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    E bike recommendations?

    Specialized is the only one I would consider. They make e bikes in 4 or 5 styles (road, mountain, commuter, etc) and each in different price points depending on components. They are fantastic. I am an avid cyclist for 40 years and very informed about what’s out there. Go to a dealer, get fitted...
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    trail brush maintenance - Samurai Cutter - Sicklebar or similar option?

    I would also use my grapple to widen it where possible. Rip out all that small growth if the big trees don’t prevent that.
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    Stihl KM 131R kombi review

    All the logging roads and zig zag lanes are shooting lanes planted in clover, oats and peas. There is a stand at every apex often looking several hundred yards in multiple directions. These are trimmed every year with my Kombi saws. Lots of miles.
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    Kubota Mechanic in upstate SC.

    My Kubota M6800 needs some repair. I have various leaks in seals and routine issues like bearings that need addressed. My dealer closed several years ago so I need a good tractor mechanic who can tackle these things. Do any of you guys know a reliable mechanic in the Greenville area? I...
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    What’s causing this drip?

    My Kubota M6800 has developed a drip in the front axle. There’s no Kubota mechanic nearby. And I have no mechanical skills or desire to learn. What’s your best guess on the cause? I assume this is gear oil, and I expect a bad seal. It almost looks like it’s coming out of the grease...
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    Anyone have good luck using electrolysis to remove rust from wheels?

    I used it to clean old hoppers from an Rusty row planter. It works great. I used a plastic trash can and rebar for my sacrificial anodes. And sodium carbonate which I found online. Here’s before/after pix.
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    What rear tractor tires to buy?

    I’m in need of new rear tires for my Kubota M6800 4WD, size 16.9-30. I will fill these, and want R-1 Ag tires. I use it for general work on my hunting property...disking, Bush-hogging , and FEL work. I don’t want to spend a fortune, but want good quality. What’s your advice on what tires to...
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    Pulling a drag harrow with an ATV

    I’m considering buying a drag harrow (standard chain type) to pull with my Polaris 550 ATV. I’m looking at a 6’ wide, 8’ long Tractor Supply version the weighs about 248 pounds. I want to pull it over tilled soil after broadcasting seed. Will this be too big for my ATV to handle? Any of you...
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    Pull Type Disk, Would My Tractor Pull it?.

    I have about the same size Kubota. Loaded tires, 4WD. I pull a offset disc, narrower than that one but every bit as heavy. But an offset is more aggressive, ie bites more. Even though I set it at the least aggressive angle, it still taxes my tractor, especially in damp soil or uphill...
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    Water pump replacement.

    My radiator on my M6800 needs replacement. Now that I’ve disassembled everything, I’m going to replace the water pump, thermostat and hoses and belt. I’m not a mechanic so are there any tips? Bought new gaskets for both the pump and thermostat. Obviously I need to clean the mating...
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    Disc Harrow  Industrias America 3 point disc

    I’m looking at this Industrias America model 2220 disc. I can’t find any information on this company, nor the weight of this disc. I know this brand is not a name brand, but it looks pretty decent and very heavy. Discs are 22”. I’ll use it for primary tillage of small food plots. Any...
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    Disc Harrow  Your opinion on this old harrow

    I’m looking for a harrow to disc some remote food plots, that are in tight places. I have a big offset disc that works great, but it’s a pain to transport. I saw this old Deere disc, about 7 feet wide, and it looks in decent condition. Anyone have any knowledge of this Model 100? I also...
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    F3990 Radiator Fan Replacement?

    I just finished removing my radiator from my Kubota M 6800. (It sprung a leak). My fan is chewed up also from a previous stick. I’m going to probably replace it and the water pump now that it’s all disassembled. I didn’t try to remove the fan without taking off the radiator, but it would...
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    Old plows with available wear parts?

    I’ve restored several plows. Both were old Ford plows, and I had no trouble finding parts. The old Deere plows would also be good. One warning, make sure you buy a plow with some sort of trip mechanism, either shear bolts or spring trip. When you hit a rock or root, the plow will trip, and...
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    Disc Harrow Can I buy a big disc harrow and reduce by removing blades

    There is no simple answer. Is the disc a three point hitch model or a tow behind with hydraulics. Is your tractor four wheel drive? How heavy is your tractor? Are your rear tires loaded? Are your tires good? How wet is the soil? Disking is affected by all these. I pull a big offset...
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    Why is my hydraulic quick connect blowing out?

    My friends big John Deere keeps blowing out the hydraulic hose to implements from one of the rear remotes. The female inside of the remote looks normal, as does the male hose end connector. But when a load is on the line, it blows off the hose. What’s going on? Is it just a bad female or...
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    How do you tarp a trailer?

    I have a 16’ tandem axle landscaping trailer with 18” tall sheet metal sides. I frequently haul mulch or landscaping debris. Regular tarps just don’t work well. The grommets tear out as the wind gets under it. Are there aftermarket tarps that hold up and are easy to secure and place...
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    Grapple width?

    This has been discussed many times. My opinion is based on my extensive use of my grapple on my M6800. I would go narrow, and a single lid is plenty. I use mine very frequently for uprooting trees, scrub bushes, etc. as well as cleaning up fallen trees, chain saw debris, moving large logs...
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    Grapple decisions....

    What do you plan to use it for? That’s a key question. I use mine mainly for cleaning up chain saw debris (fallen trees, collecting cut off limbs or saplings), clearing land by pushing down trees (max 6 or 8”), uprooting the root ball, and making piles. I can also dig a little with it...
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    Woodworking crosscut tools: Feedback needed

    You should consider a smaller sliding compound saw, like the Hitachi 8 1/2”. It has plenty of capacity for most work and is way smaller than those giant sliders (I have both). But my Hitachi is permanently mounted and I use it for all my furniture building. I strongly recommend installing an...
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    Dust Mask Recommendations

    I’ve tried them all! By far the best mask for general dust (sawdust, attic dust, tractor stirred up dust, pollen, grinding dust) is the Dust Be Gone mask sold at Woodcraft. It’s extremely comfortable, soft, fits under glasses, cool, washable, durable and effective. I recommend them highly...
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    What wood did you use for your porch?

    I would strongly consider Ipe. It is indestructible. Like another said, without any finish, it will turn grey, but with an oil finish, it’s a pretty walnut color brown. It has several drawbacks. It is extremely heavy, the heaviest wood I’ve ever used. It cannot be nailed or screwed...
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    Help me pick best grapple for my tractor!

    I have extensive use of a grapple on my 70 horse Kubota. I use it for up chainsaw debris, uprooting trees up to 6 or 8” and carrying then to brush pile, Removing fallen trees, holding logs for chainsawing, loading logs onto a portable sawmill, clearing brush like privet...
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    Drilling multiple holes in a line.

    I’m building a landscape rake and need to drill 50 3/8” holes spaced two inches apart along a straight line. I plan to use either 1/2” or 3/8” angle or something similar. I have a floor drill press, but it’s not a great one, but adequate. I’ve even thought about buying a mag drill if I...
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    Pulling implements with an ATV

    Yes. Here are some pix. It did pretty well. The pipe and connecting chains are very strong. The fence is the weak point. But after dragging it a few miles, the fence tore a little, but it still works. I bought a roll of scrap chain link fence so as it deteriorates severely, I can quickly...
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    Building a landscape rake

    I have a Landpride 35 series rear blade. They sell a rake accessory that uses the main frame, but I want to build one. All I need to build is the rake bar itself. My tractor is a 70 horse, so it needs to be fairly stout. I’ve researched many different builds and can’t decide how to attach...
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    B2650 ROPS light mounting bracket?

    Here’s a better picture.
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    B2650 ROPS light mounting bracket?

    Here is my solution. Sorry, not a great picture. I used rectangular tube, cut on a diagonal, attached with square U bolts. The lights are protected from low limbs, as they just fold back supported by the tubes
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    Pulling implements with an ATV

    I have a Polaris 550 4 wheeler. I see many people pulling light implements with similar ATVs. Specifically, I was thinking of pulling a drag harrow, say 6 or 7 feet wide and perhaps weighing 150 pounds. My question is does this harm or accelerate wear of the transmission? I also worry...
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    Everything Attachments

    What's the ETA on the rake? I need one too.
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    Another snake identification

    My sis killed this snake. All I’ve seen is this photo. Couldn’t see pupils. Head looks like a viper but color confuses me. What’s your identification?
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    Help me design a way to transport and lift this fuel transfer tank

    Here’s my solution. Know it’s very basic but it solves my problem. I filled it with almost 40 gallons as it was secured in my truck bed and easily unloaded it with the grapple quickly with no help. Thanks for everyone’s ideas.
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    Help me design a way to transport and lift this fuel transfer tank

    I have this steel diesel tank, 36 gallons. I want to design and build something to help me lift it from the bed of my truck (full of diesel) and place it in my shed, just a few feet away. I’ll lift it with my FEL which has a grapple with teeth, which had plenty of power. Basically, I want...
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    Plasma cutting square tubing or angle iron

    I'm learning about plasma cutters. Cutting flat stock is common, but how do they perform on square tubing or angle iron? Other than flat, are plasmas useful for other metal cutting purposes in fabrication?
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    Hypertherm Powermax 30 Air

    Does anyone have any experience with the Powermax 30 Air? I've read some favorable reviews of it. Having a built in air supply appeals to me. I wish they had this feature in the 40 amp model.
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    What's happened to Shield Arc

    As a welding “hack” and self taught novice, I’ve always noticed how helpful and kind he is to share his knowledge. I’ve read so many of his posts here, and have always been impressed with how he offers great advice with such humility, never in a condescending way that experts often do. So...
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    Question about my Everlast Powerarc 200

    I have an older PA200, bought in 2011. The owners manual was a joke. In reading about the newer models, I see they have a dedicated negative port for 6010. Mine doesn’t have this. It only has one negative port. My question is can 6010 be run on my machine effectively, or should I use...
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    How to switch a 12 volt pump remotely.

    If I don’t use a relay, guess this switch would work, with an inline 30A fuse?
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    How to switch a 12 volt pump remotely.

    I have a sprayer that I made from a 275 gallon tote. It has this 12 volt pump. It will be on my 3 point hitch, have a deep cycle battery. I want to be able to switch it on/off from my tractor seat. Do they make a switch pre-made that would work or be adapted or guess I can make one from...
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    Any Camper Advice?

    I’m thinking about buying a used camper (19, or 20 ft) to place on my farm/hunting property. I’d like to spend an occasional night there in the fall and winter, but never when it’s hot. Hopefully talk my wife into joining me. But there’s no electricity, well, or septic system. It’s about...
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    Rotary Cutter  Help with Rotary Cutter. Clutch issue?

    I have a Woods BB 72 rotary cutter. It wasn’t cutting well last year, and smoking from the clutch, so I dismantled the clutch, found the two disc pads to be shot, so I replaced them. Also cleaned up the metal surfaces. My buddy used it for the first time today, tested it on an area with...
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    How to rebuild a Bush Hog Rotary Cutter gearbox.

    Looking at your Bush Hog specs, my Woods looks very comparable. I wonder if the gear boxes are interchangeable? Maybe someone with more knowledge than me can answer that. But if the spline diameters are the same and the 6 bolt pattern the same, It may work. I believe this one cost around...
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    200 Gallon sprayer tank pump

    Here’s the pump I’m using. It will deplete my 275 gallon tote easily non stop. I run it off of a regular battery like a trolling motor battery. I used the Fimco switch but need to rewire it with a heavier gauge wire or just rig up a better switch.
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    What do I need to make a tank sprayer into a pasture sprayer

    Here is my pump and plumbing
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    What do I need to make a tank sprayer into a pasture sprayer

    Here’s my sprayer running off of a 12 V battery. It uses a T jet head from Tractor Supply. I’ll try to find the part number. I do remember it was about $100. Works great. It covers about 30 feet. I can spray 275 gallons in a few hours.
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    Remodeling Question - Outside Window Removal (not)

    No. Since I went all the way down to the framing, and even tweaked the old framing, I used a new construction window with a flange. If you like, I can look up the specific model. Here are other pictures, from outside. I wanted to keep the original brick unchanged, and have the window blend...
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    Remodeling Question - Outside Window Removal (not)

    Here are a few pictures of mine, before and after. I enlarged an old bath, added a large tile shower where the widow was. I removed everything down to the framing. Remove an old double hung window. Repaired and made the new framing ideal, coated every wood member with a Red Guard. Can’t...
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    Should I go ATI on this ?

    i have the same tractor. I have the ATI Tach All adapter. I've been fairly pleased with it. I think Everything Attachments sells them. Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
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    yellowjacket protection

    I have been preparing my foodplots this week, and encountered 6 nests, and of course, it's always on an uphill where the tractor is bogging down, and there's no acceleration. Plus most of our elevated deer stands have paper wasps nesting, so they need to be sprayed, but climbing into a stand...
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    Problem with posting

    Wasn't sure where to ask this, but when using this forum, I'm having problems. On my I-Pad, with spell check on, this happens....when I write one word, then hit the space bar, my device closes the ap. So I am forced to disable spell check when I post. When it is off, all works great. Any...
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    What price are Superduties in your are?

    I have an '06 F350 SRW crew cab long bed. Lariat package with off road package, towing controller, etc. I need to sell it to make room for another. . It has 234,000 miles, and is running great. Its had regular maintenance, an EGR delete, and tuner. Everything else is stock. Body is...
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    Extended Warranties on a Superduty

    I know the common opinion is to avoid these extended warranties. But I would like to hear specific examples, good and bad. My truck is out of warranty due to age. a warranty was offered that covered most everything except normal wear parts. It was very specific, and seemed quite extensive and...
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    help me decide on Superduty

    i have an 06 F350 diesel SRW longbed crewcab with 230,000 miles. Its mainly my hunting truck and I use it to pull a 25' gooseneck with my Kubota M6800, maybe 6 times a year for local trips of 30 miles max. Total max load of trailer, tractor, implement may run 15,000 pounds, I guess. It pulls...
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    Tractor rim question

    I want to get a spare rim and tire for my Kubota front wheel. The rim is a 6 loop, with a R-1 tire. If I buy a rim and tire (minus the center hub), can I use it on either side? Of course the valve stem will be reversed, but that's ok. I guess I can put the 6 nuts on the outside, and change...
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    Removing Rust

    I agree it works great. Here is before/after of old Alice Chalmers seed hopper Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
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    Hauling mixed concrete?

    This is a really dumb question, but I am pouring a 3/4 yard slab sidewalk right by the road. Having a truck delivery will cost $250 due to the small load. I have a mixer, but I'm lazy enough not to want to mix 25 bags of pre mix, and worry if I can mix fast enough. Unfortunately, there...
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    Why is my Kubota losing power?

    I have a ten year old M 6800. For over a year, it sporadically loses power, starts chugging and stalling out when under load. It happens more when is hot after being used hard, sometimes seems its worse when fuel level is low, but that may be imagined. Its hard to duplicate. Every time i...
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    Looking for Help Grapple Shopping

    If you want to dig roots, forget a wide grapple. My 48" will do everything a wider one will do, plus dig out trees. And uprooting trees and carrying off the debris from that and chainsaw work is what I've done extensively with my 70 horse Kubota. You are not going to be effective digging...
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    Dump trailer info

    A friend has offered to loan his dump trailer to me. He has no idea about its load rating, nor have I seen it. Anyone recognize the brand or manufacturer? What's your best guess regarding the axles and capacity? I plan to haul crush and run, and soil. Obviously it's not a very...
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    Home brew AG sprayer

    The pump was the most powerful i could find, don't remember the specs. It will empty the 250 gallon tote pretty fast, in about an hour or so (I'm guessing). The spray head is from tractor supply and cost around $100, but works great . I occasionally use a regular wand from Northern. I...
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    Home brew AG sprayer

    Here's one i built. It has a valve to divert from the rear broadcast to a wand. Works great. It will spray a 40 foot swath. I use it to spray Roundup. Basically the plumbing is just copied from a standard ATV sprayer, just bigger ( "<UILongPressGestureRecognizer: 0x14d77570; state...
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    Offset disc

    I have an old Athens. Its a beast, works great. But you need plenty of power. My 70 horse Kubota has all it wants when pulling it. Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
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    Loader Yet another B2601 Grapple question...

    my vote is for the EA. I don't like the Landpride design.
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    Plow buying advice needed

    you have plenty of power. The more bottoms , the faster. But after you plow, I think you still will need to disc and drag a harrow of some kind to break up the clods and level it. So expect many passes. I would use a heavy disc harrow instead. Then it still will need smoothing. And a...
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    Disc Harrow john deere pull type disc

    i restored a similar type disc, in far worse condition. not a Deere but an Athens Plow. finding parts was relatively easy. i sandblasted the entire thing after dis-assembly and added all new bearings, bearing hangers, disks, and hydraulics, and fasteners. I probably spent $2,000, but the...
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    Help me identify this John Deere.

    My friend inherited this tractor. Can you tell me about it, it's age, specifications, and potential value? Also, he has not tried to crank it. Certainly the battery is dead. Would it be a 6 volt? What does he need to do to try to crank it? Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
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    Question about masonry restoration

    My 100 year old brick house needs some mortar repair. I know the mortar is unlike the modern Portland cement based mortar, as it is much whiter and softer. I assume it's a lime based mortar common years ago, Having read lots about it, I want to experiment to try to match. I know I can get it...
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    Electrical question

    I'm looking at a home to purchase. One has an existing garage with a fairly new 100 amp sub panel (the main breaker is 100 amp so I assume my terminology is correct). I want to use this as a workshop, and need power to a 220 V table saw, a 220V jointer and I would like an outlet for my welder...
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    Grapple Which One To Buy?

    Or better yet, this Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
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    Grapple Which One To Buy?

    Here's one to consider Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
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    Tips on using a rear blade to grade a road

    Just bought an 8' Gill rear blade, heavy duty, weighing in at 600 lbs. I'll pull it with my 65 horse Kubota. It has no hydraulics, but I do have a hydraulic top link that can be used. I've used a box blade a lot, but never a rear scrape blade. I plan to use it to maintain the dirt roads on...
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    Heavy Machete

    Here's what I use on my trails through very similar clear cuts. The Sthil Kombi motor in a 110 size, with the hedge trimmer attachment It cuts saplings up to about 1" easily (so you won't get in trouble for cutting big trees) and eats briars and vines like butter. It's balanced, lightweight...
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    Heavy Machete

    Whoops. Posted wrong pic. This is my second choice Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
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    Heavy Machete

    Any machete has performed poorly for me. Know you said no brush axes, but the one below will out perform a machete ten fold. They come in various sizes, some quite small. I use it also as a walking stick. My other is a Cold Steel two handed blade, shown also. It works well, and can be...
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    Trailer Sizes/Style recomnedations for 40hp tractor

    I'm not familiar with the tow ratings of your truck . I imagine it will be at its upper limits. Saw this trailer locally and I like the style if your truck could handle it Sent from my iPad using TractorByNet
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    Trailer Sizes/Style recomnedations for 40hp tractor

    That's not an easy question to answer. First, what are you pulling it with? Bumper pull or gooseneck? I expect your tractor and implements could easily exceed 7000 lbs so weight is a big factor. With the FEL, and a bushhog attached, the length will be more than you think. Measure it...
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    Replacing tines on a King Kutter rototiller

    My buddy has a King Kutter tiller, either a 5 or 6 footer. I haven't seen it, but he says the tines are very worn, and if I'll help him replace them, I can use it whenever. So any advice? I see the tines online, both OEM which seem to be made in China, and also Italian tines (which the...
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    Planting pine trees after timber harvest in South Carolina

    We own 300 hundred acres in upstate SC. It's mainly used for hunting deer. It's rough land, having been timbered 20 years ago, and now it's mixed pines and hardwoods. Recently we had about 70 acres timbered. Mainly pines were cut, in areas where they were predominant. Now it looks like a...
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    Will My Tractor Handle a No-Till Drill?

    I pull a Truax no til drill with my 68 horse Kubota M 6800. It can be used on the three point hitch or towed, depending on whether the tow bar is attached. It weighs over 3000 lbs, probably closer to 4000. it's too heavy for my three point hitch, but towing it is absolutely no...
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    Kubota M 6800 loss of power

    My 10 year old Kubota starts to loose power when the fuel level gets to about half a tank. It begins to run as if it's about out of fuel, but then when I add diesel, it only takes around 5 gallons to fill it to the top. Once I fill it, it runs fine. But run it back down to about half a tank...
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    Advice on welding link repair

    Broke the ball link on my telescopic stabilizer. I found a weldable link at tractor supply that matches. I ground out the broken area and fitted the new one. Being a rookie welder, I'm reluctant to go further. But I would rather repair it myself than take it to a professional. Please...
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    Welding a tall deer stand

    I have a great deer stand in one of my favorite places that is about 32 feet up in a big oak tree. I've hunted if for years. It is attached to the tree with 3" angle and 5/8 lags and decked with treated lumber. I climb the tree with screw in steps ( which I don't trust). Also the steps have...
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    Crossbows for hunting?????

    Here's a picture.
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    Old Taylor Way 8' 3ph disk, is it good or should I pass on it?

    I agree with the others. Certainly, I would want to lift it and see how the gangs turn under no load. If they spin freely, then the disc would probably work adequately for occasional use without any repairs or costs. But if it needs bearings, or if discs start breaking, the cost can add up...
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    Creek crossing/corrigated pipe question?

    Just did that on my place. But you need a much wider pipe. I used my 48" x 20'. You need extra width for soil placement. I anchored both ends with every rock I could find in the area, some over 2000 lbs. then covered it with about 2' of soil.
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    How To Make A Homemade Boom Sprayer

    Here's one I made out of a 275 gallon tote. But the principles are the same. It shows how effective a boomless nozzle is. This one throws a nice pattern up to 49 feet. But unless you already have a tank, it's probably about as cheap to buy one already assembled.
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    We need some help on seeding

    Here is a typical No Til Seed Drill. Most are similar. Some are three point hitch (but takes a big tractor, bigger than my 70 horse) but most are pulled off drawbar. And most require rear hydraulics to raise/lower.
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    Grapple Grapple/Root Rake for a 60 Hp Tractor

    Here's my opinion. I don't like the first, the Rake Shop. Don't like the long unsupported tines. Would have a tendency to bend or get tree trunks wedged between them The second looks ok The third, definitely not the extreme root rake. Don't like that design at all. The Double cylinder E...
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    Which type of ground cover to use?

    Here is two week post planting. Before and after:
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    Has anyone built a receiver hitch tote for an ATV??

    Have a Polaris X2 with a small receiver hitch. One thing I really dislike about Polaris ATVs is the worthless plastic rack system. It is really hard to carry anything or even to bungee loads. I am thinking of building a small tote to quickly plug into the receiver to carry tools, especially...
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    Example of a project using a grapple

    Wish I had documented this better but thought I would share. This area had a small creek with a channel about 5 feet deep and with about 6 " of water during normal periods. Obviously it's pretty low, as the creek empties into a bigger river just 30 yards away. I wanted to be able to cross the...
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    Transporting a Cat skid steer

    This is a dumb question but I'm borrowing a midsize Cat skid steer, not sure of the model. Since I have not seen it yet, I have no idea what the wheelbase width is, but assume it's about 60" max width. I have a Big Tex deck over gooseneck, with the standard two ramps, and transport my...
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    3pt cultipacker question

    Here are some examples. You could use your existing wheels, add more rollers for width, and redesign the frame. Then you have the advantage of the pull type but the ability to transport it. The additional weight would also help. Just a thought!
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    Come A Longs

    I also have this come along. It's expensive, but much superior to the stamped steel model. The Amstel Blue Kevlar cable handles like ski rope but is amazingly strong. It's a tool that is awesome when you need it. Know it's over your budget, but if you ever want a bullet proof powerful manual...
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    Whats this planter worth?

    I restored this old Allis Chalmers three row planter and have decided to sell it. What's your opinion of its value in your neck of the woods? It's in great shape, with all new parts that were worn, sandblasted and painted. I converted it to a three point hitch style. I just wanted to hear...
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    Buying a used Kubota Tractor?

    Here are a few newer ones in my area. Just FYI
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    Grapple Best Root Grapple for 75hp Tractor?

    I also have a 70 horse Kubota and use my grapple a tremendous amount , clearing trees and brush,uprooting, moving downed trees, cleaning up chain saw debris, some digging, and even food plot "plowing" in a pinch. I have a 48" fairly heavy duty, one thumb version. It works great. I would not...
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    Grapple Claw Grapple vs "L" Shape OBG

    That's a very nice looking grapple. It would serve your needs well. Here are pix of mine. Was quite a bit less $$ but certainly a little smaller and less beefy that the EA one. Regardless, the EA one has everything you are looking for, and they are a good reputable company.
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    Grapple Claw Grapple vs "L" Shape OBG

    You are going to get lots of opinions. Here is mine. Your tractor is larger than most who post here. Heavier, more powerful. Yet I think still most generalities apply. I have 70 horse, so not that smaller than yours. I use and abuse mine extensively, for exactly the same functions you...
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    Grapple --- 1 Lid or 2

    Here is a picture
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    Adding hydraulic cylinder to disc harrow

    Here's one that was abandoned I restored. Worth every penny !
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    Truck mounted air compressor?

    Here are some pix of one of Viairs products.
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    What type light duty graplel??

    You can read endless posts about grapples here. Many opinions and basically everyone likes the grapple they have. Which implies any grapple works. For your needs, with the relatively small lifting capacity of your tractor, I would stay light. I think a 48" grapple with one thumb would be...
  104. H

    Need knowledgable person to help with Ford 101 plow

    The top one is what is normal from what I've seen. These are not great pictures, but here's my restoration
  105. H

    Building spray rig from 275g IBC tote

    Sorry to be unorganized , but found other pix in case it helps. Food plot was one pass of herbicide
  106. H

    Building spray rig from 275g IBC tote

    As you can see, power is not a problem. I can dump the whole tank in an hour or two . I spray food plots with roundup
  107. H

    Grapple --- 1 Lid or 2

    Here is mine. On a 70 horse kubota. Believe me, it get a lot of use !
  108. H

    Looking for a drop spreader for AG lime

    I restored an old john Deere drop spreader. They are hard to find. Mine was an 8 footer. They also made a 10. And with the added wheel width, it was hard to maneuver in tight spots. And you have to load it with another tractor and FEL. So ended up selling it and now I buy more expensive...
  109. H

    fertilizing before no till

    Should be simple. Bush hog it low. Wait for some rain then drill. Oats are easy , will germinate quickly. Then fertilize anytime afterwards. Sitting in a stand now looking at one I planted a month ago.
  110. H

    Shoulder holster

    Not sure what you want but I love my Diamond D chest holster made in Alaska. He made a custom one for my .44 Mag Smith with an Eotech sight. Also have one for my 1911.45. It's great for hunting, riding a tractor or 4 wheeler, or tree stand use very comfy and quick access for a large frame...
  111. H

    Buying Advice I just signed the paper on a house with 14+ acres, need advice

    Consider it a gift to yourself! But you should be able to achieve what you need for way less. For example here are two in my area. Then get a cheap riding lawn mower and a rotary cutter for $1500 ish. The other things can be used.
  112. H

    Help me understand campers please

    I have some property where I use for recreation, mainly hunting and tractor work. I've considered buying a used camper to leave there just to spend a few night occasionally, perhaps with my wife or hunting buddies. Don't want to spend a lot, but I see some for 5 or 6 grand, and that's within my...
  113. H

    Show your restored, repaired or repainted implement projects.

    And another. A allis chalmers planter
  114. H

    Show your restored, repaired or repainted implement projects.

    Here is a disc harrow I did. Had been sitting for decades. It's a beast
  115. H

    First deer harvest of the season.

    Interesting thread. As an avid hunter, I enjoy reading about hunting elsewhere. Got my first buck of the year. For SC , this is fairly decent , about 200 lbs. I am amazed at the size of that doe in the first post. Dang, I've see smaller horses . They don't get that big here! I almost passed...
  116. H

    PTO shaft damage on a spreader. Why did this happen?

    Hooked up my cone style fertilizer spreader to my 3 point hitch yesterday. It is fairly new, used last Fall. The telescopic drive shaft connecting the spreader to the PTO was stuck and wouldn't telescope. I couldn't budge it. Figuring it was corroded from sitting a season, I finally had to...
  117. H

    Telescopic stabilizers on a Massey 240?

    Here is a picture of a similar tractor. What I want is to replace the two inner check chains with something more adjustable and easier to use. like a telescopic stabilizer I have on my Kubota
  118. H

    Telescopic stabilizers on a Massey 240?

    I don't like the chain stabilizers a on my Massey Ferguson 240. I see this telescopic style for sale. Anyone have them or an opinion? . This is what I have now.
  119. H

    Looking for rear blade with hydraulic angle

    Here's one for sale in my area. Wish it was mine. Have no idea if price is good
  120. H

    3 bottom plow questions (with pics)

    Here is my version of that plow I restored.
  121. H

    Rake Can a Root Rake be used to Clear Land?

    Here's what I use
  122. H

    What size chain binders and chains?

    I plan to replace my ratchet strap binders with chains and ratchet load binders. I tow a 70 horse Kubota on a gooseneck and normal implements like rotary cutters, etc. I'm thinking about the ratchet style rather than the lever style. Looks like Northern has all I need. What size chains...
  123. H

    planning stages for a grapple

    Here's a later picture of a 5 year old well used grapple. Note the homemade grill guard behind it. I'm a beginner welder but it works
  124. H

    I need a drill, seeder combo

    I am using a Truax 6 foot no till drill behind my Kubota M 6800. It has three seed boxes that allows for planting all types of seed. It is similar to the Great Plains from what I can see. I bought it on Ebay for about $5000. Works quite well. It can either be towed or used on a three point...
  125. H

    Help with 220 V outlets

    I am in a situation where I need to power my 220 V table saw or jointer using my Miller Bobcat as a power source. It has a Nema 14-50 3 pole 4 wire outlet. My saw has a standard 220 V Nema 6-15 plug. How can I do this. Can I make an extension cord with these plugs and receptacles to adapt...
  126. H

    Build a rear scrape blade??? from an Allis Chalmers Model D grader

    There is an abandoned Allis Chalmers model D road scraper on my property. Been sitting there for decades. The blade assembly looks good. I debated about a full restoration, but don't have the mechanical skills to do engine or transmission work. Looks like I could easily remove the blade and...
  127. H

    12 volt pump to lift farm implements question

    I need to lift a grain drill into the transport position but my tractor is at another property. Normally I just connect it to the rear remotes to lift it. Rather than trailering my tractor 30 miles, do you think it is possible to lift this drill with a 12V dump trailer pump? I have a nice...
  128. H

    Drag behind disk

    heres another made from scrap I beam, chain and tires
  129. H

    Drag behind disk

    I made a simple drag made of parallel pieces of scrap angle or even I beam, linked with a "net" of cross-linked chains. One also had some old tires suspended in the chain net, by drilling holes in the tread and running the chain thru them. It works great. Was cheap, and effective. It does...
  130. H

    Can this be straightened with a frame machine?

    I hung a log in my FEL and bent the ATI Tach All aftermarket skid steer quick connect adapter. The main beam is about 3" angle iron that is bent and twisted. I can cut out the angle iron and replace it, but there are a lot of thick weld beads to grind and also would dictate having to...
  131. H

    Bridgeport Mill ??? Should I jump on this?

    Here's the latest. Seller is getting a divorce, and he just wanted it gone before he moves. However, soon to be ex-wife thinks it's worth more and wants her share, so price has gone up, but still seems like a steal. Details are it is a 1975 Series 1, 2 hp, series 2J head, 9x42" bed, 16" knee...
  132. H

    Bridgeport Mill ??? Should I jump on this?

    A buddy of mine called me today (he knows I am a tool junkie) and said a client of his is moving and needs to get rid of a Bridgeport Mill that is in his garage. He says he'll take $250 bucks for it if we move it. It is a 1980's vintage (he thinks) I have not seen it nor know anything about...
  133. H

    Boom or boomless sprayer build?? Need Help!!

    I use a Tee jet boomless nozzle and get about a 40' spray pattern in my homemade 12V spray rig. It works great and covers evenly. Here are pix of the spray.
  134. H

    Scoop pans....are they worth having???

    I was considering a scoop pan. I have lots of dirt roads to maintain, we have built water bars to divert the water, but it seems over time, the run-off channels fill with sediment and the water no longer runs off and it pools in the road creating a mud hole. We use a box blade to rough grade...
  135. H

    Moultrie Boomless Sprayer Review?

    let me offer an alternative if you have some fabrication skills. I built a system for my truck using a 275 gallon tote (cost $50) I bought a good quality 12V pump and a high end boomless nozzle. All other parts were common Home Depot fittings and hoses. Total cost could be kept under $400...
  136. H

    Any ideas on improving this shed??

    I built this simple shed to house implements only, my disc, planter, grain drill, and cutter. I listened to a buddy as to its placement but now realize the front catches the afternoon sun and because of the height of the front roof, my implements, although sheltered from the rain, still bake...
  137. H

    what portapower system is good???

    I am always bending something and often wished I had a portapower type system to straighten things. I see sets at Northern and Harbor Freight and other tool companies. What is your experience with these? Is it worth having and if so, should I get a 4 or 10 ton for general use on farm...
  138. H

    An expensive crazy accident with my Kubota

    My buddy and I co own a M 6800 that we use on our hunting property. He was clearing for a new food plot/shooting lane today and just about has it finished. We have a grapple, and he thinks it turns our tractor into a bull dozer. But in his defense, the area was just about clear, almost ready...
  139. H

    Roundup and rain?

    I sprayed my plots today with 250 gallons of generic Roundup (Tractor Supply brand). As I was leaving, rain was threatening. I am not sure if it rained where I sprayed, but there was rain in the area. It would have started several hours after I finished. My question is: how long does...
  140. H

    Whoops! Bent my FEL curl!

    While grappling some chainsaw debris, a 5" log penetrated through the back of my grapple and lodged between the frame and the shaft, and bent the shaft. It still works but howls and squeaks when curled in. The shaft is slightly curved and obviously damaged. Can this cylinder be repaired or...
  141. H

    Horsepower of a Massey Ferguson 240??

    I just bought a mid 1980's Massey 240. In researching these models, I see various horsepower ratings, varying from 34 to 42. I know they made this model for many years, and it seems horsepower increased during that period. Does anyone know about the history of this model? I also see in one...
  142. H

    Tell me about Massey tractors please!

    Here are some pictures. Looks a little rough, could use some paint and TLC. I also need to add a front weight bracket, some weights, and a grill guard.
  143. H

    Adding weight to my Massey? How to add front weights???

    I just bought a Massey 240 that had a FEL. Not wanting an FEL, I removed it and sold it. I hooked up my 6' rotary cutter (probably a little big for this tractor) and I am way too light in the front. Steering was comical. I need to add front weights and a front brush guard. I have the front...
  144. H

    Confusion about tire size on a Massey 240??? Help please

    I just bought a Massey Ferguson 240 diesel (2 WD), mid 1980's, which has 14.9 x 24" tires. All things I read about this model says it should have 13.6 x 28" tires. I wonder if the tires and rims I have were stock, or if they were added in the past. I plan to restore the tractor and want to...
  145. H

    My tractor has new shoes!

    I just bought a Massey Ferguson 240. The tires were not great, so as I looked on EBay, I happened to notice some new Firestone R1 SAT II 6 ply (13.6 x 28) up for bid. couldn't resist and I bid. got them for $560 a pair plus $125 shipping, total of $685 for two great rear tires! I...
  146. H

    Need new tires for my new Massey ...

    Just bought a Massey Ferguson 240 The tires are not great so in the future, I plan to replace them. Since there are few dealers around here, where is best place to buy? Several questions....are Starmaxx tires decent? Should I go with a ribbed front tire (which is what's on it) or a...
  147. H

    Tell me about Massey tractors please!

    I saw a Massey Ferguson 231 for sale locally and it caught my eye. It looked like a tractor I would like to have. Since then, I have been reading and searching for Masseys and just wondered if someone with knowledge would tell me more about them. Specifically, ones in the 30 to 45 hp range...
  148. H

    What used tractors should I consider?

    My wish list includes another tractor (I have a 70 horse Kubota with a FEL for primary use). I have often wished I had a smaller one for bush hogging and for pulling a drag harrow, to speed things up with multiple users. My criteria are first and foremost, cheap, say $4 to 6,000 tops. Just...
  149. H

    What used tractors should I consider?

    My wish list includes another tractor (I have a 70 horse Kubota with a FEL for primary use). I have often wished I had a smaller one for bush hogging and for pulling a drag harrow, to speed things up with multiple users. My criteria are first and foremost, cheap, say $4 to 6,000 tops. Just...
  150. H

    tying down a tractor. Chains vs. straps

    I have been tying down my M 6800 Kubota with ratchet straps with chains on the ends. I know there is debate about chains vs. straps. I am getting tired of the ratchet mechanisms and am thinking about switching to chains. My question is what size chain and what style load binder? My tractor...
  151. H

    Splitting tractor for clutch repair

    My Kubota M 6800 needed a new clutch. Sadly, it only had 600 hours, but I am afraid that extensive use of the grapple (using a tractor for bulldozer tasks!) really took its toll on the clutch. I priced a new clutch from my dealer and also looked at clutches on EBay from
  152. H

    What a stupid move!!

    Last night I really had a brain lapse. I am removing my fuel tanks because of a trash issue. My tractor is sitting on my trailer. I removed one tank and was working on the other. There is a cross brace I removed on the first that supported the tank. No problem. On the identical cross brace...
  153. H

    What's best way to clean fuel tank?

    My kubota M 6800 randomly starts chugging and then shuts off. I go thru the bleeding air process and it fires right up again and runs fine until the next time. I have removed both tanks and plan to replace all fuel lines while it's disassembled. I see trash in the tanks so I need to clean...
  154. H

    What size cylinders do I need?

    I am building an implement that will lift hydraulically. Two wheel assemblies running separately but synchronized with a flow divider. The weight will be around 1500 lbs and the pump is a 12 V model with a 2 gal. Reservoir. How do you figure cylinder size? I need a 8" stroke. Whatcha...
  155. H

    tractor clutches on EBay???

    My M 6800 Kubota needs a new clutch. There are clutches for sale on EBay at "Tractorclutchesrus" for about 1/2 of what I have found elsewhere. They are listed with the normal Kubota part # and appear to be OEM parts, but I still need to verify that. Just wondered if anyone has bought a clutch...
  156. H

    how to search on TBN??

    Dumb question, but is searching for a particular phrase or group of words, how do you keep the search engine from splitting them? For instance, I did a search for "cover chains" and it shows "cover" and "chains" but that is not the result I need. I remember reading there is a way to make sure...
  157. H

    planting spring seeds with a drill

    We bought a used Truax Grass drill with three seed boxes. I assume it is similar to other no til drills, like the Great Plains, as far as the dispensing mechanism. We are ready to give it a try. I want to practice with some soybeans, corn, and sunflower this Spring. Any tips on using a drill...
  158. H

    L 4400 What's your opinion?

    There is a nice L 4400 2 WD for sale for $8500. It has about 250 hours and looks new. That seems like a great price. What is your opinion of the price and of the tractor. It does not have a loader of course, but that really is better for me. I have a M 6800 4 WD for the heavy stuff, and...
  159. H

    Cultipacker design question.

    I am designing and building a cultipacker using the packer wheels from Everything Attachments. It will be 88" wide using 22 wheels weighing 28 lbs. apiece for a total of 616 lbs. The shaft is cold rolled 2". It will be a lift style with hydraulic wheels to lift the whole assembly up off the...
  160. H

    Tractor loses power and shuts off????

    My M6800 has recently started losing power and cutting off at random times. Seems a little worse when the fuel is low, but that might be imagined as it also has done it at 1/2 full. It suddenly starts chugging and then cuts off. It will not restart without going thru process of bleeding the...
  161. H

    Buying Advice  Kubota volume dealers on east coast??

    I am thinking about upgrading from my M6800 to one a little bigger. Seems like I read somewhere about a dealer who has good prices and can ship a tractor. My local dealer leaves lots to be desired and I don't seem to get any benefit from having a relationship there anyway, so I don't have any...
  162. H

    Need a good tractor mechanic in upstate SC

    Anyone have any advise on a good mechanic in the Greenville, SC , area? I need a new clutch on my kubota M6800. I just don't get good vibes from my dealer and the shop there. How difficult is this job? I know the tractor has to be split and expect $2000. Is that a good estimate?
  163. H

    questions for you hydraulic experts please!!!

    I am building a cultipacker and want it to be transportable. I have the wheel assemblies that were taken off an old Allis Chalmers planter that i converted to a three point hitch style, so I plant to make this packer in the same manner that the planter was designed, using left over parts for...
  164. H

    Hydraulic pumps or rams usage

    I am building a cultipacker with lift wheels like ones on a pull type (offset) disc. I don't want to use a hydraulic cylinder from my rear remotes, as I want this to be independent of the tractor. So I have thought about a ratchet jack or a manual hydraulic ram or a portapower pump to...
  165. H

    Question about Roundup and discing

    I sprayed my plots with glyphosate and 2,4,D last Monday (6 days ago). Everything is yellowing and looks like I got good coverage. My question is this: we are trying to get our corn and beans planted soon. Would it be unwise to go ahead and disc tomorrow (six days after spraying) or should I...
  166. H

    Brain storming cultipacker please!

    I want to build a nice cultipacker. I plan to use packer wheels from Everything Attachments which are 15" diameter and weigh 28 lbs. It will be 7' wide and so it will have almost 600 lbs. of iron. My desires are to make it transportable, with wheels and tires appropriate for road use (short...
  167. H

    Deals on new diesel Superduties???

    A friend told me some regional dealers were really discounting new Ford diesels, and Ford was offering a substantial rebate and zero% financing. He said they even had some 2011 still on the lot. I'm not sure if he was correct. Anyone been dealing lately for a Superduty and if so...
  168. H

    Should I herbicide before no-til??

    I am new to no tilling (recently restored a 3 row planter and got a Truax no til drill). I was planning to plant some soybeans and corn this spring, whereas in the past, we always planted fall blends. I checked out our plots and they are beautiful now. The spring rains have really brought out...
  169. H

    Sprayer decision...please give me your opinion

    I want to build a sprayer to apply herbicide to plots and trails. Total acreage would be about 15 with the average plot size of 2 acres. I have a Fimco ATV version with a boom that works ok but the 25 gallons runs out fast, so I need a bigger one. I am thinking 100 to 200 gallon size. I will...
  170. H

    Need advice on hooking up to a drawbar

    I am building a tongue for my grain drill so I can tow it rather than use it in a 3 point hitch mode. (Long story, but it was designed to use either way but when I bought it, the tongue was missing. I am using the manufacturers design). My question is how most people connect heavy implements...
  171. H

    Hydraulic question on a Kubota M 6800

    I hooked up my new grain drill to the 3 point hitch and lifted it. Weighing in at 3000 lbs, it was a load. I also tilted it forward with the hydraulic top link to gain more ground clearance. I then tried my FEL and it would barely move, very slow response. When I sat the drill down, the FEL...
  172. H

    My new grain drill is here!! Help!

    I bought a used Truax Grass Drill (FLX 88) on Ebay and it just arrived. It is a no till with 3 seed boxes for all types of seed. It is 8' wide and plants a 5' strip. The tongue is missing so it is a 3 point hitch type. Boy, it's heavy. When the trucker delivered it to my dealer, I used a...
  173. H

    Let's discuss herbicide application for foodplots

    I have always planted by broadcasting seed after plowing, discing etc. I now have a 5' Truax NoTill drill and also a Allis Chalmers 3 row NoTil planter I just restored. I bought an old Allis Chalmers book on NoTil that was written years ago when NoTil evidently was first being used. (By the...
  174. H

    Help me decide on a herbicide sprayer

    Just bought a no-til grain drill and also restored a no til 3 row planter. I've never planted No-Til so I read that herbicide is a necessity to really benefit from No-Til. I will be planting food plots scattered over two properties and will also spray the woods roads to keep them walkable and...
  175. H

    Another rear remote question for dummies (me)

    I have a Kubota M6800 with one rear remote, which I have currently running a hydraulic top link. I just bought a grain drill that has a cylinder. I guess I can remove the hydraulic top link, reattach the manual link, and free up the remote for the drill hydraulic. But it would be nice to have...
  176. H

    Tips on installing new bearing races please.

    I am rebuilding the hubs on some coulters. The races are old and questionable so since I have new ones, I guess I should go ahead and replace them. One race came out with some tapping after heating the hub and cooling the race. The other has no "purchase point" to tap, so I will try the weld...
  177. H

    pressure washer not generating pressure

    My Northern pressure (6hp honda engine) is not generating any pressure. Last winter I had an accident and was out of commission for 6 months, so this washer sat outside all winter at my farm because I was not able to put things away. I did not winterize it and since I used it in the Fall and...
  178. H

    TractorByNet while on a deer stand!

    I just got a new I Phone and am really impressed! I am not a techno weenie but this I phone is awesome. It is so simple and intuitive to use, is incredibly fast and useful. I use it as an alarm clock, checking e-mails, pulling up instant weather on an hour by hour basis (including wind...
  179. H

    Drilling holes in steel shaft...any simple jigs?

    I need to dril a few holes in 3/4" cold rolled shaft They dont have to be extremely precise but fairly close. Every time i try to drill, my bit slips and wanders off center. I know some of you clever machinists know how to do this, and have a simple jig. Can you share your secrets and...
  180. H

    Check out my new grain drill!

    I always wanted a drill to plant food plots so my hunting buddy and I bought this on EBay and are waiting for delivery. It's a Truax FLX 88. I hope it works as expected and is in decent condition. It is scary to buy something this expensive sight unseen, but we feel good about the seller...
  181. H

    Where do you buy bearings??? discs??

    I am replacing the bearings on an old harrow. (Made back then when American steel ruled!) I have the parts number and see the referenced part listed in most tractor supply houses and also online at The Big Bearing Store. My question is since the price varies fron $22 to $39 depending on the...
  182. H

    Advise me on bearing removal and replacement on a harrow

    I am restoring an old Athens harrow. I finally got the castle nut off and am ready to tackle the bearings. I guess I will see how they look and feel before I buy new ones. This has been sitting outside for decades so it is rusted up pretty badly. If it is like the rest of the harrow, it will...
  183. H

    Need help removing rusted up nut!

    I am disassembling an old Athens Harrow. The gang nut on the disc shaft is a 2.75" castle nut on a 1.25 or 1.5" shaft. It's been sitting for decades in the weather. The rust doesn't really look that bad but it won't budge. I have a 1" drive impact socket and a long 42" breaker bar. I have...
  184. H

    roller bearing question - cups and cones

    I am restoring an old planter. I have disassembled the coulters and removed the two roller bearings and seal, and these are still available. My question is do I also need to replace the bearing cups? They appear to be smooth and not pitted. They are obviously still seated in the cast iron...
  185. H

    Restoration of an old Athens Offset Harrrow

    I am in the process of restoring an old Athens Harrow, Series 166, that has been abandoned for several decades. After dragging it out of the briars, I discovered it was salvagable. I plan to replace the wheels and tires, the discs, and check the bearings. Of course it needs all new...
  186. H

    Remote security cameras...any advice

    My brother in law just had his lake house broken into and had many things stolen. They disabled his simple alarm, and stole truckloads of furniture, appliances, and even cut his gun safe from the concrete floor. This theft could have taken hours or even days. They even disconnected his heat...
  187. H

    Clutch slipping on a Kubota M 6800

    My clutch seems like it is beginning to slip. I have the standard transmission. What is involved in replacing or repairing a clutch on this tractor? Is is similar to a clutch on a vehicle in terms of repair?
  188. H

    Roll pin removal---Any advice or tricks

    This may be a stupid question, but I am restoring several old implements that have been sitting outdoors for decades. There are lots of roll pins or what you may call spring or split pins. They look like a hollow cylinder with a slit. These are firmly rusted in place. Obviously I use a...
  189. H

    Advice on a Truax planter please

    I am looking at a Truax FLX88 grass drill for planting food plots. It is a no till, 3 point hitch model. I am tired of all the work preparing plots and think this would greatly simplify things. What do you guys think. I looked at other planters (Great Plains, Kasco, etc) but wanted advice...
  190. H

    Grain drill advice for foodplots

    We plant various food plots and have always plowed, disked, and broadcast seed and covered it with a drag harrow. Obviously very labor intensive. As I was hunting yesterday over an old plot, I was wondering what it would take to no-till instead. I would like the ability to plant grains and...
  191. H

    Portable oxy-acetylene tote outfits? Worth having?

    I occasionally need to cut steel at the farm, such as cutting off bent lift arm pins (7/8" diameter), or cutting off bolts or small pieces of steel, etc. I have a larger oxy/ace set, but I hate to transport it. Would one of the little totes work for occasional cutting of thicker steel like...
  192. H

    Need some welding advice

    I am a novice welder and have been building some simple things to help me refine my skills. I have a Miller 211 Mig. Sometimes I am running a bead and all is sizzling like it should and then "pop", the arc breaks and the glob of molten metal forms and splatters. It may pop a few times and...
  193. H

    Old planter hiding in the briars???

    Another potential implement restoration---this old 4 row Allis Chalmers planter has been sitting for who knows how many years. It sits on our hunting lease which we have had for 20 years. The old farmers son says he doesn't care if we reclaim it, so it is ours for free. My question is whether...
  194. H

    Restoration of an old disc, any advice?

    This old disc has been parked for decades, and the property owner would give it to me for use preparing foodplots. First of all, these pictures are poor, as I only had my telephoto lens, and I need to drag it out of the briars and take some better shots. Any ideas as to what brand? Is this...