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  1. reprosser

    Starter issue?

    I have a Kubota L3240 - a few years old. Last week, I turned on the switch, the control panel flickered a little, and when I tried to crank - the system died. I turned off the key, turned it back on, and the panel flickered a couple times and died. After sitting a few minutes, I tried again...
  2. reprosser

    Error 20 ?

    Anyone know what error 20 is for 3240 HST? Was backing out of some heavy brush, and it just shut itself down and now shows Error-20 on the display. I think I have a branch stuck next to the hydrolics on the right side. Too dark to tell tonight.
  3. reprosser

    Tires  Kubota 3240 front tire size options

    My local tire place carries 7-16, but not 7.2-16 tires. Is it OK to use 7-16 instead of 7.2? Will it fit, and will it make significant difference?
  4. reprosser

    Loader  Angle of left and right skid steer plate

    I have Kubota 3240 with skid steer FEL. I went to swap out the grapple and the bucket yesterday, and found that the left skid plate is at a different angle than the right. (The hydraulic piston is out further on one, than the other.) Is there a way to balance the pistons, or otherwise line up...
  5. reprosser

    PTO connection helper

    Is JD the only company that makes a "auto hitch" type device that makes connecting PTO shafts easier? My wife is running the tractor a lot, but the PTO connections are tough. I have a hard enough time getting things attached - with all the safety guards and and twist/push/pull/button type...
  6. reprosser

    Which Grapple for L3240/LA514 ?

    I want to get a Markham Light Duty Grapple Rake for my 3240 with LA514 FEL, but it comes in two versions - light and medium. The light uses 3/8 metal and weighs 447 lbs The med uses 1/2 metal and weighs 547 lbs same design, just heavier metal and additional cost. I like the heavier metal...
  7. reprosser

    Blank LCD on 3240

    I only have a few hours on my new 3240, but yesterday when I started the tractor, the LCD screen was blank. Is there a switch to turn it off/on, or a connector that my have come loose? I checked the fuses, and they looked OK. The lights and signals all work.
  8. reprosser

    I think I have most of this figured out

    Just purchased 54 wooded acres in Midlands of SC. Plan to build house and tree farm. Never bought a tractor before (have worked around them and used occasionally - years ago) Slight grade on lot down to a creek in the back. Have multiple piles of dirt/trees (scrub oak/pine) from pushing in some...