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    Adding Remote Hyd to JD 970

    Has anyone added a remote hyd. outlet and valve to a JD 970 Compact tractor? What would be the easiest way? remote valve from Surplus Supply or other source and some fittings or would it be better to try to find parts from salvage yards? I am not that familiar with these tractors so all help...
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    Supplier for Steel Hyd Tubing 3/8 up to 3/4 inch

    I am working on a project on my tractor and need to find some 3/8 ,1/2, and 3/4 inch steel hyd tubing. I would like to find a supplier that I could buy from that sells in 60" lengths so shipping would not be a problem and that would sell small quantities. I do have the tools to flare and bend...
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    Model Identity for this Planter

    Can anyone tell me the model # for this planter? I know it is a Massey Ferguson but not sure of the model number. Also any help with Operating and Parts Manual or plate availably would also be helpful Any help will be welcome.
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    LA 703 Loader

    Does anyone have a PDF file of the parts list or the owners manual for the Kubota LA 703 including the Joystick. I know I could probably buy one but I am thrifty (cheap) and hope to find one I can download.
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    Rotary Cutter  Bush Hog FH188 Flail Mower Information

    Has anyone had any experience with the Bush Hog FH 188 Flail mower? I and considering buying one and wanted some feed back from people that have used them or have had good or bad experiences with them. Also interested in what would be a fair price for one. Thanks
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    2008 Chev & Prodigy controller

    Has anyone installed a Prodigy Brake control on a 2008 Chev. 2500HD ? The truck has the 7 pin connector and the heavy duty trailering package but not the new GM brake controller. On my 2005 truck it was just a matter of plugging into the electrical panel under the dash and adding a fuse but on...
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    How much does a LA 703 and 6' bucket weigh

    I am trying to add up my overall weight and I have found all of the weight except the ones for my LA 703 loader and 6 ft bucket. Maybe one of our member dealers could help me out ? Thanks in advance
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    Load Leveler Hitch with Torsion Bars

    I am fairly new to trailer towing but have been looking at different types of hitches and have a question. Can the Load Leveler Hitch with Torsion Bars type arrangement be used with a pintle type ring connection or can it only be used with the ball type connection? I have 10k double axle...