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    Installing ground screws

    i imagine soil type could also play a big part in what you would need to drive them in especially the downforce requirement. Light soils I imagine once it gets going it drives itself. I think there are actually portable hand held(maybe 2 man) type units to drive them in as well. I can't imagine...
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    Found one

    I'm getting ready to join the mahindra owners family. Been starting to really look at compact tractors since I bought a new house/acreage earlier this year. After much research and finding a stand up dealership I had pretty much settled on a mahindra. Started out looking at the max line up then...
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    Price Check  2013 mahindra 3016

    $14,500 1 owner Mahindra 3016 with 171 hours. 8 speed shuttle shift transmission, front wheel assist, differential lock. quick attach loader with skid steer mount bucket, 5' brush cutter and 5' box blade I haven't had the chance to go check this out as its a couple hour drive, but can anyone...