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    Tractor decision

    You’ll like the LS. I’ve had my 347HC since 2021 with no regrets. Couple things: You can add a grapple by running hoses from the green rear remote to the loader. Run it along the top of the blue loader frame and use heavy zip ties. It saved me $1000 on a third function kit. You need a...
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    Lowe’s carrying LS? I saw one out front of a nearby Lowe’s near the garden side.
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    CX vs CS?

    If the price difference isn’t making or breaking this (sounds like it’s not, or you might have made a bigger deal of it), then get the bigger one and future-proof. I’m in Florida now, but I tried snow control with my Kubota BX, and would never recommend it for that. It was OK at everything, but...
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    Finally made tractor decision.

    I have the 47HC. It’s been great so far. The AC is a blessing in the summer!
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    MT352 Grill guard

    This is how mine looks
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    My LS 3038G

    The only times I’ve ever had this issue with any tractor is when a safety mechanism is preventing starting. Things like the brake not set all the way, or PTO switch needs to be cycled on and off. My LS has to have the parking brake set, trans in neutral, and PTO off.
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    It’s too hot to mow.

    I take it you don’t have AC?
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    It’s too hot to mow.

    These are words not uttered by anyone with a cab and AC! “feels like” temp in triple digits, heat advisory…no worries.
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    Please help...47 or 57 HP series 3?

    I have an MT347HC and love everything but the loader dump speed. It’s pretty slow. The loader arms are a bit short vs other brands, but I don’t need to stack or pile anything over 6 feet. It runs my 72” Bush Hog just fine as well. No problems with the various components so far in my 170...
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    LS 235 in the shop

    Lemon laws don’t always apply outside of motor vehicles, so you may need to look at something like the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act. 15 USC 2301-2312. Check your state. I’ve had luck calling LS directly, but not sure your dealer will take it well or not. In my case, the dealer was getting run...
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    LS MT335 vs LSMT342

    I try to remember that there are examples of lower HP tractors doing more work than others due to their gearing, weight, or whatever. I think this is evident with the Kubota BX, B, LX, and L series all having a 25HP variant. No way can a BX do the work of an L as effieicntly. I would not make...
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    Grapple type

    I have that grapple and it works fine. I had a Land Pride grapple with my last tractor and only notice the top lid of the CTGR60 is not toothed like the LP. I don’t really need that for what I do, but if you like to rake backward, lid teeth would be needed I bet. Also, the LP was AR400 and the...
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    I have an MT347HC and I can feel the weight with a bucket full of river rock. Not gonna question your plan, but I don’t even want to move round bales regularly with that, let alone using a smaller and lighter tractor. The bucket is between 1/3 and 1/2 yd capacity, and the rock is 3000 lb per yard…
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    Grapple for Kioti DK40se (41hp)?

    I just got a Titan/Iron Craft 60” for mine. So far it seems to be everything I need. I ran hoses to my rear remotes, so no 3rd function valve.
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    MT342H vs MT345HE

    My LL4106 loader is not really weak, but it seems to be pretty slow dumping. That is my biggest complaint, because my Kubota would dump as fast as it scooped. I also feel like the max height could be higher, but I’m not loading dump trucks and live with it. It can dump and lift, but it’s not an...
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    Pls Recommend Mowing Solution for 10 Acre Rural Residential

    I have neighbors on all sides with ZT mowers, with one having a tractor and ZT. He does the bulk of the yard with the tractor and goes around the house with the ZT. All of the neighbors with the ZTs mow at roughly tractor mid-range speeds or slower, and get done in similar or slower times than I...
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    Mowing Bush Hog for Dummies

    My Razorback BH6 has a grade 5 shear bolt. I’ve broken one so far in a year and a half.
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    Exactly how tall is your tractor

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    Recommended Tractor for 4.5 acres

    What mower for that? Ideally, the OP would want to get the whole 3 acres of grass done in 5 min or less, or 2 passes.
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    More impressed with LS MT3 series tractor

    My 47HC only wanted a regen once in 114 hours. If one happened at 50, it went unnoticed. I do a lot more mowing than anything else, but use the loader often too. I keep RPMs above 1700 except warm up or cool down. Mowing is 2450 or wherever the 540 line is.
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    Give us your feedback on the dealers with the most positive experiences you had when purchasing..

    General Auto in Brooksville, FL. Nothing but good to say buying my LS through them. They also sell Kioti. I bought mine pre-Covid price increases, and the price was in line with other dealers (better than some). They’ll also consign your old stuff if you need a place to sell it.
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    Pricing on LS

    I have a 347HC. I also came from a Kubota. So far, I’m really not noticing a significant difference between the two, and the cab is worth it. I spent the day moving dusty, dirty mulch from a large pile yesterday. It was nice to get that done without sweating to death and needing a shower...
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    Can ls dealers refuse warranty work on tractor not purchased from them??

    There are ways to combat a bad dealer. For example, they put you in the back of the line, you report to LS that you’ve been waiting X months, and you think other customers are getting in and served first. Tell them the dealer seems to be holding a grudge because you reported them. You are...
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    MT2 series with cab?

    '] It looks like LS is making a smaller cab tractor now. Maybe competition for the Kubota LX? It’s about 4” shorter than the MT3 with cab and 1,000lb less weight. Anyway, I’m glad to see it. The link says “sorry not found” and forces a redirect to the...
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    What DON'T You Like About Your New LS

    I don’t know what type of oak, the true diameter and length, but online tree weight calculators for “green” oak about your size put it over 3100 lb. Red oak weighing more than white.
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    LS MT352 filter kit?

    Your picture shows a cab... You need a different HST filter than a regular model. That kit is wrong for the S-HST. Make sure your dealer knows that too.
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    oil filter for LS MT357

    Not the answer you’re looking for, but a strap-type filter wrench will work. That’s how I got the filter off for my 50 hour service. The strap barely fit around the end, but was on well enough. better yet, see if you can get a socket for it. (Below) If you put a little oil on the rubber gasket...
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    Price Check What did you pay for your tractor

    $33k out the door for my new LS MT347HC, loader, and used BH6 Bush Hog last April. Prices went up sharply right after.
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    More impressed with LS MT3 series tractor

    Well that’s just cheap. I shouldn’t complain though, because I don’t even use the 2 I have!
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    More impressed with LS MT3 series tractor

    There isn’t really an MX comparison for LS, because the MT3 and 4 series is like the difference between a Kubota Grand L series to the M series. But a similar comparison of a Kubota L6060 to the MT357 is at least $10k more. The MT468 is more like a Kubota M7060, and comes in slightly cheaper...
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    Like a car, mine shows full until the fuel level hits a certain point, then you will see it drop off much faster. Must be well above the sensor/float.
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    MT357HC 50 hour service

    Check my thread on my 50 hour service. That filter will come loose if you step on the wrench from the outside. Get ready for the fluid gush, so have the new one ready to go immediately. the HST filter only leaks a few cups of fluid and stops. No major issue there. I needed the following...
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    More impressed with LS MT3 series tractor

    FYI the HC models still come with 2 remotes. I had a 342H and now have a 347HC.
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    Hydraulic fluid fill

    If I check mine on my sloped driveway, it reads overfilled. Flat ground is just right. The slope is almost not noticeable, so just another thing to check.
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    What to buy?

    Got your point, but let’s say the dealer tells you 3 weeks before they can perform any service. You then call LS and tell them your only convenient dealer states they can’t provide timely warranty work for your tractor. “Can you look into this and assist me with options? I thought warranty work...
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    What to buy?

    I’m not understanding the service concern. It’s supported by a dealer network that is likely required by LS to provide warranty service to any machine, no matter if it was bought there or not. Also, items out of warranty coverage bring them money, so they would be dumb to deny service, and I...
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    Any response when contacting LS USA?

    LS has their phone number listed LS Tractor USA, LLC
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    My experience with the 50 hour service.

    It’s an LS (my previous was a Kubota and I only used SUDT2) and yes it just needs premium fluid per dealer. I would think it is next to impossible to void out the warranty for off-branded fluids, as the manufacturer does not offer their fluid anywhere that I’m aware of.
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    My experience with the 50 hour service.

    I changed the engine oil but not the hydro oil. It’s not in the checklist, so I didn’t do it. I got my filters from the dealer, however there is a place selling the filters online in CO. Legacy tractor maybe??? It was close to my dealer pricing. Maybe a little higher... My dealer sells...
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    Implement hook up problems..

    I have both Pats on mine and extendable link arms. It’s a breeze.
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    My experience with the 50 hour service.

    I’m just over the 50 hour mark on my MT347HC. I bought LS branded filters and it ran me about $125 for all three, engine oil, hydrostatic, and hydraulic. I don’t mind a few dollars extra every few years for the peace of mind. Now, for the work... The concept is simple. Spin off 3 filters and...
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    MT345E vs MT347

    Does the 45 have a suspension seat?
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    More impressed with LS MT3 series tractor

    Good thought with the warning, but LS and RK shouldn’t even be uttered in the same sentence when discussing dealer support. Totally different worlds. LS won the EDA Dealers Choice Award five years in a row (until 2020, when Branson took it). In 2020, they still took Gold level, so they’ve had...
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    MT357H vs MT357HC

    I have an MT347HC now. I had a 42H. Long story. You hit everything right on. The S-HST is a different feel for sure. Sometimes it “jumps” when you push the pedal fast or really, really slow. With that said, you will not notice enough of a difference to make it an issue, and the jump is probably...
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    Still Waiting For A LS MT342

    My 42H ran into electrical issues that LS couldn’t fix. They had no ETA on a replacement so they got me into a 47H for the cost difference, which was fine by me (I would never expect a freebie like that). Rather than wait for who knows how long, I got into a similar but slightly stronger unit...
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    LS Error Code

    I got that error too. My MT342H started with that one, then saw a 5202 F11 code not long after. The wiring harness was for the wrong tractor. However, that didn’t fix it. I posted on a thread here by another member titled “issue already”. Look there. We both had the same error. His was fixed...
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    Issue already

    Well...nothing ever fixed my tractor. They did the whole wiring harness, ECM/computer, throttle, and switches. Basically rebuilt the whole electrical system. I now have a new MT347HC to replace it. The cab is awesome in the Florida heat!
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    Issue already

    New update. The wiring harness in mine belonged to a gear shift version. My tractor is HST. Not compatible! If you have this issue, have the part number checked!
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    Issue already

    My dealer is in touch with the regional LS rep to get the part. It hasn’t come in yet. They also have 20+ tractor orders with no ETA from LS. They have the same issue with Kioti right now it’s running fine. I’m at 46 hours and it still throws the F31 with the yellow caution sign, but I...
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    Issue already

    I got 10 hours before I saw the code again. The next time was 4. I hope the harness does it, because my dealer did the grounds too, as well as check the sensor. Despite this, I like the tractor. It does need a grapple or maybe pallet forks for brush cleanup. That’s my big complaint (I had a...
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    Issue already

    Sounds like you’re going down the same road. My dealer spent 10+ hours tech time on it, with much of that working with LS to troubleshoot. They had to ship the part from the factory, so I’m still waiting. LS is not worried that I’ll damage the tractor, so the dealer released it back to me until...
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    Issue already

    Let us know if you had success using it today (if you were able). I am still waiting on a part from LS and hope the new harness (under the dash) is the end of it. I made it about 4 hours on the meter before seeing F02 636 again. Two key cycles and it went away. I noticed the RPM will drop when...
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    Issue already

    It does not always clear on restart. Sometimes it takes several, however not very long amounts of time. It has a random occurrence too, sometimes I see it more than once in an hour, then I’ll get several hours before it comes up again.
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    Issue already

    I have a new MT342H. Exact same two codes. Same issue, but no heavy smoke. It’s been back to the dealer at 19 hours. They spoke to LS and determined it is a bad wiring harness. I have a new one coming from Korea. Until then, they say it is ok to use it. I might have that error occasionally and...
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    Looks like Kubota HQ is moving to TX

    I don't want to get into copyright stuff here, so I'll post a news link. Other than moving to a free state, I'm not sure if it will be very significant for any of us. Governor Abbott: Kubota Tractor Moving Headquarters To Grapevine « CBS Dallas / Fort Worth
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    Backyard Shed for BX Tractor

    How about this design??? It looks cheap and very solid. Whoever built it should be designing skyscrapers in NYC.
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    Land Pride grapple owners, check your welds!

    Ok, it's fixed and back from the dealer. They welded it on both sides of each joint, for all 4 across the top. I bet it holds now.
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    Land Pride grapple owners, check your welds!

    I noticed this today with SGC05 grapple on my BX: The weld seems to be under penetrated, and is beginning to tear away from the frame. This is where the left cylinder bracket connects to the square tube frame. Luckily, it is still under warranty. I will call my nearest Kubota dealer (I moved...
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    New member with BX HST strainer warning

    Hello, everyone. I stumbled upon this site a while back, while researching whether a BX2360 was a good machine. Now that I have 150 hours on mine, I can say it certainly is a fine piece of equipment. Though it is definitely a durable, reliable, and strong machine, I did have one small issue...