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    Jensen JHD1130 HD stereo

    Jensen JHD1130 stereo Good shape Dust is whats showing in pics Speaker wires are short but plenty left to hook to Includes dash cage and trim ring $75 shipped in lower 48 Venmo is the only cash app i have Thanks
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    SOLD- John Deere 59 pallet forks

    SOLD SOLD SOLD Older pin on and 3pt adjustable pallet forks/hoist This is a true “don’t make ‘‘em like they used to” piece. Very heavy duty. easily convertible to SSQA or newer JD style hook up. Original paint with some touch ups. stored indoors until yesterday. $1650 picked up in Gadsden...
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    Kubota B2320 with 60hrs

    Kubota B2320 with 60 hours 4wd Gear drive 3 range transmission (H-M-L) R4 tires Front weight bracket with 3 Kubota weights Mid PTO (and rear) Folding ROPS This is a pre emissions machine Stored indoors since new Located in Eastover, SC This tractor in genuinely "like new" $9500 Please PM...
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    I purchased a B2320 4wd, gear drive, R4's, weight bracket with 3 weights... No FEL It has 60 hours, has been stored indoors and literally looks brand new. With the L2501 I got from the same estate, I now have 5 kubotas (B2320. L2501, L3301, L3560, MX5400). But you can never have too many...
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    MX5400 cab, how do you like it?

    I currently have a L3301 and L3560LE. Purchasing property that includes a MX5400 cab. It is set up a lot like my 3560 with HST, R4's, FEL and 3rd function. Curious how you like yours? Particularly if you have some seat time in a grand L? Thanks in advance
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    3560LE and cruise control

    Everybody probably knows what a great deal the L3560LE is by now. I have one, love it and never thought the cruise control was a big deal (it's missing on the LE model). Made a phone call to messicks and spoke to mike. He found the part number for the std 3560 cruise switch and sent it my...
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    231s steering issues

    Hello, Seeking some advice about a 2002 231s. No loader, shed kept, runs great and very good overall condition. Unknown hours as meter no longer functions (stopped at about 350). The problem is the power steering is clearly not working. In addition, the steering will start to...
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    L3301 and L3560 are a great pair!

    Spread lime and fertilizer this week on several of my wildlife food plots with my L3301 (98hrs). Used grapple to remove blow downs w/o leaving the seat. Then went back and turned it in with my L3560LE cab (33hrs) pulling my perfecta 10. These aren't my first Kubota's and hopefully...
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    Looking for Lane Shark feedback from end users

    I'm considering the purchase of a Lane Shark. 3ft model is the one that matches my tractor(s) 3rd function flow rate. Would like to hear feedback from people who have purchased and run one. Please post up your experiences and degree of satisfaction with the device. They told me almost...
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    help me pick a new Kubota

    Currently have a L3301 hst, loader, canopy, 3rd function, skid steer attach bucket, landpride grapple and several things to hook to the back end. I also have a MF 231s and an old but fully functional commercial size backhoe. Keeping all of those. Looking for a (new) Kubota cab tractor. 335...
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    New L3301, how'd I do?

    Old member, new tractor- New Kubota L3301 HST Kubota LA525 with QA bucket Kubota 3rd function valve R4's loaded Sun canopy LP 1860 rotary cutter LP 60" grapple Delivered (55mi) $23,750 (did not finance) All done over the phone on a Wednesday. They uncrated and had it rigged by Friday. Gave...
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    Bobcat forestry cutter ?'s

    Hello, I posted this in an old thread in the bobcat forum and was pointed this way. Thanks- Considering the purchase of a new bobcat 770 with 60" forestry cutter. I went to the dealer today and got a quote. I was able to get in the seat of a new 870 being ready for delivery. I did not...
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    need help! JD 5103 parts

    I was using my friends 5103 this weekend to clear some shooting lanes. The tract had been logged in the not too distant past. In 3 hours of use I managed to cost myself some money and damage my friends tractor. I am looking for any info on how to get the parts numbers. I can't find a...
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    riding mower: zorsia grass?

    I have lots of zorsia grass in my lawn. I know it is best cut with a reel type mower. Does anyone make a rider that would be suited for such. I have been using my snapper rear engine rider for years. the blade sometimes "pulls" the grass too much. Any ideas? I can't deal with a big...
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    any mfg make and affordable rider with rear lift?

    I need an affordable riding mower that is capable of lifting and moving my trailers. I use a drawbar in my Kubota now but really would like a mower with the ability to handle this task. prefer 2wd and gas power for costs sake. I can move the items in question with my snapper but I have to lift...
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    new to me L3400

    i will attempt to attach a picture of my 2006 L3400 (69 hours) with woods gt60 tiller, fred cain 5ft cutter and tandem axle trailer. weight bracket and 3 suitcase weights not pictured. this is as it looked after the 425 mile trip to pick it up. it had never been washed since purchase in march...
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    dealer experience

    i have visited my local dealer several times. asked lots of questions and kicked lots of tires. i have purchased 2 low hour used machines in the past 13 months. both machines were purchased private party and i do my own service. in short- the dealer has not made much money from me. i...
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    another Kubota UDT vs TSC premium hydro fluid?

    so i bought 10gals of TSC traveller premium fluid. it clearly states it is an equal for kubota udt on the pails. i did a search, read countless threads and still find myself somewhat confused. the only real info i found was the price difference vs the cost of the machine justifies the kubota...
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    Price Check  price check- 2006 L3400

    Can someone tell me what the L3400 with standard transmission sold for new? I realize there are lots of factors but how about some real world selling prices. I sold my B7510 and found a L3400 I am considering. thanks
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    b7510hst with la302 fel for sale

    sadly, i have put my b7510 up for sale. it is in the classifieds.
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    so how much is a bucket for a LA302 loader?

    we have been working to clear some shooting lanes and food plots to get ready for deer season. My buddy has a mini trackhoe with a dozer blade that does the heavy stuff. I have been using the tractor to push alot of the debris into burn piles. the bucket has gotten hung on a combo of rocks...
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    b7510 50 hour service questions

    This is my first post thanks for reading. I have a 2005 b7510hst w/la302 fel. it has 43 hours. I do lots of advanced service on our vehicles and feel comfortable trackling the service on my tractor. I have all the kubota filters (i think) already. Do the fluids need to come from the...