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    1742 regen

    After having the dealer come out to do a forced regen with his laptop, it occurred to me that the dpf needs to be hotter than present conditions allow. He put some cardboard in front of the rad to bring up the engine temp, which probably increased the exhaust temp. Now I'm looking at a turbo...
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    Buying local

    Needed to do some snow clearing a couple days ago, very cold here. Tractor went into hysterical mode, siren screaming regen light flashing, the works. Tried to do a manual regen before it derated. No luck, temp not high enough. Called the dealer, explained the situation, no problem be out...
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    Fuel filters 1742

    Had my son do the dreaded $200 fuel filter replacement last week. Had some summer fuel stored in a drum for the winter. Got contaminated. Tractor ran like ****, almost stalled, acted like a regen happening. Drained and flushed the tanks. Ordeal all by itself, the check valve really works...
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    Local dealer got their Toro mowers in. Out of probably 100 mowers, 90% are equipped with the My Ride system. Shows how popular the system is. Have my Titan 60 inch for a few years, works great.
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    Massey DPF

    My 1742 Massey had a hissy fit yesterday. Clearing the driveway after some new snow and the light came on, warning horn going. Couldn't get back to the house before it de rated. Didn't want the tractor stuck, blocking the only road in. Normally it does re-gen without a hitch. Called the...
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    Two day blow

    Had a couple days of south wind, blew in snow from Montana. Not nice fluffy stuff. Worked the Massey pretty good. Hard drifts break up in chunks.
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    Fall snow

    Well we got a quick blast of winter. Lots of highway closures. Heavy wet snow made things slippery.
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    Being safe

    We've had a mass stabbing/murder here in the province. Perp is at large, authorities haven't a clue where he is. Our a##hat prime minister says loud and clear we can't defend ourselves with firearms. I'm locked and loaded.
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    V plow

    I'm thinking of doing a small fixed v plow for the fel of my Massey 1742. Anyone here have one to share pics? My blade just does a flop when I tried to push through. Last year's scoop and dump got old real fast.
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    Knee replacement

    Had my second knee replacement on Friday. Forgot how much pain there is to heal. Will be interesting, I'm the only driver here.
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    New stock

    The local Toro dealer has the new stock of Toro mowers. Seems like 95% have the MyRide system.
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    Just for giggles

    Thought I'd post this little repair request that I got about nine years ago. Fella on an acreage had an older Belarus tractor with blade/bale spear apparatus on the front. He'd been trying to patch it up to make it useable, had been "welded" a few times before. looked at it, told him there's...
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    Feeding time for my deerest friends
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    New snow

    We’ve got a good one going on. Don’t know how much is going to hang around, most of it is passing right on by. Supposed to last till tomorrow sometime.
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    Current situation

    After having my fall incident, I'm going back to my rear blower, front blade system for this winter. Just don't feel comfortable using my home built front blower along with the rear blade. No shop to work in, plus slow movement dictates a more proven set up. I did find last year it actually...
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    Replacement shed

    New shed ready for tin
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    New snow

    Forecast is for four days of snow/ blowing snow around here. Commonly referred to as a spring blizzard. Will be a toss up between using the rear or front blade. Highly doubt the blower will be needed.
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    I’ve had a vision for a while. I really like the Perfect Tree Saw type of attachment. So the quest begins. Found some eight ft x3/8 pieces of ar 500 steel for the blades. Figure six ft long should do. Will cut some teeth with the angle grinder, back them up with heavy angle.
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    Entry step

    Just a heads up on a problem that popped up on my 1742 cabbed model. Being a heavy guy, there's lots of stress on the step bolts. Had the front bolt snap. The resulting flex makes for nervous entry and exit till it's repaired. Having the step fail could cause some serious hurt. The broken part...
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    It was a dark and stormy night. Sound familiar? Now 3:30 am our time. Predicted snow just started to come in around ten pm. Hit the sack, never thought any more of it. Woke up at 11:30 by the noise of the wind. It was a pure white out condition. Could just make out the barn with the yard...
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    FEL blower update

    Blower is great before the shear bolts break at my pto to chaincase joint. Seems I have an alignment problem. Something has shifted with use, the flanges are no longer aligned. Actual fix is pretty easy, another chain type coupler, same as on the bottom. Have to take the whole unit off...
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    Weldig/ machining related.

    Merry Christmas to me. Just purchased a Mitutoyo Digimatic Absolute six inch caliper. Have been using cheap and mediocre calipers for years, finally got fed up. Lots of tube vids, all compare to the standard in the industry. Buy once scenario now, woohoo.
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    Prairie blow

    We羆*e into a day long blow so far. Going since eight am. White-out in the open. 25 mph wind, drifts area building.
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    Tig project

    A little tig project from a couple years ago. Figured I needed to upgrade my fish finder, so did some research on rov units. Commercially made ones were way out of my realm, so I built one. Has three thrusters, two cameras and 100 ft tether. One cam is a go pro knock-off, the other is a live...
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    Snow痴 coming

    Back to my fel blower. Slow progress, getting older. Ssqa plate on the blower.
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    New thread on an old subject. Found two more scrapers a while ago, they will be mine next trip to the lake. Don稚 really need them but hate to see them go for scrap metal. Again the price is right.
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    Anyone else fab up a cowboy wok? Hopefully I値l be able to try my new build at the lake. You tube vids are inspiring.
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    Pension enhancement

    A little gig I have going with a local glass company. Welding deck posts for vinyl deck rails. Drill four holes in 1/4 thick plates and weld to galvanized pipe. Lots of ventilation required. Did 28 today. Finish with a shot of cold galvanize coating. Drilling jig and home built rotary table...
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    I spy with my little eye

    Short story. Picked up a tumblebug scraper a bit ago. Going to the lake last Friday, I see this in a vacant farmyard. One of those got to have it, just because things. Need to locate the owner and see if it痴 for sale. Better condition than the one I have.
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    And the list grows

    Previous owner of the quarter left this on the adjoining land. Said if I wanted it, go grab it. Had it sold to someone but guy never paid. I値l give him the $65 he was going to get. Needs a little fixing but is also modified for a cyl to change angle of cut. 24 inch discs might be a challenge for...
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    New Toy

    Pretty pumped, going tomorrow to pick up a Tumblebug type scraper.
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    Front blower

    So it begins. Salvaged sprockets and chain from an old pull type combine. Had a bit of 8x6 tube. Snagged a solid 1 5/8 round from an old rod weeder. Princess Auto has lots of bearings. Split the tube with the plasma, took out material and milled the sides straight. The bits will be welded to...
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    Just for ***** and giggles, picked up a Ford LM 21 push mower. Great shape but missing the wheel drive belt and shaft. Cool piece of history, son is a true blue Ford fan
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    Newfoundland storm

    Is Paul Short from Newfieland on here? Would have some great snow fighting videos.
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    New/old tractor

    Looking for the thread about some one purchasing a new tractor with many rust and other issues, can't remember where it was.
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    Looking at a Sovema 60 inch three point tiller for my 1742 Massey. Any input would be appreciated.
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    Cheap led lights

    Yup, confirmed it. Cheap led lights screw up the radio in the tractor. Finally got round to it, put some low cost Amazon led lights on my Massey. Had the lights for a while now. Had a bit of time, did the change and sure as chit, radio no workey on fm. Will try am and cd soon.
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    Gopher time

    Going out tomorrow to persue one of my favorite summer pastimes, Gopher shooting. Have a few farmers with too many of the little critters causing havock in pastures and crop. They don't usually have time to reduce the numbers, appreciate me helping out. I really apprciate the opportunity to get...
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    Old two wheel tractor threads

    Didn't persue the issue past this forum. Any old stuff interest here? Just picked up four in various states of disrepair. One Sears Roebuck/David bradley, a Simplicity that looks complete, with a 12 inch tiller, One that looks similar to the Simplicity, but no transmission, and an obscure...
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    Another low buck project. Need to soften up and smooth out the dirt bike track I carved out in a pasture. It痴 ok for bikes but a tad too rough for trikes. Figured a drag harrows set might do the trick. Ten trips around and the results are less than spectacular. Next order of business will be to...
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    Got a new project on the go. Building a small grapple using material salvaged from a couple of old rod weeders left on the property. Taking them apart is a major pia. Surprising how easy the old square nuts and bolts are to undo. The one has been in the bush more than forty years, steel wheels...
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    A new project for the Massey. Looked at many diy weights, came up with a compact version. Short history. A few years ago, I was involved in the lead wheel weight frenzy. With all the do-gooders frowning on lead, pressuring governments to ban them and go to steel, I salvaged and melted down about...
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    Bale spear

    I see a new project in my future. We have some old round bales here set up for snow breaks. I'm thinking plastic snow fence, taken off in the spring would be a better alternative. I'd build it to slide on my first ssqa plate like the forks. Need to price out a couple of pick me up truck torsion...
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    Moving grain

    Needed to transfer 3100lbs of screenings for deer food into a bin. Made up a box to fit my snowblower, mounted on a pallet. First bag was 1300 lbs, Massey lifted full height with some complaining. Second bag was 1800 lbs, so I had to divide into two, no problem then. Once the assembly was lined...
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    Fel forklift

    Asked about this a while ago. Just about done. Will give the extra height needed to get pallets into the barn loft.
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    Cold start cure

    Just posting this from personal experience. My 2017 Massey 1742 had a cold start problem right from new. Dealer was out to check the usual faults, none found. Seemed to start better when the block heater wasn't plugged in to -15c, after that it was a crap shoot. Having a good snow dump, needed...
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    FEL forklift

    Got a new attachment project in the works. Need an extra foot or so extra lift on the Massey 1742 fel. Not quite enough height to place pallets in the old barn loft. Old dairy barn, low ceiling, great loft for storage. Picked up a ssqa plate. Will fab up a short hydraulic lift system, like a...
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    Planning a chipper/shredder purchase, specfically the Champion 338 cc model 100137. Any one have this model? Pros and cons? I'm not doing large stuff, branches 2" and smaller. Anyrhing bigger goes into the stove.
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    Remove from snow

    This one is for a yuk yuk. Had to remove the Massey from the snow when I got too close to the ditch. Too steep to get back up.
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    Fabric tractor shed

    Used the Massey to build the Shelter Logic shed. Sure makes things easier.
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    Nudder one

    This was the first project for the Massey. Started out as bucket forks for the ford 3000. With the flex in the bucket, marginal at best. Massey has a quick change on the front so a pallet fork attachment was a no brainer. Forks are tapered as per a you tube video, fabricated from 2x4 .188...
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    Another welding project

    Welded this up with the stick function on my Lincoln 210 MP. Liked the land plane idea, just added a hydraulic gate to carry or distribute material as required. Six ft wide, six ft long. Ft blade is serrated, rear is straight cut, set at a 10 degree angle. Run them 1/2 inch below the side...
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    Another new guy

    New guy here from Sask Canada. City boy for over sixty years, moved to a rural quarter last fall. City is great in the rear view mirror now. Purchased an old Ford 3000 prior to the move, needed something with a fel and three point. When my city house sold, immediately bought a Massey 1742 cab...