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    M-F GC1705/GC1710/GC1715/GC1720 Starter Motor PSA

    Good morning everyone. Here's something to be on the lookout for so that you don't get caught unaware. My GC1720 is 8 years old and was most recently sitting in my garage where I parked it after the last snowfall. Northern Virginia pretty much had 2 weeks worth of winter this season so it sat...
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    Good property insurance attorney Ohio

    Ohio Insurance Board Insurance companies are licensed to operate in a given state by some type of government insurance board. That clause should only allow them to deny the claim if you KNOWINGLY allowed the leak/seepage to continue. An insured cannot possibly mitigate a problem that is not...
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    Shear pin nightmare

    Fluid Film works, but is pricy in large quantities. Guess what I do? I get a pack of Crisco shortening in brick form and I just rub that liberally all over the snow contact surfaces. Re-apply between sessions. It does NOT return to the kitchen. Food grade, won't hurt a thing.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Have you considered a Honeywell T6 Hydronic Thermostat or Honeywell AC11201 Temperature Sensor for Floor Heating Applications? Due to thermal mass, you're going to want to maintain the temperature of the FLOOR. Measuring and triggering on the ambient air temperature will have you always behind...
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    bar oil test

    I use the TSC stuff with my Stihl due to ease of replacement. The standard blend is like molasses in cold temps - the winter weight continues to flow at least.
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    Watts needed for generator to run a 1/2 HP sump pump?

    Hyper Engineering | Single Phase AC motors can require 6x the rated power to start up from a locked motor position. So for that first instant, the draw of power is much more than your small generator can supply and it will trip. Hard start kits are in-line capacitors to overcome that...
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    Watts needed for generator to run a 1/2 HP sump pump?

    You can reduce the in-rush peak current hit to your generator if you can wire a hard-start kit into the pump circuit. The same tech works to run AC systems off generator also.
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    building a barn first curve ball

    Info from your Canadian Government: Flood mapping.
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    Block heater

    In addition to the block heater, you may consider pre-wiring an SAE connector to your battery terminals. Depending on how cold cold is, you can easily quick-connect a battery tender/trickle charger to maintain the battery during times of non-use. Pair this with the block heater when you will...
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    Purchasing my first sub-compact. Massey Ferguson or Bobcat?

    I have the predecessor GC1725 and as masseyrider said, it has been pretty bulletproof. But as someone that also maintained a 900 foot gravel driveway with 50 foot elevation change between the state road, down to the creek, and back up to the house for 7 years using a back blade and a land plane...
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    Wife got in an accident today - Need Advice

    To echo: air bag deployment is the airbag, inflator cartridge, headliner, plus 2 doors, trim molding, mirror, paint and it's a Renegade so not a high value vehicle so this will likely be a total loss. I'm sorry. Best thing you can do is search your local area for vehicles for sale TODAY that are...
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    Hydraulic connections for DL95 loader

    And as a neat little trick once you figure out the arrangement. Wrap colored zip ties around the matched ends. My DL95 was color coded by colored plug on the female and zip ties on the male ends.
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    The Original Tractor Relief Tool - Easier Hydraulic Connections

    I may have to look more closely at these. The GC1720 has male connectors on the loader and a four-port female manifold on the tractor. I have had plenty of issues previously with the temperature swings between current and prior use causing one or two (out of 4) couplers to be impossible to...
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    Gc1710 mow deck / 3PH adjust linkage

    What position is your mower height dial in? If you have the dial in Position 1 (lowest/scalping) setting, then you should have nothing preventing the deck casters from reaching the floor. Just beyond the highest setting (5) is the LOCK setting which prevents movement of the mid-mount arms down...
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    Blocking the clutch pedal when parked?

    On my old MT180D that sits for long periods, I place a steel wedge on the clutch arm just below the floorboard. The return spring holds the wedge in place and the clutch disk can't rust/bond/seize.
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    Gc1710 mow deck / 3PH adjust linkage

    I'm not sure of the geometry of yours specifically, but on my GC1720 with the 2326 60-inch drive over, I just replaced that threaded lift link after 7 years of use/abuse. From day one at delivery, approximately 1/3 of the threads were visible ABOVE the threaded hole. 1/3 in the thread engagement...
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    GC1725 idle speed

    I engage my rotating implements at 2000k engine RPM without issue - it prevents the motor from bogging down too much while getting the mass spinning. I have even started and used both a MMM and a RFM simultaneously and never considered the engagement violent.
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    I know that it's gas, and gas is well, GAS, but

    I use a Weed Dragon. Propane torch at the end of a long shaft; runs off a 20lb tank. Supposed to be for weed eradication, but it does good work on ground nests.
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    60" mower deck for Massey Ferguson GC17xx

    To help others: this should be the MF2326 60-inch heavy-duty drive over MMM. I have one for my GC1720 and I love it. Even managed to break a weld and a support bracket after 7 years of abusing it. Easy fixes and still on my original blades. Bought new ones to have a spare set for end of season.
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    GC1720 low coolant

    I think you are actually speaking about the COOLANT OVERFLOW TANK, not the radiator. The radiator is only full or it's not and has no markings. It should be full of 50/50 coolant up to the base of the neck for the cap. The translucent bottle under the hood has a low mark and a high mark. Fill...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    A work table can be hinged like a Murphy Bed to fold up and stow out of the way when not in use. Just like the old-timey ironing boards in a cabinet.
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    Massey GC1720 Fuel Line

    I'm 7 years in with mine and the fuel lines are fine. Did you get a chafe/rub from one being out of place?
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Tape a straight razor or scraper to the end of a broom handle or use a mechanics creeper to roll around at floor level to scrape everything at eye level. It won't hurt that concrete.
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    MMM Vertical Travel Limited

    Since the MMM lift arms are physically tied to and limited by the travel of the 3PH arms, make sure there is no binding in the 3PH. I had the opposite problem of the MMM not dropping to the appropriate level and it was because one of the implement arms was binding and holding up the 3PH.
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    Just bought 6 acre of land. Now what???

    Have you investigated a small ICF or SIPs build?
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    MT180 drawbar, 3pt stabilizer, and 4wd questions. Also some front end loader capacity info.

    I have an MT180D as well. 4WD is the small black handle to the right of the tunnel, and simply moves forward a few inches to engage. The diff lock is under the right heel and will only engage when one wheel is already spinning and will not remain engaged once released. Both turfs and ag tires...
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    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    Not correct any longer: In August 2022, Congress passed an extension of the ITC, raising it to 30% for the installation of which was between 2022-2032.
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    Fighting 'Solar Farm' Installation

    I have rooftop solar on my home, which is not visible to anyone. The nearest homes are 100+ yards away. I definitely have no issues with solar and I do understand the argument about sacrificing good farmland, BUT it's time to be honest about that argument. There aren't many family farms left. If...
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    What have you done with/to your GC Series 2300, 2400, 1700 Tractor TODAY

    VA had practically zero for snow this season. I did the seasonal snowblower swap for the drive-over mower deck on my GC1720, put fresh grease on the mower, but darn it if I didn't forget to grease the driveshaft BEFORE connecting to the mid-PTO; grease adapter won't fit behind the yoke when...
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    Solar PV panel Hot Water System

    Have you seen the 'solar' water heaters that use a coil of black PEX in a frame exposed to sunlight? Sometimes used as a 'poor man' pool/spa heater; the coil is plumbed in-line with the pool/spa pump.
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    Surge protector woes

    I think that you are misunderstanding the surge protection on these units. I believe the resettable circuit breaker button is only to protect if YOU overload the circuitry with too many amps through the strip. My understanding of the surge protection mechanism is what happened to them was...
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    What Lowes free delivery cost me.

    My home is 900 feet from the unpaved state-maintained road and between the building department and the fire marshal's office, you cannot obtain a certificate of occupancy without having appropriate fire department access. My access easement (shared with neighbor) includes a creek/stream crossing...
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    12 to 18 month wait for new vehicle!!

    overszd: They absolutely have sat. They kept their employees working by running the lines, but had no chips to complete them for sale. The 'runner's had to take the ignition PCMs from one truck to the next to move them and then park them. Read this: Satellite photos reveal hundreds of abandoned...
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    Home Building Questions - Propane - All electric - Fireplace

    Since you're just beginning this process, have you also considered an integrated safe-room, storm shelter, refuge in preparation for those tornadoes?
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    How about properly positioning the load.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    You can use a whizzer wheel (PVC inside cutter) to cut off the pipe below the floor from the inside of the drain line. PVC Inside Cutter
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    BUT, there are far fewer inhabited/habitable areas.
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    Clear a logjam

    Thinking outside the box here...Can you burn them? Use a propane torch/weed dragon to ignite them (NO ACCELERANTS!)? The fire will weaken/collapse the jam.
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    Satoh/Mitsubishi help identify parts

    This is also very similar to the Mitsu MT180D that I have, which shares a lot of parts with the Case 234. Messick's has great parts guides/lists/diagrams on the Case tractors.
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    Snow removal accident

    I think he probably just hopped out for a second and didn't shut down the machine and set the brake. If it was sitting on an incline, the tracks may have free-wheeled over him.
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    Tractor Died While Blowing Snow!

    I have an open station GC1720 (with the reversed fan that draws in from operator toward the front of tractor) and for winter, I have a piece of fiberboard that I replace the radiator screen with. This has the effect of reducing the amount of snow/moisture drawn in passed me, but also boosts...
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    Finally Need My Warranty and LS Is Not There! BEWARE!

    I'm not sure why you would buy a brand new, warranted tractor of any make at all if it only has 135 hours in 5 years. I do 100+ each year on my Massey GC1720. You could have saved thousands more with a comparable, but used tractor. When all is said and done, you could send a respectfully worded...
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    Generators, sizes and fuel options?

    The trick here that I don't think people think of is to use the generator as an electric source for a propane tank heater. Need initial pressure to fire the generator, generator powers the heat wrap, heat wrap boosts the vapor pressure, you can maintain pressure and use of the generator until...
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    Buying land that has a natural gas line on it?

    If you can also get full use of FREE natural gas after paying cost for a tap, like Doug did above, I don't see the issue. With little exception, the Lord above is not making new land. Although I would highly recommend an explosive gas detector. Sniffer machine could detect a minor leak before it...
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    Can anyone tell me what tractor operation is being done in this video?

    Accelerating the development of COPD/emphysema/silicosis in the lungs of anyone within 100 miles.
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    Finally in—my new RTV1100C

    You should be able to add a separate fuse to prevent sharing the same single circuit.
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    Looking for new Windows 11 laptop with a deep SD card slot

    Ever changing form factors and smaller must be better. You might wish to switch to a NAS instead of individual SD cards. Then any device can use the storage.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    And if you pass an unprotected strap over a sharp edge or angle, you WILL WEAKEN IT. Retired/surplus fire hose cut into lengths works well to protect chafing, but chains and binders are better.
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    Common sayings that are wrong or butchered

    Oriented vs. Orientated as in you know where you are.
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    Home weather station suggestions

    I think both. The solar cell on the top of the Ambient stations is to measure the solar intensity, but based on how long my batteries have lasted while maintaining wireless connectivity to the base station, it must use solar to power sensors when enough power is available. I'm not sure if anyone...
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    Horrific farm accident in Australia

    Geared tractor, no seat belt just screams danger. With any cutter attached, I would never voluntarily get down without stopping the PTO. Just awful.
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    Blend door actuators.

    I had this happen on my 2011 Durango on the passenger side. The gear itself didn't just self-destruct though. The cheap foam gasket material on the leading edge of the metallic blend door deteriorated to the point that the heater core melted it and when it cooled, it was stuck in place. The next...
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    MT180 drawbar, 3pt stabilizer, and 4wd questions. Also some front end loader capacity info.

    I have a MT180D as well - 4WD is very easy to engage on mine; just slip the handle forward to engage. Are you speaking 4WD (right side of tunnel) or the Diff Lock that is behind your right heel?
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    Who makes MF?

    A little late to the conversation. I am 6+ years and 700 hours into my GC series (GC1720) and it has been a hearty and very reliable SCUT. I have used the loader and backhoe extensively and a MMM and 60-inch Meteor snowblower (and no appreciable snow since; you're welcome). Only things I have...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Bravo! Quite an accomplishment. You should be proud of yourselves. Just a quick reminder: make sure you take all those pre-drywall pictures so that you know exactly where every stud, PEX tube, power line, and DWV pipe is before hidden (hopefully forever) by the drywallers.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Just FYI, the Starlink Dishy is heated. The power/communication cable is pretty heavy duty so that it can supply enough power for the heater. Also, not a good idea to put the power adapter into an enclosed space because it will get hot.
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    Drilling a 6 in hole through 4 in thick concrete

    Great job. I'm intrigued. Is this an ICF construction or a solid concrete structure? Can you post an exterior pic?
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    3rd Generation Farmer Retiring and Selling Off ALL Manner of Vintage Equipment

    A nice story from my local area; please give it a read: Loudoun County Farmer to Sell Rare Collection Here's the Auction Link from the end of that story: Aumann Vintage Power Online Auction There will also be a traditional live on-site auction held: Live Auction and Collection Details I just...
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    PTO - live and learn

    Agreed. If it's near the join point, perhaps you can trim off the damage and slide the remaining, but slightly shorter shaft back together
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    Truck towing overloaded kills, driver gets felony charges.

    This is where the state's Parole Board comes in. Convict won't be eligible for parole before 3 years have elapsed and convict will need to petition the Board for parole each year between 3 and 9.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    I've done multiple LTL freight deliveries and just picked up in the FedEx freight yard. Orders from EverythingAttachments and Messick's. Freight yard will bring it out and load onto pickup or trailer and then you just slide out of the way and secure your load in the yard somewhere. Much easier...
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    Increased traffic on country road.

    FYI - IndyCar and Nascar were all at Indianapolis on the road course this past weekend.
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    Insurance and the Tornado, the second disaster!

    In some of these instances...assuming no mortgages - would it not be better to look at self-insuring for structure rather than paying out crazy premiums for the just in case event? Liability insurance is totally separate and needs to be paid for.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    It is coming along very nicely. Not sure if you mentioned it here or on YT, but have you considered a whole house surge protector? Either mounted at the meter base or in the main panel at service entry.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I'm not familiar: Is this for combine/thresher head transportation?
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    USS Samuel Roberts Located off Samar at 22,000 feet

    Fox Nation has a show called Lost Ships of WWII Watch Lost Ships of WW2 Online | Stream Fox Nation that goes through the search/discovery and histories of many of the last remaining undiscovered shipwrecks from WWII. It was a great documentary series: Indianapolis, Ward, Lexington, Hornet...
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    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    How about liquid nitrogen poured into the ignition hole? The ball's mass would shrink faster than the cannon bore and may slip right out.
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    GC 1710 PTO Operation

    I have had this "interlock" issue on my GC1720 a couple times. For starters, make sure that your mid-PTO shaft is fully seated and the balls have locked into the groove. 2nd: Put both rear and mid- PTO levers in Neutral with PTO engagement disengaged. 3rd: Move the 540 PTO lever to engaged and...
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    What is this radiator hose for?

    If it is anything like the GC series, then it is literally the cooling system drain line. One end attached to the radiator, the other end attached to a plugged barb with a hose clamp. When you need to service the cooling system, open the radiator cap, remove that line and hold it over a drain...
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    Lyme Disease

    Alpha-gal is from the Lone Star tick
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    Oil & Fuel Just an R4041 service rant

    For terrible to reach fill ports (or instead of fighting a jug under the hood) can you use a hand transfer pump with a flexible hose? I use one to refill my hydro after a service on my GC1720. The fill port barely protrudes beyond the rear body work so getting the 5 gal pail or even a jug and...
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    Fuel Filter Changeout Issue

    Fuel shutoff petcock?
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    Plate tamper for compacting 300m of driveway?

    Fashion a make-shift one from an old water heater or propane tank? Slip an axle through and fill with sand.
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    DNA paternity testing

    Submit HER DNA to which will auto-magically build out a tree with other potentially more closely related individuals that she doesn't currently know about. Then there is a potential to contact THOSE matches through the service. 6 degrees of separation kind of thing
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    The problem with VA and the mid-Atlantic region in general is the type of winter precipitation that we get. We don't get light, powdery, dry snow here all the time. Occasionally we get powder, but most often we get a heavy moisture laden snow that leads to the disaster that was the I-95 debacle...
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    Income Taxes: Turbo Tax - H&R Block - File Your Own?

    It is specific not only to the employer, but also the payroll processor (ADP for example). My wife and I work for 2 different companies, but we were able to take advantage of the ADP import. I was also able to take advantage of the import functionality for my brokerage account (1099-B) and my...
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    For the once a decade event: Fab up an attachment for your roof rake on your tractor bucket. You can be warm, sit higher than standing on the ground and when you pull with the rake, you won't be in the plume of the avalanche.
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    Ordered a 2022 Ram 2500

    Have you done this mileage calc by hand or just the dash computer readout? In addition to the break-in period possibly not being complete yet, which fuel are you running (variation between winter/summer blend) and are all the tire pressures set correctly?
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    12k Trailer Jack Drill Adapter

    High torque is fine, but I wouldn't use an impact either. You want the turn without the hammer.
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    Any Experience with Bringing a Vehicle from Canada into the US

    All cars sold in the North American market should be perfectly fine as far as specs and regulation like our FMVSS/DOT vs whatever Transport Canada? requires. The trick may be with the Canadian titling, importation, re-titling in US for US sale. I'm not sure how that would work.
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    LP prices?

    Why or how in the world does ANYONE still use Amerigas? Is it marketing or the pretty trucks? I know they lock you in with the 'free' tank as long as you buy X gallons, but then charge ridiculous rates for the gas or charge you a crazy rental fee and still charge higher than everyone else in the...
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    LP prices?

    I will say the 2nd year we were using our company, when the LP prices (and oil in general) dropped significantly due to a mild winter and lower demand, the company actually adjusted the fully-binding contracted price downward which left most customers with an account credit for subsequent use...
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    LP prices?

    I pay a pre-set contract price every September for X gallons delivered over the contract (price-protected) period. This past September the price was 2.19/gal tax included. I own my 500 gallon tank and purchased 600 gallons. They filled in November, should be back around February and then at the...
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    Rolled the rtv 900

    Alcohol: The cause of OR solution to all life's problems.
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    Flightradar24 Interesting Finds

    FYI - FlightRadar isn't radar at all, it is reliant on the above-mentioned ADS-B which is the aircraft Broadcasting their position, altitude, speed, etc. Military aircraft don't have to do that and I doubt a U-2 even has a civilian receivable transponder. But for a peek at general aviation over...
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    Electrical troubleshooting question

    Have you run a voltage or continuity test? It could just be a dead old receptacle.
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    Snow Forecast For Virginia

    I wonder if the roads are as bad as they say...let's load up and head on out there to check.
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    Snow Forecast For Virginia

    The forecast was dead on accurate, BUT the timing was impossible and unfortunately most of the steering wheel holders on the road do not have proper winter weather equipment and tires on their vehicles. Many drive with summer only performance tires and then are shocked they have no traction...
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    Snow Forecast For Virginia

    Drivers stranded for 15+ hours ‘No food and no hope’: Drivers stranded on I-95 in Va. are cold, hungry and asking for help | WTOP News
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    PTO Snow Blower Angle of Attack

    3-points don't have a float position generally. I know that there are a couple of 3D-printed locking tabs that folks have made to hold the 3-point lever down to force terrain following. You can probably do this manually in advance by holding the down lever and manually pushing down the lift arms...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    No it doesn't. All brakes (present) on a trailer required to be applied automatically upon breakway. Nowhere does it state that each axle must have brakes present.
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    A newbies DIY solar install

    Has anyone in California purchased a whole house battery backup without solar to get through the safety-shutoffs? California is against all internal combustion it seems, so not sure if you can get traditional whole home generators.
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    Truck snowplow on tractor front 3 point

    Oooh. That's simple yet fancy. I like it. And you can get wheeled pneumatic casters for those skid mount locations.
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    Finally got power after tornado.

    I heard that the temps are now dipping below freezing at night. It's going to make recovery/restoration efforts that much harder on everyone. All of these folks need shelter now; and not Katrina grade FEMA trailers. The niceties of internet can come later. The major carriers have mobile cell...
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    has any GC series owner ever tried moving lift links back an inch on lift arms to gain lift height?

    I'm sure the geometry works out, but you will be impacting your lift capacity at a minimum. You may be moving the stress point to a binding or breaking point that you haven't considered. If you were to try this, I would make sure to only do it with a spare pair of stabilizers arms and not the...
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    Finally got power after tornado.

    Shelter doors are supposed to be designed to open inward so that nothing on the exterior can pin them closed. Even if the opening is obstructed, once you have the hatch opened inward, you can access the debris and hopefully cut your way through it.
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    My Industrial Cabin Build

    Prayers for your daughter. Have they done a Lyme test?
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    Man I need front fenders

    It seems like it might be easier to mount a mud flap/mud guard off the loader mount OR the front edge of the cab rather than a steerable fender on the wheel itself.
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    Diesel fuel Anti-jell

    Power Service (white bottle) has served me well.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Aren't you able to manually select the gear using the ERS? Electronic range selection will prevent the trans from exceeding the set gear, so if you select 1; 1st is all it can use.
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    What is this thing on my chipper? (newbie BCS owner)

    A pin to lock on the accessory shredder attachment? BCS shredder
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    Mid Mount Mower

    Every situation has a proper tool for the job. I started with an old Mitsu MT180D with a RFM and then bought a newer MF SCUT with MMM. If you had mostly level acreage and few slopes, then an easily unhooked RFM might be right for you. If you have slopes like I do, making those end turns with an...
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    Mowing in reverse with SCUT and MMM

    Not sure why that would be. The Massey GC series will power the mid-mount PTO in forward and reverse motion AND both the mid-mount and rear PTO are capable of being engaged at the same time. The PTO only rotates one way right?
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    Propane Monitoring Device

    Civilian - all buried tanks have an above ground valve cover for filling and gauge reading. Since grsthegreat only fills in summer, he doesn't want to dig his way to the tank (snow cover) and dig out the cover in order to look at the gauge directly. Profile shows northern Idaho, so that's my...
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    Backhoe fell over and died.

    QUESTION I haven't seen answered. What happens if the boom swings, extending the cylinder and there is no fluid behind it? Could that create a vacuum that is not easily correctable? 2nd point: Is it possible that the boom swing cylinder has over-travelled and damaged the cylinder seals? My...
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    Campaign I.D. Number: 20E046 Dear Sir or Madam, This notice is sent to you in accordance with the requirements of the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act. Harbor Freight Tools (滴FT? has decided that a defect which relates to motor vehicle safety may exist in certain Pittsburgh...
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    60'' MMM on GC1705

    Definitely NOT the drive-over deck. Yours is the roll-in/out style. This is the 2326 - note the brackets on the front for the front wheels to get purchase and back over and the heavy-duty belt coverage/wheel path. Heavier gauge steel as well.
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    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    I have been going strong with not one, but two Mobley devices since I first learned about them here in 2017. Compared to the local wireless broadband (shared use) provider and the satellite internet provider ($80/mo metered and capped), these things have paid for themselves many times over. I...
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    BigTex 10*8 Utility Trailer

    Where in MD? Any pictures? I'm in Northern VA.
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    Swale filling

    You need an NDS Flo-well with a top grate opening. I used one with an overflow to serve as the dry well at the end of my french drain system. You would do the opposite and use the well as the inlet to slow the perc into the drain culvert. Stormwater Management Solutions & Products | NDS
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    RK55 Hydrostatic 50-hour Service: My first big RK post

    May I STRONGLY recommend that you get a Fumoto Valve to replace your oil drain plug. They thread in place of the plug, provide an easy to operate, but locking ball valve actuator and are available in straight or 90-degree options. I have them on 2 of my vehicles for easy and clean oil changes...
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    GC17xx people, how's all your 3ph stuff stowed up when the backhoe is on.

    Blue star: rotate the guard to the up position (multi bolt holes for this) or remove entirely Orange arrow: release the catch and let it hang Yellow arrow: let your top link hang vertically Red arrow: extend/adjust the top link so the ball end is sitting in the draw bar hole.
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    Everything Attachments

    I have ordered from two different equipment companies (Messick's and EA) and in both instances I picked up at the FedEx terminal. EA shipping was free and Messick's was paid freight TO THE TERMINAL. "Liftgate service" charges are NOT simply for the liftgate truck and offload at your residence...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Unfortunately, this guy was hauling for the US Postal Service.
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    Caught my first one

    Here's one of the guys that I have in my yard - the pond is next door. Knock on wood, I have missed every one of these while mowing. I see the colors at the last minute and mash the brake.
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    Mowing Mid Mount Mower too High. How do I adjust?

    I just can't believe it is sitting that high - please provide a photo
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    21 year old son and fiancee choosing Rural Living over apartment in town.

    That is really awesome. Is the property the whole triangle on that corner there? Or just right around the structures?
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    Help with MF GC 1705 to 1720 series Power Beyond...

    This is the FEL valve numbers This is the main output valve
  119. C

    New Resident SPAMMER or Bot?

    So there is a new 'member' on this site and it appears that the only contributions are posting YouTube links and emojis in an attempt to elicit some type of response. I haven't yet figured out the why. I have PM'd Muhammad, and haven't used the Report Post function because there are just too...
  120. C

    Oil & Fuel GC Series Hydro Fluid Sight Glass and Level

    There is not supposed to be a float. Behind the clear lens part of the sight glass should be a white background (perhaps what you thought was a cardboard float). The white portion is marked with a LOW and a HIGH mark. If you do not have the white background in place - you may need a new sight...
  121. C

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    This is the USB Cover; get a small jeweler screwdriver and peel it out.
  122. C

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Should have used a decent tweel caster.
  123. C

    Wierd things that have happened

    For you folks that live in rural areas, the other helpful TBN folks turned me onto 'Helicopter Insurance' - yes, it is pretty much like it sounds. If you know who your local air evac provider is look them up online and see if they offer insurance or 'memberships'. I live in an area serviced by...
  124. C

    Mowing  Two mowers?

    I have a portion of my land (~2 acres) that I only mow about every 4-6 weeks. Due to life being busy, being away for an entire weekend (Dover), and the late arriving Spring kicking everything into overdrive while I was away, I had to make 3 passes in certain areas to cut down the grass (grasses...
  125. C

    GC1710 steering

    I just checked the parts book - it is manufactured that way, with the step down. I suspect it is for ease of identifying orientation during manufacture. 6251773M91
  126. C

    Idea for a Bridge deck?

    My neighbor and I share a bridge that is engineered by county regs to handle fire trucks. He and I are responsible for the upkeep. We just recently re-decked it with 4x6 PT lumber and it is secured with carriage bolts. The span is only half of what you're describing, but the same principle could...
  127. C

    Everything Attachments

    FTG: Is this the type of pin that you're asking about?
  128. C


    Polaris and Arctic Cat both post new recalls -
  129. C

    Picked up my EA shipment

    FYI - freight companies use battery powered, motor driven, electric over hydraulic pallet jacks - not really the pump handle and drag type. They are more like a walk behind forklift.
  130. C

    Extended Crew Cab- The SuperDuperDuty family hauler

    This project reminds me of the old airport shuttles that CT Limousine used to use:
  131. C

    GC1710 GC1720 What do you do with your hoses?

    I have a GC1720 with the backhoe subframe and the Power Beyond from the factory. When the backhoe is off (like now and for most of the mowing season) the power beyond loop and the relief hose just kind of hang out in space and are generally in the way of the 3-point. I've used some small tarp...
  132. C

    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I would still bet it's per axle. There must be a reason - I live on a road that has an historic 1889 one-lane truss bridge over a flowing creek. 157 feet long and just over 11ft road width. It is rated at 3 tons; sort of self-policing since you're not getting a larger/wider vehicle on it to...
  133. C

    Everything Attachments

    freetors, I sent you a PM re: freight shipping
  134. C

    Well, well, well!

    At my place, we use a spin down particulate filter, an air eductor system and iron reducing salt in the softener's brine tank. If it's just a 'tinge' then an eductor should be enough, if it was considerable, I would recommend an iron handler (remover). We have used these brands and all seem to...
  135. C

    Building a flatbed for my F350

    Would it be possible to repurpose a capless fuel filler/door or a capless adapter that sits flush through the bed?
  136. C

    Bad Boy 72v electric UTV

    Looks like (6) 12v
  137. C

    How is your winter so far.?

    Horrible warm/wet winter. I still haven't gotten to break in my brand new 60-inch Martin snowblower. We have had a grand total of 1.4 inches - this time last year, we had just finished receiving 48-inches with drifts to 60-inches.
  138. C

    Slow Down, Move Over Video-It's the LAW!

    Here's a fresh one from CT. You cannot tell me that this driver was not talking or texting. Trooper was first of two with lights activated. Trooper was in the car and was shoved 80 feet.
  139. C

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    Just did a quick mod to my new Meteor rear snowblower. The manual chute rotation handle is uncapped and hollow and it struck me that the open end would collect water and potentially rust out. So I had the bright idea to attach a replacement handlebar grip from a bicycle. It went on smooth with...
  140. C

    MK Martin SB75 Snowblower Upgrade

    For those with questions about the Meteors, I grabbed this spec page for the new 5-blade models. I have the 60-inch which has a 21-inch fan.
  141. C

    what is this?

    Sure looks like a pig to me. Forgive my poor skills, but I believe I was able to pick out the animal shape from the background.
  142. C

    No one talking about Massey Ferguson anymore ???

    My GC1720 is doing great, but is still brand new with only 14 hours on her. As long as my 30 yr. old MT-180 keeps running, I don't have to rack up the hours mowing. It has been great digging out the tree stumps and rocks that grow wild around here. I can get the backhoe off in less than 5...
  143. C

    Time for a new dog

    I have a 15 year old senior Corgi (acquired at 3 mos), an 11 year old rescued Border Collie-Corgi (acquired at 6 mos), and a recently rescued, 11-ish year old Redbone Coonhound; they are all senior-senior as their breeds go, but I cannot advocate more strongly for a rescue/shelter dog regardless...
  144. C

    Towed Tractor Rollover

  145. C

    3500 truck needs CDL?

    Here in VA they are plated as 'TRUCK's with no reference to commercial or private use, but they must not exceed 26,001 pounds or CDL applies. What I do disagree with is that ANYTHING considered to be an RV is exempt even though they can be giant tractor units pulling giant fifth wheels.
  146. C

    Seeders Driveway Maintenance - Box Scraper?

    I'm relatively new here and local to you, but just recently took delivery of a LandShark LPGS from EverythingAttachments. I only have a 25HP Massey, but this thing is awesome. Used my bucket to pull gravel back onto the driveway, dropped this down onto its skids and drove forward. It does all...
  147. C

    Comparison Bought my first brand new tractor

    As promised: The garage is only temporary quarters until I double-check every nut, bolt, grease fitting, hydro line, etc. Her permanent home will be my old pole barn, at least until winter when she will be used if we have another one of these winters
  148. C

    Sheared the Lower Lift Arm Cross-Shaft (MT180D)

    Well, I was able to have a local welder repair my flub for only $25. He stated that the joint would be softer since the original part was hardened (tempered?) steel so try not to hit anything else. I put the tractor back together and have mowed about 6 hours since without issue. I'll admit I...
  149. C

    Comparison  Bought my first brand new tractor

    I posted a few weeks back about breaking off one of the pivots on my MT180D; I was able to have a welder put the pieces back together (I'll update that thread shortly), but figured it's only a matter of time before I accidentally find another immovable object and rip it loose again. I had been...
  150. C

    Sheared the Lower Lift Arm Cross-Shaft (MT180D)

    Murphy's Law hit me hard this weekend. I was pulling my 60" Woods RFM downhill through tall grass and managed to straddle a 8 inch tall x 3 inch diameter twin stump with my MT180D; my mower however slammed full on into it, bringing the entire consist to an abrupt halt. Of all of the components...
  151. C

    Help with PTO RPM calculation

    I'm new here and have a MT180D with a 3 speed PTO. It's mostly used to haul around a 60-inch Woods finish mower (540 rpm). 1st PTO gear makes 623 RPM @ 2700 (max engine rpm) and 540 rpm is marked off at 2340 engine rpm. So ~86-87%. Second gear (PTO) is rated at 919 rpm @ 2700 (max engine rpm)...