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    HydroStatic Transmission

    Hello all, My question for the day is "What is the model number / type transmission of the Tuff Torq rear end on the JD 2305?" I cannot seem to locate this particular tidbit of information. Any info will be appreciated, and as always ... Thanks!! Joe
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    Quote JD 2305 CUT

    Would you buy this tractor, configured this way, for this price? J
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    Price Check  Reasonable Price ...

    Hey out there in the world of TBN, Could someone suggest a reasonable price / value on a used GT3100 tractor (160 hours, 2006 model) with the 44" mower deck and Cat 0 3pt hitch? Am interested in buying one and have no idea of the value / pricing that is reasonable. Thanks, Joe
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    Arctic Blast & Tractor Preparation / Protection

    Hello all, I know you're not going to believe this but some of us folk down here below the Mason-Dixon line need some information and advice. I will make the question as broad as possible. (I live in SC but others down this way may also be helped.) My question is "What preparation /...
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    Oil, Lubricant, Grease, Coolant & Fuel Conditioner product chart

    Hey Guys & Gals, Here is the URL from the website that lists products -- oils, greases, etc. -- in a nice chart. It was last updated 18 Nov 08. L8R, J
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    Calling All LandPride Owners ...

    Never mind ...
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    Ballast  required ballast w/647 tiller

    Hi everybody! Gona' throw this one out to those who know more than I do: How much "ballast" is needed on the front end of a 2305 with a 647 tiller on the rear? I understand that the tiller weighs in the neighborhood of 321 pounds, and I really need to know so I can keep the front wheels on...
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    Price Check ... in view of previous post

    In view of my previous post -- $ 9,799.00 for 2305 -- is this a good deal: 2305 Tractor with a 200X FEL & 48" Box Blade ... $ 11,899.00 with 0% for 42 months. Still wondering ... Joe :confused:
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    2305 Price?

    Is $ 9,799.00 a "good" price on just a plain 'ole brand new 2305 tractor? Just wondering ... Joe :confused:
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    Throttle / RPMs for MMM

    I'm new with a question NOT addressed in the manual on my 2305. I see the indicator on the tachometer for 540 rpm rear PTO; my question is -- and forgive me if it seems an odd question -- how many RPMs do I need to "give 'er" to run the mid mount mower? Is it the same as the indication for...