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    Attached GARAGE (homeowner) thoughts

    How many have a sprinkler system in the garage? 20 years ago, in Atlanta, Georgia area, new construction included a sprinkler head over the vehicle. With EV's today, seems like a good idea to slow the fire.
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    3 point Chipper ????

    How does one access the knives? or clear a jam? I don't see a hydraulic infeed. With only 23 hp you will be well served with adjustable infeed. I bought a Woodland Mills WC-88 several years ago. This unit doesn't compare well to it. (just ask me) Not even for the price difference.
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    Trailer size needed to haul tractor

    DieselScout has a very important point. With a BP trailer you will need to balance the load. Too light in front of the axles will be unstable. You need the length in relation to the load.
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    Setting Fence Posts Issue

    Every wood post that has broken, was weak within the first 12 inches below the ground. The rest of the post in the ground was solid and a bear to remove. I have been wrapping replacement wood posts with plastic in that 12 inch zone to separate the wood from the earth. I'll let everyone know...
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    Water leveling?

    I used a water level kit that's two clear tubes connected by garden hose. The nice thing about the garden hose is one can use a faucet to fill the hose with water. Let it run to get all the air out. Getting the air out is key to it's accuracy.
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    400lbs of Lucas red n tacky?

    This is the same conundrum shoppers at Cosco or warehouse clubs have. One can get a vast quantity of something... BUT most will go to waste. In your case since the machines are away from the home site, you'll have to refill grease guns at home. Look for bulk grease dispensers or gun...
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    Fiberglass rebar for garden stakes?

    The sun will degrade the pink coating... Then you'll get a handful of glass fibers from the bloom. No thanks...
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    Nuclear anyone?

    I lived in eastern PA when 3 mile island hit the news. The media was interviewing children to broadcast their "feelings" Of course, they were scared. The media was reinforcing the narrative that the Nuclear power was dangerous to the public. There's talk about converting a coal fired gen...
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    Need some home heating feedback: Wood boiler or fireplace insert?

    Our house was built in 1965 with a fireplace. A stove is more heat efficient, but an insert is what we have. It's a Pacific Energy that's very efficient & clean burning. The biggest difference between a boiler and my insert is the entertainment value of watching the fire through the glass...
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    25 Acres worth buying hay equipment?

    Haying is a full time job when the hay AND Weather is ready. Too early and the yield is down. Too late and the hay is past its prime. Rain in the middle of the process ruins the product. While you're in the oil field, you can't be on the hay field. Consider getting a partner to do the...
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    Well… that was stupid…

    This is an early post on Saw-stop... prevents cutting body parts. From their web site... Resetting the saw yourself is easy. Simply inspect the blade (and change if damaged) and replace the brake cartridge, and your saw is operational. The entire process takes 90 seconds and you’re back to work.
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    How to make and use a PHD goal post rack

    My PHD came with a loop on the boom. I scabbed up a holder from scrap metal. Hanging, it's easy to hook up to tractor since the weight is held by the frame. Chain is only to keep the PHD out of the dirt. Frame is easy to move in the shed too.
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    John Deere 855/856 hard starting

    Out of spec Valves would mean losing compression. Leading to hard cold starting.
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    Hay Ride Wagon Build

    Hay bale seating... I found putting the bales on the center line of the wagon is much better for weight distribution and safety. Less chance of someone falling backwards and people brace their feet against the outside edge.
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    He's 11 months old, pure Dobermann. May fill out some more as he matures. But he's naturally slender compared to my previous Dobes. The big rounds are a challenge to handle and split. I figure each cookie weighs around 800 pounds. I use a FEL on the Deere tractor to move the cookies. Even...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    7 feet across Stump just before being ground up ... That's my 70 pound adult Dobermann sitting on it
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Had a dying Oak tree next to the house taken down. Here's the crew cutting it into cookies. At DBH, it was 52 inches. Set up to split the cookies... Using the backhoe loader to hold the chain hoist & tong. Loader bucket is resting on a 4x4. I pick up the cookie from the ground. Backhoe allows...
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    Looking to trade my wife's car for a tractor

    Why the new engine ?
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    Warranty misleading

    As Cadplans said ..."backing up with the bucket pointed down, creates a tremendous mechanical advantage." The issue is not supporting the weight of the tractor, it's the back dragging the bucket through the dump linkage geometry that overloads the dump cylinders. Even with construction...
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    You "Road" Your Tractor?

    Trailer except when crossing the road to a neighbor's. Suburban traffic is dangerous with people that don't understand farm equipment and want to run 10 to 20 MPH over the posted limits. Wasn't always like this, but the city moved out to us.
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    Peroxide or Chlorine for well water treatment?

    Just a Thought... I have good well water tastewise. A little acid but otherwise good. I installed a kitchen sink reverse osmosis tank & tap. I decided to use its output for the ice maker in the refrigerator. A simple tee in the line to the sink tap Makes the best ice, I ever tasted from a...
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    Rotting metal floor in horse muck trailer

    I have horses too. Assumed a dump trailer vs a spreader. For any trailer longevity, the muck has to be separated from metal or wood. A liquid tight coating of epoxy paint would serve well. Any damage to the coating renders it useless... As in no shovels to contact the coating.
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    Working under the tractor

    Bears repeating... beware the front axle of a tractor. It pivots, so allows the tractor to tilt. (unless the pivot is blocked) lifting the rear wheels on ramps is much more stable.
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    My dog's not doing well

    A year ago, my Doberman took his last breath with his head on my lap. Our Vet came to us. I'm sad just thinking of him again. gsganzer ... My condolences to you and family.
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    How Many Have More Than One Tractor?

    Five Deere's Nice to have common filters... and friends at the parts counter.
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    My dog's not doing well

    You did your best. Mason's family was there at the end. It's the least we can do for such loyal creatures. It takes a brave heart to hold a dog till the last breath.
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    Roof Beam replacement.

    This is a "depends" solution. If the bottom of the cracked member is not fastened to the roof member or inadequately connected, then the wall will push out collapsing the roof. To my eye, the "beam" has failed in tension. The upper portion has sheared horizontally with the "vertical crack" a...
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    Roof Beam replacement.

    Yes ... As others have posted, That cracked piece isn't a really a load bearing member, it's in tension. Notice the vertical crack, If it were a loaded beam, the crack would be on the bottom. I surmise only the broken piece is fastened to the vertical post. The unbroken section is free to...
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    Certificats of Deposit

    Ponytug & RSKY have posted good advice IMHO... The brokerage houses have access to high rate CD's Their websites are good and easy to use. With the internet, there no reason to limit yourself to the local banks. I use Fidelity. I always decline the CD auto roll-over. At maturity the funds...
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    What's the best 12V DC power source for my fueling station?

    The issue is the heavy amp draw of the pump motor. Best to use a lead acid battery. (many old car batteries can't reliably start a car but if kept on a battery maintainer will be enough to pump a vehicle tank worth of fuel.) My 15 gpm diesel pump is on an old group 31 battery. It's charged...
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    Plan Has Come Together To keep Me Busy In Retirement.

    Hauling logs on a flatbed ... attach a cable to the backend of the trailer. Lay the cable on the trailer before loading, excess over the front... Cable length to be double the trailer length plus enough to go over the logs. load trailer with logs about 8 feet long across the bed ... . When at...
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    Lifting a 85" TV over Fireplace

    Do you use the fireplace ? Electronics don't like heat.
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    Will cutting brass with steel cause a spark?

    22 LR from a pistol does well to perforate the little tank. One swing of the 8-pound sledge conditions the remainder enough for the steel recycle yard.
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    Propane tank question

    Stumblehorse hinted at an important factor. Size of tank determines the max withdrawal rate. You need to total all the gas requirements in your house... furnace, stove, gas dryer, etc. The number will be in BTU. That determines the minimum tank size or combination of tank sizes. PA can get...
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    DPF problems..

    When I (rarely) take any machine in for repair, I always ask for the replaced parts on the service order. Does two things, insures the parts were replaced and gives me knowledge of the parts. I like to take stuff apart and sometimes the replaced part is useful for something else. The hood...
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    My john deer 5055e tractor starts fine but wont start after warms up. Why is that

    Does it crank or not? A favor please... When you get it fixed, come back to the forum and tell us what was the issue.
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    What is some of your Pet Peeve's

    Pet Peeve ... I've posted before on "Forum ghosts". The new poster that joins the forum with a tractor problem. Get info and advice then "ghost" the forum. Never come back to say advice was correct/incorrect or thank those that tried to help. It's a disservice to future folks searching for...
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    Paint - Majic or Rust-oleum ?

    I have a gallon of Majic I bought at Tractor Supply. It was the slowest drying paint I've ever used. Only dried when I warmed the piece on the gas grill. Rust-oleum for me
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    My tractor from hell injector pump troubles.

    I frequent another forum that pumpguy is on... If I needed IP work, I'd send it to him. Just saying...
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    Please explain this difference between diesel and gasoline engines

    The way I see the difference is ignition. Gasoline engines require the perfect ratio of fuel/air to ignite the charge in the cylinder. Too much or too little... no go. (see LEL & UEL) Within these limits... If the charge is lean then the burning temp is high enough to burn the top of the...
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    I destroyed the gearbox on my brush hog.... help

    Another thought.... You replaced the shear pin... With what ? The shear pin is supposed to shear before anything else is damaged. Doesn't matter if you connect to a 1000 hp PTO when overloaded, the shear pin gives way.
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    Frost plug heater troubles

    Thank you for coming back to close the loop... So many new posters just ghost the forum after getting advice / help. You will help someone in the future with the same problem.
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    Rotary Cutter how to remove stuck pto drive shaft on gear box

    this is a thread from 2014... the op never came back to close the loop. It's an issue that irks me. Someone asks for help / advice and never comes back with a result. Shows no gratitude for someone taking the time & effort to help.
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    I Asked AI What Europeans Think Americans From Every Single State Look Like

    Most of the images have plenty of food. An immigrant was asked why does he want to come to America ... Land of discrimination, poverty, crime, etc... His answer.... I want to be where the poor are fed so well they're fat.
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    I'd say the engine & DPF is hot from working so fuel is being completely burned while the turbo is cooling. Idling at start up is the worse as conversely, engine & DPF is cold.
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    Interesting. I have a Deere 5065e. previously, it regen'd about every 80-90 hours. This year, it was exclusively a brush hog tractor. Meaning it was run at least a couple of hours at PTO speed every time. Very little time spent idling or short operations. It's been more than 100 hours and...
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    Thoughts on towing this with what we currently have

    You will likely find the hitch weight is more than your single tires can handle. That's mostly what one gets with a dually. Weight rating of tires and stability of 8 sidewalls when cornering.
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    Why are manuals not available for free download?

    Haven't read the whole thread.... Deer DOES provide an owner manual with their products. It's also available for free download too. Comprehensive Service manuals are available for a cost.
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    Cutting power use to the bone.

    There's a few points about your solar array. You installed during the time of gov't rebates/subsidies. There's a financial cost of the money spent to install the solar. It costs both you and taxpayers. Since you have a power bill, you're using the power grid and all its facility cost when the...
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    Cutting power use to the bone.

    My bill has a renewable energy surcharge. Means power company is required to buy power from gov't subsidized solar farms at a higher price than they can make it for. AND there's another solar farm being built nearby. It will not get better if gov't gets further involved.
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    Jd 5085e

    Short question... short answer ... Call your Deere dealer.
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    Towing Safely

    Your manual will list the GCVWR... That is the total weight of the loaded truck plus loaded trailer. Easy way to check is to go to a truck stop and get a weight on a truck scale. GCVWR= Gross Combined Vehicle Weight Rating.
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    2018 John Deere 5055E Ignition Switch Fuse blows

    welcome to the forum isn't tractor still under warranty? Don't want to do anything to let JD out
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    Moving travel trailer around with ball on FEL.

    Be wary of twisting your FEL arms when acutely turning the trailer to position it.
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    How to initially oil new roller chain on equipment

    I would use motor oil. There might be something better. But, It's common and easily available. Timing chains run in motor oil for the life of the engine.
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    How to initially oil new roller chain on equipment

    A chain lasts longest running submerged in oil. Is the chain compartment sealed ? Can you tolerate a bit of oil leakage if not? Otherwise soak the chain in oil, then install it.
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    AC5050 will only start with ether, please advise- we need this thing to run.

    Sounds like your compression is too low. I say... Get it started on ether to get your crop sprayed. And saved.. You won't hurt it anymore, other than a catastrophic breakdown. Plan on getting the engine overhauled ASAP. The starting progression you described fits a failing engine ...
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    Are people lazy, don’t know how to help or scared of liability.

    Priced stuff lately ? Truck, trailer & backhoe alone easily hits quarter of a million dollars.
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    IMHO ... Depositing $35K is less noticed than a structured deposit... Consider the pebbles on a beach... Then the line made by stringing several pebbles together. Which would catch your eye? Of course, one could use several beaches/banks for each deposit..
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    Not a good idea... It's called Structuring. A possible red flag too.
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    How close are you to a “Local” dealer?

    Three Deere dealerships within 1/2 hour. Seven Deere dealerships within an hour
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    Howse 10Ft Rotary Cutter Model 10HD10DA

    I would not be concerned by the loose bolts or the coupling movement. The two gearboxes will never be in complete alignment. The rubber disks and shaft movement prevents binding and bearing overload. The loose bolts won't fall out since there's a cotter pin and castle nut.
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    Square baler parts

    What is your market for hay ? Horses or cows ? Even goats... That will determine your equipment and hay type. Hay is NOT a generic produce. Dairy farms demand a certain quality. Cattle another quality. Horse people demand quality, form, timing, etc. but they pay a high price. (Sometimes)...
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    Just search for "Civil asset seizures" Your respect for the gov't will drop... as it should.
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    Neighbors dog keeps coming over and defecating on our driveway.

    Before going any further, a photo of the offense and offender in action would buttress your reactions to the fair minded.
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    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    Quite right... the WM feed roller has a hard time climbing large diameter pieces. I solve this by feeding a smaller piece first then follow it with the large piece. This technique also works well with short stubs. Throw the short stubs and brush in chute then follow with a longer piece. The...
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    Bush Hog repair question

    A person could be a bystander several feet away or an unlucky operator. Several years ago, a SUV hit a metal sign base on I20 outside Atlanta. When it was hit, it cut the tire & took a divot from the cast right front wheel. Then it proceeded to slash the passenger side of the vehicle like a...
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    Horrific ATV accident

    It's a matter of anticipating events. I hurt a girl I let ride on a pallet of hay on my FEL. I thought I was thorough, I was driving backwards in case she fell off, she wouldn't be run over. Unfortunately, she did fall off and broke her arm hitting the ground..
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    Hooking up Post Hole Digger to PTO

    The key requirement is supporting the weight of the PHD. My PHD is hung from a hook welded to a salvaged frame. Using one hand, I connect the PHD arch to the draft links. Then using the 3 point control, I lift the arch till the PHD top link meets the tractor. The PTO shaft is connected after...
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    Anyone tried this Fire Extinguisher yet?

    Site doesn't post the UL rating. That will give a good comparison.
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    Bush Hog repair question

    Let's do a little math ... The blade is turning a 6 foot circle. Don't know the gear box ratio.. so lets say 1 to 1 then, the blade is turning at 540 rpm. What's the tip speed ? 6x3.14x540=10,173.6 feet per minute. How fast is that? 10,173.6 /5280 = 1.93 miles / minute My car speedo reads...
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    PTO Chipper Advice -- maneuverability and center of gravity concerns

    IMHO... the less power the tractor has, the more important hydraulic feed is. The hydraulic feed allows one to adjust the infeed to the available power. A stalled tractor and plugged chipper is no fun.
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    Bush Hog repair question

    Willy might weld it for you, but I would not. Even at half the price of a new part, the liability isn't worth the squeeze to me.
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    Stupid Things I Have Done

    You would be wrong... Every horse is different, in looks, size, age, temperament, and most importantly training... Except for James Bond's car... none has ever launched a person into the air. I personally have, multiple times, witnessed and experienced a horse doing this....o_O
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    Always carry a valid spare tire and tools to change it.

    Have one truck and two tandem wheeled trailers. I keep a "trailer-aid" in the truck. It's better than a jack for the horse trailer. I can change a tire without unloading the horses. I wouldn't try to jack the trailer loaded. The horses moving around would upset a jack. I also carry TWO...
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    Dehumidifier Suggestions...

    Some of the new dehumidifiers have a built-in pump. Another option is a condensate pump (as mentioned before) Amazon has several models to choose from.
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    Rollover paranoia

    I have two Deere 5 series. Essentially the same except new one has loaded tires. Tire size was the same between tractors. New tractor was very tippy compared to old machine. Stability was massively increased by increasing the rear tire width to match the old tractor. A difference of 7...
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    How to get a pasture to bare dirt?

    At last... The end result desired. In this case, the goal is a smooth lawn. Any ground disturbance such as plowing, disking, etc. is going to create more low spots and weeds as seed is brought to the surface from the weed bank. As posted before, I would bring in soil or sand to level the...
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    Have you ever sold a tractor due to no dealer support?

    I've purchased from Discount Hydraulics before. Link here > Discount Hydraulic Hose | Your Online Hydraulic Shop
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    Have you ever sold a tractor due to no dealer support?

    This tidbit about Deere dealers bears repeating. Any Deere dealer can get ANY Deere part. There're three divisions... Lawn & garden, Ag and Construction. While many Deere parts are common across many machines ... (filters, bolts, fittings,etc.) just don't expect the large construction dealer...
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    Have you ever sold a tractor due to no dealer support?

    One more point... my machines vary in age... 1985, 1989, 1996, 2004, & 2015. Eleven years is current to Deere.
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    Have you ever sold a tractor due to no dealer support?

    I learned that you can get any Deere part from any Deere Dealer. I get my parts (Ag tractor & lawn mowers) from a large Deere Construction dealer that's close to me. The Ag dealer or L&G dealer are much further away. Even better is there's no shipping charge if I can wait on their regular...
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    The one thing that you wonder why you didn't buy sooner?

    Like several others... A set of ramps. For 40 years, I reached under the vehicle to wrench the drain plug. Last year for the new SUV with the underbody air flow cover, secured with a dozen & half bolts, I bought the ramps. As an aside, when I purchased the SUV, dealership convinced me to...
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    Source for 1/2"x72" cutting blade for Land Plane Build

    As you build your land plane consider blade wear. My Road Boss LP has the blades mounted on an angle. The angle is mounted in slots that allow downward movement to compensate for blade wear.
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    Source for 1/2"x72" cutting blade for Land Plane Build

    Rusty Iron has it right. Cat & Deere sell graders. You might consider a 12 foot grader blade and cut it in half. (Depending on cost) You might even check on E-bay... there are a few sellers there too.
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    Ford 542 hay dog.

    Don't know what your spring looks like so, I'm going by the springs on my baler. While the spring isn't much material wise, the wire and shaping of it, is much more than cutting, drilling a piece of metal. (I've made pins at home on a drill press.) That's why I suggested buying the spring.
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    Ford 542 hay dog.

    I feel your pain... I lost the shear bolt bushing from a NH 310 baler. Local dealer wants $70 for one but will only sell two (NH minimum order) since they ..."never sold one in 30 years." I had a local machine shop make two (in case I lose it again)... cost me $30 for the pair. I would...
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    Kubota not honoring original deal

    Just my guess... It's to penetrate the market for compact tractors. Homeowners are the market for subcompacts. Horse people need a larger machine with a FEL. Then when the horse person gets an even larger acreage, they move to utility sized machines. I started small with one brand and kept...
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    Wait or cut?

    I 've used Grazon HL on hay fields before. Worked well, but then I thought it through. I'm throwing out useful herbicide and have to warn customers too. (Hay treated with Grazon passes through the animal. Their manure will kill customers tomatoes) So I stopped using it on the hay fields and...
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    ID rotary cutter

    Problem is tail wheel pivot shaft is bent. The wheel fork "looks" proper, so it's how the cutter is holding it. The tail wheel shaft should be vertical when viewed from back and side. That allows the wheel to follow the cutter. This is also called caster.
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Finishing up firewood for the season... 1/4 cord of oak. 100 gallon sprayer full of water as ballast.
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    how to get old telephone poles

    Funny story of how I got two power poles delivered for free. :) Idiot builder set spec house under the line. Then had to pay power company to move the line 30 feet over to clear. Moving the line required moving two poles on my property, beyond the existing easement. I asked the engineer for...
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    Ever see a tractor crack in half?

    They were pulling the tractor with a crane's winch. The boom was down and you can see the lower hook pulley on the ground. With the pulley and at least a two part line there were some huge forces at work.
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    Diesel oil or not.

    Engine oil is certified by the API. The "Doughnut symbol" tells you what the oil is rated for. Diesel or gasoline... even model year. See here for full details >> oil guide 1020.pdf If it doesn't have the...
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    Losing a best friend

    After suddenly losing Titus, the best canine companion in November, we got another puppy. He fills the hole in our home and heart. I do wish we had gotten the puppy before Titus passed. The adult dog teaches the puppy many things. Most of all the adult provides puppy with attention and exercise.
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    which insurance plan to chose ?

    Most of the important points have been covered. Get some advice ASAP. Some choices are permanent or at least expensive to change. Get a drug plan. If you don't, later you will pay a penalty to get one. Changing insurance company after initial enrollment period means you'll go through...
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    What is the coldest you have ever been ?

    Nothing compared to the previous frozen body part stories... 45 years ago, I rode a just purchased motorcycle from NYC to Easton, PA in the rain. It was during November. Not freezing weather but Cold, Wet, & Windy. My gloves were soaked, feet were wet, water penetrated my rain suit...
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    Doorman’s next big adventure

    Septic pump is to be avoided in my experience. I would spend the money for a separate system. Consider power outage, pump issues, extra load on existing system, Pump issues... replacement pump. ... did I say pump issues ? :cry:
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    Any precautions-electrical system-when welding on tractor?

    LouNY has already mentioned ... beware of the welding current passing through bearings or pivots. You don't want a spot weld in any of them.
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    About 1000 pounds each of Oak log & stump. Good to have heavy iron for a task.
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    55 gallon plastic barrel cleaning for fuel

    It all depends on the age of the equipment. Diesel engines of yore could happily burn almost any oil. The new smog throttled engines with DPF, EGR and a common rail injection system are much more fuel particular. The neighbor's experience with a 20 year old machine is NOT applicable to one's...
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    Bar grove and cover cleaning tool

    One more point, the laundry jug will hold the entire gallon of bar oil.
  103. H

    Bar grove and cover cleaning tool

    I repurposed a laundry detergent bottle for bar oil. It has a handy little valve that's ideal for filling the saw without spilling oil or having to use a funnel.
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    Will a quick hitch solve my frustration of tiller hookup to auger?

    Consider another option. I have had a tractor for 25 years on acreage. With implements too large / heavy to move by hand ... I find telescopic draft links to be the ideal attachment help. No need to muscle / pry For the PHD. hanging it at the balance point near the gear box makes hooking it...
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    Wood chippers

    For twenty two years, I burned the trimmings and downed wood. Anything 3 inches and over was firewood. Three years ago, I purchased a Woodland Mills wc-88 to run on a 40 pto tractor. I found using the chipper was much less effort than burning. Even with a tractor loader to transport trimmings...
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    Blood tracking flashlight

    I bought such a flashlight. It's really good at making the tarter on my dog's teeth glow to scrape off. Much better than the Vet's office, where they use anesthesia. Of course, one has to train the dog to accept the tooth scraping.
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    The next guy that claims "green (or orange) paint doubles the price"

    I crushed the canopy of my 5065 ... If I had ordered the replacement from a dealer at distance, the shipping alone would have been north of $200. Using the local Deere Construction dealer, the huge box was delivered with their regular parts delivery costing me $zero extra shipping. The Deere...
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    This is an issue with "wet sleeve" engines. Cylinder bores in the parent block metal are not affected.
  109. H


    spyderlnk has posted about liner cavitation. This bears repeating. A perforated liner is a major job to repair. Although you get almost a new engine after liner replacement.
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    If it's cold where you live, what are you heating with and what is it costing?

    No harm in asking...As long as the conversation is respectful... My neighbor just called to thank me !! For taking the whole oak tree trunk he just cut down. Instead of him cutting it up and putting out on street for collection. One man's trash is another man's treasure.
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    If it's cold where you live, what are you heating with and what is it costing?

    Way back in the start of this thread, I was kidding about the costs of free firewood. The $35,000 truck was purchased for horses. Actually, the only exclusive firewood cost is the wood splitter. All the other equipment is part of the chosen rural life style. Aside from the satisfaction of...
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    If it's cold where you live, what are you heating with and what is it costing?

    It's not the Artic here in NC but, it's too cold to be comfortable. We heat with wood with heat pump back-up... As for the cost: Wood is free for the taking. Truck: $35,000 chainsaws (plural) $1200 log splitter: $500 (got a deal) tractor to load & move wood $25,000 Annual Fuel for above $200...
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    John Deere 6400 Tractor Engine Coolant Recommendation

    Be aware that Deere uses wet sleeve diesel engines. That is the piston are in a sleeve instead of a bore in the block. The advantage is: replace the sleeves and you have a new engine block. I have not confirmed yours is a wet sleeve engine but the chances are good it is. The coolant needs to...
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    Dealing with sharps in the shop

    I put sharps in a used food (soup, veggy, etc. ) can. I always leave an empty in the house. When I crush the can, the sharps are captured and recycled with the scrap metal.
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    Where do I get warehouse plastic doors?

    If you decide to install the strip door, be aware the amount of overlap between the strips determines the difficulty of entering. I would think butting each strip edge to edge would be enough to keep a bird out if the strip extended to the ground.
  116. H

    Smashed my Deere Canopy

    Some folks smash their garage with ROPS... I smashed my canopy on the 5065e not once but twice in one day. First time was next to a tree but didn't see an over hanging limb. Only cracked the left corner. Second and final smash was going into the shed. The first smash had tilted up the entire...
  117. H

    How to remove opposite side tie rod end: SOLVED

    Thanks for the video ... I would suggest blocking the axle before working on the machine. Relying on a jack is risky. Especially those hi-lift jacks.
  118. H

    What is this on power poles?

    Here's the actual product ... 18" and 22" Animal Guard (Pole Wrap)
  119. H

    What is this on power poles?

    Keep critters from climbing up and contacting the conductors.
  120. H

    Retirement thoughts Past Present Future

    I've been retired since 2008. Had a Fidelity account through two different employers. Fidelity website is better than other on-line brokerage houses. (which I since closed) I don't use Fidelity for advice. As said previously, the average shmoo like me can't compete with the full time pros so a...
  121. H

    5205 Running hot

    Definitely check the thermostat. It's one of the scheduled maintenance items. Supposed to be replaced at 2 years or 2000 hours. See page 90-3 of the operator's manual. When you do get it fixed... Help someone else by coming back and sharing the fix with the forum.
  122. H

    Scary, life threatening, mistake

    A block or jack under the trailer end also protects the trailer suspension from overloading. When loading my tractor, I had the GN trailer rear up, I forgot to lock the ball hitch. Luckily, the safety chains kept the trailer from my back glass. Now there's a chunk of 4 by 6 with the trailer.
  123. H

    Mower lift pins always coming loose? Suggestions?

    Lock washers ? The split type ? Throw them away. Under heavy clamp load they can open at the split. I used to walk rr tracks and found many broken split washers used to bolt rails end to end. Use hardened flat washers for the wallowed holes and loctite with primer on clean threads. Torque...
  124. H

    Anybody ever used an O-ring on an oil pan plug?

    Good choice... With the o-ring, you can't get proper tightening torque. So, the oil plug is basically loose and ready to fall out at the most inopportune time.
  125. H

    Loaning out stuff...

    I've got the wife trained to shut down anytime anything changes... noise, power, etc. Also have taught several techs to ask the machine operator what changes they noticed before charging in, wrenches in hand. Have saved many hours of diagnostic checking.
  126. H

    Loaning out stuff...

    I've written about this before but bears repeating. If you decide to loan a tool to someone, be sure they know how to use it. A friend called asking to borrow my oxy/acc torch set because he had some stuck bolts. I would have said sure come pick it up... but I asked "have you ever used one...
  127. H

    Bush Hog blades not swinging freely

    By your description, I don't think this will work. My washer's ID was enough to clear the threaded portion of the blade bolt but not the shoulder. The shoulder of the bolt is in contact with the washer, not the stump jumper / blade holder. In your photo, it looks like the shoulder is through...
  128. H

    Bush Hog blades not swinging freely

    The photo of used blades by DesertEagle71 show the origin of problem I had. The clean spot on the blade around the bolt means it was rubbing the blade holder. I seem to remember TSC is where I got the spacer I used. Please post back if that fixes your problem. It'll pay it forward by...
  129. H

    How to Recover a Lost Submersible Well Pump

    The danger is getting the power cable or the safety cable or something else wedged between the pump and the bore wall. If that happens, then OP is in serious trouble. Let the pros do it.
  130. H

    Bush Hog blades not swinging freely

    When I replaced the blades on my Rino 72, one of the blades was binding. Seems like the area on the stump jumper under the blade was worn. It was like a slight depression, that when I tightened the blade bolt, it forced the blade against the holder. I fixed it by putting a spacer between the...
  131. H

    The Hardest Part of Bailing Hay With a Friend

    Three years ago, I couldn't get any help stacking the hay on the wagon. No walking. Just ride the wagon and stack the bales as they came up the chute. Not for $20/ hour. Year before, I had two HS "football" players help. They won't do that again, I near killed them. Had to stop mid field to...
  132. H

    Dry hay rain

    Leave it on the wagon or trailer under shelter. Monitor the temperature. if it gets too hot pull the wagon from the shed and call the fire department before handling the bales. If you were at the danger point, allowing fresh air to a hot spot could cause it to flame up. If it flames in a shed...
  133. H

    Does a 3ph land plane need to have adjustable blades?

    The blade height adjustment is to compensate for blade wear. As the blade is worn, one lowers the blade. Some LP's have multi holes in the blade holder to accomplish this. Others have slots the blade holder moves in, Others have both (Road boss)
  134. H

    Quick Attach pallet forks

    I have a bigger tractor. But, I use the forks more than the bucket. Actually, haven't had the bucket on in a month.
  135. H

    Outdoor Compressor Considerations

    Freezing ... Water in lines, tank, regulator, etc. Cold start if oiled.
  136. H

    Electric vehicles during a disaster

    Just like the phone batteries. So far battery life hasn't been an issue because most people don't keep their phone past the last few generations. I have the original Iphone SE. It's 6 years old, and the battery was replaced a few years ago. It's starting to show lowered battery capacity again.
  137. H

    Too much oil

    The 3 point and loader cylinders take up fluid depending on their position. Also tractor being level affects the sight glass level. All could be a reason for overfilling. Biggest issue with over fill is aeration of the oil in either engine and transmission. Air doesn't lubricate well in a...
  138. H

    Pondering swapping out my AG for a TLB

    As always the anwer is "depends" I have 30 acres, with horses and a hayfield. I need two ag tractors for bush hogging, road maintenance, and hay making. I also have a full size backhoe (Deere 310c) Sometimes only the backhoe is capable of the job.
  139. H

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    My back and arms can't do the heavy lifting anymore. This makes it easier. I try to split slabs off the main chunk with the log held up by the tong. Then, lower the FEL as the slabs come off. The tong is a great substitute for a grapple, actually better since I use it during the whole...
  140. H

    Wooden Fence Posts

    For horses, I installed high tensile wire 26 years ago. You will hear horror stories from many people about how a horse got hurt. I will tell you a horse is an animal that's suicidal. A horse can get hurt on any fence. wood, pipe, mesh, barbed wire, etc. My experience with high tensile has...
  141. H

    JD 5055 quick hitch

    I much prefer the cat 2 telescopic draft links. Tough, simple, and has always worked. ( as long as I remember to put the linch pins in.)
  142. H

    The questions about invisible fence for dog

    A bit about pet philosophy. It's all about training. Either "invisible fence" or my tracking collar is trained containment. I have a big dog. He's trained not to jump on people. Nor snarl at people. (Yet, many people think their 5 pound dog doing the same is cute... sigh...:mad: ) Leave the...
  143. H

    The questions about invisible fence for dog

    Another option ... Is a Fi collar. It's a gps based location collar. One can set a home distance from the base unit. When the collar leaves that area without a mated cell phone, you get a text msg. Of all the locator collars I've used, this is the best. Even texts a message when the collar...
  144. H

    Native Grass Seeding 10+ Acres Mixed w/o Discing?

    Can you rent a no-till drill in your area? Good germination and cuts through stubble. I did a hay field in weed infested ground. Burned it with round-up, then drilled seed through the dead weeds. Was a good thing too, since the dead weeds & their roots held the soil and seed through a few...
  145. H

    Fast Internet

    While ATT fiber is faster than our Spectrum service, the key difference is reliable connection. The cable modem would lose connection and have to reboot several times per day. It was improved a bit after a lot of complaints to Spectrum. Tech came out and replaced several outside connections...
  146. H

    Fast Internet

    I had Time Warner business class service. They were good until Spectrum took over. Final straw was telephone modem went out and they didn't get a tech out to replace it for 3 days. For a business !!! T/W service guarantee was 4 hours. Switch to ATT fiber for less cost. Actually, much...
  147. H

    Hydraulic thread sealer

    First ... What is the fitting? (some fittings don't seal at the threads.) What kind of threads does the fitting have ? What does the fitting go into ? (Some applications are misapplication and will never satisfactorily seal) Pipe ? other ? Without that info, no useful advice.
  148. H

    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Working on firewood for two years hence... Fresh cut red oak.
  149. H

    JD 2025R Seat snapped off when removing backhoe

    Looks like a casting. Depends on the material for welding. I would check the price of a new part, then consider having a shop fabricating a replacement or repairing it. Once you have a new part price, a good judgement can be made.
  150. H

    JD 4300 Hydraulic Fluid level

    Look closely... It may be over filled and the sight glass is completely covered.
  151. H

    We complain a lot when things go wrong with companies - not this time.

    26 Years ago, I bought two "Harbor Breeze ceiling fans and one Hunter fan... After a few years the Harbor Breeze fans rubber blade mounting disintegrated. Model was discontinued so they sent me a check for $50. I spent four times that on two of the same model HB fans. I replaced them with...
  152. H

    Things you could order over 50 years ago that you can't order now !

    Ammonium Nitrate in 50 pound bags.
  153. H

    Yoke removal from post hole digger gearbox.

    When you get this off, we would appreciate you coming back to let us know the fix. It'll help someone in the future with the same issue.
  154. H

    replacement gauge wheel for mower

    Replace one or all the gauge wheels with a common wheel of the same diameter, width, and axle size. That's what I did with a 35 year old front mower deck.
  155. H

    Bush Hogging 8 acres - pricing?

    How many hours with your equipment do you estimate it will take ? You haven't done this before so there's an unknown hazard factor. One shredded tire will cost $750. You can always provide a second cut discount if no hazards found... I was mowing a field with a bush cutter. I saw quick...
  156. H

    Tires Removing loaded tires

    Just to emphasize the previous posters... Don't rely on hydraulics (Jacks or backhoe) to hold the tractor. Always use stands or (my preferred) wood blocking. Especially when you're wiggling or manhandling heavy parts on or off the tractor. A falling Tire is one disaster, a falling tractor is...
  157. H

    Yoke removal from post hole digger gearbox.

    Looks like a roll pin in the small hole at the yoke. It's there to prevent the shaft from coming off when the shear bolt breaks. The pin rides in a groove on the gearbox input shaft. If the hole is threaded, then see if it's a set screw. ... Don't use a puller until you can see through the...
  158. H

    Is Rural Living a Hobby?

    It was actually both ... After I saved the imaged documents into the system with references, the documents were destroyed.
  159. H

    Is Rural Living a Hobby?

    Scanning pathology lab test documents. Interesting to see individual results and information. STD's were rampant in the community... for example... Staff would accumulate the documents. One day a week, I would come in for whatever hours I desired. Even whatever day I chose. The scanner and...
  160. H

    Is Rural Living a Hobby?

    Many things I do around on the acreage I did as a professional. That was work. The difference is I choose when, where, how, and IF to be done at all. I used to volunteer at the local hospital. There was a job I did that the employees hated. It was boring, drudgery to them. But to me, I...
  161. H


    Original poster has posted his solution ....9 years later. ... post # 28
  162. H

    How do I Extend a Hydraulic Rod Without Power?

    Just to extend the rod... You're only working against friction of seals. A length of rope and a 5 foot 2x4. Mount the cylinder, Leave the ports open, tie rope to the rod end, use the 2x4 as a lever against something to pull the rod out. The closer the rope is to the fulcrum; less force is...
  163. H

    Never plant Bradford Pear

    IN NC, there's a bounty on the BP trees. They escape into the wild. They stink in the Spring bloom. Don't plant them is good advice.
  164. H

    Recommended wood stove brands

    If you install a wood stove seriously, consider using insulated pipe for it. advantage over double/triple wall pipe is : it heats faster and stays hot. so no build up of creosote.
  165. H

    Recommended wood stove brands

    A fireplace is a waste of heat and wood. There's no control of the burn. Plus, the heat loss when the fire is low or out is considerable. Thus, my insert and why the glass front staying clean during the burn is important. It is truly, better than TV. More relaxing and quiet... :)
  166. H

    Recommended wood stove brands

    Have a Pacific Energy insert for 26 years. Located in living room, bedrooms nice and cool. Main heat for all that time. I'm impressed with the clean burn and clean window. Had many naps on the floor in front of the fire.
  167. H

    JD 5105 Repair Thread

    More crispy than complete. Good you're getting the main harness. It would be an impossibly difficult restore without it.
  168. H

    Poulan 2055 has me stumped.

    Thanks for returning and solving the problem for us ... It'll help a future someone
  169. H

    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    Tools ... You'll need a powder measure, rammer and bore swab. Plus a bucket of water to extinguish the grass fire after the boom.. :)
  170. H

    Backhoe Broken backhoe; how to get it back together?

    Hydro cylinder seems to be in a bind with the pin. Did the pin break ? Drive the pin out to check the cylinder. The twist is nothing. All rods twist. A bend in the rod is bad. You'll need heat to straighten the plate. I don't see how a 20 T press will work. A oxy/acc rosebud and a hammer...
  171. H

    How Hard Can a Tractor Pull?

    For future use.. Always protect the tree bark while using it as an anchor. A rope or chain can girdle the tree killing it.
  172. H

    lowe's wrong chain saw in box

    Had this happen to me at Walmart years ago, bought a CD player. Box had an old cassette player in it. Walmart took it back. These days, one has to open the box to check before paying for it. It's a side effect of generous return policies. There's always someone that will take advantage of...
  173. H

    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    The slide hammer idea may be combined with an expanding concrete anchor (the kind with a wedge on a steel stud) Drill the proper sized hole, insert the anchor fastened to the slide hammer. Wack away till the second ball comes out.
  174. H

    Woodland Mills WC88 vs WoodMaxx MX-8800 vs WoodMaxx WM-8H for 60HP Kioti DK6010SE

    I have the WC-88. And will confirm S2S's post about infeed size. It's the crotch that is too thick to bend that gets caught in the throat. So, reversible hydraulic feed and large opening becomes critical. Anything over 3 inch is firewood for me. I choose the WC_88 over Woodmax for the safety...
  175. H

    Learn Me About JD 5E Series

    I have two 5xxx ... The 5065 has the power reverser. I thought it would be much better than the shuttle sync on the 5200. It's not... considering the added expense and complexity. The hydraulic clutch is hard to feather to inch the tractor. But then I've used the shuttle sync for 26 years.
  176. H

    Anyone know where I could buy a couple of these

    Advance auto & Auto zone have racks of that sort of fasteners in their stores. They're used in many autos.
  177. H

    Remove ROPS

    nope ... Many bad ones though ...
  178. H

    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    If bumping the muzzle vertically on a wood block isn't used. I like the grease gun idea myself... I would stay away from any compressed air or explosives. Even with 100 psi air, when it lets go, the ball will be traveling at speed. Many people have been surprised when using air to force...
  179. H

    Ideas for cannon ball extraction?

    Repeated dropping of the cannon nose on a block if wood might help. (after you clean the bore) The ball's inertia & gravity will get it out.
  180. H

    JD 5055E; Draft control and PTO speed

    Draft control is as mentioned for ground engaging implements like a plow. The draft control lever sets the amount of pull the tractor will do. In tough ground, the implement will push the top link toward the tractor. That action will tell the draft control to raise the implement until the...
  181. H

    never before in the history of cancer~!!!

    When I was young and dumb, I did many dumb things. Some people get past the young but stay with the dumb. :rolleyes:
  182. H

    Bottle jack method of tree felling (plus rope?)

    If you put anything with teeth connected to the top of the jack, it will pull the jack up & over when the tree drops. jacking is useful like wedging to control the felling. More important is sizing up the mass of the tree and it's balance point. Leaves make a big difference.
  183. H

    What would you do ?

    I'm sitting by the window right now ... I was planning to spray the hay field. Spent much of yesterday preparing the sprayer. BUT Mother Nature trumps my plan. Too windy... Don't want to kill the neighbor's flowers. :oops:
  184. H

    Problems with Stihl ms 250

    Used to have a hard time with the "flippy" caps.. Then I used a magic marker to spot the cap and housing where it fits correctly. Match the marks, twist to the stop and flip the cap ... Easy and fast. :)
  185. H

    Why are interest rates so low?

    Be aware the interest rates I-bonds are paying is calculated from two factors... The inflation rate AND a fixed rate. The current "fixed" rate is ZERO ... Yet the inflation rate you're getting is taxed by the feds. So, your money is losing value, maybe compensated a bit by the inflation rate...
  186. H

    Why are interest rates so low?

    CD rates are low because the FED is NOT fighting inflation. (caused by too much money in the economy) Paul Volker won the inflation battle in the 80's because the FED raised interest rates HIGHER than the inflation rate. The FED won't do the same because they fear starting a recession...
  187. H

    Gluing PVC Pipe under water/ Pond overflow

    Beware, plugging the lower pipe reduces your spillway by half. If you get a rain storm that overwhelms the second pipe, be prepared to open the first pipe. Water over flowing your dam can cut the dam very quickly.
  188. H

    Gluing PVC Pipe under water/ Pond overflow

    Borane4 is correct. I would recommend attaching a string to the elbow and straight section so if it does get knocked off before gluing, you don't lose it. You might also consider putting a collar around the vertical inlet to keep the floaters out. A stick will float into the pipe & get caught...
  189. H

    Questions about geogrid and cinderblock wall

    Twelve feet high !! Back fill it and run away. Maybe get into Witness Protection. I doubt the wall will hold more than a few years. Blocks are fine in compression. Yours are in tension and will crack & separate under wet clay pressure. Perhaps, backfill with clean stone to allow water to...
  190. H

    Float or Not When Using a Discbine

    I don't but I cut relatively high. I'm looking for stand longevity & hay quality sacrificing quantity. Horse people are crazy... :)
  191. H

    4110 turnbuckle (?) on 3 point hitch is too tight, can't move it at all.

    Get a marker ... Put a dot on the left connecting link. That's the piece that connects the draft link to the lifting arm of the three point. Take the left connecting link off, then reattach it with the dot 180 degrees . (dot should now be facing front) ... Edit .. My above post is incorrect...
  192. H

    2638 HST 4wd Arm Comp snapped off

    I would like to see a close up of the shaft end on both pieces. That groove to hold the shaft in position is a stress riser and likely caused a fatigue break. Looking at the break ends will confirm.
  193. H

    JD 5101E Open Station won’t light up dash or spin over.

    If one wired a small light across the fuse, it would illuminate when the fuse was blown. Yet, not allow enough current to blow the fuse. BUT ... One would still have to check the light when the engine was running. Unless the light was installed on the dash panel. In your face,o_O so to speak.
  194. H

    JD 5101E Open Station won’t light up dash or spin over.

    Brown Dog .. Thanks for coming back and letting us know what fixed your tractor. It's grinds my gears when folks get suggestions for their problem then ghosts the forum. It's a disservice to future searches and rude to the forum members.
  195. H

    feeling stumped--advice needed

    Pasture ?? Only two acres or is there more land? Get a soil test of the land. You might want the ash from burning the brush & debris for a soil amendment. Wood ash in the right soil adds potash and adjusts the pH. (Ash is alkaline) You missed a good deal by passing on mulching the tree...
  196. H

    Rotary cutter thumps when PTO turned off

    Only a single thump ? likely the driveline backlash going from driving to braking. I get a thump when starting my cutter. No PTO brake so it spools down slowly and evenly.
  197. H

    My Quick-Attach won't Detach... Dangit!

    Penetrating oil and WD-40 are good for breaking stuff free but are poor lubricants in use. For pivots and such I find roller chain lube a good solution. The stuff sprays on with solvents penetrating the pivots then the solvent evaporates leaving oil behind...
  198. H

    Terrible Idea. Two machines connected together.

    Scrapers do this all the time... I would remove the rigid link from the pusher though. That's going to damage something or get damaged.