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    6130D Deere

    A friend of mine has a 6130D Deere and he mows roads. The transmission looses prime when mowing and the tractor gets on a left handed slope. After a few minutes off and in neutral it will go again. Will mow all day with the right side down hill. Deere dealer won’t even look at it so he...
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    Let's post our Made in USA tool finds (yard sales, old store stock, auctions etc)

    Picked up this little 1945 Sheldon lathe off marketplace
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    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

    I have one. When people see someone and they think they are going through some financial difficulties. Then come in and try to lowball buy them out. When I lost my job at the landfill this old neighbor of mine stopped by and told me he would take my excavator off my hands since I needed...
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    Backhoe Long 5-N-1 Super II (1400) tractor parts

    Does yours still have the crane boom. Looking for pictures
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    Old Window Greenhouse

    Did this the first time I lucked up and found a house getting new windows and they were all the same size. I used treated wood. The smaller on was all sorts of windows framing it sorta sucked
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    Sickle Boom Cutter?

    An old pitmanless sickle mower will work verticle
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    Lane Shark Alternative?

    There’s a home built version floating around home that was made from an old farm all Cub belly mower with and orbit mower and a large pulley
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    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    I have a 740 Arps came off a 200 hp tractor
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    Plowing tall grass

    I was in Illinois and saw an old implement that drug on one side of the plow to lay the thick grass over and the direction of travel so the coulters worked better. Kept the plow from plugging up
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    Visiting the Philipines advice please

    I didn't want to hijack the other post about moving to the Philipines so I started a new one. I've been dating a a lady here that grew up in the Philipines. She wants me to go home and meet her mother sister and brothers. Here's what freaks me out. A I've never been on an air liner, I've...
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    Signs of dementia

    Hey guys how have the holidays been. As usual I need some advice. I think my dad has dementia or Alzheimer's. We work together at a rubbish landfill and never have gotten along all the time like most fathers and sons do. The last ten years I've done most of the hard work, mechanicing and...
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    Does it ever end

    I have to vent a little. I have a new girlfriend and have been staying with her a lot she live 50 minutes from me. My weekend with my daughter was messed up this week as she had a birthdY party to go to. I stayed with girlfriend and went into work this morning and get a call from a guy...
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    I figured out why I hate tv

    I have people ask me why I don't wAtc tv. And usually tell them nothing's on or I don't want to spend money on it. Well I figured it out its bad for my blood pressure. I've been courting a Filipino girl for a few months and we were at her house talking and she turned the tv on to Alaska the...
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    Bad year for tractor accidents here

    This year we've had 4 bad tractor or mower accidents that left people dead. I knew 3 of them well. This spring a long time friend and farmer Tommy Pounders was working on his bushhog and had it blocked up. Something caused the lift to drop and his block slipped. He was crushed under the...
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    Early onset curmudgeon syndrome

    Guys I'm I the early stages of early onset curmudgeon syndrome as a friend put it yesterday. I've noticed the last year or so I'm getting more grumpy as time goes on. Wether dealing with employees or vendors and people in general especially younger people and BSers. A few months ago I...
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    iPhone and posting pics

    Hey guys I have a question for y'all. I have an iPhone 5s first one I've ever had. I was wondering how to post pics to tbn from it. Thanks in advance TL
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    Indoor dryer vent

    Anyone here use or make an indoor dryer vent. My washer and dryer are in a closet in the master bathroom and the vent runs down and out from under the house about 18 feet. When it's attach馘 I noticed clothes the longer to dry and my elements run about 4 years. And it's hard to hook up...
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    Anyone here dealing with depression

    I hope I'm not posting this in the wrong place. I was wondering if any of you deal with depression. And how you deal with it. I haven't been on in a while but I've always valued the opinions of you folks. I recently went to counseling at the request of my exgirlfriend because she thought I was...
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    3525 price

    I need some advice on the price of a 3525 mahindra. One of my employees at work had to retire after an illness. He called me wanting to sell his Mahindra its a plain 3525 with 212 hrs mint condition with a new 6 foot 20 inch united disk, a 6 foot Kodiak cutter new, PhD, older but nice JD 2...
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    The younger workforce.

    I would like to know if anyone else had had hiring trouble with the younger generation. At thanksgiving my 73 year old compactor operator had a stroke and possibly dementia. We don't think he will be able to come back to work. I moved my yard man and backup operator to the compactor. I set...
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    Comparison  Help me decide.

    I m about to have my home and land paid off and really want a nicer tractor. I have a 79 3000 Yanmar that I've had 9 years. I'm looking for around a 40_45 HP tractor open station. Here's my jam up. I want something around a 2010 model. I'm not a fan of the emissions bs. And I like the fact its...
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    Tractor tire death

    This happened a couple miles from work across from one of our dumpster locations. I know both men Now tire cage in the shop. I saw the damage today and it was terrible. 1 dead, 1 hurt after tractor tire explodes
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    cutting granite

    I was given a pile of granite scraps 1 inch thick to make some projects out of. I need to square one end of them off it can be a rough cut if need be. I figure someone here would know.
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    knowing when not to take a job

    I got a call from a cousin that's a police officer in town about doing some welding work with my portable welder. I went to look and in the jail auto shop where convicts work they had a triumph two post lift in there. One of the lift arms was twisted down. They wanted it heated bent up and...
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    tank sealer

    Hey guys I gotta pick some brains here. At work we just got in 2 asphault rollers for our new lots repair crew. I spent 2 weeks refurbishing them. I have one problem the irrigation systems tanks for wetting the drums and tires both had alot of big surface rust flakes on inside...
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    Been busy here

    Hey folks hows it going? Been busy here with alot of things lately with work and home life and I hope to get to post more often. On the 7 th of May Mom passed away and brother an I have been getting her affairs straight. Luckily she had most of her bills paid up and her wishes were...
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    Mack engine rebuild

    Im about to start a long post on here of a complete rebuild of one of our Mack motors. Lately the plant has started recycling alot of the waste we used to get so it will be a bit slow till we get a few more customers. We have also been doing alot more of our own mechanic work since the...
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    Almost got alot done this evening.

    Yesterday I was coming home yesterday and the starter on the service truck engaged and burnt my starter up and a few other near miss catastrophies yesterday. I ordered one that will be in on wednesday and had my market garden work all done. I was getting a little much needed yard...
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    torch safety

    I have a friend thats a logger. He has 2 step sons that are the real life beavis and butthead. He gave them jobs this summer in their shop fixing flats and learning bassic maintenance. He usually has a shop man thats usually there to teach them and watch them. He had an emergency...
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    Turning folks down.

    The other day I was a t a friends garden center and a relative and her new husband stopped me. THey wanted me to do a feild line for them at eac of their parents houses. I told them that I wasnt really interested as I was busy with work and I had a lot of other promised work and...
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    Cant have anything nice

    I M getting tired of folks with a lack of respect of others property. The other day Amy was in her 01 Town and COuntry van and was dropping off Savannah at daycare. She had Savannah hout and was going in the building and looked back and saw a City brush truck was at te end of the block...
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    Meth Lab

    Wednesday I topped to talk to a neigbor and his wife asked if I had heard of a 32 year old that burnt up in a fire. I didnt know of any. I called a friend and it wa in the next town over. I knew they guy that died, I went to school with him. In not surprised he was making that...
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    Hypertherm plasma

    One of my friends has a Hypertherm Plasma that he bought new a few years ago and used in his welding shop. He bought a new larger one for bigger jobs. He Ive used the machine and really like it, it cuts 3/4 well. He even gauranteed it and I trush him as he does alot of our...
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    Funny Welder pitch

    I got this vid sent to me by a friend that has worked with the man in the picture. Amazin Blaze Weldin Service - YouTube
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    Going to propane

    I have 3 torch sets. One in the home/farm shop. It goes between running my hand torch and running my table burner. One I keep in the shop at work for cutting and brazing. I found another set Im having rebuilt I want to put on my company service truck. I have my portable welder on it...
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    Scrap yard find of the week.

    I frequent a large scrap yard here that take only industrial accounts. I do a little work for them. I had a load of tin from the landfill I manage that was to go to scrap. The yard I used to buy from that takes from the public wont resell to the public anymore so I decided to do...
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    Close call with welder.

    Ihad a close call with my Miller Bobcat welder Tuesday. Tuesday evening I had a friend that wanted me to weld some pin brackets on his old D4D to add on an old rake. My welder is mounted on my service truck facing the drivers side. Along with the exhaust pipe for the welder. I...
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    Im a dad

    Well after a long pregnancy my wife had to have a C section. I hate to ay it but During with I almost fell out when they handed me the little 7 poun 4 ounce girl. Shes doing fine and we came home today. Got me wrapped around her finger already lol. Never held a baby till wedneday...
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    341 excavator problem

    My older brother has a 341 that he uses in his contracting business. He was installing a sewer line yesterday and the crowd arm quit working. But if you held the lever either way and used another function like the boom the stick would work. He just had to barely move to boom...
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    Grief from helping a friend.

    I was wandering if any of yall had any greif from a friend after helping them. My experience this last week has really changed the way Im gonna help certain friends. I have a friend thats never really beenaround tractors alot. He was over here asking me who cleared our land behind...
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    Finish mower bagger.

    Im using alot of compost on my garden and need better way to gather the grass and weeds and leaves from my lawn. I remember back when I was a kid dad had an old snapper mower with a bagger on back. I dont have a rider but I have a 5 foot kk finishing mower. My biggest question...
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    Hay scam

    The othe day I was baling some hay for work. I split it on the halves after getting 120 from that feild with the mini baler plus 20 on another site. I dont have anything that eats hay so I wanted to keep 15 bales for utility purposes and donate the rest to Texas or Arkansas. I had a...
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    Any machinists out there?

    I took machine shop classes in HS and later 2 years of it in college. I was always facinated by a shaper. HS the school board deemed our 2 shapers unsafe and mad e the shop disconnec the big one as a slacker walked infront of the clapper tool post and got a big square bruise on his gourd...
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    KK Spindle

    Dad and I have used 5 and 6 foot KK finish mowers for years. He was told that they spindles were throw aways. THe other day he asked what I gave for my last spindle replacement. I told him I never bought but one. He gave 80 bucks for the last one that burnt out. He cicnt belives...
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    501 sickle mower

    I have been looking for a better mower to mow my hobby and mulching hay. Ive been using an old 5 foot rotary cutter with a hay side in it. PI just bale with my mini round baler and an old JD rake. I was ok with the mower but if it was out of level it would double cut the stems...
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    Remodel plan

    Amy and I were sitting here the other night and looking at the walls of our living room. She grew up in a house that nothing was ever done to maybe a few additions to it. I bought this house from my parents when they divorced and it had been remodeled several times by mother and it was...
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    Mott Knife cost

    I picked up a nice Mott 5 foot FLail mower. Its only got 5 hours on it but its an older mower. THe man I bought it from's son in law borrowed it and thought it was a tiller and tried to till his gravel drive with it. THe teeth were worn down to a nub. Our nearest implement dealer...
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    Need some car buyer guidance

    I need to ask yet another favor from the brain trust of TBN. Amy is 7 weeks along and her little 02 Ranger isnt gonna cut it with 3 of us. So as I move on from the pick up and convertible stage in my life Its minivan time. Im fond of Chrysler Minivans dad and alot of my...
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    For the gunsmiths out there.

    I had a stupid stupid accident today. I was blowing off some steam today plowing my rented feild and had my old Ithaca 12 gauge shotgun. I was expecting to get to shoot a Coyote or get a shot off on the ground hog thats been eating my bean plants. I got home and was...
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    My version of Extreme Couponing

    I was in the stor4ethe other doay and heard a gagle of isle blocking women cackling over that stupid extreme couponing show and all their savings. One said a man wouldnt be smart enough to do that. I thought about my version of it day before yester day I stopped at the scrap yard...
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    New toy JD 600Hi Cycle

    Dad has always liked old farm euipment and the last 10 years the Grain elevator owner had and old 70 model JD 600 Hi Cycle spray rigs in good shape it just sat there. THey thought it was locked up. Dad bought it for 500 bucks and brought it home. We got it going with a few little...
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    I3040 axle stops

    I wanted to let anyone with an LS to check the steering axle stops. We were servicing dads I 3040 Thursday and had the right front wheel off getting a bale twine out from around the front hub. I looked down and noticed the bolt thats the steering axle limit had back out to the...
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    Lenar tractor

    Im wondering where Lenar tractors are made. I have a customer at te shop that took one in on a partial trade. Im going to instal a loader on it for him and fix the ROPS. THe rops got dented when a tree blew down on it. He didnt know anything about it just allowed 1500 for the...
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    Sad story

    Here in my town we had a sad story this week. 2 people I went to school with were caught abusing a 3 year old child. The child had a fractured sskull and had been scalded, and was found unconscious. We dont have an online version of our town paper but the regional paper has an...
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    Changing Vets

    We have 8 dogs and take care of them but We had a bad week a few months ago where we ran up a pretty large bill. We make monthly payments but skipped a month but made up for the next with a triple payment. I explained to my vet that my wife had lost her job and I had large amount of...
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    Cheater tips

    I have a friend that want to be the best at every thing including welding. He came by work the otherday and i was in the shop making dumpster door latch washers. He asked if I did them free hand and I said in a way. I have one of my personal torches in the shop at work along with 2...
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    Adding Radiant heat to house.

    We are about to remodel the house like a a cabing on the inside to facilitate some of ur inherited antiques. As a surprise to my wife for letting me fix the living room like an old barn I want to put in a radiant floor heating system in the bedroom. We have an old house built in Holcut...
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    refrigerator problem

    My 5 year old Kenmore fridge died last night. Its coldon top and the bottom is cool but not cool enough. I wanted to know if theres a fan to direct the cool air down to the bottom. I got Sundays turkey out i nthe shop beer fridge. Its just a 200 yard walk to get milk eggs or...
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    Moron and poisoning

    I have some friends that rabbit hunt with beagles. The other day they they were at a 100 acre rabbit pen for the weekly hunt. While walking theres an old barn that a favorite buzzard roost. They found 2 dead buzzards there. Since it was a satrurday and most game wardens are off...
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    Neat inheritance

    I had an offer on a junk pile from my wifes family. My wifes grandmother passed away and my wife inherited around 10 acres but her uncle has rights to live there till he dies even though he wont live there. My wife cant touch it. The other thing was m wifes mother had rights to all...
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    Brake job advice

    I have a dumb question for yall. Im about to replace the pads and rotors on my wifes 02 Ford Ranger. I was told by a friend Id have to open the bleeder to push out the fluid when opening the caliper to prevent damaging the the antilock set up. I always thought back when I did my...
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    Baler find

    Far a while now i have been looking for a small round baler to bale weeds. and Serecia grass and sage for erosion controll bales at work. I also wanted a small baler for baling wheat straw and pine needles for my garden mulch. I looked at an IHI star baler but the price was way...
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    Advice for a friend

    Saturday night I got a call from a friend that called me from Jail. He was on his tractor a 1/4 from any public road when a deputy pulled up to ask him directions to another farm that wasnt on his GPS. When he got off his tractor to show the deputy where he needed to be. The deputy...
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    hydraulic pump coupling

    I hada failurethis winter on myYM 3000. Its been i nthe family 12 or 13 years. THis winter I had to back it out of the barn because a power line was damaged near by and the PC advised me to empty the shed. It rained down the shifter boot that had a hole in it and I didnt know it when...
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    you tube

    I have a question for those that use you tube. I recently got hughes net and am very happy with it. I have been looking up alot on you tube. I had gone back over alot of links in forums to see the old videos I never could. I saw some last night and went to see them tonight and I...
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    Log truck fatality

    Yessterday comming home from work dad called me and told me that there was blue lights ahed of him and traffic was stopping that it might be a road block. I dug my liscence and health card out to find out when I went through it was a wreck. It was a conversion van had hit a log truck that...
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    accident today

    I have a friend that had his wife call me to go pick up his truck in the morning. He works for a farm spraying service and was putting a wleder in the back of his service truck and had an operator on a tractor with a large 3 point boom. They had set the welder on its mounts and my friend...
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    4-in-1  4in1 got lucky this week

    Ive been wanting a 4in1 bucket on my loader ever since I got my skid steers an d even since I was a kid after using one on a 645 Allis Chalmers loader. I had thought of building one for a few years but time never was there. I was on Craigs list and happened to see one for sale in Olive...
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    Hughes Net dealer jerking us around

    My wife and I finally got tired of paying a phone and internet bill for snails pace dial up. We never use the house phone and figured hughes net costs the same as the phone setup with dial up. Amy called hughes neat andthey gave us the name of the local provider for the area...
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    Montana information and opinions

    My dad is looking for another tractor and my older brother found a 3940 3840, Im not sure of the number Montana with 45 minutes on it. The owner died after buying it and the bank took it back. I was just recently made aware of their troubles. The machine is a shuttle shift...
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    Lift quit

    My 3000 lift quit working the other day. My tractor barn is under a powerline and it was damaged in a storm and the power company cant fix it right now. I had to leave the tractor out a few weeks and went to use it and the lift wouldnt work. . The pump didnt hum or sing like it...
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    Special fittings

    I have a question for yall folks. I dont know the name of the fittings Im looking for or the the Source. Im working on a way to heat domestic water and provide a remote room with the excess hotwater. What I got planned is making a copper coil to go inside the wood heater, like a...
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    JD pull type picker

    Today dad told me he ended up with a JD pull type corn picker. Someone had cut thetongue out of it and and put a 3 point and put 2 bushhog wheels on the back. They attempted to made a 3 point rig out of it. I got the tongue and the original wheels are still on it. I need to find some...
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    Any Christmas tree farm owners here.

    We have a larger cell thats been finished up at the landfill I work at. The ground is sandy and will have a layer of rotted bark from a chip mill covering it for water retention. We will probably reopen the cell later in 7 or 8 years, but til lthen we though of planting about 800 trees on it...
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    LS tractors

    We just got a new LS dealer near by. We were looking at them today and they said they were made in Korea but were a US company. As I was looking at them it looked alot like one of the Mcormicks my neighbor sells at his Branson,Mcormick, Farmtrac dealership. It also favors his little...
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    Dads birthday present.

    The last few years dad has been buying old IH tractors, ususally the offsets like A's Super A, Cub and 140's. He has several cubs and has wanted the mainline attachments for cultivation and such. When I was 16 I bought a Cub from him with the moldboard plow, blade, pickup disk, and...
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    Cheap game cameras

    Ive read all the posts on game camera and helped set them up but I never really used one. Id like a suggestion on a cheap game cam to set up to watch my house and dog pen. My wifes grandmother past away and At the funeral I witnessed it greedy uncle having and all out cuss match in the...
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    Holland transplanter or other tobacco setter

    Has anyone here ever used a Holland transplantor or tobaco setter? This comming spring I will have another couple acres ready to market garden on and need some help transplanting. My nieghbor travels up to Kentucky alot and says theirs several forsale in his area fairly cheap. I plan on...
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    Fat guy on a little tractor

    I thought yall might like to see a pic of my dads Pasquali 986. He got this tractor from a friend of ours that imports tractors. It was new and had been lost in his warehouse till it fell in on it. Its articulated and has several gears. The pto can be synced to run a powere trailer. The...
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    Gandy spreaders

    Does any one here have any experience with a Gandy drop spreader. I bought one that was in an old dairy parlor and its in like new condition. The lady that owned it said her late husband used it to spread power lime and fertilizer. I still cant beleive the shape its in. Most are rusted...
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    Pasquali 991

    Has anyone here had any dealings with a 991 Pasquali. Dad is looking at one right now. We can get it right. It runs good, power steering on the articulation and its on its second owner. The original owner works for us and he had it to mow slopes. The second owner bought it for a play...
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    Tragedy this weekend

    Im not sure where to post this but it really turned my stomach. I copied a story that happened this weekend at a local waterfront area that was recently reopened. Child drowns in Tish By Jebb Johnston Staff Writer IUKA -- Officials are investigating the weekend drowning of a four-year-old...
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    Got lucky today and a new nickname

    I ve been operating heay equipment for about 15 years since I was 14. Today I did something my brother or had hasnt i rolled the D5B off the side of a 4 foot tall lowboy. We dont have a lowoy so another company hauls it for us. Ive loaded this dozer tons of times on this same trailer...
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    Economy Tractor value

    My older brother was doing an excavator job over in the country the other day and traded for a trecher while there he found an old Economy tractor in the she All geer drive so I know it was an Economy Jim Dandy line. It has the front blade power lift and a breaking plow and disc and...
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    Propane water heater usage.

    My wife and I just bought 275 bucks worth of propane november 6th. It was 100 gallons and we ran out last night Jan 26. We have a 40 gallon hot water heater thas gas and we both take a shower a day on normal days and sometimes 2 and its set between hot and economy . We have one gas...
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    Tubing notcher

    I usually dont like to buy cheap tools, but the other day I was in Tupelo looking at a small welding job when I saw the next building was a Harbor Frieght. I saw a holesaw /tubing notcher that looked pretty good. I ahd a job comming up soon and needed alot of pipe notched to make make a...
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    Compactor we built for work.

    I thought yall might like to see a couple pics of the compactor we built for the Landfill I work at. When Tiffins bought the landfill we got new types of rubbish that he D5B wouldnt compact as well. When we ran out of space in one cell way too early wer talkedthem into letting us get a...
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    Trencher chain

    I have a friend that has a 425 powertrac and hes in a bit of a tight spot with cash. PT wants 500 for a chain and 115 for the idler and 90 for the drive sprockets plus tax and frieght. I can get parts aftermarket well they probably make theparts for PT from Atalnta Chain and roller co now...
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    Caddplans copy.

    I was looking for Ideas on the net for implements for my walking tractor and I ran across a Chinese equipment site. It had a manufacturer that was making and selling Cad Tracs In full loader and backhoe dress. I couldnt belive that. They also had several other copies from them.
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    wood choppers

    I was browsing EuropeMachinery Trader online and saw in the forestry section and interesting item. It was a wood chopper. Self feeding and the housing looked like a 3 pt chipper but it had a conveyor. I was wondering it it used a flail hammer to chop the 5 or 6 9nch logs but it also cut them...
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    Homade Methane

    Ive always been intrigued by homemade fuels since I was little hearing about whiskey and other fuel sources. about 10 or 12 years ago I hear my neighbor Gerald talking about a plant in Wisconsin that he serviced lift trucks for. It had been built to power itself with fuel and 2 large...
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    Has King Kutter gone Chinese

    I just worked on a new King Kutter Rotary mower. I know they use Chinese gear boxes and spindles but this whole thing looked identicle to the Farm Pro mower i repaired for another customer. The welds were pitiful, gear box screamed, fit or the parts and angles were shabby. Ive got a KK...
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    Bobcat grader

    I found a deal on an unused Bobcat brand grader attachment yester day 1500 for an unused one. It was bought at an auction new and didnt fit the Larger machine. I want to adapt it to may Case1840 Uniloader. THe plates match but I dont have the switches in my joy sticks to make the diverter...
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    Well I finally got done with my version of Sandmans trencher. I made mine a bit different as it had started out as a stump grinder wheel from a 3/8ths transfer pattern out of a sawmill edger wheel. I added planer blade teeth from the chipmill. I had a 1to 1 box off a cotton piccker spindle...
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    Brush Bull

    Ive got a qusetion for Woodsbrush Bull owners here. I read an add in a trader mag today and it had 3 implements in it. a King cutter 5 foot landscape rake 65.00 and a 5 foot disc that has the flip up rear gang for 65.00. both in super shape and a woods 6 foot Brushbull with 25 hours on it for...
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    Anyone need an old Dearborn 8N 3point loader

    Ive got an old 3point loader I rescued from a scrap miser and Since my neighbor didnt want it im looking for some one that might be intereseted. They had scrapped the lower lift assist cylinder but all that could be made fom smaller cylinders. It has the tynes with the material plate tacked...
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    Just dropping by

    Hey yall Im just getting to drop by at the library to use the computer, Its been hectic My home puter died and i havent had time to use this one. We have been building a 575 by 250 foot building pad for my boss and havent had alot of time with his landfill and all. Just partial stripping...
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    I need to know the age of a 750 JD 4x4

    Dad just bought another JD 750 with 4 wheel drive but we want to insure it before it makes the long ride home. Our Deere dealer didnt want to look it up. The number is CH0700500922 Any help will be apreciated many thanks in advance Taylor Lambert.
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    Dual edge grader box

    I ve been wanting a dual edge grader box for a while but didnt like the prices they sold for and most were super heavy. I wanted one to be able to bepicked up by dads JD750 or his 3000 Yanmar so I went with making one to cut a five foot swath. I uses 3 by 3 by 1/4 inch angle cut 5 feet...
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    Need convertible parts help.

    I ve got a problem with my brothers 1994 Cutlas Supreme convertible. Hes broke the pivot from the end of his convertible lift cylinder. It was cast aluminum with a plastic bushing. I took the other one loose and unscrewed it from the lift cylinder to make the part in the shop but its too...
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    750 JD brake pads/drums

    I recently bought a 750 JD that needed brakes redone on it and ran into some trouble with parts. It seems that our nearset Deere dealer is more interested in hunting excuses and trying to sell a set of pads that are 4 sizes too big. We had the old shoes relined but they had cracks in the...
  102. T

    Close call

    Well yall I had a nice Tuesday. Goin to check my 2 40 yard roll off containers at Tiffin Motor homes I found out what sound a West Coast mirror makes when hitting another one at 60 MPH. I drive a 72 Mack DM600 sidewinder cab and my top speed is 55 to 60 MPH. I stretch the legal limtis on...
  103. T

    Moss Road's mini hoe

    Moss Road\'s mini hoe A while back I got to thinking of building a version of a mini hoe that PT offers for their machines. I onnt have access to any PT or similar machine so I asked MossRoad if I built one if he could test it out for me and if it survived he could have it. Ive been...
  104. T

    My new addition to the the fleet

    Well after 2 years of looking through the 50 series of Grey market excavators i found one that suited me to the T. Ive been renting a smaller 27Deere and a PC20 or 30 Komatsu excavator when I eed to do a job i cant access with my Ford TLB. I figured up my renting cost on the side was 9000...
  105. T

    scarifier/ grubbing rake

    I have a friend that was raised in Texas but hes relocated up here to MS. He has an old home place in Texas, iforget the area but its loaded with his fathers old junk yard collection and hes hauling off all the unusable iron. He has alot of 1/2 inch pipe some tin and long peices of rebar he...
  106. T

    715 and 815 combine reel speed.

    THere an old International ealer going under and they are selling the trade inlot to junkers. I picked up a few hydraulic reel motors from some 715 and 815 combines and the brand is TRW motors. I cant find the reel rpm anywhere. I know it will be lower than the hydro motors rpm becaause of...
  107. T

    Large Cylinder Ideas

    Well Ive hit the mother of most hydraulic cylinders today. We were cleaning up an old plant where we used to work and they wanted us to get rid of some scrap iron. I got several new sticks of angle iron and I found a reeving winch cylinder off the old Mack roll off truck we sold them. Its...
  108. T

    My spoiled dog

    I thought yall wowould like to see a picture of my spoild rotten White German Shepard. Her name is Lily. She goes every where I go, the shop, to work with me riding around on the weekends shares a bed with me, rides with the dump truck with man and every thing kinda like a 4 legged shadow...
  109. T

    trailer boom

    I remebered the post some one put here a few months ago about a homebuilt trailed boom they saw. A few years ago I worked in Clarksdale MS and there is a tractor store outside of Bates ville that has a booom they built from a 2 ton truck frame. Its pulled with a big Ford TW15 I think. I drove...
  110. T

    Dummy and the man lift

    Remeber the post a few months ago with the 2 forklifts picking up the oxyger/nitrogen acumulator. I found a pic of their realatives. A big Hyster lift picking up what looks to be a large Grove scissor lift to make it reach and to get over an awning. the fella has more faith than I do.
  111. T

    I made it past another one.

    Well yall I made it past another birthday. Im still waiting for the birthday whipping my brothers told me I was gonna get lol. The bad thing is my older brother is serious lol. Me and the dog got some serious loafing in today. I covered all about 50 county roads in another county and found...
  112. T

    My winter job

    I had a minute from the shop today and thought yall might like to see some pictures of my shop. I work there on the weekends and evenings, and when i get laid odd like i am now. These are a few pictures of my pattern burner and my lathe. In the pattern burner picture im cutting a wedge off...
  113. T

    Work pictures

    I thought yall would like the pictures of the landfill dad and i run at work. We used to run it for Belont homes but they are out of business now and we are closing it for the EPA. These are just a few pics i got back today. Im running a 762 JD and dads on a D5B Cat. we have to put a 3...
  114. T

    Backhoe thumbs

    A few days ago i was out in the shop messing with my Pattern burner when i got a call from a grey market dealer. He wanted a thumb built for a mini excavator and one built for a woods backhoe. I made the pattern from wire got the material and let loose with the bottled fire. I made...
  115. T

    Homemade dirt pan

    I was looking through some pictures i had saved in a folder and one of them was afuzzy picture i took a few years ago of a home built dirt pan i made for my Farmall Cub when i was 15. It holds as much as a 30 inch scoop at struck capacity and can be heaped up a bit more. I made it...
  116. T

    Rotary Cutter  Brush cutter couplings

    Does anyone know where i can buy a few female splined couplers for a brush cutter gearbox, the one that go n the stump jumper I have 2 of the same gear boxes one is on a cutter, but its stripped the female splines one the jumper and ilde hate the waste a good cutter. The second one i need...
  117. T

    Insurance fraud

    I had a fender bender the otherday a fella with tail light covers did a brake check and both vehicles were doing 15 mph. I tailended this kid on his way to vo tech. He let me know his uncles one had a body shop a few towns over and the other worked as head af a GM dealership. Well his...
  118. T

    Question for Hoeman

    How do you like your 710, I found one i want is got a rattle in the engine but my cousin has a spare hed give me. Its extenda hoe. Its a 90 model, the only thing its been used for was cleaning out culverst on road jobs. Ive looked at all the welds and none are broken nor has it any...
  119. T

    How is it it pronounced

    I've got a kinda dumb question. I was wondering how Kioti pronounced. Ive heard it pronounced as Coyote and Keyoti. I notice the emblem looks like a coyote. The reason i ask is a freind is looking to buy a Coyote loader made Italy by Fiori and Palazzani thats sold here...
  120. T

    Mixer conversion

    A friend of mine gave me and old drum type concrete mixer. its on a heavy frame ithough about making it a 3point hitch mound and adding a self loading clambucket like alot of European mixers have on them. Mostly im making in for dad because hes not able to shovel aggregate when mixing...
  121. T

    Gearbox Ideas

    I just traded for a bush hog gear box and now cant think of any thing I need it for since its geared up. I thought of a posthole digger but itd be too fast for that. I wonder if i could use it to make a power rake or leaf shredder.If it will operate on its side i may attach it to my 1750...
  122. T


    Does anyone here know of a welding vender or company that produces 3 phase pasma cutters. Last month the power company ran 3 Phase to the shop but it seems i cant get it through my suppliers head that i want a 3 phase machine. Id buy a new or used one if I could. Best reguard Taylor Lambert
  123. T

    Freinds home built machinery

    Ive got 2 freinds here that are good at building there own machinery. I work with both of them alot in there project and get to see the end results. The first machine is my distant kin Jimmy Lambert He built a TLB from an old Datsun car and the rearend out of a Moline tractor. It was...
  124. T

    Rear loader bucket

    Last night I started building a rear loader bucket to use on our 3000 Yanmar and the 4000 Ford tractor at work. Im using an old trip bucket off a Dearborn manure loader. it will have an electrohydraulic pump and cylinder for the lift arm. It will only be used for light material handling...
  125. T

    backhoe thumb

    I thought id post a picture of my thumb grapple i built for my old 3550 Ford backhoe. It took 15 dollars and 4 hours to figure out how i wanted it. I think i was 17 or 18 when i built it. Ive loaded logs scrap iron torn down and loaded old barns, and placed rip rap with it. also handy...
  126. T

    Boring tools

    Hi I havent posted many things here but i check out the site all the time. I do septic tank installation and genearal backhoe and dump truck work around my county. Im now building a portable boring machine to bore under houses and fences. and later im going to build one for roads. I...