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    You might try a product called Regen-Less, available at Tractor Supply. This would be in addition to, not instead of some of the other suggestions here. I've found that it helps in my '08 F250 that regenerates ridiculously frequently when towing my 5th wheel.
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    Why is my T/M cooler covered in oil and dirt? XR4150HC

    It's available from LS or New Holland dealers. Here's a link for CNH: COOLER | #MT40323120 | MSC-INTERCOOLER PTS | Misc Engines, Cooling & Exhaust | Engines, Cooling & Exhaust | Category | New Holland AG | MyCNHi US Store. My LS dealer quoted a price of $128, so I thought I was going to save...
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    Tractor availability

    For Kioti, check out True Value Trailers & Power Equipment in Penrose, CO. They currently list a couple of DK10's on their website: Tractors For Sale | Pueblo, CO | Tractor Dealer. For LS, call Penrose Tractor Factory at 719-372-6366. Their website doesn't currently list their tractors.
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    Why is my T/M cooler covered in oil and dirt? XR4150HC

    I think my leak might be in a similar area to sodamo's. It seems to be in the left upper corner area as oil accumulated in the edge ridges. See photo. Even though I've cleaned and degreased the whole unit a couple of times, dirt still seems to adhere very quickly throughout the unit. The AC...
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    Why is my T/M cooler covered in oil and dirt? XR4150HC

    Thanks for sharing your experience sodamo. It seems suspicious that I might have a very similar problem. Was it difficult to replace? Do you just loosen the nuts immediately below the cooler? After I washed off the grime and used it for a couple of hours, the dirt re-accumulated pretty...
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    Why is my T/M cooler covered in oil and dirt? XR4150HC

    Thanks all for the advice and info. The grime washed away fairly easily with just soap and water, so I don't think it's been on there an extended period of time. After working for a couple of hours, there was more dirt stuck on the fins, so I'll need to use one of the degreasers mentioned to...
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    Why is my T/M cooler covered in oil and dirt? XR4150HC

    When I looked under the hood of my 2017 XR4150HC today, I noticed that the T/M cooler was covered in brown goo. At first I thought that mud had gotten in, but the cowling is clean and the cooler right in front of it isn't covered. It appears to be oil that's been covered in dust. I believe...
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    Updated LS Website

    I also noticed that the XR41XX aren't listed. I hope it's just an oversight.
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    Hydraulic line sleeve/abrasion protection : what do you use?

    For just abrasion prevention, I recently used a braided loom. It feels plastic. 3/4" was the perfect size for 1/4" hydraulic hose. It expands to fit over the end fittings. I would not use it anywhere near engine heat or any exhaust components. You can still see some of the hose through the...
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    Parking brake force?

    The parking brake on my XR4150HC seems (to me) to require excessive force to apply. I have to press the brake pedal hard and pull the lever to the absolute last click to keep it from rolling on any kind of incline. I use it in the mountains, so it is an issue for me. I asked the dealer to...
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    XR4155 backhoe removal

    That's interesting about the "hose kit" connection. I have a 2017 XR4150HC, which I wouldn't think is much different, with no hose kit, and my backhoe connects to the two blue hydraulic couplers. "if the backhoe works in reverse, just swap the hoses" Unless I misunderstand, it shouldn't be...