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  1. prestond

    Bent Belt Tightener Pulley Arm Ventrac

    Mine is a 4500 so the PTO pulley looks a little different. On my 4500 the pulley bracket is straight. The second picture you have with the belt on, it certainly looks bent. Did someone hit something?
  2. prestond


    They must have made some changes. I can't really access my web interface from my laptop anymore. The phone app still works though
  3. prestond


    What are you trying to access? The actual Starlink website or the web interface for the dish? Are you using a phone or a computer and web browser?
  4. prestond

    Ventrac Mowing Speed?

    I am biased, but if I had to choose only one for my property it would be the Ventrac. It really does do a lot of things great (I sound like their marketing team). I vote for... :-)
  5. prestond

    Ventrac Mowing Speed?

    For slope mowing, my Ventrac (with the duals) is the only choice for me. I have owned it for 3+ years and I am still amazed at how wonderful it is on slopes.
  6. prestond

    Ventrac Mowing Speed?

    I mow several acres both with the Ventrac (72 inch finish) and a 61 inch Scag zero turn. I have both hilly areas and flat areas. I mow the larger flat areas with the Ventrac and the 72 inch finish deck in high gear at about 8-9 MPH. Top speed is 10 MPH. In low gear, top speed is 5 MPH...
  7. prestond

    4500 steering cylinder replacement

    Great work, thanks for posting.
  8. prestond

    Zero Turn front tires

    I had the same issue with my Zero Turn. I found a tire place nearby that filled the tires. It was much cheaper than purchasing 'flat free' tires for me.
  9. prestond

    4500Z won’t start

    PTO still on?
  10. prestond

    Ventrac 4500P Hydraulic Filter Wrench Size

    Great post, thank-you. I struggled and struggled with that filter. I watched their video, and you are right, they left out the all important filter wrench modification.
  11. prestond

    Thoughts on new Ventrac 4520?

    Why would I try without weight transfer? That's what it is there for. If you know how to get the most out of a machine, then you know that to get the most lifting capacity with the power bucket, you use weight transfer. From the owners manual: "If the power bucket is used on a power unit...
  12. prestond

    Thoughts on new Ventrac 4520?

    Same here. No problem lifting heaped buckets of dirt or full buckets of rock (grapple installed) with my 4500Z.
  13. prestond

    Thoughts on new Ventrac 4520?

    If it were me, I would stick with the 4500. Yes, the upgraded hydraulics would be a nice upgrade, but it wouldn't be worth the wait time or cost for me. I took delivery of my 4500z just over a year a go and I love it. I have the 72 inch finish mower, power bucket & grapple, and core aerator...
  14. prestond

    My Thoughts On Modern Day Tractors

    As you might guess from my Avatar, Ventrac gets my vote. The Ventrac videos are a true representation of what the machine can do. I've had mine for over a year now and I am still amazed at what I can get done with that machine. Hill stability, light footprint (dual wheel option), front...
  15. prestond

    People name their boats. Why not name your tractor?

    Veronica.... She's good looking and works hard around here. :)
  16. prestond

    Terrified of tipping - how about an inclinometer?

    I bought that exact gauge for my Ventrac. I like it. Like Dirty Harry said: "A man's got to know his limitations." :)
  17. prestond

    Ventrac 4500P Hydraulic Filter Wrench Size

    I had a hard time with the larger filter. The band on on my filter wrench would not slide past some of the framing. If you look closely at the wrench used in the Ventrac video, the band on the wrench used has a 'notch' in it allowing it to slide past the frame and around the filter. I ended...
  18. prestond

    Ventrac Videos

    I disagree.
  19. prestond

    Ventrac Videos

    Well, I like watching him....
  20. prestond

    Ventrac Videos

    Lots of Ventrac videos on this YouTube channel. Lots of real world work done. Blue Cord Property Care
  21. prestond

    New Product Launch

    New Ventrac Product Launch today. Product launch today! Join us at 3:00pm EST on YouTube for a first look!
  22. prestond

    Ventrac- power decreasing, noise increasing???

    If you really want to get serious about cutting oil filters, you can buy an oil filter cutting tool like this: JEGS Oil Filter Cutting Tool. I usually use a Dremel cutting disc (and make a mess).
  23. prestond

    Ventrac- power decreasing, noise increasing???

    Is it possible that you were low on hydraulic fluid before the filter change? I noticed I was a little bit low on hydraulic fluid at about the 70 hour mark.
  24. prestond

    Ubifi Rural Internet

    I used Ubifi until Starlink arrived at our house this March. I was very happy with the UbiFi service in my area. I mounted an external antenna in the attic for the best performance. I only had to contact customer service once (for a band locking question) and they were quite helpful. I would...
  25. prestond

    Making the decision to buy a Ventrac

    I can't imagine owing any other tractor for my property. I have a wide variety of terrain on my property (hilly, flat, wooded) and the Ventrac has performed amazing. The dual wheels allow me to mow a couple of 30 degree slopes around ponds and they also make working on wet ground a breeze...
  26. prestond

    Sub-Compact/Compact Recommendations

    I take care of 10 acres with a Ventrac. It is an amazing machine. It is built like a tank does amazing on slopes, wet ground, and does everything I need. I was skeptical until I demoed it. It will do what all the videos say it will. Some say that it is too expensive, but I find it...
  27. prestond

    Worst problem with 8 tires

    We have a lot of clay around my property, and it can be a mess. I usually use a pressure washer to clean things. Works better than the hose.
  28. prestond

    Any advice before I purchase a Ventrac?

    In reference to my previous thread, it seems that Toro has the dealer situation sorted out in Kansas City ( I know everyone's uses and needs are different, but any advice before I purchase? Any thoughts like, "I wish I...
  29. prestond

    Beginning of the end?

    Just talked to my local Ventrac dealer in Kansas City. They were told recently that they are no longer a Ventrac dealer. They were the only Ventrac dealer in the Kansas City area. Is this the beginning of the end for Ventrac? I guess I'll have to continue with the 'wait and see' approach...