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  1. Soundguy

    range selector for hst supposed to be extremely hard to shift?

    Had the rk55hc just a week now. Only had the chance to use it twice due to extreme work schedule. Went from M to L to unload. Went back to M to move some hay after getting the bale spear on. Thought I was going to Brea the shifter to get it back to M. Is it just really super duper stiff...
  2. Soundguy

    when did nortracs ( northern tool ) get shibarau engines?

    Chinese tractor, Japanese engine... Korean backhoes.. Interesting fusion.
  3. Soundguy

    It's official, just ordered my RK 55 HC last night.

    I'm officially on the waiting list now. Put money down last night. Ordered a SSQA bale spear as well. Hopefully within the next 5 weeks I will be able to pick it all up. :)
  4. Soundguy

    what type of quick attach bucket mounts do RK tractors use?

    I've asked this at both of the stores local to me now, as I'm trying to line up implements I want to buy when I get my tractor in a few weeks. The most important one is a front bale spear. I have looked at the slide on and bolt thru style where you have to drill your bucket, but frankly, they...
  5. Soundguy

    puncture resistance of ag vs ind tires

    Getting ready to purchase a new tractor, have the option of ag vs ind for same price. I realize industrial are probably more $. All I've ever used have been ag or turf. Only reason I've used turf are because they have come on things I've bought and I tend to run tires till they are bald...
  6. Soundguy

    constant login issue

    I have noticed the last week that each time I visit I have to login, and I do check the remember me button. Today it made me login literally 4 times in a row, as in enter name/pw, hit login, be sent to another login screen, with data pre entered. After 4th time , finally got in. Odd??
  7. Soundguy

    Storm tracker thread

    I didn't see an existing thread for discussing atlantic, gulf and pacific storms so I figured I would start one. Right now it looks like Florence, is currently category 4, and is PREDICTED to hit the carolina's coast.. however, if it goes more west than northwest, I believe that the north...
  8. Soundguy

    Are rural king tractors yanmars?

    Anyone know. Went by a rural king the other day and noticed some decent looking tractors. I looked at the R37 with l102 loader. beefy looking.
  9. Soundguy

    recomendations for a fitness tracker watch that can operate stand alone / no phone

    I currently use a fitbit, but apparently I'm too outdorsy and active, and I've been thru two trackers now, not looking for #3, because they seem fragile. I use an older windows 8 nokia 1020 phone. Remarkably, fitbit does have a windows app, which is why I'm using it. Most O the new tracker...
  10. Soundguy

    2007 gmc 2500 diesel, removed dash, lost dash illumination lights

    At work we have a 2007 gmc 2500 diesel. We did a partial dash removal to work on the steering column. Put back together. dash indicator lights ( battery, brakes, etc ) all work. LED odometer works. Dash illumination that comes on with the headlamps does not work, overhead dome lamp and...
  11. Soundguy

    need info / diagrams/part numbers for Alemite 0820-B air grease pump 50:1

    Anyone got a diagram or any part numbers for this air operated grease pump. It is a 50:1 unit.. and I have 2.. One quit a few years back and it's been in the corner.. the other just quit. I went to Alemite's site and could not find any documentation. Thanks
  12. Soundguy

    how to turn of update downloads on win10 over metered connection?

    I know on win10 you can't totally turn off updates, and on some builds/versions you can however 'defer' them. You can also turn off how you recieve them. IE, not as the mutual share / bittorrent method, which can use your machine to host updates for other people. I see where there is mention...
  13. Soundguy

    C cell charger with more than 8 bays?

    Anyone know of a company making a bulk C cell charger? I have seen a couple 8 bay chargers, but wondered about 10+. Thanks
  14. Soundguy

    win 10 / edge browser not working with centurylink webmail ??

    At work we use centurylink, and email is via webmail. Win 10 just installed, along with it edge. For email on centurylink, when you log in, it's either advanced ( ajax ) or standard ( html ) Noticed this morning when I got in.. No one could reply to email. You could open an email, hit...
  15. Soundguy

    ethernet bug in win 10 upgrade

    Ok, my turn to rant. Wifes computer was scheduled to upgrade yesterday. Got home late from work, it had upgraded, but was waiting for it's initial logon after reboot, etc. looked ok.. then I noticed, not on ethernet ( plugged in at router via cable ). but had switched to wifi. Odd. (...
  16. Soundguy

    aurora 24v ( ac fan for heavy equipment )

    Having trouble locating an ac fan for a road grader. the fan motor is an aurora 24v has the following numbers on it 2809-841-018 and 411-122-0006 In looking over the german? site? I've come up with this # as well 131-302-0003 and the unit is apparently this: DRG 73 24 V 3 speed...
  17. Soundguy

    lead alloy used in ohone cable sheathing

    Anyone know what alloy ?70's-80's vintage phone cable sheathing lead might be? I'm thinking softer vs hard linotype, since it needs to be ductile. Just curious. I may be able to get some free, and might want to smelt and cast round balls. Thanks
  18. Soundguy

    this add banner causes problems, has orientsl characters in it

    I'm attaching a screen shot. Notice near the bottom is a row of oriental characters. I see it often. Anytime I see it vs a regular banner add, the site will pause for about 10 seconds. Matters not if on phone or tablet, and on DSL, or super fast business class WiFi, or broadband. Something...
  19. Soundguy

    tow all trailer dollies

    A while back there was a thread and these came up. Bumper pull dolly to pull gn, etc I finally got an email reply. Despite their websites claim they are a part of your vehicle via notarized letter, they are in fact trailers, need their own tag, and thus would count as doubles.
  20. Soundguy

    need help finding drawer roller hardware

    Redoing the drawers in my parents house. they have these custom made drawers they love. On one of them, the roller nylon wheel with captive rollers died. I'm not finding anything like these for sale.. anywhere. all the replacemnt roller hardware that mount similar have the wheel inboard, not...
  21. Soundguy

    ?on Cat D8 engine oil filters -

    Was going over our oil filter charts here at work and noticed we are buying Napa 1161 filters for our cat D8 ( takes 2 - cartridge canister types) From Napa, those list as transmission filters. going back to the original cat # of: 5S484 I find lots of crosses... donaldson, fram, baldwin, napa...
  22. Soundguy

    why 6 days for 2-3 day mail?

    had someone mail me a priority package yesterday ( dec 2 ) . It actually hit the post office counter yesterday before lunch. They used priority ( 2-3 days ) The delivery date on the receipt is tuesday dec 8. we are both in the lower 48... WTF???
  23. Soundguy

    tranny fill plug for international 5500 dump ( 2006 )

    I'm out servicing the dump truck and can't for the life of me find a fill for the tranny!! Anyone got a diagram or got one and knows where to look. found drain ( pita spot too ) and another port.. but no way to get a hose to the darn thing. thanks
  24. Soundguy

    how to size an injector?

    injector is a bosch KDEL 65S1/13 I need to know what 'size' that injector is. Long story: I have a JD 790D excavator with a blown head. Head is an R61521 ( crosses with a JD 4840, 4640 and 4440 plus many others ) I can find a few reman'd ( and welded ) heads for sale, but hit a snag...
  25. Soundguy

    looking for a head for a 1989 jd 790 excavator ( casting # R61521 )

    JD 790 excavator vin FE790DL008544 engine tag 6466T26799 casting R61521 year 1989 Anyone know a place selling one and a head set ( other than john deere 2800$ ). Thanks
  26. Soundguy

    # of gallons of diesel before needing hazmat? ( 120? )

    I'm digging thru FDOT specs and notes here, and think I remember the anser / cutoff being 119/120g container before needing hazmat. IE you can carry LOTS of 5g containers.. but if a bulk container, it tops at that magic cutoff of 119/120g. And IIRC, even if you have a 250g tank, filled to...
  27. Soundguy

    looking for a head for a JD 790D backhoe

    I'm pretty sure the engine is a John Deere 6466A I know I can get one from JD.. but for 2800$, I'd like to find a reman on a shelf.. or a good used one pulled from a parted machine.. etc. :) thanks
  28. Soundguy

    NiceFlo flo2r-s/a transmitters Anyone use them ?

    These are the 2 button version 433.92MHz range I was ordering some EF4multi code gate openers, and was sent these by mistake. They don't work with my apollo gate. I'm attaching a pic. Someone here use them? PM me.
  29. Soundguy

    lets discuss preps for disasters

    Doesn't have to be EOTWAWKI events, or nuke war or global pandemic preps.. could be as simple as your yearly storm supplies in case a hurricane or tornado hits and leaves you without power for 3 weeks, or living out of a tent, / no food / fuel infrstructure for a few weeks. For instance...
  30. Soundguy

    04 f250 ford 6.0 PSD throttle surge issue

    At work we have two of these truck. Just got a call from the jobsite that one of them is doing an odd throttle/rpm surge. it can be setting there idling, and all of a sudden 'takes off', then will act like normal. No pattern, intermittant. Any ideas? I know it uses a HPOP and no 'normal'...
  31. Soundguy

    which is #1 cyl on a 2000 ranger 3L v6?

    Not my truck, or I'd know. Trying to help a work buddy. thanks
  32. Soundguy

    need oring/# for a 431145A1 hyd filter on a case C80 ( canister style filter )

    As the title states, I have a case C80 tractor. the hyd filter under the running board is a canister style, 431145A1 I have a NH dealer near me that gets me the filter.. but he is hard to deal with.. 30m hold times when you call, and 20-30m wait times in the parts room if you go by.. it's...
  33. Soundguy

    Be carefull about getting burned on the farm

    A good friend just called me. His adult son was working on his farm and was burned over 45% of his body. Air lifted to burn unit, 2 kin grafts and surgeries already. be carefull out there guys. If anyone knows Ron or Cody Kammer, here is a link to the Cody Kammer burn fund. Cody's Burn Fund
  34. Soundguy

    ?95 mazda B2500 truck stalled, won't restart

    cousin was driving, 1/4 tank fuel, went around a corner, truck stalled, she pulled over. i went out to look at it. battery turns over starter fine. lamps and gauges work, I checked for fuse burnouts, found none on the panel just inside the door. I pulled a spark plug wire and held it near...
  35. Soundguy

    cyl numbers on a 1998 dodge ram 1500 5.9L ? looking for #8

    At work we have a 98 dodge ram 1500, getting a misfire on cyl 8 code. Which cyl is #8? I used to have a ram, but it was too long ago and I don't remember. thanks
  36. Soundguy

    ack, another broke mower! kohler vtwin 25 spring fell out of linkage!!

    Ok, stepdad that has the broke jd ztr, it's rained every day after work since monday so i havn't gotten the mower apart yet. so he calls me this am, he's trying to get his craftsman rider goin, that was setting for a while since he has been using the ztr. he tookt he carb off to clean it, then...
  37. Soundguy

    JD ZTR no start and back/afterfire

    stepdad has a JD ZTr.. maybee 10-12ys old... Not sure of what model it is. 2 cyl He mowed with it 2 days ago. wouldn't start yesterday. When i got there he had put new inner/outter air filters in it and changed spark plugs. it turns over good. I pulled both lines to the plugs and held them...
  38. Soundguy

    pay as you go / no plan / type phones.. who's best?

    I need to get a phone for my grandmother, she migth use 8-10m a month on the cell phone, no texting and no data.. she is probably looking for something like the classic 'jitterbug' / flip phone. I have my mother in law on my own plan, and can't economically add any more people to my plan. My...
  39. Soundguy

    win 10?

    At work I saw the 'uograde to win 10' come up in my system tray on the 8.1 laptop.. Anyone gone there yet? I'm hesitent.. :)
  40. Soundguy

    how to find out what Microsoft account is on a win8.1 pc?

    Long story short. I've driven over to my 85yr old mother in laws to take care of her house and yard. She has a win8.1 desktop, and today her old flip phone died, so I got her a nokia 635 . I have a 1020, so I can show her how to use the phone. Now, you have to have a Microsoft account to use...
  41. Soundguy

    anyone got a parts diagram for a 2004 lincoln navigator front end body parts?

    Goof ball at our shop was pulling in a 2004 navigator of one of our office staff to change the oil, and did a hit the gas not the brake issue and hit the back of our service truck. empty trailer reciever left a square hole in the plastic cowling under the grill, there is also a small snap in...
  42. Soundguy

    2013 cadillac ATS navigation system. USB add on vs onstar?

    A guy at work has a 2013 caddy ats with the navigation package. has to be accessed thru onstar ( he says ). He has 'heard' there is a USB plug in device ( or some other 'chip' he called it' ) that lets you use the navigation system without onstar subscription. Perhaps just a map set or...
  43. Soundguy

    can you tell the truck subtype trim package from the vin #?

    I'm trying to order a replacement tail lamp assembly for a 2007 ( 10/2006 ) GMC Sierra 2500 HD truck, and need the trim subtype before i can match up the tail lamp assembly online in many parts stores, or even amazon. So far i can find nothing on the truck ( Classis SL, SLT, WT, etc.. etc.. )...
  44. Soundguy

    home hvac problem / question

    Trane unit, compressor outside, air handler in garage, etc. Unit runs on cool fine, shift to heat, and shortly the digital thermostat goes blank, and a 5a fuse blows in what appears to be a 24vac transformer circuit near a big relay in the air handler. I'd just like to sound Intelligent when I...
  45. Soundguy

    cortana/nokia/win8.1, built in bing search button not working outside wifi

    Anyone here on at&t with a Nokia win phone that has cortana on it. Is win 8.1phone? Have you noticed voice texts are not working if you are not in WiFi. It says can't connect to network. Ie if on 3/4g/lte itont work. Also, hitting the dedicated search button on the phone that brings up...
  46. Soundguy

    question for the network gurus

    At work they gave us these oil android tablets to do some things at the office and abroad. I was out at a clients site all day and sponged off their fast WiFi to get my tablet setup like I wanted. Now home and something odd. At my house the DSL modem and router combo is in one of the house...
  47. Soundguy

    can a smartphone send a fax??

    is there a way to fax a document from a smartphone?
  48. Soundguy

    16LA loader capability

    anyone got the #'s on what a 16la loader can do ( attached to say.. a tc40 type machine ). thanks
  49. Soundguy

    24hp tractor at northern tools

    was looking at a tractor at northern tools, i need another tractor with a loader, and want this one to be diesel and 4wd, so that kicks out me getting one of my old gassers for the job. this will be staying away from my property, but not unatended. the NT unit is about 13.5k$ looking up the...
  50. Soundguy

    ford trailer wire harnes wire color question

    I want to add a backup camera to the wifes 2014 e350 van to help her backup all the kits i find locally mount to the license plate via bracket built in to the camera. lic plate onthe van is in a door so inconvienient, but it will be nothing to fab a lil right angle, angle iron bracket and spray...
  51. Soundguy

    question on win 8.1 networking symbol, wired ethernet vs wifi

    Have a tech question for all you computer savy guys. Wife has a win 8.1 laptop. She's had it off a few weeks and now it is downloading a but load of updates. It has wifi, but she is at her desk and has it plugged in to the cat 5 cable from the router, etc. Now here's the question. At ouur...
  52. Soundguy

    what are the effects of a plugged egr on a 6.0psd?

    Pulled mine this weekend after getting new orings and gasket, my goodness.. Top port area was slam packed full! Clean as a whistle now, but could not have been operating before
  53. Soundguy

    "no alcohol", but contains ethanol????

    Was reading a bottle of crc diesel cleaner, fuel dryer, big letters on bottle front says ' no alcohol', flip it over, 2nd I 3rd ingredient was ethanol.
  54. Soundguy

    mutual of omaha, anyone invest with them?

    Anyone invest with mutual of omaha? I'm looking at their annuity products.. trying to keep up with inflation vs many banking products that are making .3-1.0 etc. anyone recently done this and taken a look at the co?
  55. Soundguy

    04 ford 6.0 psd orings for EGR valve

    Anyone know if the 2 orings for the egr are available from ford or napa? can't tell if there is a gasket under it either just looking at the diagram i've found. if there is, anyone know if the gasket and orings are available as a kit? I wouldn't mind pulling mine for a looksee since it's been...
  56. Soundguy

    flex fuel vehicle questions

    Got wife a 14 econoline van.. badge on the back says flex fuel. Up until now, flex fuel to me has meant i can mix kerosene into my diesel tractor fuel tank to prevent gelling. :) So will this think run on the yellow E85 pumps that are available though hard to find? Any cautions of running...
  57. Soundguy

    freightliner diesel van

    wife wants a van to replace her yukon. she just texted me a pic of a freightliner van ( i didn't even know freight liner made passbager vehicles.. or vans.. etc. ) kinda looks like a mercedes i guess. high roof. etc. Not even knowing freightliner made em.. I guess .. I have plenty of...
  58. Soundguy

    2000 gmc yukon headlamp # ?

    Wife called me from work, headlamp went out on the way, I need to run by WalMart or something and grab one and put it in at lunch, she works late, want to avoid any traffic citations :) Anyone got a # handy? 9006 ?? Thanks Maybee 9005 better #
  59. Soundguy

    which tranny does my 99 f350 ( 4wd, auto ) have? ( 7.3psd )

    I figure one of you hard core truck guys will know right off the bat. I was just curious if it was the e04d or not?
  60. Soundguy

    LK2552 ??

    what can anyone tell me about this tractor? one with a loader popped up near me for sale for what looks like a good price. what would the loader capability be? if it had some ballast will it lift 1000# hay bale on the loader? it is a great bend 240 loader.
  61. Soundguy

    ? low pressure ac pirt on 00 gmc yukon?

    Yukon not blowing cold air, though IS cool. Compressor does cycle on, it I not a fast on/off, however it does nit stay on for an extended time either, small metal line dies get cold. Large line from comp to evap is a big flexible one like a hyd hose, snall line has 2 ports, one with a red cap...
  62. Soundguy

    stack overflow errors

    getitng a ton of stack overflow errors, appears to be related to adds loading. only happening here.
  63. Soundguy

    win phone 8.1 problems? post them here

    Just had win phone 8.1 upgrade download to the wifes nokia lumia 1520 running black, killed it deader than a doornail. Wouldn't even recover after nokias tech support gave the procedure to hard reset and erase everything on the phone. Have heard reports of other nokia users with DOA phones...
  64. Soundguy

    Zombie Game fans? take a look at this one.. looks promising.

    I've played ( and own ) just about every zombie board game , going all the way back tot he dawn of the dead game with the lil paper chits that came out in 78. ( got just about ever zombie movie made too. especially the bad cheesy B rated ones ). This game i found on kickstarter has some fresh...
  65. Soundguy

    need help with ex-school dell optiplex 620

    Long story shor version: At the end of last year they replaced all the teachers computer. they let you buy the old computer, hd monitor, kb and mouse for 25$, wife decided to. it's been setting all summer in the corner. decided to bootit up and set i up as a hoe computer for us since we...
  66. Soundguy

    some reoly links comming in bad

    Got some reply announcements today that were not clickable, and trying to access the from 'my home' made page lockup Like this one ????
  67. Soundguy

    vista get a makeover w/ latest update?

    I don't use a pc often.. usually just my phone or a netbook ( winxp ).. but sometiems at the office i'm on a vista laptop. Thur when i left work it was doing some big update.. havn't gotten back to it till today. It looks different. the win logos look mor elike win 7 logos, and my color...
  68. Soundguy

    dvd transfered to tablet ? how?

    wifes going on a long international flight and wants to watch a few dvd courses on her nokia 2520 tablet. I got her the flip over keyboard cover that has the dual battery in it.. so it 'should have' 8 hrs of run time without wifi or cellular enabled ( airplane mode ). now.. that said. how do...
  69. Soundguy

    who makes rural king's 15w40 oil? it's way cheaper than even walmart...

    I run 15w40 C/S rated oil in all my old gasser antique tractors ( with limited exception). It's better oil imho than their original recs ..e tc. Given that it's better almost no matter what. I've been using 'price point' ie.. walmart oil due to cost. Jus got a rural king in our area and just...
  70. Soundguy

    stihl, makita or husqvarna concrete saw

    Need to replace a 14" csaw at work asap, been always using stihl 400/420. New 420 is 1050$ or so, husq and Makita 900$, have had our stihl 760 in the shop 3 times and our last 420 bit the dust... Hesitant to get another stick, they used to almost be the gold standard, not sure now, anyone got...
  71. Soundguy

    lenovo thinkpad t500 no boot or post code? ideas?

    just an old laptop at work.. the one that connects a digital console to a router.. so mildly important. I can hit a pawn shop monday and liekly find another for 100$.. but wondering if there is anything I can wave over it this weekend to make it boot.. it has a saved setup i need to copy to a...
  72. Soundguy

    freedom life / health ( insurance )

    Who are these people. Broker came by our office selling health insurance.. I was in the other office listening in.. and.. well.. it sound slike a SCAM to me... Anyone got the skinny...
  73. Soundguy

    hauling diesel fuel in florida in a small bulk tank on a trailer, what are the regs?

    I seem to remember that it used to be legal to haul diesel in a small bulk tank ( 500g or less ) if it had the feul plaque on it denoting diesel and combustable.. but not quite clear on memory. The other day someone mentioned the regs have changed. have not been able to wade thru FL dot regs...
  74. Soundguy

    how to relaod a web page that may have bad ? cached data

    on my netbook I am trying to hit a website and simply get an unable to laod error. I can hit the site on my phone however. I know the web site has had a few issues in the last few days requiring refreshing on the phone to get it to load. thinking whatever may be saved on the netbook may be...
  75. Soundguy

    how do you get video off a smart phone, and saved on a dvd, or perhaps as a cd

    I've never tried to do it.. I don't mess with video much. Lady at work has a video on her and her moms phone she wants to save down. I am not familiar with what formats phones record in... ideas? thanks
  76. Soundguy

    sif m400 pistol with stabilizing brace

    anyone got one?
  77. Soundguy

    problem with troy built pressure washer

    buddy called me last night. he has a troy built pressure washer. ( brigs own them? ) has a honda engine. sat all winter.. wouldn't start. I had nim take fuel line off to make sure fuel was getting to carb, and then had him drop carb bowl to make sure flaot was not hanging. put back...
  78. Soundguy

    idea of what relays migth be staying powered at shutdown to kill bat on 2000 gmc yuko

    wifes yukon has good bat and good alt. once in a blue moon ( very rarely.. ) the thing will kill the bat overnight. like maybee 2 times a year. Something is staying on and powered obviously... just trying to figure out some ideas of relays that migth be sticking and staying powered that...
  79. Soundguy

    plum trees.. can you plan single. or do you need two to fruit?

    I know some plants want parts.. didn't know if plum is happy by itself. I have some wild ones on property.. but nowhere near where I am planting the new one. thanks
  80. Soundguy

    good ofice substitute for win 7

    what do you guys use as an office suite substitute. working mostly with word and xl docs I have 'works' on an older xp netbook, and full office on my win8 stuff.. but ther eis one lonely win7 laptop at work that needs -something-
  81. Soundguy

    win phone, text message keeps sending

    Ok, here is an odd one, I have a Nokia Lumia phone, win phone 8, is black, this week one of my text recipients reports they are getting a text I sent them 4 days ago, each day, does not show up as a new thread in my thread menu, only original shows, also, strangely, looking back thru my threads...
  82. Soundguy

    differences in x-ref filters...

    was picking up a ac/delco pf61e oil filter for the wife's 2000 yukon xl 1500 anyway, initially couldn't find one, so xref'd it... book at store said fram ph 3675 I hit the fram online xref and it lists both a ph 3675 and a ph 9837 i looked at their specs. the 3675 has an AD valve.. the...
  83. Soundguy

    discussion on wood, carbon fiber, aluminum, bow / crossbow bolts.

    Since ammo has been so $hard$ to find the last year+ my buddies and I have resorted to more archery activities vs 'shooting'. between us, we have a collection of compound and both wood and composite recurve bows, as well as cross bows with composite and various metalic prods. everything from...
  84. Soundguy

    chip that goes on pcm vs the programmer style tuners?

    while reading and searching the internet and talking to my diesel mechainc ( who also owns a 7.3psd ). we began talking about tuners. his truck, ( 99? 2000? ) has a chip that plugs onto a slot on the pcm. He says he prefers this to a hand held tuner setup. ie.. like superchips.. etc. what...
  85. Soundguy

    what trans oil for a case 580 L?

    just picke dup one. got manuals on order. would like to service and top off some oils ... what's her trans take? thanks
  86. Soundguy

    warning of dangerous site?

    tried to get on earlier, co av had this site blocked as dangerous. tried bak a bit ago and went thu. any ideas / anyone else see something like this?
  87. Soundguy

    wireless printing from tablet to printer ? possible?

    Question. Wife upgraded from a surface tablet to a nokia 2520. surface tablet had a usb 2.0 port on it and she would copy documents to the thumb drive to transport to school cpu to print. the nokia tablet she just got ( ups brings good things! ) it has a usb 3.0 micro usb port on it. Guess...
  88. Soundguy

    for you 6.0psd haters, here you go - honesty :)

    Ok.. Most of you know I have a 04 6.0psd for work.. and a couple 7.3psd's for home and play. This am i went to go to work. was 26 degrees. 6.0 didn't want to start. i think i coulda worke dit another few minuted and nursed it to a start.. but didn't feel like being abusive to the starter or...
  89. Soundguy

    switched from iphone to winphone, some text boxes can't be filled out on tbn now

    switched to a nokia windows phone and we no longer have the iphone. I noticed when i went to change my signature that the lil keyboard would pop up then go away after i highlighted the text box to edit the sig. i can post a message fine though. ideas?
  90. Soundguy

    first experience with magic jack

    Had to call a # the other day and got a magic jack message. IE.. the persons number was a magic jack #. Apparently if they have not called you, you can't call them! IE. if that person has not dialed your #.. then when you call them.. it tells you that. you can't even leave a message!! My...
  91. Soundguy

    tepco reactor 3 leaking again? anyone confirm this?

    on another site i saw a link to a story from turner radio network. a google search turned up no major news networks carrying a story that I could find ( mind you my work internet blocks many news sites ). only places like the examiner, guardian.. etc.. were showing up with stories on a steam...
  92. Soundguy

    compair atom n 450 and tegra 3 processor ?

    anyone know of a way to compair performance ? for instance my old netbook uses a n450 ( dual core i think ) and 1.6ghz processor and my new tablet uses a tegra 3 quad core /1.3 ghz i know back in the old dinosaur days we did flop/stone comparison of processor hp.. what the standard today...
  93. Soundguy

    ie11 and win 7, ie stopping ( ie 10 did as well )

    at work, the guy in the back office has a win 7 laptop.. it had ie 10 on it... I installed ie 11 on it as he had started to complain that ie was randomly stopping on him now and then. at the time i found out he was never shutting it down, just sleeping it every day for months. I told him to...
  94. Soundguy

    07 gmc diesel fuel filter housing oring kit????

    i bought one of these for work via amazon a coupl eyears ago. can't for the life of me figure out where we got it from / who ( vendor ). I need another for another truck now. tried searching.. must not be using correct search criteria.. anyone know a place selling this kit? would prefer...
  95. Soundguy

    taurus CT G2 carbine in 9mm, magazine question? uzi mags?

    anyone got one of these? I hear some people say they will take a uzi mag. I hear others say no.. still others say an uzi mag will fit if modified. yet others say only proprietary taurus mags...
  96. Soundguy

    pc processor specs new vs old

    i remember in the not so long ago days.. when you looked at a pc processor spec.. it would be like pentium 4, 3 ghz etc. or AMD athlon 1.3 ghz.. etc. Nowadays.. you go look and you see I3 , I5, or I7, and no speed specs. Wife is looking for a laptop to run some music software and...
  97. Soundguy

    can tel ford truck number from vin ???

    I have at work, what i THINK is a 84 ( late 83 manf date ) ford 8000 that is now a water truck. All the id emblems on the hood that would id truck type.. IE.. ford 8000 are either worn or missing. Vin is intact and data and title plate just say ford truck. Need to get a windshield installed...
  98. Soundguy

    swisher walk behind HD string trimmer heat / run issues?

    I have one of them big walk behind string trimmers on steroids. uses 2 big square profile cords you pretzle tie ont he front cutter head. got is a couple years ago. was cleaning a fence line yesterday. heavy thick stuff, lotsa chaff. I had to stop every 5 m to clean fuzz off the top and...
  99. Soundguy

    need help determining office 2013 requirements, specific part number in message

    At work the wife can purchase a copy of office 2013 for school use. I'm having a hard time tracking down requirements on the specific product number being offered. it also mentions 32bitx64 unsure if that means it is 32 bit, 64 bit or both? I'm trying basically to find what OS it wants...
  100. Soundguy

    wood crossbow

    ok.. was out at the range with some buds sighting in our compoud crossbows. a guy shows up with a newish manufacture medieval 'style' crossbow probably only an 80# draw.. and shot home made bolts that were 8" long ( dowel rod, fletching and metal practice tips much like wood archery arrows...
  101. Soundguy

    need opinion on software to processor compatibility

    Ok.. here's the skinny. Long story short. Being a school teacher is hard. At my wife's school, they took printers away from the teachers and now all printing is to central office. you have a print quota. can't exceede it even if you pay. you gt xx sheets per week.. period. too bad if yo...
  102. Soundguy

    local parts store # cross for At139433 coil ?? 5950-01-395-7614

    At139433 5950-01-395-7614 as far as i can tell both those numbers cross to each other, top number is a JD number. I need to try to find one of those coils locally today if possible. if anyone knows of a napa, car quest, or orielies cross for these it would be appreciated. napa online parts...
  103. Soundguy

    problem opening web links with " aspx" suffix ?

    At work we interface with a few prvate and govt web sites that we enter report data to, and then they generate a report for us. many times after report generation, there are buttons at the bottom of the page to say.. print confirmation.. or to save as a pdf. last few days.. when i click save...
  104. Soundguy

    anyone else getting pop up notifications?

    my blocker is catching pop ups onthe last 2 TBN pages i've browsed. just say the lil notification bar . anyone else seeing this? i'm running kaspersky internet security...
  105. Soundguy

    2 cycle engines.. still ?

    I thought i had heard that 2 cycle engines were going away?.. yet i still see new products with them. like those lil 80-90 cc 120v low wattage 800-900 w generators.. etc.? did i hear wrong and 2 cycle is NOT going away? or?
  106. Soundguy

    01 merc sable,wich plug is 3?

    Buddy has this car, it is showing a misfire on 3... which plug is 3? With hood open, 3 plugs are easy to get to, 3 back ones are under the intake. Thanks
  107. Soundguy

    site security issue , perhaps with one banner add?

    I just had Kaspersky give me a site security issue warning, and I am pretty sure it was when a specific banner add was trying to load. killing the window caused 3 more load attempts before i used the kaspersky dialog box to close the window. subsequent page laods are not showing anything...
  108. Soundguy

    JD const equip parts ( got a favorite place you buy em? )

    we are rebuildingthe axles of a jd loader ( 644H ).. anyone got a favorite palce they buy parts from other than a JD dealer or heavyquip ?
  109. Soundguy

    ie 8 install on xp ( stalling during install issue )

    some backstory 1st Ok.. wifes a teacher.. this week they took printers away from all the teachers, with all printing now going to the central office. many reasons... 1, they had quite a colelction of printers of different ages and ink types and no longer wanted to support all those different...
  110. Soundguy

    end of an era

    at work today i just took our last 'parallel' printer offline. Pretty much the last bit of 'legacy' hardware we were dealing with. many years ago.. at least 6-7 or more, we got rid of our last serial device. After that, we got rid of our last supported 3.5" floppy drive 2-3 ys ago.. it was a...
  111. Soundguy

    remove chrome job?

    is there a non destructive process to de-chrome a metal part (s) that have been chromed?
  112. Soundguy

    K&N for 07 gmc 6.6d ?

    K&N makes 2 options. an oe shaped repalcement filter.. and one that repalces trhe airbox/intake runner. obviously the oe shaped repalcement is easier .. any advantage to it? boss at work drives one and a super drives one.. and someone told them it was the 'thing' to do. I only have limited...
  113. Soundguy

    cross site scripting warning

    I keep getting cross site scripting warnings ( and then my system blocks/stops or modify's the page to prevent ), when on TBN. doesn 't happen on any other forums. My virus and malware software is up to date...
  114. Soundguy

    vista laptop - security center empty, firewall not on, can't update, add/remove prog

    got a vista laptop at work.. guy in the back office has been using it ( hp i think... ) i was updating virus software on stuff at work. get his.. security centr in control panel was empty. did not show firewall.. virus software..e tc. manually going to firewall icon in control panel said...
  115. Soundguy

    how come brigs oe oil filter is bigger than mtd spec oil filter?

    got a huskee lt3800 with a 12.5 brigs in it ( good mower by the way! ) wet to do an oil change on it today.. notied that if you go by the brigs engine specs.. it takes a filtr that is 200ml larger in capacity than if you use the mtd spec oil filter. IE.. when you buy the machine.. you get an...
  116. Soundguy

    anyone got the yamaha s-yxg50 wavetable synth archive file?

    yamaha s-yxg50 is a midi / wavetable software syntesizer so that you don't have to use a midi module hooked to yor laptop to convertmidi files into music. Aparently it has been out since around 97, was a free download, but is now unavailable from yamaha. A musician i know uses it on his...
  117. Soundguy

    cat 5 / 6 coupler? ( plug 2 cables together to get extra length? )

    Honestly never tried this. Just wondering. is there such a beast as a cat 5/6 coupler. IE.. say I have a cat 5 cable that is 10' too short, can i get a couple and a 10' cable and extend it? I assume something passive.. like an rj style coupler uesd on a telco cord??
  118. Soundguy

    odd ? mellon / gourds growing in corner of pasture

    was out mowing the pasture.. found these things that look about like basketball or smaller sized melons. skin vaugely resembles a watermellon.. though not as dark green.. but same striping. i hit a couple with the mower and the flesh has a rind then is whitish or maybee whiteish yellow, with...
  119. Soundguy

    cruise cutout on 04 ford psd going down road.. re-engaged fine ???

    just curious .... driving back to work this an. 04 f250 6.0psd, going about 50mph, speed limit increaseed to 55.. i was on cruise.. hit and held the accel button to just pump the speed up.. it went up 1.5mph, then i felt cruise kick out.. the lil green light on t he dash went out. i hit...
  120. Soundguy

    need rear end diagram on raygo rascal 400 A vibe roller

    I just pulled a raygo rascal 400A Vibe roller ( rear rubber tires.. front steel drum ) into the shop. something wrong with rear wheel hub or axle , bearing. getting ready to pull that huge beast down and have no documentation.. no parts diagrams.. nuttin. anyone got anything on her? even an...
  121. Soundguy

    man that's alotta eyes stareing back at me!

    last night was an intersting one for late night critters. i got home before the wife at around 11pm.. decided to take a walk around the neighborhood. about 20minutes in 2 raccoons were scuffling in a vacant lot.. making quite a bit of noise too! got home wife got home. we walke dthe dogs...
  122. Soundguy

    internet connection speed test site?

    i remember a while back someone posted a link to an internet connection speed test site... i need to use it to check our new work connection and wifi setup. anyone got the addres shandy. it had appeared in a thread somewhere on here.. but i can't wade thru the search to find it. :)
  123. Soundguy

    cross site scripting warning by AV program in zimmerman thread

    int he zimmerman thread my AV program warned me and stopped some cross site scripting. I have no idea what that it.. but.. i'm guessing something is attacking the board?
  124. Soundguy

    huskee 12.5hp / 38" cut lt3800 ??

    at work we just got what i guess is a LT 3800 a huskee 38" cut / 12.5hp brigs I believe. mtd .. etc. anyway. the thing has a 6spd tranny. neat lil machine. I mowed with it a couple times. got a question on the trans. is this some sort of hydrostat tranny? it doesn't feel like a...
  125. Soundguy

    omega 3 fish oil supplement linked to prostate problems?

    anyone hear anything about this on FOX, Dr. Marc Siegel ?
  126. Soundguy

    huskee lt3800 info? manual?

    owner just brought over a huskee lt3800 mower for one of our shop yards. of course the manual didn't arrive with it.. :( i see the mower says it takes 10w30 oil. can this thing be run on syn oil from the start? I can't find a &^^%$ MANUAL ONLINE WITHOUT THE SN.. AND THE GOOFBALL GUYS AT THE...
  127. Soundguy

    PM's not working.. causes lockups and recovers..

    trying to help some poor guy via pm .. and have relaoded tbn about 40 tiems now. loading the pm's cause tbn to lockup and chrash and auto recover don't work. :)
  128. Soundguy

    how come staff at box stores know nothing baout their products?!?!?!

    I knew i was pretty much a given that parts gus at parts stores didn't kow squat about the parts and machines. but was hoping that hardware stores and such might still have some people in their specific departments who knew a lil. got home from work last night around 9pm.. kitched faucet had...
  129. Soundguy

    belkin 54g config can't config to network, windows sees it fine?!?!?!?!

    as the title states.. i was trying to setup a pc inthe back room for the wife. she needs to preconfigure it before taking to work. popped in the belkin 54g usb dongle. no driver.. can't go online to get driver.. :) anyway.. download it on my tablet to a sd card. install it to the pc. no...
  130. Soundguy

    florida 'fast lane' min speed law

    i see fl just passed a law that limits how slow you can go in the 'fast' lane. and it's a ticketable offense if you are under this limit with overtaking traffic behind you ( with limited exceptions ). anyone think this one will stand a sniff test if tested?
  131. Soundguy

    falling skies tv series

    ok.. i started watching mid 1st season.. missed a few.. picked up the dvd series pack.. forgot about it.. left it inthe cabinet. last year my work sched changed and i missed the entire 2nd season. this past sun, season 3 started. I was home.. watched it and immediately knew i needed to fill...
  132. Soundguy

    fdot question on annual vehic inspection form

    Up untill now i havn't handled our florida DOT stuff in the office 'full time' I've helped out on some of the stuff here and there.. but now as of about 10 minutes ago.. looks like it's another 'pile' on my plate to take care of. Other person has been letting some stuff slide and now the fires...
  133. Soundguy

    murray 21hp / 46" cut black hood model questions

    anyone got one of these? I still have an old murray 12.5hp 40" cut model. engine runs strong.. 1-2-3 and 5 gear works. deck is near shot.. have rethreaded both spindles. yet she still runs near 16ys old... :) was looking at the new 'snapper' looking murray witht he 24" cut for tight spots...
  134. Soundguy

    ? on sterno or other 'chaffing' fuels / gelled alc fuels.

    common sterno.. Is that diethelyene glycol and? ethanol or (and) methanol? or?
  135. Soundguy

    old attachment manager ( pic )

    when did we get the old one back? it's soooo much easier to use.. :)
  136. Soundguy

    2150 w loader and mower

    looking at a 2150 for the church. has laoder and mower. looks very clean. seller says it is 50hp and 1520 hours, 86 model ( 2wd ). any idea on value.. or any other info to help us decide? i'm not a jd guy.. though have done some work on and with a 2240 etc...
  137. Soundguy

    romanian PSL side (scope) rail =?= AK side rail?

    anyone got a PSL and an AK.. or have used AK side rail scope mounts on a PSL? are they the same rail? thanks
  138. Soundguy

    power drain on dodge.. got a fuse / circuit question

    patient is a 98 dodge ram 1500 5.9l gasser, oe towing package.. and a um.. hoppy brake controller. truck just started this issue 2 weeks ago. If you drive it daily.. it's fine. if you let it set 3 days without driving it, it drains down the battery so that it may or may not start...
  139. Soundguy

    ?new rear engine murray?

    saw one at walmart.. looks like a small rear engine job.. economy for sure.. reminiscent of an old snapper. anyone used one? got one? my last murray economy mower is now over 16ys old.. still going good.. though the deck is about shot... it will make it thru this season.. but I may think...
  140. Soundguy

    Cat D5 , no gauges

    working on a D5.. no gauges or instrumentation come on with key. unit will start and operate. I've checked all the fuses and circuit breakers under the fender on the left side. have removed the box there to check the 2 solenoids etc. have got the dash pulled.. but not much mor ethere than...
  141. Soundguy

    problem with 'when big is no longer better' thread

    when I load this thread it keeps crashing and continually reloading. any ideas:
  142. Soundguy

    in the market for an old vw bug

    any bug affictionados here? anything ai need to look out for other than the normal rotted out floor pans.. and rusted out front suspension.. brakes..e tc. I've done SOME research.. have seenthe mroe rare split and oval rear windows.. wetc. have seent he later mex units..e tc. what's the...
  143. Soundguy

    anyone used a good hdmi video crossfader?

    need one that will take 2 source inputs and have one output.. and seamless xfade betweent he 2.. or fade to black then to the other input without having to re-syn like a video switcher will.. which is what I am using now.. a switcher... takes 3-5 seconds to sync when switching inputs...
  144. Soundguy

    happy easter

    working a double. :) happy easter folks!
  145. Soundguy

    7.3l PSD oil filter vs the 6.0 PSD oil filter

    did a service on the 350 this am before work. the 7.3 takes a napa 1734 'metal can style' spin on filter. big thing.. looks like it could be a 2qt capacity type filter. situated vertical next to the left side of the oil pan..e tc. the 6.0psd filter is a semi cartridge style.. plastic top...
  146. Soundguy

    notice to owner questions

    Got a question on filing notice to owner. We pretty much send them out on all our jobs that are mor ethan a couple K$. Got an issue with a landowner right now.. we did some work on their land under contract. after contract was completed, they had us go back and do more incremental work ...
  147. Soundguy

    ? rmove clutch to replace sprocket on chainsaw

    at work I have a echo cs 370 chainsaw on my desk. apparently i am tasked with removing the cen- clutch to replace the quite wore sprocket that lives under it. so how do you get them darn things off? ;) all the small engine shops are backlogged right now.. will be next tuesday before anyone...
  148. Soundguy

    new florid dot laws / medical card? etc

    Walking into work this am, all the drivers were standing around the water cooler talking about new cdl / fl dot laws. I heard lots of he-said-she said horror stories like: my brothers uncle sister lives with this guy who heard..... anywho.. the big issue they were talking about was the dot...
  149. Soundguy

    how to remove starter on a 318

    without pulling engine. not much clearance to frame.. not much clearance from coolers to move anything either. ideas? thanks
  150. Soundguy

    industrial garage door drive chain help needed

    i'm repairing the middle bay roll up door at our shop. has a pull chain that loops tot he bottom for the operator to pull on. has a large and small sprocket at the top.. the drive chain ( bike chain style etc)that runs the large and small sprocket is a hair bigger than 40, but smaller than 50...
  151. Soundguy

    Delta 36-220 wood chop saw

    buddy of mine has one of these and said that the auto blade brake just stopped working.. blade now coasts down when you release the trigger instead of auto braking. I'm not familiar with this model. does it use an electric engine brake.. or some sort of friction brake? any ideas?
  152. Soundguy

    MM gate opener 350, short stroking on close?

    Got a mighty mule 350 gate opener. It's hooked to a 16' tube gate on a wheel. good balance. virtually no weight.. flat ground., have it set for the cyl extended to close, retract to open. Takes about 95% of the stroke to colse the gate. Been running a couple years fine. setup corectly, I...
  153. Soundguy

    2240 with clutch issues

    got a 2240 and sparks and metal shavings just started blowing out the inspection covers on the left ahead of your feet :) I've had her split in the rear before to do the independtent pto clutch packs. clutch is now out.. i'm kinda thinking seized TO bearing? any other ideas. just rolled it...
  154. Soundguy

    iphone 3gs ( no wifi ) issue

    ok.. Have wifi at the house. use it often with my tablet. KNOW it's working. iphone.. last night.. went to check weather.. had an issue getting it to update.. so tried to go online.. it kept using 3g.. went to settings, and network. the wifi line is greyed out and says 'NO WIFI' It does not...
  155. Soundguy

    f450 tranny replacement questions

    we have an f450 with a manual trans at work, in a service truck. it may have a pto .. not sure of year of truck.. but it has a 7.3psd in it.. thinking it is the last of the 7.3s in 04. tranny has had it.. howls, growls, and jumps out bad. here's the question.. if it has a pto.. what all will...
  156. Soundguy

    99 f350 fuel gauge died, 00 yukon fuel gauge died.

    this week both the 2000 yukon (gas) fuel gauge died as well as my diesel 99 f350. different death. int he yukon, the gauge satys on e.., doesn't reset key off / on.. and the 1/8 tank warning light ont he message center comes on. ont he power stroke.. it's still moving.. but uncalibrated. for...
  157. Soundguy

    best price om SMV stickers?

    I know the SMV comes in plastic and metal signs.. and they also come inthe stick on. I also know that most places have went to the new hi-viz refractive/reflective plastics stickers / signs. I need to order a bunch to re do all my equipment at work. probably 30pcs.. can't do that buying from...
  158. Soundguy

    database error

    seen a DB error all morning. got a few posts read / replied to. emailed a couple memebrs off board. some saw it.. but obviously some others were posting.. though times look funny., any ideas?
  159. Soundguy

    circ saw blade as hand hatchet head or knife

    I've toyed around with making cutting instruments out of things like a RR spike.. etc. have seen some make a knife from a file.. etc. was thinking about using a circ saw blade for a knife or hand hatchet or skinning tool.. etc. hows the metal ? work ok for that?
  160. Soundguy

    red grease an overkill for everydays greasong on heavy equipment

    right now we pay 4-5$ a tube for the 'red' grease.. a molly would save us a buck a tube, and still be better than the plain non Ep amber or brown mild ep inthe 2-3$ range.. what do you guys use for your HE greasing?
  161. Soundguy

    be carefull at ratshack!

    went in today to get a motorola to bnc connector.. also decided to get a couple m 2 f rca patch cables. ( 5$ items..e tc ) clerks there are like vampires! tried to sell me a dozen toys or anything else I was standing near... took 5-6 no's to get out of that one.. then wanted me to upgrade...
  162. Soundguy

    walmart and HF penetrating oil

    Ok.. I see walmart and hf sell some cheap sub2$ penetrant oil cans.. I figured I'd try it. My nose tells me both are liquid wrench. anyone else use them? for the amount vs price.. HF is the better deal.. larger can.... both smell the same to me.. and same as liq wrench. was hoping for...
  163. Soundguy

    help me repair 04 f250 psd with front collision damage :)

    OK.. long story short. payloader backed into front end of f250 psd (04 ) parked on job. front grill ( whole clip.. h/l assy turn sigs.. etc.. ) is damaged as well as pasanger front quarter panel.. hood ok.. cross metal piece inside E/C is bent, already removed.. rad, and both large coolers are...
  164. Soundguy

    large HF inverters

    anybody got one? we are looking at something in the 2k to 4k range at work... i see every now and then HF pouts one of the rather large ones on sale. I have a 150 and a 750w from them.. works fine.. anybody got a large one?
  165. Soundguy

    red diesel AND non ethanol gas!

    the sole jiffy 2 cities up from me ( closer than the airport or the marina 45m away ).. now sells red diesel as well as the 90 oct non ethanol gas they have had for a few months. nice to have options (cough) :)
  166. Soundguy

    ideas on 2004 f2do psd front end collision with loader, repair

    ont he job had a woopsie. one of the guys had a 'insuficient space' error with a payloader and the front end of one of our 6.0psd's it's coming in onthe flatbed later. so far from what i hear, front clip and hood +rad and fan are likely involved.. ie.. bumper.. HL assys.. grill, rad, shroud...
  167. Soundguy

    what's it take to switch out a DISH remote?

    wife likes to 'wash' one of the dish remotes. the one in the kitchen gets wet about once a month and i have to pop it apart and dry it out and clean the baord with alcohol. apparrently didn't survive this time. each time she looks at me as if she has no idea how it gets wet when she leaves...
  168. Soundguy

    how much does underhood pad do?

    last week i lost an oring on a fuel filter on my 7.3psd. I've washed the engine compartment 2x and will do so again.. need to wash the vent areas arounf the wipers again too, in a quest to get rid of the diesel fumes. just noticed the underhood pad is a gonner. it's soaked. I'll never...
  169. Soundguy

    7.3psd fuel filter orings WTF?

    repalced the fuel filter in the f350 the other day.. made sure I had the triangular oring flat down, pointy up.. tightened all it would go including stripping out the chincy molded in place for a 1/2" socket ( really? why so thin there? ) anyway.. looked good.. no drips.. no seeping... wiped...
  170. Soundguy

    howes or power service

    our local tsc just started carrying howes. anyone use that and power service and can compair the two?
  171. Soundguy

    what to open a dwg file with? ( autocad file? )

    anyone know of some free software i can open a dwg file with. I'm guessing it may be an autocad file? thanks
  172. Soundguy

    throttle body on gmc 5.3l clenaing similar concept to others?

    I know on an old for tbird I had ( 87 model ).. I once in a while had to pull the air duct off and clean the throttle body when it would idle rough or start / stall. later on I've had to do it on an old 98 dodge 5.9 I had. wifes 2000 yukon started doing it 2 days ago. can i assume it's about...
  173. Soundguy

    anyone got a rental agreement template / boilerplate?

    (real estate ) anything i can hack up and edit ? thanks
  174. Soundguy

    big truck junkyards? need a turbo for a 05 international dump

    It's one of theose models with sensors. can't get a rebuild kit for it. dealer wants over 3000$ for a new one. Anyone got any ideas on a big truck salvage yard I can call around to? thanks
  175. Soundguy

    any dupe relaoding dies to trade?

    I didn't post this in the adds as I thought maybee we could get a collective trade going.. multiple parties.. etc... Most of us in the reloading hobby, at one time or another may find ourselves with duplicate reloading dies. either from accidentally buying 2 of the same set, or buying out a...
  176. Soundguy

    anyone built a signal cannon or other legal muzzle loader/black powder style?

    or mortar.. etc? if so.. post pics/ descriptions..
  177. Soundguy

    cabin air filter on 99 f350

    getting ready to do a service on my 99 f350 ( door date tag of 12/98 ) I see i have any of 3 possible filter combinations for the air filter with 12/98 as the to/from dates. :) dealer did my 1st service when i got her, and my local mechanic did my last service when i had a water pump...
  178. Soundguy

    del 720 col prntr on win 7 laptop?

    my brother had an older acer or asus? laptop with vista 32 on it.. used a del 720 color printer. great looking pics this thing spits out. he upgraded to a new laptop the other day and I'm helping him get his stuff moved over and setup. the laptop picked up drivers automatically for everything...
  179. Soundguy

    case C80 shuttle shift with non op reverse

    we have a case C 80 at work with a shuttle shift. reverse stopped working. any ideas for what to check? this thing use servos and such.. somewhere i can pressure test a servo or valve.. etc? all ideas appreciated. soundguy
  180. Soundguy

    slen service trailer grrrrr

    got to work right before 7am, got a call from a jobsite that a 16' tandem axle flatbed trailer we were using as a fuel / grease traielr was gone. 500g diesel tank.. just filled tuesday... duel tank air comp with a honda engine.. 35# grease keg with air operated grease pump and hose reel.. (...
  181. Soundguy

    kel tec ksg high capacity shotgun

    anyone got one? opinions?
  182. Soundguy

    need help ID'ing some lamp elements

    I just got ?promoted? to a new job at work.. part of that comes some inventory that had few notes. i'm sorting out some bulbs and lamp elements. Most of them I Id'd here are the ones I'm unsure about: 4515 6v / 30 ( i think these are ceiling lamps as have been used in some commercial...
  183. Soundguy

    swap new keyfob to 99 gmc2500

    we have a gms 2500 at work with the key fob for doorlocks.. etc. fob finally bit the dust. we have another fob from another gmc we don't have anymore.. how do you get the truck to recognize the new fob? I know on my old 99 ford f350, you do some deal with turning the key on and off a few...
  184. Soundguy

    small manual pine straw bailers?

    anyone know where to get them. I see guys out in pine lots raking up pine straw and putting in the form that has a cammed manual masher and then they just tie it off with sissal or twine like a regular hay bale.. etc.
  185. Soundguy

    aluminum welding with mig (flux? )

    is there a flux cored aluminum mig wire? ( .030 / 35 ?? ) I'd be inclined to pick up a small 110v mig if i could do small aluminum projects with it, vs the allow solder rods.. etc. hf has the small flux migs on sale again for 89$.. etc... opinions? ( i've seen people do tig aluminum.. etc...
  186. Soundguy

    prepaid mobile broadband usb modem vs prepaid wifi hotspot ?

    At work, we use sprint services, some of our laptops have mobile broadband USB modems, and one older one even has a mobile broadband PCMCIA card! That laptop, HOPEFULLY, is going to be repalced asap.. been working on that in another thread. Now.. our contract terms are coming up on the mobile...
  187. Soundguy

    acer extensa 5620 need restore help ( hdd may have been changed out too )

    at work we have an acter extensa 5620 ( 5620-6830 ) it travels to and from the jobsite... it's been running slow a while and regualr malware and antivirus checks don't show anything.. but it has had a bajillion software titles installed on and oof and many removed, over the years. We got...
  188. Soundguy

    need id help on old 16g? SS bolt shotgun

    found an old 16ga (i think) shotgun at a gunshow today. a guy i know from the shows took it in on trade.. seller knew little about it except it had been in his deceased dads collection.. guy at the show did a lil looking and couldn't find any info. it has what looks like a smaller perhaps...
  189. Soundguy

    how can northern tools compete against harbr freight?

    Had to pick up some items for work. realize that in the construction industry, some tools are disposable by nature.. even tools that should be durable.. :) Today i went around and looked at sears, harbor freight and northern tools. i priced a 5" full swivel ( s axis ) vise. northern 129...
  190. Soundguy

    0w30 vs 5w20

    was doing a lil research on some of these oils and other 'energy savings' type oils. have been reading some troubline issues with 5w20 in hot weather applications. seen many situations where even with 3500m 'dealer' specified changes, people are seeing accelerated wear on engines and lube...
  191. Soundguy

    report on my woods 6500 hoe on my old ford 850

    finally got some use out of my woods 6500 hoe. since I got it last year it's been at my stepdads place doing work for him ;) back when we got it, I was considering that hoe or one of those tow behind models at northern tools / harbor freight. after looking at the use that's been done and seeing...
  192. Soundguy

    04 f250 ford 6.0 PS DTC codes / ABS light

    abs lamp came on the dash today. my first check was to make sure the front r/l wheel speed sensors hadn't come unplugged. nope. may pull them to clean them.. but pulled codes with my superchips tuner scanner to see what was hanging around in the computer. pulled 3 dtc's .. unfortunately none...
  193. Soundguy

    jd part number / kit number?

    i'm trying to determine if a part I have leftover from some work on my loader is a part that came out of a kit.. or something that the parts dept sent me incorrectly that I need to be returning to get the $$ back. the 2 kits I bought were: AT160662 and AT330806 ( also bought shome shims and...
  194. Soundguy

    any word on DEF causing more rust out in exhausts?

    since water is daughter of the process.. any word on more rust out.. or is it simply too new to know yet?
  195. Soundguy

    4" angle grinder chuck keys

    those lil flat 'wrenches', usually with 2 posts on them that engage holes in the lil hold down disc for holding abrasive blades into 4" angle grinders.. am I the only person that looses or bends / breaks those things? if I don't loose them.. they break. I even made one out of flat stock and...
  196. Soundguy

    fishing without license in north carolina, what kind of violation

    friend was cited for fishing without a license in north carolina this weekend ( floridian had to run up there on a red eye trip.. ) the game warden or whoever issued the citation told them it was a criminal offense and would be on their record. so.. what kind of infraction is this? civil /...
  197. Soundguy

    serated plastic blades on trimmer vs string?

    any opinions on this.. I have a pack of blades and was thinking baout a retrofit. any downsides?
  198. Soundguy

    another reason I drive a 1 ton as a daily driver

    on my way to work this afternoon in my 99 crew f350 DRW.. at a stoplight. see a guy rolling up in rearview.. didn't look too odd. I looked down then felt it. felt about like mowing and hving a rear wheel fall in a gopher hole. a good jolt.. but nothing catastrophic. guy was in a basic...
  199. Soundguy

    so WHO really has to stop

    drove to jax this weekend and passed a weight station which got me to thinking again. WHO really has to stop at weight stations. the big green sign says all trucks / trailers.. yet every time I've ever been by a weight station i ONLY see commercial traffic enter.. I never see passanger traffic...
  200. Soundguy

    oil flow question on gm 5.3

    this is a semi update on my 2000 gmc yukon.. 180km 2qt/3000m oil drinker since new.. ( but that's normal :) for that gm engine.. ) I switched her to synthetic oil recently. i pulled a oil sample fromt he last drain to see what the dino oil I have been using in her was at... I'm going to pull...