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    Something I don't understand about applications of below 40hp tractors

    Still have a 1939 - 9N sitting out back,
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    Should I even think about 2 wheel drive

    I have a 1999 year model new Holland 3010s , 2 wheel drive, 50 HP Wish I had gotten the 4WD. It weighs 5000lb without the loader. Be careful in the hills, same principle applies to the bigger tractors.
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    lowe's wrong chain saw in box

    Go back to the saws and open the boxes yourself. And next time, buy a Stihl
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    sharpening mower blades

    I always sharpen them when the wife tells me. 🙃
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    Yesterday. Would you buy and EV?

    I would hate to need to replace tge battery on an EV, 15K-20K, or buy a used EV and the find out it’s battery time ☹️
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    Would You Loan It Out?

    I’d have been down there in a heart beat…. What’s a 6’ tiller cost these days?
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    6ft Rotory Tiller not getting job done

    Just wondering, what are you trying to accomplish with the land? How big an area, acres? Doubt if I’d use a tiller to break it up, disc or chisel point, then a harrow behind the disc to help smooth it out.
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    Looks like LS stated there was a problem with regen with no soot showing, on the service ticket. I’d remind them of that.
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    Big Cars are killing Americans

    I usually leave mine in, it has stopped Being bumped into twice by folks not paying attention
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    Big Cars are killing Americans

    Actually, I feel much safer driving in my 3/4 ton super duty
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    Need advice on purchasing my first tractor

    I would hire someone with a Dozer to do the pond work, I'd hate to tear up my new tractor doing things that it was not designed to do. What size hp tractor are you thinking about?