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  1. Mark @ Everlast

    Some have asked about Black Friday.

    A lot of you have called or emailed me about Black Friday and whether or not we at Everlast would have one. Yes, we have decided to have a good-old fashioned black Friday sale. Enjoy up to 20-25% off list price of many of our most popular products. Not every single item will be a huge...
  2. Mark @ Everlast

    The Storm is coming in November.

    The Storm 215C that is. But for those of you who follow us, you've probably already gotten "wind" of it. (pun intended). For those of you that don't or haven't checked Facebook or other social sites yet...It's a new product we have that includes MIG, Stick and Plasma. It's another industry...
  3. Mark @ Everlast

    The 120V Plasma Cutter from Everlast

    A few of you in the past with smaller operations have asked me if we would ever release a PowerPlasma that operated on 120V only. And most of you asked me to let you know if we ever got one. Too many to count now. But this is the best I can do: We have a 120V only plasma cutter now!. We've...
  4. Mark @ Everlast

    Black Friday deals???

    A few have called me and asked about the Black Friday deals. Yes, we will have them on limited models. But I'll post more about that tomorrow afternoon.
  5. Mark @ Everlast

    Perfect Farm Welder

    Everyone, I usually post stuff over in the thread. But I think this will be of interest to many of the medium and larger farmers because of the inquiries I have gotten about such a unit. Anyway, we've released a new welder, perfect for the larger farm, and who knows, maybe a smaller one or...
  6. Mark @ Everlast

    The Summer of the Trailer Repair

    I've worked on or fixed about 4 trailers this summer...current one is in my yard. I wish I had taken pictures of all the ones. I start the 4th one tomorrow. I've fixed two landscaping cargo trailers with bad doors, and one car hauler that had a rotted out backend. I replaced everything from...
  7. Mark @ Everlast

    BOLO! Its that time of year.

    Well guys. A bit off topic for this forum, but since a lot of you guys are in contact with the great outdoors, and especially while welding, you become almost unaware of your surroundings I just wanted to post this here to hopefully help keep some of you from going what I've been going through...
  8. Mark @ Everlast

    More discounts for TBN members on PowerARC products

    Guys and ladies, I've worked it out where I can offer our TBN members the best discount yet on all PowerARC 140ST's, PowerARC 160STH's and PowerARC 200ST's through the first of the year. Pictures are below of the main unit. Every unit includes a stick electrode holder and work clamp. The...
  9. Mark @ Everlast

    Stick welding with a MIG

    A lot of people have trouble deciding between a MIG and if it is an either or choice. I get calls all the time with people trying to decide beween the two. One of the least discussed things about our 240V MIG welders is that they can weld both MIG and Stick weld. Both our 200, and...
  10. Mark @ Everlast

    Some NOS PowerArc 160's

    We had a number of stick only PowerArc 160's at a barn burner price. We need to clear these. k0ua has had one for a number of years. If you need a reference on these, see some of his posts about it. These units are built like the old PowerARC 200's and have a E6010 capability, which the...
  11. Mark @ Everlast

    My belated Christmas gifts to myself from my wife.

    ]I've been wanting to get another angle grinder. I have a couple of them, but my mainstay 10 amp Dewalt is wearing a little thin on power and is noisy. And I need a recip saw since I have a few upcoming projects. A local guy peddles surplus merchandise. He was advertising on the local FB...
  12. Mark @ Everlast

    Update: Video of the Power iMIG 140 E 120 Volt MIG welder from Everlast

    Ladies, Gentlemen: The summer has been hot and dry throughout much of the country. We've opened our cans of worms when we wanted to go fishing and found them stinking! Weather like that makes normally well meaning people say and do things they normally wouldn't be sitting indoors...
  13. Mark @ Everlast

    Another Everlast smoking deal from the folks at Amazon.

    Your gain, their loss. This time it is plasma cutters. It shows older picture, but by this time, it should be this years product. Not 100% certain, but still a great deal. PowerPlasma 70 seems to be a little higher from other reports. Can't beat it. Everlast PowerPlasma 80 IGBT Plasma...
  14. Mark @ Everlast

    120V MIG welders.

    Heh. Made you look. Given the hub bub about 120V capabilities, and the fact that several of you guys have asked me about our inverter 140's I figured this would get your attention. The new 120V Power iMIG 140Es are in. I know I have talked to several of you and you asked me to let you know...
  15. Mark @ Everlast

    ShieldArc's Amazon killer deal on Everlast???

    Shield Arc reminded me of a mistake on pricing on Amazon that is to the customers benefit but their loss as it costs them way more than this for a Power ARC 300. You have to see it for yourselves. Keep in mind this is not Everlast, but Amazon's stock. Of course we will warranty and repair the...
  16. Mark @ Everlast

    New 120V MIG

    Guys, I'd normally post this in the Everlast thread, but several people have asked me about when we'd have one in the US and wanted me to follow up where it will be better noticed. If it's not a good place, then the mods can move it over I am sure. I try to be sensitive about putting up...
  17. Mark @ Everlast

    Farm Trac is back in US

    Helping my father to get set up for the yearly Sunbelt Ag Expo in Moultrie, Ga, yesterday, the booth next to us was Farm Trac. Of course they played it up nicely saying they never went out of business only in the US etc...Appears to be run and imported out of Missouri. At least that's where...
  18. Mark @ Everlast

    New PowerArc 300 model

    We've made a modest redesign on the PA 300 with a few internal changes, but mostly cosmetic. It's dual phase 220V, and has hot start and arc force control. As you can see, it still has the separate 6010 port. It's 60% duty cycle at 300 amps. I have an older PA 300, and love it. We are...
  19. Mark @ Everlast

    Trailer Build Project

    We recently completed a trailer build project. It's a multi part series and follows a trailer build I did for a customer. It's one out of many trailers I have built for different applications. Hope you enjoy...or learn something. Part 7 will be up later this week.
  20. Mark @ Everlast

    Everlast PowerMTS 250 vs. Thermal Arc Fabricator 252i

    We've been getting a lot of interest (and sales) on the new versions of the MTS units. Jody is doing several installments of the Everlast MTS 250S versus the Fabricator 252i. Here is his video, part 1...more to follow in this thread over the next few days/weeks.
  21. Mark @ Everlast

    For Daugen and others looking for a welding table...

    Went out and bought a Northern Tool table. Did a review. Here's the result.
  22. Mark @ Everlast

    Happy New Year from the Folks at Everlast

    Before all the New Years, celebration gets wound tight, I thought I'd go ahead and post this. But on a personal note guys, (and ladies), thanks for the appreciation and support that most of you have given us for being supporters of this section. On behalf of everyone at Everlast, I'd like to...
  23. Mark @ Everlast

    If you have been thinking about buying a welder...time to buy.

    We've just received a large shipment of 2012 units and are moving them out as fast as we can for the 2013 units that are on their way soon. We have 20% specials off to TBN members on PowerArc 200's and 300's. 10% off PA 140ST's. Specials on all plasma cutters...up to 25
  24. Mark @ Everlast

    PowerArc 140ST Video Part two.

    The second part of the video that some of you have been waiting on is up now. Anything any one has in the way of questions or clarifications, I'd be glad to give it my best shot. everlastgenerator's Channel - YouTube
  25. Mark @ Everlast

    PowerArc 140ST video

    Some of you guys have asked me about information on the PowerArc 140 ST. While the video is not Miller or Lincoln or Thermal Arc level of pro production, it does offer answers to many of the questions you have. Part two will come soon in the next few days to deal with the welding ability or...
  26. Mark @ Everlast

    The new 2 port PA 200

    I've been testing out the new unit this afternoon side by side with the older 3 port units. I know many of you were concerned, and possibly holding off buying one until we get a handle on what kind of performance to expect. I plowed into it today pretty good. I ran 7018, and 6010 5P. All I...
  27. Mark @ Everlast


    We are proud to OFFICIALLY release the new PowerTig 185 MICRO. We have been working on this unit for over a year and now it is finally here. This is a completely new unit, and competes well with the Miller Diversion series and other basic AC/DC TIG welders. No other imported welder comes close...
  28. Mark @ Everlast

    Happy Thanksgiving with 15% off sale from Everlast

    Well, We are taking orders and offering a surprise Thanksgiving day/Black Friday sale of 15%. Just got the approval to offer it here. This sale includes everything but PowerTig 250 EX, 225LX, PowerPro 256. But everything else is fair game! But just to let everyone know, we do appreciate, and...
  29. Mark @ Everlast

    New welders for 2011 from Everlast

    Several of you have asked me about what's coming up for next year. Most of our new line is set to appear the the Atlanta FabTech show Nov. 2, so if you are in the area, come by during Nov 2-4, and you may even be able to see one weld. We have a few new changes to the older product in store as...
  30. Mark @ Everlast

    A "little" project I just did.

    A friend of mine has just opened up a cargo trailer customization shop. My town is in one of the hearts of manufacturing for pull behind trailers, with companies being based from here like Pace (now owned by the bank), HaulMark (now closed), Frontier, Covered Wagon, Hurricane, Kingdom and...
  31. Mark @ Everlast

    Everlast Welders - Welders and Plasma Cutters by Everlast

    Hello Members of TractorByNet, I'd like to introduce Everlast Welders as a proud sponsor of this welding forum. A lot of people may not be familiar with us. As a U.S. company that manufactures and distributes professional quality inverter welders and plasma cutters, our products are made to...