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  1. J

    BREAKING ground finally - path clearing to creek

    Hi Guys - We are finally starting make headway on the homesite. The floor plans were completed today and the builder is hammering out the details soon. I had a chance last week to boxblade what the bulldozer did last month. There were tall peaks and low ruts throughout this clearing that the...
  2. J

    REAR WORK LIGHTS - i got a couple

    Hi Guys - I have a L2350DT and it's got two free spots on the rear fenders for lights. I just bought two 12v, 4" white flood lights for those spots to use as work lights - Is there something i need to check before i wire these things up? There are two free wire hookups already on the tractor...
  3. J

    Starting to disk and reclaim old cutover.

    hello all - i am about to drag a boxblade w/ the teeth down over the front of the drumchopped area of my property. After i drag that for a while, i am going to disc up the place a good bit - my question is.......... i bought the 'joy of gardening' book and have been reading it in the...
  4. J

    Rotary Cutter  Rotary Cutter for Kubota L2350DT

    Question: The manual for my tractor says it can accomodate a 72" rotary cutter. But it only has 20.5 pto hp. It DOES run my bush hog finishing mower 5' quite well. Should i buy a 4 footer or a 5 footer? and what brand would you recommend for value w/out breaking the bank. Should i go 4 foot...
  5. J

    cleaning/clearning a grownup field.

    Hi Guys - I am located in central SC. I need some help. I just got 5.5 acres and although it's pretty, has old barns on it, and a creek in the back - I have 2 acres out of 5.5 to clean up and plant "grass" (what my wife wants) It's about half broomstraw, cactus, and sandspur. The OTHER half...
  6. J

    Decision finally made.

    Hi Guys and Gals. I finally pulled the trigger on a tractor. It came down between a new mahindra, farmtrac, and older used MF and FORDS, and last but not least a used kubota. i bought the kubota L2350DT 4WD w/ just over 200 hrs. It also came w/ a bushog 5' finishing mower, and a 5' disc...
  7. J

    Tractor Shed

    I am new to the tractor thing, so i need a little help w/ a shed. I have spent 150% of my budget on the equipment ;) now i need a shed. i have a fairly large Utility tractor and six implements to house. i assume the trailor can be locked outside beside the shed. i was thinking something...
  8. J

    towing my new setup

    Hi Guys/Gals - i am about to buy a mahindra 3525, 18' trailer, and 6 implements. over 7500 lbs of stuff. my problem: my truck w/ it's axle ratio and engine is 'rated' for 6300 lbs. it's gmc sierra w/ the 4.8 v8 - it does have the tow/haul mode and will shift smoother with a load in this...
  9. J

    mahindra 3525 - should I?

    hello guys - i am all but sold on a mahindra 3525 - i have been comparing it to john deere, kubotas, new hollands, etc. it weighs a LOT more and lifts a LOT more than anything in it's range. i will be using it to keep up about 6 acres of land - with a large garden on about an acre and a...