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    John Deere 1025r

    Ordered new tractor ordered 6’ MMM 4’ aerator sprayer loader and backhoe for tractor
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    Looking at replacing existing tractor with 1025R. Will be used as backup mower Maintain 500 ft gravel drive General maintenance on ten acres Generally flat with two acres wooded Hope to get backhoe, aerator, sprayer and fertilizer spreader Trading in jd 790 with loader.
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    Indiana earthquake

    Anyone else feel the earthquake, based in Bloomington
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    Another MJ question

    Has any state that legalized recreational use set a limit for test for impairment. For alcohol above .08 bac you are assumed impaired. Below that you may be impaired. Anything similar for mj
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    Electric pump issue

    I bought a small pump. The used pump had no wiring for power supply.pump runs n reverse, no matter how the lugs are wired. Help
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    Problem with curl in FEL

    After changing fluid I am having problem with the FEL. When dumping load ,the curl will intermittent stop. It is always happens in the same spot in dump cycle.3/4 extended Where do I start to troubleshoot?
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    Hello from cincinnati

    Greetings from cincinnati, I work full time in construction and as hobby maintain sports fields
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    Oil & Fuel  Hole in fuel tank 870

    Working in garage dropped a 1/2 inch rod on the back of the tractor. The rod speared the fuel tank. :mad:Is this repairable in diesel tank and how. Thanks for the input