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    Dixie chopper owners

    Trying to help a widow get a 2001 dixie chopper mower back in running condition. no maintenance in last 4 years. Going to to address the following: blades, oil, filter, fuel filter, air filter?, hydraulic fluid. Anything else? has a new battery but wont start. thanks.
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    Kubota L3940 GST lever/shuttle shift lever

    My 2006 L3940 levers for GST and shuttle shift getting sticky. I have used WD40 and it restores smoothness but only for a week or so. What do you guys recommend for a longer-lasting solution or is there a more serious problem lurking?
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    Kubota 42" zeroturn Z122R (2016) mower deck dismount

    Kind of long story.....Started hearing a racket when the deck was engaged, the belt on the right side was smooth but was jumping after it passed the left spindle. Took a guess the left spindle bearings were going out. It did not look like I could remove the floor of the mower to get to the deck...
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    Kubota 42" zeroturn Z122R (2016) mower deck dismount

    Since i had trouble with owner's manual explanation, here are the steps from experience to remove the deck for whatever maintenance you need to perform. i suggest parking the mower on a hard surface, not grass, to make it easier to slide the deck in and out from under the mower. 1. park...
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    kommander 122R zeroturn deck spindle the bearings out, they don't look that bad. Now I wonder if I am trying to fix what aint broke! Photos below for those interested. RickB - I did not find a retaining ring like shown in the video. There is a slight lip (photo 569) to force the bearing past to make it seat...
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    kommander 122R zeroturn deck spindle

    making progress. Got the left spindle pulley removed; removed blade; removed 4 nuts on top of deck holding spindle assembly in place; pulled assembly. Put nuts and bolts in a jar lid of wd 40 to clean up. Used hammer to gently tap end of shaft to remove from housing. Now trying to remove...
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    kommander 122R zeroturn deck spindle

    Got the deck off, determined left spindle bearings need replacement. how do you remove free spinning belt pulley from spindle? If it is strength to hold the pully while loosening the nut I am in trouble.....
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    kommander 122R zeroturn deck spindle

    Thanks guys. Have a video to see if I am on right track. Engaging the deck to hear the abnormal noise and then spinning the left blade to hear spindle noise? can't upload videos (.mov or .mp4) grrrrrrrrrrrrr
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    Kubota 122R mower deck belt

    Solved this problem; dropped the deck then pushed it backwards until enough slack to pull belt off engine pully. Now fighting with bolt and nut on tension arm pully which has to be loosened to remove belt....
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    kommander 122R zeroturn deck spindle

    Anyone know if the spindle assembly on the 122r-42" is a sealed unit or can the bearings be replaced? thanks
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    Kubota 122R mower deck belt

    Have a 122R that is making a racket when the mower deck is engaged. Want to remove deck to investigate. How do you relieve tension on the mower deck belt to remove the belt from the engine pulley? this has to be done before you can pull deck from under the platform.
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    BELT DIAGRAMS Kubota Z122r

    Have a 122R that is making a racket when the mower deck is engaged. Want to remove deck. How do you relieve tension on the mower deck belt to remove the belt from the engine pulley?
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    Sprayer Pump Inlet hose connector

    Got lucky. Sent photos to Agspray contact email in newton kansas. This part is called a "Nylon hose saver " and it is still carried by Fimco, a parts supplier for agsrpay, I guess. Thanks for the looks, guys.
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    Sprayer Pump Inlet hose connector

    Ok, folks, help me out here. Have a Hypro 6500 roller pump (for my sprayer) with inlet and outlet hose connections as shown in the photos below. The inlet connector is clear poly and two-pieces: Can anyone tell what name of this combo connection is so I can find it to buy a backup? The...
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    2006 L3940 GST Diesel engine performance/tuneup?

    Hey guys, back for help once 2006 L3940 with diesel engine is now at 1960 hrs. Over the past several years, I have noticed the engine will blow a poof of black smoke when it starts and sometimes under heavy load and RPM 15-1800. it may be my imagination, but it also seems a...
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    Sprayer  schaben 3-pt MH-55 sprayer will not spray

    Have not used this sprayer for a few years so testing with water. Not sure water moving from strainer cup thru green/black hose to pump. no water out from black outlet hose. suggestions? thanks
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    Rear Finish Mower  landrpide equiment

    Can anyone tell me how to determine the year made from FDR1672 serial # 1212729? Don't know whether there is a date embedded in that number or not. thanks
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    Howse cutter issue

    Have a light weight 5 ft Howse cutter that bangs loudly every time I engage PTO. Everything lubed, greased and oiled but this banging business cant be good for my PTO on Kubota L3940. Any thoughts? IS iT just junk? Has done this since I got it. Thanks
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    Battery removal 2006 L3940

    If there is a thread on this issue already, please direct. Trying to figure how much stuff I have to remove to pull battery. A photo is attached showing dilemma. Help me solve this one, folks. Thanks
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    2006 L3940 Seat issue

    Need Forum help once again. :) The seat back has lost the ability to remain fixed where placed by the adjustment handle on the left hinge (see photo). I need to remove the hinge cover to investigate. I removed the small black bolt that appeared to attach the adjustment handle to the seat...
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    Massey 135 engine mystery

    I will post photo of broken piece and location in a few hours. thanks for all the help so far .
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    mf 135 spin-on filter change problem

    Removed original cartridge oil filter head, tried to mount replacement spin-on head and the original bolts were too long. Who's your go to supplier for new shorter bolts that have correct thread pattern? thanks
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    Exhaust soot

    2007 L3940 diesel. I have noticed that the tractor nameplate on the frame behind the exhaust pipe becomes covered with a black, greasy soot within a few weeks after cleaning the pate. If this normal for a tractor this age? only have 700 hours. thanks
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    Howse vs Landpride

    OK, I am easy on my equipment but my ancient IH101 brushog (bouhgt used 8 yrs ago) has finally died. The gearbox and blades are about all that survive; the deck is holey, the 3-pt pins are bent and loose, and the tailwheel constantly hangs up and tears up the ground. SO, landpride rcr1860 and...
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    1972 MF 135 Diesel Starter safety question

    This is really ugly, but here it is with the two long bolts removed. I don't think an electrical device needs all black lubrication so I guess it's dirt and diesel. How do I clean from here? Take it apart more? Fill with Gunk cleaner? just rinse out with Brakleen? Take it to a rebuilder...
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    1972 MF 135 Diesel Starter safety question

    Please look at the attached photos and help educate me............. 1. what is the copper? piece goin into the body of the starter in photo 1? 2. DO i need to clean or lubricate the inside of the housing shown in photo 2? thanks
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    1972 MF 135 Diesel Starter safety question

    I have to start my old friend using a wire across the main terminal with the battery cable and the small inside terminal. My fuel pump was leaking and diesel dripped into the starter. I have fixed the leak. Are there any fire concerns when I try to start the tractor? I made one attempt and...
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    L3940 GST transmission issue

    Just completed first transmission fluid change at 400 hours as suggested by ops manual. Used Kubota UDT and filter. Now the tractor has a little "jerk" each time I put it in gear that it did not have previous to changing fluid. I can use the clutch and eliminate the "jerk" but that seems...
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    Massey 135 engine mystery

    OK, guys, help me out for i get killed! Was mowing today with Massey 135 (40 Hp Perkins diesel) when the throttle suddenly increased and would not respond. I threw in the clutch, took it out of gear, jumped off and manually decreased the throttle to idle. I waited to see what would happen and...
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    Massey 135 engine mystery

    OK, guys, help me out for i get killed! Was mowing today with Massey 135 (40 Hp Perkins diesel) when the throttle suddenly increased and would not respond. I threw in the clutch, took it out of gear, jumped off and manually decreased the throttle to idle. I waited to see what would happen and...
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    Modern AG cutters

    Anybody got an opinion on a Modern Ag bush hog model "Competitor" or "Super Sunshine"?
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    Loader  1996 kubota 3600 diesel: bucket stuck in dump position

    rotated bucket into dump position and it will not retract. Any suggestion? thx
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    STump grapple

    Anybody used a stump grapple or stump bucket such as sold by Everything Attachments using a Kubota L3940 GST as the force behind the attachment? I need to clear 10 acres of woods with sandy soil with 100s of 2-8" blackjack oaks and hickory. I am not in a hurry enough to just hire a dozer...
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    Mutlipurpose QA or bucket attached help

    Have Kubota L3940 with LA 724 FEL. Need to clean up after ice storms, tornado, and severe thunderstorms (yes, I live in OKlahoma!) as well as remove the leftover round bale when my wife's darn horses get too persnickety too eat it. (I can't seem to get hay to stay in a bucket.) Any ideas for a...
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    B&S 24HP Intek Engine: Carburetor Removal

    need some help, of course! Pulled intake manifold, carburetor and air intake off engine in one piece. How do i separate the carburetor from the intake manifold so I can give it a good cleaning?
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    Cleaning-up sloppy bale job

    Following the first hay cutting this year, the guy I hired to cut, rake and bale did a sloppy job and left alot of cut hay on the ground. I know from past experience that the cut hay will not allow new growth and may take several years to rot and decompose. What attachment(s) can the Forum...
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    If you need any new power tools, HD has a sweet deal going right now thru May 6. Ultimate Power Deal, up to 40% off...$1000 in tools for $600 + tx Home Depot is stating in their new ad that you can save instantly depending on purchase amount of select tools 149-299 = 25 off 300-599 = 75 off...
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    Farewell Buying/Pricing (for now....)

    Thanks to all the this forum's members for facts, opinions and ideas the last several months that helped me make a Kubota buying decision: L3940GST 4WD w/R4 tires and LA524 FEL. I am now moving over to owning/operating!!!
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    JD 310D backhoe/loader question

    Anyone know the technique, trick, secret or special tool needed to remove the boom cylinder on a 1992 JD 310d backhoe/loader? I know this isn't a "tractor" question, but I am trying to help my neighbor get the cylinder out to put in a new seal kit.
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    1974 MF 135 - opinions solicited

    OK, need help for a first-time buyer. Been looking at MF 135s for about 6 months, found the following today: 1974 MF 135, 4000 hrs, diesel, power steering, multi-power tranny Good sheet metal, tires, no blowby, no smoke, asking $4800. The price sounds reasonable, I like the diesel and power...
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    1999 4300, standard trans, brushhog, PHD, 400 hrs

    I can get the subject unit for about $9000 - is this a bargain? Has been stored outside in the weather, serviced annually
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    1986 JD 850 tractor

    Stumbled on a mint-condition 1986 JD 850 with only 34 hours - really looks brand new. Was kept in a garage for 20 years as a tax writeoff. Dealer wants $10,000. I would appreciate any thoughts regarding asking price or buying a 20-year old new tractor!
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    Price Check  John Deere 850 price check

    I'm looking for that first tractor and have my eye on a JD 850 with less than 1000 hrs. Drove it for about 15 minutes, does not appear to have any leaks, shifts easy. No power steering. I plan to use it to brushhog, keep my gravel road in shape, and add a FEL in the future for dirtwork and...
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    Used 1981 Kubota B6100 4WD diesel

    I have the opportunity to buy the subject tractor for about $3500. Has 900 hours, in good physical condition, needs tires. Will be my first tractor - any warnings, cautions or other advice? Does the price sound reasonable? How fast will it run in forward? How high can it cut?