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    Repair manual

    Anyone know if a repair manual for a YM240D will have applicable information for a YMG2000D? Thanks
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    Wetting agent

    Hello, I am not sure if this is the correct place for this question, I did a forum search and didnt really get any helpful hits, I am looking for some information on a wetting agent that can be added to a water tanker to help reduce surface tensions and help with dust control? Thanks
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    YMG2000D kicking out of gear

    In third gear, it will partially kick out and grind........ I pulled the top of the transmission, the shift forks do not look bent, the gears do not appear worn.I can put moderate pressure on the shifter while driving and it wont pop out. Should I try tweaking the shift fork? If the ball end...
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    PTO speed

    Hello, I searched but could not find the answer, I have a YMG2000D it has a three speed selector for the PTO does anyone happen to know what speeds 1,2,3 are? Thanks
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    Hello Everyone, although this is my first post, I have been browsing around here for some time......:D I have a YM2000D and I live in a very sandy area, I have been told that R3 tires will work much better in the sand than the rice tires that are currently on it First is this true? and if it...