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    Starter solenoid

    A starter draw test on the tractor is needed. Find an old mechanic. He may have an old style, analog tester to hold up against the starter cable while you crank. I still have my testers. One for charging systems, the other for starter draw. Old technology still works. 125-35 amps is good. If...
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    1742 regen

    Just waiting for it to warm up a bit. I have some thin plywood and plan to do just that. Put in place of one of the screens for the rest of the winter. My tractor shed isn't heated, doesn't fit in the garage.
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    1742 regen

    After having the dealer come out to do a forced regen with his laptop, it occurred to me that the dpf needs to be hotter than present conditions allow. He put some cardboard in front of the rad to bring up the engine temp, which probably increased the exhaust temp. Now I'm looking at a turbo...
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    brand new Kioti tractor with issues

    Petty simple to check operating temp. Grab a non contact temp gauge from where ever is close. Run the tractor then check various points on the engine.
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    Buying local

    Needed to do some snow clearing a couple days ago, very cold here. Tractor went into hysterical mode, siren screaming regen light flashing, the works. Tried to do a manual regen before it derated. No luck, temp not high enough. Called the dealer, explained the situation, no problem be out...
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    Box Scraper Land Planes / Grading Scrapers

    Look for an old tumblebug. Usually under $100. Check out You tube Squatch253 has a few videos
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    Fuel filters 1742

    Had my son do the dreaded $200 fuel filter replacement last week. Had some summer fuel stored in a drum for the winter. Got contaminated. Tractor ran like ****, almost stalled, acted like a regen happening. Drained and flushed the tanks. Ordeal all by itself, the check valve really works...
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    Ford 3000 Gas

    Still need to check voltage starting and running.
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    Link belt for fan belt?

    Temporary. Highly doubt it would handle the higher rpm on a small tractor. The old Massey was a lower rpm engine. Just a wild guess.
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    Ford 3000 Gas

    What system is in place for the start /run power for the coil? I'm from the old school. Some had a resistor block, others had a resistor wire. The system gives 12 volts on start and probably7-9 volts running.
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    MF 1835M loader support collapsed on tractor

    This has got me to looking at my 1742. Has the same rectangle tube on a 125 loader. So far so good. These compact tractors aren't dozers. Just lifting a load is one thing but the forces on the brackets when digging must be astronomical.
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    Shipping container weight on one end?

    Sounds like a bad idea.
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    Local dealer got their Toro mowers in. Out of probably 100 mowers, 90% are equipped with the My Ride system. Shows how popular the system is. Have my Titan 60 inch for a few years, works great.
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    Massey DPF

    My 1742 Massey had a hissy fit yesterday. Clearing the driveway after some new snow and the light came on, warning horn going. Couldn't get back to the house before it de rated. Didn't want the tractor stuck, blocking the only road in. Normally it does re-gen without a hitch. Called the...
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    Publishing Loader Capacity Numbers That Far Exceed The Capacity Of The Axles

    Without going through all the posts, I see the tiny front tires on the pic in the original post video and wonder about the load capacity. Some posts elsewhere about bumping up the hydraulic pressure to get more lift on a sub compact. Manufacturers don't overbuild equipment.
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    Cockpit (operator station) specs?

    I can relate to the well rounded bit. My 1742 Massey has tilt wheel and I fit in with not much room to spare. Sat in it at the dealer, said, this is good, never started it. Bought it. By well rounded I mean 330 lbs, six ft tall.
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    Two day blow

    Be a toss-up which is worse
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    PTO snow blower odd shear pin install

    Same kind of bolt set up in mine. I put in two bolts, check them every time I use the blower. Didn't take long to shear one at a time. Didn't hit anything or even load the engine down.
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    Two day blow

    A side note. The drift on the road was three hrs after I cleared it in the morning.
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    Two day blow

    Had a couple days of south wind, blew in snow from Montana. Not nice fluffy stuff. Worked the Massey pretty good. Hard drifts break up in chunks.
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    I plow snow with my fabricobbled plow and make a music video.

    You need to fabricobble a rope operated lever for the angle adjust and use tractor motion to position the blade.
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    Ignition leads cautionary tale

    Spray a little water while it's running, darkness helps. Years ago a buddy bought high perf wires for his 70 Hemi Cuda, same wires as the old 354 Hemi used in 1954. Ceramic ends down the tubes.
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    farm king /allied parts needed

    The gears are probably a stock item, lots of blowers use them. Just grab the measurements and search bevel gears.
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    recommendations on new air compressor, pancake Y or N ?

    Try to get a 1750 rpm version of whatever brand, will be much quieter. I have an Iron Horse portable, runs fairly quiet.
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    Why we need a better three point hitch mounted single stage snow thrower.

    Seems like from the pics I've seen, the major European blowers are single stage. Look like airport equipment. Sure move a lotta snow.
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    Fall snow

    Got another blow going on this evening. This time wind from the east, driveway should be free of snow this time too. Fingers crossed.
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    Fall snow

    Winter snow is here. Alberta Clipper in session right now. Many highway closures. Our highway is solid ice. But it's a dry snow :)
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    Sleep apnea, CPAPs and other sleep health solutions.

    Blood oxygen is a major component of the sleep test. Did an overnight in the hospital, two stages, lots of sensors. First, regular sleep for a few hrs. Had very low blood ox level and stopped breathing many times. Second with a machine, oxygen level better, only a couple incidents of stopping...
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    Snowblower Woods SS74 snowblower bad performance

    Check the fan to body clearance. Might have to make some heavy rubber blade extenders.
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    Building a house with 3" EXTERIOR insulation AND 2x6 walls!

    Years ago in Mother Earth News they showcased a double envelope house. Like a house with an overcoat. Lots of solar gain, air space for less thermal loss, and featured greenhouse space for self sufficiency.
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    Electric Leaf Mulcher ?

    Another way is to use a plastic barrel, put some leaves in and have at em' with your weed wacker right in the barrel. Lowest cost solution.
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    Electric Leaf Mulcher ?

    Most std outlets will handle a one hp motor using a 12ga extension cord. A 3450 rpm motor is ideal. A suitable pulley with a plywood disc is easy, no machine work required.
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    Fall snow

    There was rain and black ice about 50 miles from here. Saw a video of a vehicle accident where the EMT guys were scooting on their knees on the highway to attend to those involved. Not a snowflake in sight there.
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    Electric Leaf Mulcher ?

    If you're into gardening, collecting and shredding leaves is great. I built one years ago from a blue plastic barrel, half hp motor with a disc holding weed eater line. I enjoyed the "work". Leaves need to be dry, dust mask and eye protection is required. Would have liked to try a commercial...
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    Fall snow

    Much prefer colder, dry snow.
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    Fall snow

    Well we got a quick blast of winter. Lots of highway closures. Heavy wet snow made things slippery.
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    Snow pusher for a gravel driveway

    Well, ease of repair won out. Grabbed a couple pieces of one size bigger pipe, sliced with the plasma and welded over the existing worn out pipe. That will give a couple more years use.
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    Charcoal grill and fry pan from the farm plow disks.

    I agree on the burner. I use a digital thermometer to make sure the heat is on target.
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    Linear actuator

    Had an actuator on my Case 446, worked well.
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    Charcoal grill and fry pan from the farm plow disks.

    Made one of those disc cookers a couple years ago. Absolute best for bacon, sausage, fish, hash browns, oh what the heck, anything you can fry or deep fry. Love it. Used it lots for fish fry up north. Fresh Jackfish, beer batter, none better.
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    Replacing the Knee

    I agree on the don't wait. X ray will show bone on bone. Waiting give you a wonky gait, causing hip pain. Had both done, second one in May of this year. So nice not to wince at every step when walking. I do have arthritis in both feet so still have pain, but not in the knees. Pt is important.
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    Snow pusher for a gravel driveway

    I'm seriously looking at me steel pipe on my blade. Worn more than half way through on the bottom. Hard face weld or just replace. Got to make up my mind, snow's a comin'
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    V plow

    Once through with the plow, back up with the blower running. When the snow is broken up, the blower will do good. We put up 250 ft of snow fence so far, another 100 or so to go. Also cut strips in the tall grass with the bush hog parallel to the road to disturb the drifting snow.
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    V plow

    Thanks for the link. Exactly what I'm looking for. Unfortunately, they aren't building them till December. Price is reasonable, weight is good. With the pics on the site it would be fairly easy to replicate from an old water tank and some seat of the pants engineering.
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    Maybe scout out a used unit of a similar sized tractor and modify to fit. Say something off a Massey135. Building from scratch is labor intensive, also pricy at today's steel costs.
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    Being safe

    As an added comment. PM Turdo has a security team fully armed with all the toys.
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    Being safe

    Yup, a sad state of affairs here. RCMP have a bad taste from a major screw up with an incident down east. They are controlled pretty much by the govt. Got a lot of flak during the Convoy in Ottawa early spring during a peaceful protest. A lot of distrust for them. The code of silence on...
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    Being safe

    Problem solved, guy was chased and caught. Apparently died of self inflicted injuries. Saved a bunch of bs and taxpayer money. This is all on the justice system. 31 yrs old with 59 prior convictions and he's out of jail.
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    Being safe

    Don't want to get into politics much here.
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    Being safe

    He has zero support from Western Canada. Support comes from flutterbys and alphabet soup types in eastern cities.
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    Being safe

    Make that eleven, the perp's brother was found dead at the reserve, apparently not self inflicted wounds. POPO not giving out much.
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    Being safe

    This is ten people dead and around 18 wounded. The perp is 32 yrs old and has 59 prior convictions. Was out with an ankle monitor. Liberal government.
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    Being safe

    They want us to retreat into the bathroom and wait for death. PM Turdo spouted loud and clear during a speech that we don't have the right to defend ourselves with a gun. I beg to differ. My life is as valuable as the PM's, he has fully armed security. He can suck rocks.
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    Being safe

    We've had a mass stabbing/murder here in the province. Perp is at large, authorities haven't a clue where he is. Our a##hat prime minister says loud and clear we can't defend ourselves with firearms. I'm locked and loaded.
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    V plow

    Apparently the company doesn't ship international.
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    V plow

    Regular truck plow doesn't have the required angle. The old style, fixed versions had a point that would break up and lift the snow. King of Obsolete on YT has one on an old crawler. Probably just another wild idea floating around in my head.
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    V plow

    Found a v plow on FB marketplace. I'd need a much larger tractor, it's nine feet wide. If it wasn't 300 miles away, I'd go have a look to see if it could be shrunk down for my tractor. At $400, the price is right.
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    Anybody here ever make money gambling?

    Vegas wasn't built on winners.
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    Inverted Snow Blower

    I’d really like to try a pull type but our drifts are a tad too solid to drive through. This drift is only about a foot.
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    Welding a Disc Blade.

    Perfect for cooking. Got a few new ones from the auction, much nicer to work with. Fabulous bacon and hash browns, along with fresh fish right out of the lake.
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    Pot metal repair

    Make a steel one
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    V plow

    The berms on the sides would at least be broken up, making it easier to blow away. Going to try out the 66 inch blower on the rear, the current 84 inch was a bit much for heavy snow conditions even with hydro.
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    V plow

    I have two blowers, One for the front and and the other for rear mount, not a problem there. Problem is the snow drifts in so hard you can drive up on it and has to be broken up to blow it. A snow pusher would just stop dead. With the bucket down, the tractor stops after about ten feet. A...
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    V plow

    I'm thinking of doing a small fixed v plow for the fel of my Massey 1742. Anyone here have one to share pics? My blade just does a flop when I tried to push through. Last year's scoop and dump got old real fast.
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    Using And Abusing Your Front End Loader. What is the difference?

    Don't buy a used tractor from Ted. LOL
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    Using And Abusing Your Front End Loader. What is the difference?

    Watched a Tube vid of a guy digging a pond with a little Kubota. It's not a dozer.
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    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    I'll live with the safety features on my tractor and mower. No need to get off a mower with the blades spinning. Tractor needs to be in neutral to start, great, park brake is set. Think of all the preflight checks a pilot needs to do before flight.
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    zero turn lawn mower

    Two weeks into my knee replacement, grass needed some goats or mowing. Getting on and off the Toro Titan was easier than anticipated. Managed a couple of hrs, thanks to the MyRide system The deck on mine has a serrated bit for an actual step.
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    Joined the red club!

    Sweet tractor, looks the same as my 1742. Just the right size for 90 % of the work at hand.
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    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    Love my ZT mower. Works in reverse, fwd and while doing circles if I want. Wonder if any of these have a rev cut out.
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    zero turn lawn mower

    I'll be watching as well. Hopefully after the knee heals, getting on and off will be easier. Two hand holds would be great.
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    Flux Core Amps vs thickness

    I've had the HF toaster size inverter stick welder for quite a while. With proper technique and selection of rods, it's amazingly capable.
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    This DEF crap reminds me so much of the air pumps on cars years ago. Pump fresh air into the exhaust to clean up the exhaust.
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    Building a Bucket for your Tractor.

    Tractor identifies as a dozer and the owner hasn't got the kahoonas to say it ain't so. The results are inevitable, same as in life the way crap is going. Take it with a grain of salt.
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    Knee replacement

    It does get better with time. Different pain though. My son was home for the month of May, took me in on the Friday, picked up on Monday. Had a Covid case on the floor so no visitors. He had to leave on Tuesday to get back to Ft Mac Alberta, 12 hr drive. BIL came to cut some grass, now he's...
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    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    The included video says 800 liters of water to extinguish. Ha, try 8000 gallons. When there's no hydrants that means tanker trucks from somewhere. In California right now you'd probably hear, let it burn, we're short of water and power. Not going to waste precious water on some rich guy's car.
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    3pt ballast design questions

    A large ammo can filled with Lee and Lyman lead ingots gave me around 600 lbs. That on the three point will give more force on the tires than all the beet juice you can fill.
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    Can't find a new rider

    One has to remember that the company bean counters have the last say in production. They can blow smoke up your butt any way they want you to feel like you got the deal. WRONG, they build to minimum specs, just to get the job done at minimum cost, max profits. Take way too long in life to get...
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    Diesel prices take a jump yet again

    Suncor made 2.9 billion in the first quarter. Something to chew on.
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    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    There's people who don't own cars from what I hear. Wouldn't be an option out here. In the need for greed, MSM and politicians glaze over the facts pretty quick. The 60 to 80 year old grid can't handle current demands. Climate change is more business than the realization it's been happening...
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    Knee replacement

    Had my second knee replacement on Friday. Forgot how much pain there is to heal. Will be interesting, I'm the only driver here.
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    Looking for front blade to plate attach ideas/designs

    I like the small v plow idea.
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    SSQA Pallet Forks won't Attach

    Pallet forks from the dealer??
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    What TV did you watch as a kid?

    Tugboat Annie, Mighty Mouse, Untouchables with Robert Stack came much later. Hockey night in Canada and of course everyone loved Bonanza.
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    Scam? I think so.

    SCAM SCAM SCAM Freakn' unreal how many of these exist. Always the same mo. On FB they're in Holiday Mode. Same scam.
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    Zero turn mower advice

    If you're looking, you owe it to yourself to test drive a Toro with the MyRide seat system. Bought a Titan 60 with that seat after a two minute test at the dealer. Didn't take long to convince me after using the Deines for a few years.
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    Ground squirrels

    My cats do a number on the 13 stripers out here. Only had one Richardson's ground squirrel, commonly known here as a gopher. Sask boy's pastime, gopher shooting.
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    pto snowblower size?

    For info on a rotating drum, check out the Schulte blower site. Good info there. Large and pricy machines.
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    pto snowblower size?

    In Minnesota you have the potential of hard drifting snow. Depends on past drifts and snow conditions. This year my Massey 1742 really struggled with the drifted snow on my road using a 7ft blower. I'm considering modding my other 66 inch blower to 72 inches, just a tad wider than the tractor
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    Root Rake/Grapple Build ( or at least that's the plan)

    Corrections are in order. Top is 2 1/2 sq 1/4 wall. Bottom is 3x4x 3/8 angle. Bottom tines are 16 inches long. Sq tube between the top tines is 2x2 x 1/4 wall welded between the tines. No reinforcing on the bottom tines lets it dig better. Done with stick.
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    Root Rake/Grapple Build ( or at least that's the plan)

    Couple more pics of the build
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    Root Rake/Grapple Build ( or at least that's the plan)

    They are rod weeder parts. Bottom ones are 3/4 thick top ones are 5/8. I'll have to go out to measure the length. Good quality material. The beam is 1/4 thick 3 inch square. Bottom is 3 inch angle, 3/8 thick.
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    Root Rake/Grapple Build ( or at least that's the plan)

    Built mine out of salvaged rod weeder parts. 48 inches, weighs 250 lbs. Not much to look at but does what I need to do. Digs rocks great.
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    Need Suggestions for 45 HP

    My Massey 1742 is Japanese, not China produced.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    There will be no war from 5 pm till 8 am to facilitate charging of battle vehicles. Note, only applies to countries using the new green technology.
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    I did it. Roast and discuss my choice. (sharing experience + numbers for others)

    Got a smoking deal on the blower at our Kubota dealer. Some new material, some stuff salvaged from an old pull type combine, a lot of seat of the pants engineering "sittn n thinkin" and cruising the net. Erskine and Schulte make them, very costly. I'm into this for around 2 k CDN. Having a...
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Hard to deposit or withdraw cash electronically. Works great for "most" transactions.
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    I did it. Roast and discuss my choice. (sharing experience + numbers for others)

    You can have it both ways. Built a rear powered system for my 1742
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    ***** is pushing for green military. Electric warfare in it's basic form. No more smoking diesels, just hellish burning batteries causing worst pollution ever.
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    Battery based vehicles of today and tomorrow pt 2

    Nascar with battery race cars. Might as well do remote control or slot car racing. LOL
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    Battery powered chainsaw

    Greenworks 40 volt saw, pole saw and trimmer. Work great on the acreage. Of course they won't handle a firewood supplier, but for chores around here, perfect.
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    Land plane

    On my build I went one step farther and added a cylinder to the rear gate to be able to adjust on the fly.
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    I did it. Roast and discuss my choice. (sharing experience + numbers for others)

    Nice tractor. With a suitable blower on the back, you can send the snow packing somewhere else. I'm with you on the drifts. Here in Sask the snow blows for a hundred miles before settling on my road. My 1742 seemed inadequate this year. Had to scoop and dump some major drifts before running...
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    Need a solution. Back problems and my Zero Turn.

    Had to go through all the posts to see how many times Toro came up. A short drive on the dealer lot convinced me the Titan 60 with MyRide was the way to go. After a couple hrs on my old Deines Marty J, I could barely move. Now mowing is a breeze.
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    New stock

    The local Toro dealer has the new stock of Toro mowers. Seems like 95% have the MyRide system.
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    New snow

    Weather guessers have predicted a major blizzard for the southeast of the province. Ten inches of snow coming, thanks North Dakota.
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    Land Plane

    My home built plane is six ft wide by six long, weighs in at just over 900 lbs. Four passes on the half mile drive gives great results.
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    New snow

    The melting has begun. Spring hits tomorrow.
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    Need rivet gun recommendations

    When I built my ice fishing shack, I used a lot of rivets. The stainless ones were a tad tough for a hand unit. Purchased an air powered one from Princess Auto. Great investment.
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    First time buying a tractor tips?

    Is there snow? Big factor in purchase.
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    New snow

    Most snow we've had since we moved here in four years ago. Weather is getting to be in the plus digits finally, that'll stop the drifting.
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    New snow

    No tractor work today, just picked up some expensive fuel. Piled up some though.
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    Massey 1635 hydraulic oil sight gauge

    Should be the same as my 1742. Little circular glass window low on the left side.
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    New snow

    Crap, pics are sideways, any way to fix this? On hard drifts like those, my Chinee flip flop blade just don't cut it.
  115. M

    New snow

    It blowed hard. Had to swap out the front blade for the bucket. Did a bucket and dump routine for most of the driveway till I got a path through, then I could finish up with the blower. Drove the truck onto a drift.
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    New snow

    Well we’re into it again, the view on the way home from the dr office. Crazy sunshine and ground drifting.
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    Looking for advice on zero turn mower

    Do yourself a favor and take the time to test drive a Toro with the MyRide seat system. NUFF SAID
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    New snow

    The wind wasn't in my favor. 80 % of the driveway had almost two ft of drifted snow. Four hrs to do the minimum yard and road. Damn near ready to call a neighbor for help. He has a 120 hp New Holland with an eight ft double auger blower. My 1742 felt quite underpowered.
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    New snow

    Had a whole week of no snow clearing, ended abruptly last night. Full blown weather advisory, blowing snow, whiteout conditions.
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    Charities, good and bad from a disaster area.

    Of the millions of donations the RED CROSS received during and after the big fire that wiped out a good portion of Ft McMurray Alberta, very little was allocated to people affected by the event. All donations go into a central fund that the brass use for ADMINISTRATION. Be interesting to track...
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    Titan Attachments 94" Snow Plow

    You may find that it trips very easy. Seems much like my plow, frustrating to have it trip and flop onto the road.
  122. M

    PTO snowblower?

    This was supposed to be in New Snow. Sorry
  123. M

    PTO snowblower?

    One hr blowing a path down the drive to the highway so we could take the grandkids back home. Two more hrs this aft making the road decent and blowing to the pump house. Have I said that I love my cab?? -20c with a moderate wind.
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    New snow

    Had a beautiful day yesterday, +2 and sunny. Turned to crap in a hurry last night, -21 and blowing snow. Road clearing again this morning.
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    Welding a hydraulic anchor point

    So what was the welder used in the repair??
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    New snow

    Been a while. Having to clear the every other day, once twice in the same day. We're into another blow, road is blocked. Good thing we were in the city yesterday morning, before the storm hit. Only -18c with a 50 km wind, ground drifting like crazy.
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    Wood stove top fans (heat powered)

    Got one for Christmas one year, out on the heater, works when it's hot, spins, a novelty. Kinda like a science experiment that has no real use but actually does something.
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    New mower arrived. Yeehaaah

    Ripping around on my Toro make grass cutting another hobby. The MyRide seat is freakn' awesome.
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    Buddy seat help

    And yet the tractors in India, Pakistan and other such places have seating built onto the fenders. Countless videos of the third world methods. Looks awfully dangerous.
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    Box Blade

    The video tells me not to buy a used tractor from Ted.
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    Rear mounted snowblower

    The average CUT doesn't have the weight or traction to cut through a seven ft wide path of hard packed snow and ice on a driveway. And why would you want to have that material go through your blower? I guess conditions and definitions of hard pack differ. Just, up here, when my 900 lb blower...
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    Snowblower width for a 50 Pto HP tractor

    One thing to watch for is the fan dia and depth. On a 90" the fan might be too big and give poor performance with limited pto hp. PO on the place I live had a Massey 1105 driving a push type 84 inch. The body of this Allied blower was three ft high and the fan was huge and deep. Guy said...
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    Income Taxes: Turbo Tax - H&R Block - File Your Own?

    My taxes are pretty simple. TT forms, couple minutes it's done. Once electronically filed. the CRA will point out any problems.
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    New snow

    Snow fence for next year for sure. There are some round bales that the PO had placed. They haven't been covered since we moved here. Just snow banks now.
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    About To Test My 2360 Snow Blower

    I beg to differ on the drifted snow is lighter than fallen snow. Probably depends a lot on location. Two feet of drifted snow here stops my tractor dead in it's own length when I try to blade. Fist pass with the blower is done where the snow has least accumulated. Next passes are less than...
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    New snow

    This is getting old. Road blocked again. Pull type won’t cut it here.
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    New snow

    How are the members in the US north east coping with the storms?????
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    Massey Ferguson or not?

    My Massyey1742 runs like a fine Seiko watch. Cab is fabulous.
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    Getting ready for 20 inches

    I could donate a bunch to your cause.
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    Horsepower needed to run 8 ft 3 point snowblower?

    My Massey 1742 struggles in drifts with an 84 inch blower. Low range and stopping to let it digest what the auger is feeding. If I can break up the drifts with the blade then blow, it works better. A pull type isn't in the cards for my situation. Last year I had a 66 inch blower on the front...
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    New snow

    I find after using a front blower last year that the front blade and rear blower is faster at clearing my yard. Blade when you can, blow when you must. We're into full blow again tonight. Road will be blocked tomorrow. Really have to invest in about 500 ft of well placed snow fence along the...
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    New snow

    Snow is howling in from the south again. Drifts are forming quite fast, will block the road during the night. Tractor is plugged in and fueled up.
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    Snow blower purchase

    Having the wheel disconnects for steering does make a huge difference in effort going down the garden path. Makes it right quick at the end of the driveway to spin around to change directions. My Cub Cadet has this feature, was great in the city.
  144. M

    Any way to weld the thin metal on tractors and attachments?

    You can weld small with a more powerful machine, not so welding big with a small machine. Hood time practicing before the actual job.
  145. M

    The Tractor Scam 2018 Kubota Grand L4760

    Saw my old Ford 3000 for sale om FB shortly after I sold it locally. Had my son call, tractor was at a distant location but the seller would bring it back if a substantial down payment was made in advance. They even used my original pic in the ad.
  146. M

    New snow

    That would keep one busy for sure.
  147. M

    New snow

    Pics of the 175 inches please.
  148. M

    New snow

    Was up at three am, storm had died down a lot. Snow is still in a hurry to get somewhere, ground drifting lots.
  149. M

    Did you build or buy your tractor shed/garage

    Had a pole shed built last year to replace the Shelter Logic that got destroyed by a hail storm. 12x22 with a 9 ft door opening. Came out to $6500.
  150. M

    New snow

    Little update. All highways in the southern half of the province are closed. Supposed to go at least another couple hrs.
  151. M

    New snow

    Quarter after seven local time. Full blown blizzard going on. Total white out. Supposed to last through the night. Wish I could add a short vid.
  152. M

    Burn Barrel that works

    I cut a few 6x1 angled slots near the bottom. Fire swirls and burns hot. Empty into the pit in the fall.
  153. M

    Owner Dissatisfied With Deere Wants To Switch To Kubota

    It wouldn't take much to have a closer look at the tie rod to see if it's bent. Instead of bashing the tractor, maybe maybe owning up to an operator error. Title could well have been "I broke my new tractor" Maybe a follow up vid will show up.
  154. M

    New snow

    WOOHOO If you're referring to the very hard drift I lifted the front end of the tractor on, many on here don't get that type of drifting. Northern states like the Dakotas, Montana get it for sure. I remember driving in Wyoming, seeing massive snow fence structures near the railroad tracks.
  155. M

    Need L3901 alternatives

    30 series Deere looks narrow in the back end to me. Pretty happy with my Massey 1742. Probably superseded by something else.
  156. M

    New snow

    Rest day for the tractor, no new or displaced snow.
  157. M

    massey 1742 loader control issue

    Never looked at mine. I assume they're cable operated from the lever to the valve
  158. M

    New snow

    Been retired for a number of years, same as working from home? Artist for the government, draw a pension.
  159. M

    New snow

    Snow finally stopped moving around. Second time blowing the drive, not blocked but needed to be cleared. Temp is a balmy 0c
  160. M

    New snow

    Yup, totally blocked this morning. Wind from the south yesterday, 180 degree turnaround, now from the north gusting to 50 mph. Snow is in a hurry to get back to where it came from yesterday. A lot of it seems to be happy resting on my road to the highway. Two hrs to clear this morning, will...
  161. M

    New snow

    Holy crap Batman. Went to the seniors center for supper in the village, snow blowing across the road pretty good when we left. Cleaned the lane to the highway this afternoon. Coming back at 8:30 pm, drifts made it pretty interesting getting back to the house. By morning the road will be...
  162. M

    MF1635 Block Heater Installation

    The block heater on my 1742. Iseki three cyl.
  163. M

    What's wrong with Canadians?

    Speaking of beer. Story time. Years ago there was a Carling brewery in Regina Sask. They brewed a popular beer named Calgary, amongst others. Quality came from the water from their own well, so they said. The brewery was next door to the largest cemetery in the city. A full body beer it...
  164. M

    Clearing snow (3 kilometer long wood trail)

    If you plow with a front plow, you will soon have a narrow path. Check out GP outdoors on YT, good info.
  165. M

    New snow

    For a long run of extension cord, 12 ga will carry the load quite well. My battery warmer is only 40 watts.
  166. M

    What's wrong with Canadians?

    Wind chill refers to the heat leaving a warm blooded animal. Machines don't get frostbite. -30, deep in the bush, without wind isn't too bad. The same temp out in the open with a 30 mph wind will be almost unbearable. Takes your breath away, will freeze unprotected skin in minutes.
  167. M

    What's wrong with Canadians?

    Rumor has it that Moosehead comes from the other end of the moose.
  168. M

    New snow

    This snow clearing is becoming a daily routine. Had a few inches overnight. If I don't get at it, bad things happen.
  169. M

    So I've been dumb and forgot to engage PTO before starting to blow...

    Also remember to run the blower to clear it after you're done, ready to put away till next time.
  170. M

    Kubota engine difficult to turn over when cold (not battery)

    A starter current draw test might be in order. Bad starter shaft bushings cause the starter to drag.
  171. M

    What's wrong with Canadians?

    My older daughter married a California guy. Never been to a cold climate. They came for Christmas on year. was around -25 when they landed. His comment going to the truck " not too bad" On the way home I opened his side window, had him put his hand out. Next comment "#@%^& is that cold"...
  172. M

    Deere 2520 snowplow

    Perfect, like to see a project come together.
  173. M

    New snow

    Did necessary snow clearing this morning. Snow drifted in hard. Not ideal for an inverted.
  174. M

    New snow

    Mother nature wasn't happy with the snow arrangement. Currently in near whiteout conditions, wind gusts to 45 mph, -20c temp relates to windchill of -34. Should blow over by tonight. Much more plowing tomorrow. Travel not recommended by highway dept.
  175. M

    Deere 2520 snowplow

    Pics of the mods please. That's a lot of plow as it stands.
  176. M

    Pallet Forks

    Made my own clamp on forks for my original Ford 3000. Modified them to fit the rack when I got my Massey. Still use them regularly, haven't bent or broken them. Made from 2x4x.188 material, tapered at the front.
  177. M

    New L6060, what's wrong with my rear remote?

    My thoughts too. New tractor, blade supplied by them. Unless the op is remotely located, the dealer should send someone out to resolve the issue.
  178. M

    New snow

    How do you get out with the road totally blocked, snowmobile? I picked up an older Skandic SWT just for that reason.
  179. M

    Cold weather start, with glow plugs and block heater. Why does my tractor not start at minus 20 C?

    BATTERY BLANKET... Only draws 40 watts, always on, keeps the battery at optimum power. My block heater is 400 watts, turn it on remotely at least four hrs before I need the tractor. The motor doesn't turn fast enough at cold battery capacity. Had problems when I first got my tractor, even...
  180. M

    New snow

    According to sources, three to four ft. Seat of the pants when you have to clear it up, lots
  181. M

    New snow

    WOW, saw some vids from DesMoines on the snow storm. Be careful out there.
  182. M

    New snow

    More snow last night, two hrs to clear up the mess. Tractor time is good.
  183. M

    Skid steer snow blower on tractor loader?

    Now this is giving me the urge to convert my rear pto modded blower to hydraulic drive. There was a diy one a member posted using a pressure tank for a reservoir. Mount the assembly on a rear blade. Princess Auto lists a 20 gpm pto pump for $600. I have a good sized hyd motor on an old rock...
  184. M

    Truck snowplow on tractor front 3 point

    Have watched quite a few of the vids from the Alps series. Pucker factor over the top. Guy has all the equipment and balls of steel.
  185. M

    New snow

    Yee Haw, finally a break in the weather. A balmy -1c with some wind. Spent a couple hrs clearing some drifts and a path to a bin that has some deer feed. Path to the burn barrels was impassable too.
  186. M

    All-electric Bobcat compact track loader

    Government agencies are people funded. No such thing as gov funded. Sounds great, the gov is doing their part acquiring EV's, reducing the carbon footprint. People pay, coal generated power charges the EV's. Where's the upside?
  187. M

    Floor/Platform Build

    That's wild. Why was the pan rusted so badly, not being all that old?
  188. M

    New snow

    I think I'd rather deal with the blowing snow than rain in winter. Although the bitter cold isn't any fun, it's a dry cold out here.
  189. M

    New Holland battery replacement

    One has to remember that the manufacturer uses the minimum required of anything pertaining to the tractor. The bottom line is MONEY.
  190. M

    New snow

    No snow clearing today, wind is blowing like crazy, windchill around-35. Just let it go, see what tomorrow brings.
  191. M

    New snow

    Another day of howling snow, warmed up a bit, only -13c. Need to blade the yard tomorrow.
  192. M

    Cold weather start, with glow plugs and block heater. Why does my tractor not start at minus 20 C?

    Years ago, here at minor hockey league games, they had free booster services after the game. People would go to the game, and after drawing the battery down some on starting, their cold battery doesn't get enough time to take charge, well, the outcome is easy to figure.
  193. M

    First snow for tractor use

    I use a wireless remote switch to control the block heater. Click it on a couple hrs before needed. Right now the block heater is on full time, battery blanket is always on. -35c for a couple weeks.
  194. M

    Snowblower recommendations

    Had an old Allied seven ft at the acreage here. Was on the back of a Massey 1105. It was 36 inches high, had a large and deep fan. Much larger than my current new model seven ft. Sold it with the tractor, $500. Might be a model to look for. You could search Schulte blowers, they make the...
  195. M

    New snow

    Had a few inches last night. Had to get my butt out to clear the driveway and road so the fuel truck didn't have any problems. -20c, still snowing, bit of wind, wouldn't be without a cab.
  196. M

    Cold weather start, with glow plugs and block heater. Why does my tractor not start at minus 20 C?

    My 2017 Massey 1742 had trouble starting below -25c, even with the block heater plugged in. Had the tech out to check, all tests were good. Seems as with all things nowadays, manufacturers go with the minimum required. My battery was too small for the effect of losing capacity when the temp...
  197. M

    Help .... Frozen hydraulic pivot pin

    The exothermic lance will do it in minutes, what's the hold-up?
  198. M

    New Hobart 140.. can I weld on bucket hooks?

    The idea given here is STICK with 1/8 7018. Hardly a glue gun approach. Before I got into 220 v Lincoln migs, I had a Linc 135 plus. With enough experience I would weld those hooks with that machine.
  199. M

    Just for giggles

    Thought I'd post this little repair request that I got about nine years ago. Fella on an acreage had an older Belarus tractor with blade/bale spear apparatus on the front. He'd been trying to patch it up to make it useable, had been "welded" a few times before. looked at it, told him there's...