficult to locate what you need. I also...
  36. Foozle

    Laser Leveling Help

    Hi, Now that I have my equipment on order I'm starting to think up projects. One project is to build a barn for all my new equipment. I did a search on tbn for discussion surrounding laser levels, but didn't find much recent in the way of recommendations for different types. I've looked at...
  37. Foozle

    L5740 Attachment sizes and category

    I'm getting ready to purchase an L5740 this weekend and would like to get the following attachments: Box Blade Rotary Cutter (BrushBull) Finishing Mower Rotary Tiller This is my first purchase so I have a few novice questions that I was hoping to get input on. First question is how do I...
  38. Foozle

    Dealer  Kubota Dealer Invoice Prices

    Hi all, I'm assuming dealer invoice prices change all the time and are a fairly well guarded secret, but does anyone know if this information is accessible? I know you can get when buying a car, which is very helpful, but didn't know if something existed like this in the tractor world...
  39. Foozle

    Tractor Storage Question

    Hi all, Wasn't really sure where to put this as there is no "garage" forum, so I thought I'd post here. On a separate thread I asked a bunch of questions about my first tractor purchase and after some consideration, I've settled on the L5740. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but will likely...
  40. Foozle

    Help on 1st Tractor Purchase

    Hi everyone. I'll start off by saying this is my first posting to the forum and also would be my first tractor purchase, so I'm very green on these matters. As such, I'm looking for some advice from all the veterans out there. I have 35 acres of land, with roughly 1/2 pasture/lawn and 1/2...