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  1. k0ua

    This is my last post on TBN

    This will be my last post on TBN. I post this so my friends here will know where I have gone, and that I am not dead. Not yet anyway. :) I just cannot in good conscience live with the level of heavy handed and one sided moderation and the last straw was the rules change by Muhammad that Covid...
  2. k0ua

    Another form of identity theft.

    I was still in bed and my cell phone kept ringing. I finally got up and answered it. It was a number similar to mine. Same area code and office code. The caller wanted to know what I wanted as "This number had called my earlier". I had to explain at length that I had not called and that...
  3. k0ua

    April 1982 Wow!

    Decided to replace the Microwave today. It is dated on the back Manufacture date April 1982. Well that is almost 40 years. That is a long time for something like this. It still works. The mother in law took a lot of the sap out of it about 7 years ago when she run it for about an hour with no...
  4. k0ua

    This put a smile on my face

    All is well that ends well. :) My only wish is this could be the end of every thief.
  5. k0ua

    And you thought you knew something about nails and screws!

    I bet some of you will be surprised at these results of testing various nails and screws for holding power and a simple corrosion test. And while we are at it, how about testing shear strength too!
  6. k0ua

    Rebuild of a couple of hydraulic cylinders

    While this fella does not have a lot of training or experience in rebuilding hydraulic cylinders, he went ahead and did it anyway, including fixing some scratches in the one rod with a hot glue gun. Or as he puts it, a very hot glue gun. i found his presentation very informative and...
  7. k0ua

    Lets test some grease!

    Lets see how a low end grease compares to Lucas Red and Tacky
  8. k0ua

    Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow, Go diesel go!

    This short film show some of the development of the diesel engine. How exciting it would have been to be on Rudolf Diesel's team in those early days.
  9. k0ua

    How manual transmissions work

    Some of these old videos from yesteryear are pretty good at describing how things work. This one is in the same line as the video about differentials that was posted some time ago.
  10. k0ua

    If you had doubts about pull ropes...

    If you ever had any doubts about the efficacy of elastic pull ropes like the "yank-em" just watch this video. These ropes store energy and snaps out some seriously stuck vehicles
  11. k0ua

    Things you might want to know about your pumpgun.

    Even I learned a thing or two in this video.
  12. k0ua

    Long term Kioti ownership conversation

    I thought this was a pretty good discussion of the long term Kioti ownership and how well the tractor has held up Mine only has a bit over 500 hours, and I bought it new. I have had a couple places on the loader arms where the paint flaked just like his, but not nearly as bad Mine only had to...
  13. k0ua

    Taking an inexperienced person to the Range.

    I though there was some really good content here in taking an inexperienced person (commonly girlfriend or boyfriend) to the range. But the content and advice will will work for pretty much anyone.
  14. k0ua

    Maybe some of you would like to take this survey for me.

    Hello! Kubota's tractor product planning center would like your feedback concerning your tractor, which in turn will help with future product development! The survey focuses on the L Standard Series and the Economy Utility Series also known as the MX Series. Thank you for participating in this...
  15. k0ua

    Restoration of 1891 ratcheting screwdriver.

    A real restorative craftsman.
  16. k0ua

    Spinning the carousel

    Just got back from Wal-Mart (yes I wore my mask, a handsome black one) So at check out, I pointed out to the checker (she looked like she might be 15, although I am sure she was older than that), that it would be beneficial to spin the carousel TOWARD the customer not AWAY from the customer...
  17. k0ua

    First tick of the season

    The wife went out today and pulled weeds in the south flowerbed. Tonight I pulled the first tick of the season off of her back. Branson Missouri, March 6th 2020.
  18. k0ua

    Everything you wanted to know about step by step.

    For those of you that enjoy a bit of telephonic history and wanted to know more about step by step switching you can watch the below video from 1951. I personally saw several of these types of systems in operation in my early career, Step by Step and crossbar mechanical switches too. But mostly...
  19. k0ua

    Service Animals

    This service animal thing is getting out of hand. PRESCOTT VALLEY, Ariz. (KPHO/KTVK/CNN) An Arizona man said he registered a beehive as a service animal to prove a point. David Keller and his family dont keep bees, but Keller is still getting quite the buzz. A lot of people thought it was...
  20. k0ua

    Who besides me are sick (and tired) of Joe Namath.

    If I never see Joe Namath pitch his stupid medicare advantage "helpline" again it will be too soon. Yes, Yes, I know Dec 8th is coming soon, and the worst of this will be over, but geez, do you have to run the same inane commercial about the "medicare advantage helpline" over and over every 15...
  21. k0ua

    Welding with wimpy little rod.

    Look at these guys stick welding with some wimpy little rod:
  22. k0ua

    How strong are Prince Ruperts drops.?

    How strong are Prince Ruperts drops? Well pretty strong. I think the huge one was not properly crushed, as I think they touched the tail with part of the press. Prince Rupert's drops don't have much strength if the tail in touched. See what you think. I put this in the safety forum as I...
  23. k0ua

    You know you are getting old when:

    You know you are getting old when: I sold myself a Medicare Supplement policy this morning. This day always seemed so far off. Well guess what, it is here. But hey, the silver lining is, I will make some money off of myself! :D
  24. k0ua

    Swatter gets 15 month.

    The little fink that "swatted" a guys home in Kansas and led to his death at the hands of police, got 15 months in Jail. In my humble opinion it would have been 15 years if it was left to me. A man died. He caused it. 15 months is NOT enough. Not even close. This is a follow up of the...
  25. k0ua

    Vaping, wow!

    I see where some little snowflake (age 18) is suing Juul, the leading vaping company because he believes his lungs are destroyed. Wow. He claims, and actually admits he bought nicotine liquid when he was underage. Probably ought to prosecute him for that, since he admitted it and all. :).. So...
  26. k0ua

    Removing weld seam in tubing

    I never really knew how to do that before. I am getting smarter every day I tell 'ya! :)
  27. k0ua

    Vise Repair

    These Vise Repair videos are kinda of cool. Watch the transformation from junkpile to piece of artwork.
  28. k0ua

    Who wants to know why more about DC Electronics? Ohms law part 1 and part 2

    Why is this on a tractor forum? Because often tractors won't start due to High resistance connections, or high resistance INSIDE of the battery. And understanding of ohm's law will help you understand what to look for and why. Part 1 describes Ohms law, and part 2 offers some examples. This is...
  29. k0ua

    For those that know everything.

    A dime has 118 ridges around the edge. A cat has 32 muscles in each ear. A crocodile cannot stick out its tongue. A dragonfly has a life span of 24 hours. A goldfish has a memory span of three seconds. A "jiffy" is an actual unit of time for 1/100th of a second. A shark is the only fish that can...
  30. k0ua

    A Brit teach me something?

    All Right here is another Brit trying to teach me something. I know all there is to know about a SMLE... right? I mean after all I have owned them and shot them. And yes I KNEW they were slick and fast. Well turns out, he did teach me a thing or two about the venerable old British rifle. Just...
  31. k0ua

    Bunches of things you didn't know about the Corsair

    Bunches of things I didn't know about the Corsair either. :)
  32. k0ua

    Hammer art.

    Some of you will appreciate this video for the art form it is. Some of you may not. I found it a very relaxing and informative 20 minutes.. No music which is a plus right there. Just the relaxing sound of the tools.
  33. k0ua

    Learn something about the M1 Garand from a Brit ?

    I learned a thing or two about the M1 and I thought I knew everything!. Ha!, a Brit teach me something about firearms? That will be the day! Well, watch the video and see if you can learn something too.
  34. k0ua

    Name the jet aircraft.

    I missed 2. 37 out of 39. I missed a couple of the Russki aircraft. Match the Fighter Jet to Its Nickname! | Zoo
  35. k0ua

    I would fly with her.

    17 year old on her cross country solo training flight loses a wheel upon takeoff. That has gotta suck.
  36. k0ua

    Fun Phonetic Alphabet quiz.

    35 out of 35 for me, but communications has always been "my thing" How Well Do You Know the Military Alphabet? | HowStuffWorks
  37. k0ua

    Winter driving fun!

    People having fun with their cars and trucks in Russia!
  38. k0ua

    We need more cows

    I think we need more cows to produce more greenhouse gases. The Chill of Solar Minimum | And now some Russian chick is saying no sunspots for a while. A long long while. Professor Valentina Zharkova Breaks Her Silence and CONFIRMS "Super" Grand Solar Minimum - Electroverse...
  39. k0ua

    What a beautiful restoration!

    I thought this was noteworthy. A beautiful vise restoration.
  40. k0ua

    From another planet?

    Not to mention that judging by their photo's they just might be from "on high" alright, maybe another planet? Rhode Island gubernatorial, attorney general candidates arrested with 48 pounds of marijuana: police | Fox News
  41. k0ua

    Photo of a moron

    If you ever wanted to know what a moron actually looks like, here is a photo and a story to go with it! Employee stole $4G, squandered it on strippers, sports tickets, authorities say | Fox News
  42. k0ua

    More trouble for the Duck Boat.

    Looks like the Duck Boat had some limitations on waterborne operations. 35 mph winds max and 2 foot waves max. The weather was calling for 60 MPH winds, that turned out to be measured at about 70 MPH. I think the goose, uh make that a Duck is cooked. Coast Guard Document: Tourist boat...
  43. k0ua

    Fine looking tractor thief.

    Guys you cant make stuff like this up. Fine looking fella. Bit and choked a police dog too. Tractor thief. Car thief, leaving scene of accident. and police dog abuser... yeah, you can tell he is a great guy just by looking at him. Colorado man accused of stealing tractor led cops on chase...
  44. k0ua

    Fine looking tractor thief.

    Guys you cant make stuff like this up. Fine looking fella. Bit and choked a police dog too. Tractor thief. Car thief, leaving scene of accident. and police dog abuser... yeah, you can tell he is a great guy just by looking at him. Colorado man accused of stealing tractor led cops on chase...
  45. k0ua

    Fine looking tractor thief.

    Guys you cant make stuff like this up. Fine looking fella. Bit and choked a police dog too. Tractor thief. Car thief, leaving scene of accident. and police dog abuser... yeah, you can tell he is a great guy just by looking at him. Colorado man accused of stealing tractor led cops on chase...
  46. k0ua

    Duck boat tragedy "storm came out of nowhere" BS

    On yesterdays death of at least 13 and hospitalization of 7 more in the capsizing of the duck boat on Table Rock lake near Branson Mo. The news people keep saying the storm "came out of nowhere". Total Bravo Sierra. BS. We had a 24 hour warning that strong storms would be possible. Our cell...
  47. k0ua

    Everything you always wanted to know about the Stuka, but were afraid to ask.

    Screaming Bird of Prey: How the Ju-87 Stuka exceeded its life span and carried the Luftwaffe through WWII A wealth of info about the old Stuka that I never knew.
  48. k0ua

    Maybe some good news.

    Possible good news about Solar Cycle 25. Dr. Tamitha Skov wrote: "We are enjoying a mild solar storm due to some fast solar wind from a large coronal hole that will be gracing much of the Sun's face over the next few days. The strongest part of this storm has already hit, bringing aurora down...
  49. k0ua

    Can you ride a bike? Sure about that?

    Can you ride a normal bike? How about a "backwards bike" Can you still ride a normal bike?
  50. k0ua

    Interesting statistics

    Some interesting statistics: There are 300,655 total members. The top 4 posters Soundguy Bird Moss Road k0ua Some of our members don't post a whole lot: 198988 of our member have zero posts 33,618 of our members have 1 post So a total of 232,606 of our members with either 0 to 1 post...
  51. k0ua

    Bear hunting with a switch?

    Well not exactly a switch, but this 11 year old took down a charging bear with birdshot from his pump shotgun. The bear had already knocked down two grown men and came at the boy, but thinking quickly, and using what he had had at hand, he managed to put the bruin down. "Shoot what ya brung" I...
  52. k0ua

    World War 1 or World War II?

    How many of these can you answer correctly about the "world wars" ? 30 out of 30 for me. Can you guess if these events happened in WWI or WWII? | HowStuffWorks
  53. k0ua

    Getting rope or string over a tree.

    I bought this pneumatic launcher kit a few days go at local hamfest. As an amateur radio operator, we are always wanting to get a string over a tree to pull up wire antennas, but some of you may also have some other application to get a rope over an obstacle of some kind. Let me tell you this...
  54. k0ua

    A 9 to 1 UNUN for random wire matching

    Today I built a 9 to 1 UNUN (Unbalanced to Unbalanced) RF matching transformer to match a random length end fed wire for the HF bands. If any or all of that sounded like Greek or ancient Egyptian, I would be happy to explain it in depth. :) What it amounts to is fabricating a portable "grab...
  55. k0ua

    If they only knew!

    If they only knew that they were bedded down right next to a Kioti den! :shocked:
  56. k0ua

    Deer processing

    This fella seems somewhat skilled at the task.
  57. k0ua

    End of an Era

    I just received my Ryobi 18 volt drill from Amazon yesterday. I bought it without battery and charger as I have plenty of both. It was $20. It replaces my 25 Plus year old 9.6 bolt Ryobi 3/8 drill. It was a good one and has went thru probably nearly half a dozen battery packs in its...
  58. k0ua

    You could learn a thing or two about forging from these guys.

    This Chinese team knows how to "get things done". It is beautiful to watch them work together.
  59. k0ua

    Chemistry Quiz.

    I thought this was a fun Chemistry Quiz. I missed some.. I made 94% QUIZ: Are You Smart Enough To Pass This Basic Chemistry Test? - Offbeat
  60. k0ua

    Worn out band saw blades, good for anything?

    Are worn out horizontal metal cutting bandsaw blades good for anything? Like to make something out of them? Mine are 64 1/2 x 1/2 inch wide x .025. The only way I can imagine cutting them is with a carbide cutoff wheel in my dremel. I can't think of of thing right off hand to do with spring...
  61. k0ua

    Rant: Why are so many people walking on the WRONG side of the road?

    As a child I was always taught to walk on the left side of the road here in the USA as drivers drive on the right side of the roadway. In this manner you are facing traffic not with your back turned to it. It seems common sense to be able to face the oncoming traffic so that you have a chance...
  62. k0ua

    A new type of battery?

    This is an interesting article about a new discovery of an older unproductive battery technology that has been reexamined. The 285 milliamp hours per gram storage capacity with 5000 cycles retaining 92 percent of full capacity. That really grabbed me. 285 milliamp hours per gram is one heck...
  63. k0ua

    Northern tool Welding helmet puked.

    My Northern tool welding helmet has not been used in over a year and stored in the dark. So I take it out to use it and guess what? It doesnt darken any longer. No amount of leaving it in the sun is going to fix it as the solar assist is just that an assist to make the life of the two CR2335...
  64. k0ua

    My Wicked Grapple bush grabber attachment

    I have been thinking (yes I know the dangers :)) of adding a small bush and sapling attachment to my excellent EA Wicked grapple. When the grapple closes, the upper lid and lower tines meet in 4 places but only on the ends and only a small area. Sometimes if the sapling is big enough you can...
  65. k0ua

    Does anyone have a Kioti Cruise control Module T4125-68605

    During operation today my cruise control module on my Kioti DK35seh "puked". Same failure mode as before, tractor will start in gear, no L M H lamps on the dash and the cruise control will not set. I check the fuse, and the connectors, all good. It appears to be a defective module again. It...
  66. k0ua

    Power line safety procedures

    This video might help a bit if out brush hogging you hit a guy wire and knock a power line down on your tractor.
  67. k0ua

    They found some more Helium. Shield Arc should be pleased

    Helium discovery a 'game-changer' - BBC News Shield Arc says we can weld Aluminum with DC TIG if we use helium. Well, maybe the price will go down some now.!:) Not to mention all the other uses for this rare element. We can't make it. We have to find it and separate it from the methane.
  68. k0ua

    Fighter jet quiz. How much do you know about them?

    I missed one. Bombs Away: Are You a Member of the Fight(er) Club? | HowStuffWorks
  69. k0ua

    Chains and how they are made

    This is a great video of how chains are made. I have made some chain myself, and it was not this easy.:) here is my thread of how I made some simple chain.
  70. k0ua

    Ford aluminum truck beds are strong how?

    Ford aluminum truck beds are strong how? Yeah right. Watch the video. This can't be good for Ford.
  71. k0ua

    How much do you know about the Korean war?

    How much do you know about the Korean war? Not too much apparently, I missed 3 out of the 30 questions for a final score of 27 The Korean War Quiz | HowStuffWorks
  72. k0ua

    Primitive but effective mousetrap

    The Paiute deadfall.
  73. k0ua

    Look what I picked up for 5 bucks.

    Picked up this old Simpson 260 at an Amateur Radio swap meet (Hamfest) a while back.. I had to clean it up, and put batteries and test leads on it. I have less than $10 bucks in it now I guess with those. It is from 1959, but all ranges seem to work. I thought it might come in handy, you can...
  74. k0ua

    How much do you know about WWII battles?

    How much do you know about WWII battles? I got 28 out of 35 questions. I didn't use any of the hints (or cheat:)) World War II Battles - Zoo
  75. k0ua

    Interesting 3D drawings.

    These are worth looking at. Some amazing 3d drawings.
  76. k0ua

    How much do you know about engines?

    Try this simple 40 question quiz and see how much you know about "them thar' engines" :) Car Engine Quiz! - Zoo I scored 40 out of 40.
  77. k0ua

    An interesting Hybrid vehicle from long ago.

    World's first hybrid, built in 1896, goes up for auction Armstrong Phaeton used a self-starter, regenerative braking, and semi-automatic transmission. The 1896 Armstrong Phaeton is probably the world's first hybrid car. Developed by Harry E. Dey and built by the Armstrong Company for the Roger...
  78. k0ua

    So this is why they make circuit breakers.

    :o This is the reason for circuit breakers. Notice the flat spot in this power cord that goes to the power supply for my laptop. somehow at some point it got caught in my "lazy ba____ chair" between two metal parts. Smashed, and the breaker popped. I didn't even know it until the TV turned...
  79. k0ua

    Adding Solar battery maintainer connectons.

    i decided to add solar battery maintainer connections to my Kioti DK35se today. I had noticed during 2 week lulls here in winter of not using my tractor that when I did start it up the glow plug cycle sucked the battery voltage down to around 9.85 volts when the glow plug relay first clicked...
  80. k0ua

    Frazil Ice in Yosemite

    If you would like to learn something new about an ice formation in Yosemite, and have some beautiful views look at the video:
  81. k0ua

    LED retrofit for the sewing room.

    So the wife has complained for some time that there was not enough light above her sewing machines. There are two 4 foot florouscent tubes up in the suspended ceiling above the machines behind some plastic diffusers. I measured the lux with the lightmeter app on the smartphone and it said 461...
  82. k0ua

    Brown is stuck in my lower gravel driveway

    I heard a racket in the my lower drive a few minutes ago, and a huge( the biggest one they have) Brown truck (UPS) was stuck crosswise in between my lower drive and the main road. He had tried to back down the hill and did not get over enough and could not cut it hard enough to get the rear end...
  83. k0ua

    Medicare for 2016 increases.

    Here are the Medicare increases for 2016. Going up, but it is not as bad some of the rumors were. This information is from CMS Medicare Part A deductible from $1260 to $1288 per benefit period. Contact me if you don't know what a benefit period is. Also the daily co-insurance went up for day...
  84. k0ua

    Ramp Destruction!

    Wifey calls about 3:30 today and sez "I mowed the lawn today and we need better tires on that thing" OK, the little JD lawn tractor has factory turfs with 43 hours on them. Not the best tires in the world but they don't tear up the lawn either. She then advised that she made some rather deep...
  85. k0ua

    Adding an LED voltmeter to my Kioti DK35se

    Let me start by saying adding the LED voltmeter was not my original idea. Another member did it to his Kubota, and I stole his idea and even the same product he used, purchased from Amazon. DROK® 0.40" Waterproof Digital Voltmeter DC 2.5-30V Voltage Tester Red LED Panel Display Car...
  86. k0ua

    I bought the Harbor Freight welding table.

    I bought the Harbor Freight welding table. It seems OK. I wish it had come with all the hardware necessary for assembly. Too many of these, not enough of those, and NONE of those.. For example the flat head bolts for the table top to bracket connections. I went to the nut and bolt storage...
  87. k0ua

    They still have DK 40, 45's and 50

    I was at S &H near Rogersville Mo. And they had new: 2 DK40 (hst). 2 DK 45 one hydro one gear and one Dk50 gear. Bunch of ck 35 . it was raining and I did not make it to the newer units. Also they appear to be branding forks.
  88. k0ua

    First female Lt. Colonel of MSHP came to our church today

    Second in command of the Missouri State highway Patrol was invited to speak today to our church. Along with other peace officers from state, county and local government. The Lt. Colonel is Sandy Karsten, from what I understand she is the first female in the our state to hold that post. I met...
  89. k0ua

    Dang tree rats! I have been damaged!

    We have a garden hose stretched across the road (actually our driveway) about 15 up two cedar trees to water the wife's plants in the south flower bed. Well today she comes in and says it is squirting water out of two major holes in the hose about 12 foot up the side of one of the trees. It was...
  90. k0ua

    Old Geezer Joke

    An old geezer, who had been a retired farmer for a long time, became very bored and decided to open a medical clinic. He put a sign up outside that said: Dr. Geezer's clinic. "Get your treatment for $500, if not cured get back $1,000. Doctor "Young," who was positive that this old geezer...
  91. k0ua

    Dang! Hydraulic fluid is pouring out of the steering unit.

    I was getting ready to put up the tractor yesterday and noticed something liquid on the floorboards of the tractor.. "I sure hope that is water".. I wasn't:o:o It was hydraulic fluid. I took off the covers under the steering wheel, and found fluid pouring out around the steering shaft seal on...
  92. k0ua

    My dealer still has DK series in stock

    I stopped by my dealer today near Rogersville Mo. to get some oil filters for my DK35se and I noticed he had 3 DK40se's an 2 DK45se's in stock as well as a couple of CK35 and CK27 machines. All the rest were the new line of NX machines of which he had many, and of course many New Holland...
  93. k0ua

    Blue Rhino?.. hmm.

    My BBQ 20 lb tank ran out a few days ago. I decided to go and have it filled for $12.99 instead of the usual $25.00 dollars for the many exchange outlets. Seemed like a money saver, and beside this little place puts 20 lbs in it instead of 16 like the exchange places. It was all going to be...
  94. k0ua

    How loud is your Kioti?

    One of the other members (Eric) took some sound level reading of his newTier 4 NX series Kioti the other day, and the numbers seemed fairly quiet. I commented that I believed that my DK35se might be somewhat louder, but I had no way to prove that. Then another member chimed in and said hey...
  95. k0ua

    An Accessory for your Lock-N-Lube grease coupler

    I purchased some parts to make a right angle accessory coupler to go with my Lock-N-Lube grease gun coupler (the best greasing coupler to come along in the last 100 years). What this does is gives me access using a right angle coupler to those two pesky zerks on my Kioti tractor, the brake...
  96. k0ua

    This is how I fuel the tractor

    There have been many threads on fueling the tractor, and I thought I would just show how a 59 year old office worker fuels his tractor 5 gallons at a time. I have the older Blitz 5 gallon diesel fuel cans with the 2nd generation lever control valve. I did yank out the safety lock "guts" of the...
  97. k0ua

    RFI from Cree LED bulbs?

    I have a 60 watt standard a19 type Cree LED lamp and a Cree 65 watt BR30 replacement flood lamp. I cannot find any RFI from either of them in the HF or low VHF spectrum. This info is just for those that want to know. It has no other significance. Antennas are a OCFD running along the spine of...
  98. k0ua

    Apparent near miss in 2012 of CME

    I heard this morning that we missed having another Carrington Event in July of 2012 by two days. We apparently did not realize that the CME (Coronal Mass Ejection) that was not pointed at the earth was so severe. They claim it was of the intensity of the 1859 Carrington Event. Of course if it...
  99. k0ua

    Strawberry Jam step by step with pix

    Here we are putting up some more strawberry jam. We start with some beautiful strawberrys, about 5 cups. and they are now stemmed and cleaned, ready to be pureed. Lets measure out 7 cups of sugar, 1 pack of sure gel, and get the jars boiling in the water batch canner The suregel goes in while...
  100. k0ua

    Talk about some good eating!

    I do believe my wife's strawberry jam is the best in Taney county! It sure tastes good!
  101. k0ua

    A PTO shaft hanger for my rotary cutter

    I decided it was time to build a PTO shaft hanger for my rotary cutter today. I looked around for materiel's, and didn't find much.:mad: I did come up with a screw in hanger of abut the right size, and a piece of 1/4 inch all thread about 2 inches long.. OK, this will have to do for now. I...
  102. k0ua

    Just got a refund back from our propane supplier

    We just got a letter from our propane supplier. We had to buy propane during last winters price gouging period. The letter stated that a $115 credit would be applied to our account. It seems that we bought about $350 of propane last winter during the height of the "panic" The letter was...
  103. k0ua

    Redneck Shop Stool.

    OK, yes I am a redneck. I have the required license and everything!:) The donor chair was "all done". The hydraulic cylinder was dead and on top of that it was a press fit into the swivel bracket to make it a one piece replacement. None of the normal "universal replacement cylinders would...
  104. k0ua

    Shotgun Myths and long range shotgun sniping!

    Here is old Hickock45 debunking some shotgun myths. Shotgun Myth - YouTube Shotgun Myth (Part 2) - YouTube And here is some 230 yard shotgun action. Fun! Shotgun Slugs at 230 Yards - YouTube
  105. k0ua

    How slow can you go with a Hydro? (with video)

    Some that have never operated a tractor with a Hydrostatic transmission may not know how slow you can go on a tractor with this setup. Below is a short video illustrating my point. Kioti hydrostatic transmission speed test - YouTube So what? what good is that you say? Well it can really...
  106. k0ua

    Park Bench Rebuild

    The wife decided the park bench needed rebuilding. So Off I went to Home Depot for some 3/4 x6x8 cedar wood and to TSC for some hardware. As you can see the red peeling paint off of the old Harbor Freight original Chinese unknown wood boards were looking pretty sad. I used my Delta compound...
  107. k0ua

    I bet this guy is tired of winter!

    Check out this hapless homeowner and his battle with the snow!
  108. k0ua

    JD 4960 sits outside for 20 years with 14 hours

    This is worth a look
  109. k0ua

    I think I will become an expert!

    The recent Flight 370 tragedy has brought out a bevy of talking head "experts", many in my opinion couldn't pour pee out of a boot if the instructions were written on the heel. But today in the "bladerunner" trial over in South Africa, one of the "expert firearms witness's" for the state just...
  110. k0ua

    Yep, It is his fault.

    Yes, we should all blame the groundhog.
  111. k0ua

    Russian Kioti Girl

    I don't have a clue what she said, but it was fun to watch her drive around a Kioti. Девушка за рулем трактора - YouTube
  112. k0ua

    16 year old girl wins in science competition

    An inspiring and uplifting story about a youngster. Ann Makosinski was just another teenager with another science project when she joined her local science fair in Victoria, Canada, last year. Her invention, a flashlight that is powered solely from hand heat, took second place at the...
  113. k0ua

    Saving a buck!

    These fellas managed to save this buck from a lingering death from the coyotes. - Hunters save deer from coyotes
  114. k0ua

    Chains  I wonder how one chain would work?

    I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my new tire chains for the Kioti. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday, but the tracking still show them to be in Earth City Mo. where they have been for 2 days. In other words, the normal check in and check out tracking seems to be stuck. I...
  115. k0ua

    Rescued the wife today.

    We live down a long lane, with two very large hills/valley in the middle. Of course with this ice and snow we have been having here it is a problem.. The last hill toward the house is a problem for vehicles in dry weather it is so steep. It has gravel on it now, and if you hesitate and do not...
  116. k0ua

    Why don't software geeks test software updates?

    Scenario:.. "honey all of my Kindle books on my android device are gone!" says the wife. Of course this is my problem to repair, as she has given it her best shot. Resolution: After rolling back, de-registration and re-registration twice. I have come to the conclusion that the latest...
  117. k0ua

    Lets Reload some Ammo!

    I thought I would post this thread due to the popularity of the discussion about how to get started into reloading. This tutorial with photos. shows what it is like to load 100 rounds of 9mm pistol ammo on a Dillon RL550B progressive reloading machine. We start by cleaning and checking out the...
  118. k0ua

    Adding a foot stand to an angle blade.

    I decided to add a foot stand to my angle blade, So I decided to make every thing from scratch. I used 1 inch Square tubing, for the leg, and the rest was scrap sheet steel, 12 or 13 gauge I think. And I used the small chain I had made here a few days ago for a pin holder. I made the pin out...
  119. k0ua

    Making a small chain

    I will need a small piece of chain for a future project, and I did not feel like going to town to buy some, so I just made some. First I took some hanger wire, originally intended to hang ceiling tile grid, and sanded off the coating. Then I wound the wire around a piece of ground rod and cut...
  120. k0ua

    New operator at K0UA

    Here is a photo of the newest operator at K0UA. My little cat Keisha laid down on top of my Ham radio transceiver this evening. I though she looked kinda cute up there. She probably likes the warmth. James K0UA
  121. k0ua

    199 hours is close enough!

    It is time for my 200 hour service on the DK35se Hydro tractor. I was at 199 so I figured that would do. Since on the 200 hour change the Hydro and Hydraulic filters need to be changed without changing any fluid I came up with the idea of putting a #6 machine screw into the vent plug opening...
  122. k0ua

    It went POP and OMG fluid went everywhere

    A couple of days ago in the then 90+ degree heat and 3/8 of a mile from home hauling construction fill for a neighbor I heard a loud pop after I tried to raise the full loader bucket. Hydraulic fluid was coming out at a fast rate. I shut It down to try and find the leak but that was not very...
  123. k0ua

    Making an extension for the Control Valve Lever.

    I would like to start by saying this is not my idea, I "stole" it from grsthegreat and muph1244. And grsthegreat gave me the part numbers for the 1/2 inch steel tubing 36 inches long with 1/16 walls. Store SKU # 468490 and the 3/8 solid rod 48 inches long, (mine might have been 36) Store...
  124. k0ua

    Adjusting Cruise Control on DK series Hydrostatic.

    I normally don't have much use for cruise control around my place on my DK35se Hydrostat. But recently I have been hauling fill rock and dirt from a neighbors house to mine, a distance of 3/8 of a mile. One bucket load at a time, so cruise control has now become important to me.. Well mine was...
  125. k0ua

    Old "spot" has taken over my mulch pile

    It looks like the deer have taken over my mulch pile. They play on it, scatter it, and lay on it! James K0UA
  126. k0ua

    "Wicked" fun!

    I was recently using my EA "wicked" grapple, and though I would post some pictures to show it in operation. This is the smaller 50 inch single lid model available at Everything Attachments. It made quick work of this brush. James K0UA
  127. k0ua

    Kioti DK Throttle lubrication with pix

    Today I decided to finally get around to lubing the very stiff hand throttle of my DK35se. It was always stiff and not getting any better with age. First challenge is to figure out how to remove the two "clam-shells" of the upper and lower cover around the steering column. The two holes at the...
  128. k0ua

    I don't know if I should be mad or flattered

    Some dirty low life named Pedro Alverez put one of my welding pictures in a Google+ group as an example of his work. It is the left bucket hook of my Kioti. Now it was a pretty nice weld, done with my little Everlast PA160 and some 7018. But come on, you don't have to steal it and claim it as...
  129. k0ua

    Hydraulic quick connects on loader torque tube, Bracket? or None.

    I am getting ready to run some hydraulic hoses to out on the FEL torque tube area, to get ready for a future grapple. I notice that Ted from EA says to just Ty-wrap them down a bit, and let them flop on the ends. I have seen several of the guys installs with nice brackets and the fittings...
  130. k0ua

    Kioti DK35se Hydraulic quick coupler size

    Could someone please confirm the size and type of the Hydraulic Quick Connect coupler on the back of the Kioti DK35se? (factory installed Hydraulic port). Are they ISO-5675 Ag 1/2 inch? Crossing to Parker 4050-4 Female and Parker 8010-4 male? this is what I think they are, but I don't...
  131. k0ua

    There are two kinds of bolts on a Tractor....

    I have decided that there are two kinds of bolts on a tractor. Bolts that have loosened up and fell out, and Bolts that are in the process of becoming loose.:) Well, OK, maybe not ALL bolts, but it seems like every time It turn around something is loose or has fell off. I check tightness of...
  132. k0ua

    Fast Lady!

    This Lady can load her shotgun pretty fast! Click here to watch James K0UA
  133. k0ua

    I learned some things today about top and tilt while blading gravel and dirt.

    I have never been much of a rear blade person, having always been a "master" of the FEL and have moved and spread lots of dirt, gravel, and rocks with the FEL. Yes I have a small rear blade, a left over from 2 tractors ago (my much smaller B7500), but I never even put in on the Kubota L3400hst...
  134. k0ua

    Fun Balistic Effects of some common rounds

    Some ballistic effects of common rounds on a water barrell. With a fun ending. Ballistic Effects.mpg - YouTube James K0UA
  135. k0ua

    James I need a little help!

    Just now, I was sitting here browsing around, when the wife in the back room says "James I need a little help!" "What do you need?" shouts I. "You just need to come here", so I go back to her office, and there she sits with a nail repair kit in front of her and a finger from both hands...
  136. k0ua

    Every Kubota needs a set of these!

    I could not understand a word they said, but I got the idea pretty well. Check it out. Every Kubota needs a set of these!
  137. k0ua

    Loader  Weld on bucket hooks (again)

    LD1 asked me some time ago when I was going to weld some hooks on my Kioti bucket. I haven't done it mainly because when I needed hooks I just take adavantage of the SSQA and change out the bucket to my second bucket and old Kubota bucket I converted to SSQA and it has lots of hooks on it. But...
  138. k0ua

    We grow 'em BIG in Taney County

    This little fellow will be joining me soon for dinner. I know he is not very big, (did his mother run off when you shot it?:D).. I have heard them all.. but he is going to be "some gooooood 'eatin". And besides I did check him over real good for spots, and did not find a single spot on him.:)...
  139. k0ua

    100 Hour Service on DK35se

    Even though it was cold and windy today, here in Branson, it was sunny, and I did the 100 hour service on my DK35se. Oil change and filter and chassis Lubrication and of course Loader lube also. I don't see why the Zerks on the brake and hydro pedal linkages could not have been 45 or even 90...
  140. k0ua

    What the Heck!. why is my rotary cutter digging a furrow in the lawn!

    I am just finishing up mowing one of my extreme slopes in the side yard, with the big Kioti because the JD lawn mower wont make it up the hill. I looked back and noticed that the left gauge wheel (I installed them) in my rotary cutter was digging in as I went up the hill. I was apprehensive...
  141. k0ua

    My Kioti's new den (with pics)

    Some members requested more pictures of my Kioti and its new "den". So here they are. The barn is a 12 W x26 L x10 H foot sidewalls. James K0UA
  142. k0ua

    Power Plug install photos for Murphy1244

    Hi guys sorry to disappoint but this is not a full step by step install of a power plug on the rear of My Kioti DK35SE, but really just some photo's Murphy1244 requested over in a PM. I cannot seem to attach photos from my PC directly in a PM, only a URL. The pix are not really that good, taken...
  143. k0ua

    PTO shaft tubing replacement Help needed

    I could use a little help from those with more experience. On a La Magdalena PTO shaft, on the outside shaft tubing, (bell configuration) I want to replace this tubing with a longer one, I have removed the cross from the yoke and of course the roll pin from the yoke which holds the tubing in the...
  144. k0ua

    Oh no! My bucket is broken!

    I noticed that the left side of my Kubota bucket (yes I use it sometimes on my new Kioti) had a huge crack all the way thru the factory weld where the horizontal cutting edge is welded to the vertical side cutting edge. When I examined it I noticed the factory weld was not very good compared to...
  145. k0ua

    Oil & Fuel  On my way to 100

    This weekend I tackled the 50 hour service on my new DK35seHydro tractor All went well with the exception on the Hydraulic filter on the right hand side of the tractor.. I spent 2 hours in 90 degree heat trying to get that thing to spin off. I cursed the name of that unknown Korean "gentleman"...
  146. k0ua

    Loader  First Casuality on my new Kioti!

    After I parked the tractor tonite I notice the FEL level rod was out of its guide and bent up. It appears the lower portion of the guide the rod slides in had become unscrewed from the top portion, and allowed the rod to kink up. I have straightened the rod in the shop. But it is too late too...
  147. k0ua

    Stick Welding Video with a joke

    I though this was pretty funny.:) Stick Welding Tips from Bubba - YouTube James K0UA
  148. k0ua

    Am I stupid or crafty?

    Some of you may think this repair is just stupid or a waste of time, BUT I would like to point out since I broke one of the hooks off of my ballast barrel some time ago (my fault, stupid accident) I have been trying to remember where I bought it and get another matching one to fit the already...
  149. k0ua

    Some Branson springtime photos

    Here are some pix the wife took yesterday on our place near Branson, Mo. It has rained about 5 inches this week. Rocks?, we got rocks, we have all the rocks you would want:laughing: 03/24/12 James K0UA
  150. k0ua

    Now I have done it! What a mess!

    Now I have went and done it, on the way home today I took a little detour, and paid a visit to a Kioti dealer. Well I just HAD to look at a DK40SE hydrostat model. Big mistake. About the only thing I did not like about that tractor was the fact it did not follow me home. That is one nice...
  151. k0ua

    Just took a survey on tractor ownership

    Just took a telephone survey from a marketing research company in MN. A lot of questions about the various features of my tractor, and what would you buy if you did it over again and how you liked the features and how did they play into you buying decision..etc. etc.. Let me tell you they got an...
  152. k0ua

    Bought the Wife a Droid

    Bought the wife a Motorola Droid Razor Saturday as one of her Christmas gifts. Man is that thing cool. She was using an old Motorola V62 flip phone and a palm pilot for her home based business and the new Droid Razor is like stepping into the next century. I have a new Blackberry Bold...
  153. k0ua

    This is a Bad Boy!

    Take a look at this little Electric outfit..I don't need one, but it looks like fun. It is a Bad Boy How To Video Demos - Implements & Attachments James K0UA
  154. k0ua

    125 Argon Cylinder price

    I bought an 125 CU ft argon cylinder from a LWS and I was wondering what others are paying and if this is a good deal or not.. I paid $210 for a full cylinder. And he said the next fill would be $49.. I am getting started in lift start TIG for My Everlast PA160. Lots to learn but it is fun...
  155. k0ua

    Loader  Stump Yard Wars

    I had a little tussle with a stump today, and so far the stump won. I started with just the bucket, but quickly switched to the home made "Shovel" to get between the large roots this tree had and dig down beside them to be able to cut the roots. I ran out of time and energy. With the stump...
  156. k0ua

    Loader  New Operators, lets grease our Front End Loaders!

    This thread is to assist new operators in the general principals on how to grease their Front End Loaders for the first time. Let me start by giving you my credentials, this will be the easy part, I have none. I am a Sales Engineer for a Telecom company, and have spent about 40 years doing...
  157. k0ua

    "Thats the way you do it with a Kubota!"

    This video is a prime example of how not to do anything with a Kubota. ROPS down, no ballast on the back. and pushing with the bucket lifted fully in the air. And a severe air of overconfidence. I am not a member of the safety police but all of these things made me cringe. YouTube - ‪tree...
  158. k0ua

    So you think converting a Pin-On to QA is Easy!

    The purpose of this post is to let others know what my experience was in getting the Pin on Kubota bucket for my LA436 loader turned into a QA bucket. Some would have you believe this is an easy task. Maybe for them, but it was not for me. Undoubtly some others may be more skilled with...
  159. k0ua

    So what happened on Top Shot?

    So what happened on Top Shot? Pretty obviously George threw his shot on the 25 foot huge chalk target with the .357, but did he also intentionally miss the 50 foot shot with the Sharp's? Did the fact that he intended to just buy guns with the $100000 and Chris wanted to put his kids thru...
  160. k0ua

    Loader  James & Linda abusing their brand new forks

    I brought home our brand new Construction Attachments compact tractor QA forks this evening, (yes Ted and Peanut, those videos work to make sales:laughing:) They had been on about 5 minutes when Linda suggested it was time to get the "big Old rock" out of the flower bed. so we did. The forks are...
  161. k0ua

    Look at what I "built" today

    This is really more of a modification than a complete build, but this morning while out working in the yard on road repair and clean up with the tractor, the wife said "I wonder if we could put the sprayer on the tractor somehow". The little sprayer had been her idea in the first place, and I...
  162. k0ua

    Windows Antivirus Pro (virus)

    Wow, just got this virus out of this PC, took all day for me to find the solution, this is a "Ransom" virus. that pretends to be a Windows anti-virus program that wont let you load any programs sometimes not even look at your file structure, and nags continously that you are under virus-attack...
  163. k0ua

    A "Shovel Ready" project!

    I am in the process of building a "shovel" for the bucket of my Kubota L3400. It will be a chain on 18 inch long and just under 9 inch wide shovel for digging holes, and small trenches, for transplanting flowers etc. It might be useful for grubbing out smaller rocks in the lawn or other things...
  164. k0ua

    Gas Welding Practice

    I tried some butt welding practice on a small scrap of rusty steel I cut in two today just for fun. Welder: Lincoln (Harris) PortaTorch. Tip : #1 Rod: RG45 1/16 Pressure: about 2 lbs of Ace and Oxy Metal thickness: about that of a Quarter. Notice side 2 is more smoothed out. I practiced...
  165. k0ua

    Pressure washer ran well dry, washing tractor

    Well I guess I ran the well dry, running the pressure washer for over an hour, had no water pressure, Tested the pump with resistance tests, and the start and run capacitors tested ok. the relay kicked. but hardly any water would pump. Called the "well man" said he would be over in the morning...
  166. k0ua

    Is there a difference in brands of rods?

    Is there a difference in brands of rods? Seems so, in a little not very scientific test this evening of general purpose rods. Test 1: Rods all 1/16 E6013 Polarity DCEP , Steel Clean 1/8 Amps 57 Harbor Freight: violent, lots of spatter, Noisy. Bead looked more or less ok when...
  167. k0ua

    New Everlast Just got it!

    Just got my new Everlast Power ARC 160 tonite. and have been trying it out. First Impression. it does all it says it will on the web-site. I have had a Lincoln AC 225 for about 15 years. I weld infrequently about 2 or 3 times per month. but that said, I have fixed countless things and built a...
  168. k0ua

    Using truck bed coating on Floorboards of tractor

    Has anyone ever used any of the Herculiner or Plasticote truck bed coating material/coating on the steel floorboards of their tractor? my old b7500 had a rubber mat over the metal, but my new L3400 just has painted steel (perforated) for floorboards. It is very stable, but is showing some wear...
  169. k0ua

    Snow Attachments  Has anyone bought a BXpanded snow blade

    Hello I am Jim from Branson, Mo. This is my first post. We don't get a lot of snow, usually less than a foot, often 6 to 8 inches. I have a new L3400HST, I was wondering if anyone has one of the new BXpanded chain on manual snow blades, I was looking at a 72 inch'er for my tractor, and all...