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    sprayer came in, hose kinked

    Finally the Workhorse LG4253pt 40 gallon boom sprayer came in to Lowes. Brought it home and started finally assembly. The manual was truly less-than-helpful, I just could not figure out the schematic for putting together the boom brackets. I called Workhose and while we were talking(found out...
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    can a rechargeable 12v battery power a pump?

    can a 2.2 Gal. per minute 12-Volt pump on a 3 pt sprayer (Workhorse 40 gal 12 volt with 5 nozzle boom for utility tractors) be powered by a 12v 35Ah rechargeable battery? This sprayer has not yet arrived but I already know the wiring harness is 8 ft long and will not reach the battery in front...
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    zeroturn dies when brake taken off

    My Ferris IS2000, is getting ready to go in for oil change et al. I went out to start it up and it dies when the brake is taken off. This happened three times in a row. I called the local farmers co-op who will be doing the work, they said the kill switch is probably bad and when they come out...
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    boom sprayer question

    I am in the market(again) for a larger boom sprayer to replace the one my husband made 25 years ago. It is a 25 gallon tank that he affixed to a a carry-all(3 pt hitch for a tractor) and rigged up a 5 foot wide boom, with a shut-off so you can spray half-wide. It is connected to an off-on...
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    oil for air compressor

    I have a tall(50") air compressor, Farmhand Cast Iron, Campbell Hausfeld, that keeps kicking on. Had a neighbor stop by, he said it was probably a loose end connection, tho I doubted that. I noticed some clear fluid coming out the top of the compressor, the neighbor then checked the oil level...
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    5 beeps a few minutes after turning on

    I turned on my 5055e(new in 2015, had its annual last fall, now at 727 hrs.) this morning and let it idle a few minutes while gathering tools, then I heard 5 beeps. No lights were on to indicate anything wrong. I used the tractor a few minutes, then called my local Deere, they had no idea what...
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    lopping young trees, Remedy or Tordon?

    My winter/spring project has been to limit the young trees growing along trails that were put in years ago. I bushhog the trails at least once a year. After lopping the trees for years, I noticed some of the smaller ones, and a few mid-size, have been pulling out, by hand, relatively easy. Then...
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    Cannot start Stihl 009

    I have 2 Stihl 009 chainsaws, my husband bought them years ago as he had a bad back. He is no longer here to maintain the saws so I do my best to keep them going. They get non-ethanol fuel and Stihl oil. They are used lightly, only by me. Not often, but it is nice to have 2 running saws with me...
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    re-seeding information wanted

    I have 30+ acres of grass that has been used for pasture and hay. The past 10 years mostly mowed for hay, by a neighbor. It has been fertilized and limed but the amount of round baled hay gotten in is falling each year. Two years ago I hand-reseeded, then culti-packed, a few areas where some...
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    suggestions requested -mowing side of driveway 45 degrees

    I'll preface this by saying I am a woman who will be attaching this usually by herself. Husband passed away a few years ago, he had a 83hp Deere and a 15 ft batwing that he attached once a year, as the pto connection was very heavy and a two person hookup. I used this for two years to mow...
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    Got the canopy for my zero-turn- review

    I have a Ferris zero-turn 61" wide. I have wanted a canopy for years and finally bit the bullet. I decided on a Thunderbird fiberglass canopy, it is red and 50"x41". I had to pick it up at a freight terminal, in two boxes(pictured). I installed the hardware provided on my rollbars. (I had...
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    Would like a Thunderbird fiberglass canopy for my Ferriz zeroturn

    I was thinking of getting a Rhinohide canopy for my Ferris but now am looking at the Thunderbird TX4 fiberglass canopy. On Wiedmann bros website(they sell only to dealers) it is listed at $289. On the Thunderbird website it lists at $459, big difference. Anyone know of a good website to be a...
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    Husqvarna tiller, which one is oil fill?

    My Husvarna tiller has three places that look to have oil caps. Picture 3(orange) is easy, as that has the oil drain plug near it. The other two are not in the manual. picture 2 is a white cap, picture 3 is also an orange cap. It was in the shop last week, apparently I put too much oil in and...
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    rototiller calls for SAE30, detergent

    At WalMart I found SuperTech 30(non-detergent) and SuperTech SAE hd30, heavy duty . I purchased the latter. The plain 30 said non-detergent, the SAE hd 30heavy duty does not say detergent. Need I be concerned? Nancy
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    Rhinohide canopy for Ferris zero turn

    I have a 2007 Ferris IS2000, 61" cut, 532 hours. For years I have wanted to get something for sun protection. I am now trying to mow only when the grass is dry and that means full sun so this may be the year I get the canopy. I would not mind something umbrella-like but I have not even seen one...
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    Chamberlain liftmaster LA412, tech advice needed

    I need some technical help w/my Chamberlain liftmaster gate opener LA 412. I spent way too many hours on this today and have finally given up. Following is what I have emailed to Chamberlain support. "Our gate. solar powered, was not working correctly, it did not close all the way. I...
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    Regeneration question

    My Deere 5055e has just over 250 hrs on it. Last September the Regeneration light came on. The Deere man told me to push and hold the Regeneration button for a few seconds, while the tractor was running. The light finally went out so I suppose the process worked. I used the tractor for light...
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    Sprayer  sprayer advice needed

    My husband made a tractor-carried sprayer years ago. It has a 25 gallon tank. The fixed boom is five feet wide with 4 spray heads, this is to spray our long graveled driveway and other graveled places on our property. He rigged it so the power source is not to the battery but to the back-of the...
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    Oil & Fuel  130 hours on 5055e, changing hydraulic filter

    We changed the engine oil and filter on our 5055e at 120 hours. The manual says we should also change the hydraulic filter, which I have(the Deere man sold me two items, one is an enclosed canister, the 2nd looks to be a paper-type filter which I cannot figure out where it goes). If we never...