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    Hour meter count.

    So I got a new TYM 2515R. Been setting it up the way I want it and waiting for some decent weather and time To put it to work. I installed a battery shut off switch to Ty to keep my parasitic draw to a minimum. I had 1.5 hours on the machine. I did a cold start on it twice in two weeks to...
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    Bucket work with clutch /shuttle Vs hydro.

    Any clutch guys doing bucket work wish they had a hydro instead?
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    Need quality trailer wiring kit.

    I’ve bought aftermarket LED lights for a couple Of my small general purpose/landscape trailers. The lights work fine but the freaking wires are so thin inside the insulation and the insulation gets brittle very fast , the wires corrode quickly and I lose function of my lights. I got a new kit...
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    Steel spacers for filled tires?

    Thinking of getting spacers on my TYM 2515. Not sure if I should go with just rears or get fronts too. I have lots of rolling hills here in N Ga. My Tires are filled and I’m not Looking forward to fighting them going on and off. Be nice to have a go jack for tractor tires. I was also thinking I...
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    TYM 2515 R shuttle shift trans/hydro fluid recommendation

    The owners manual Is very vague concerning the type of trans/hydraulic fluid for the R (Clutch) models. Also the guys at the dealership Tell me that TYM is changing a bunch of things that used to pertain to the Branson models. I’m just trying to figure out what is the best type of fluid to...
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    Looking at a 2005 TC33DA

    Great little tractor Ive seen in action a few times from the owner. He mentioned Last summer he will be selling it once his project is done. It has a FEL , forks, 6’ rake and a box blade. I’m planning to use it to bush hog a few fields and to help move dirt, gravel, keep my steep driveway...