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    Bale Fork for Moving Pallet?

    I have a 2-prong bale fork and was wondering if I can use it (in a pinch) to move pallets. Buying a separate pallet fork for said purpose doesn't make sense, given the infrequent need, but my hay fork is used quite often. Thank you.
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    Printed Service Manuals

    I was quoted about $850 for a printed service manual for a 2023 Workmaster 120, today, by my dealer. Anyone know if a better price is available for a genuine New Holland service manual for this tractor? $850 seems excessive. And out of print, too!
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    Workmaster 120 - Code 3999

    Well, fixed the rear window latch issue on a brand new New Holland Workmaster 120, but earlier this month started having a Code 3999 show up when I start the tractor. I cleared it by multiple restarts the first time. Could not clear it when using the tractor last night. So, a brand new New...
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    Round bales and cleanup

    I am new to ag, have sheep, and typically have fed them round bales in winter (well, the one winter I've had them so far...) I had to feed a bale this month due to drought. I have noticed sheep won't eat the entire bale...there's always a little at the bottom that's wasted. Problem is, this...
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    Rear Window Won't Latch on New Holland Workmaster 120

    Somehow missed this prior to delivery, but the rear window won't latch on my new WM120. I can't quickly find anything about adjustment in the manual, and can't see a way to adjust the latch. I'll look again in daylight tomorrow. Curious if there's a defect or if I've overlooked a simple...
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    New Holland Workmaster Rear Window Latch

    On my new Workmaster, noticed the rear window does not latch closed. Is there a known issue? It'll latch to the cracked open position, but not closed. The tooth on the latch isn't long enough to properly seat in the latch mechanism below the window. Wondering if a space wasn't installed, etc...