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    BX23MLB Fluid Volumes

    Hi, my 94 year old neighbour across the street asked me to help him service his Kubota BX23 (2004). I think he is having trouble finding his manual or is getting his information mixed up. a) We did the engine oil/filter today and he advised me that it would 2.5 litres of oil which is the...
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    Right Rear Wheel Area-Grinding Noise?

    Hi All, I'm getting a very distinct metal on metal sound coming up from my right rear wheel area on my Brandon 2400h. The sound seems to be most prominent when turning in either reverse or forward. I didn't notice the noise last year prior to putting fluid ballast in the rear tires so not sure...
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    HST/Hydraulic Oil Screen or Strainer Removal - 00 Series Branson

    If you are planning on doing an HST/Hydraulic oil and filter change on your 00 series tractor you may be interested in the following. For me it was a frustrating process when doing the oil/filter change because the information provided in the 00 series service manual (page 18) regarding the...
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    Parking Brake Light?

    Hi, just wondering if anyone knows if the 2014 Branson 2400h has a instrument cluster parking brake light? I've reviewed page 179 of the service manual and can't see anything regarding a park light when the hand brake is applied. Thanks
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    Branson 2400h - Transmission, Steering, Front axle fluid

    Hello, I'm getting ready to do a HST/Hydraulic filter & fluid change on my Branson 2400h and was wondering if there are good quality suitable "after market" fluids available? The following is an excerpt from the Service Manual (00 series - Chassis) found on this site, thank you to whoever...
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    Branson 2400h - Parts Suppliers?

    Hi all, I recently acquired a 2014 Branson 2400h with FEL. It has 245 hours showing on the hour meter and because of the lack of service history information from the previous owner I want to update oils/filters. I'm hoping someone can help me find parts suppliers that are located in Western...
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    Broken Off Key in Ignition

    I picked up a 2014 Branson 2400h recently and finely got it delivered yesterday. The previous owner busted off the key in the ignition but it would still start/stop if you stuck the remaining part of the key into the switch. I wasn't happy with the broken key setup and because the tractor came...
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    Hello All!

    New member here and looks like I'll be a part of a minority group with a Branson 2400h. I'm hoping to pick up this low hour machine within the coming days. I've already gained a great deal of information from my short time visiting this site over the past couple of days. Cheers & thank you!