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    Bought a couple of surplus generators

    Just purchased 2 MEP-802a generators. I threw out a low bid on them not expecting to win, bur low and behold I won both :) So now one will go on my new shop and I will probably try and sell the other because I need a bigger one for the house. Even though this would work in a pinch. Both had...
  2. Number15

    rheolube 393 or equiv. Anyone have a source?

    I need a tube of rheolube 393 or equivalent grease. Having a hard time finding 1 14 oz tube. Anyone have a source or know of an equivalent I could buy? 1 tube will last me years and I can only find a case.
  3. Number15

    Post your Branson at work. Picture thread

    I couldn't find a picture thread so I started one. Let's see those Bransons at work :) Here's mine doing chipper duty. Lot's of hours on this chipping, I got a huge pile of wood I have been working on for days.
  4. Number15

    New Antonio Carraro 7600 TTR

    Got my new AC 7600 TTR today. After being nervous about my choice between this and the Power Trac PT1850, I think I made the right choice. This was a little more expensive but not by as much as you might think. Plus it has a cab, AC, draft control, 4 different remotes and a lot of other...
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    1845 v. 1850

    Anyone have any experience with the 1845 and 1850? My situation I have a nice branson tractor but it does not do slopes well So the PT would be mostly mowing my sloped areas (~15 acres max 30 degrees) and hopefully the house yard I am looking for opinions on maneuverability. Could it replace...
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    Pto rpm question

    Looking at power trac and diving in to the specs. I am considering a 1845 and I am wondering does the hydraulic pto run at 540 rpm like my tractor does? Or do hydraulic pto run a different standard? Thanks
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    Filter C&P (cut & post) | phone users - picture heavy

    One of the weird things I like to do is cut filters and look at how they are constructed. It's not scientific and decisions on what to run should not be made based on pictures. with that being said I have a lot of pictures of different filters cut and quite a few ready to be opened. My...
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    3pt hitch problem

    I was mowing with my ditch mower yesterday and had a problem with my 3pt. I was mowing very steep sections of my property. Inclines up to and probably past 30 degree's. Up and down for an hour or two. Suddenly I got to the top of one hill, raised the flail arm that rotates on the vertical...
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    Is this frost weed?

    New to land maintenance and I have a question about these plants that are everywhere. Is this frost weed? Should I get rid of it and if so how? I mow it and it pops right back. If I leave it it gets pretty tall.
  10. Number15

    Oil drain thread size

    Does anyone know the thread size for the a2300 oil drain? Meaning the plug itself
  11. Number15

    Filling a cistern

    Found what I think is a cistern while mowing the other day. Luckily I saw it as I think it could have been disastrous if a tractor wheel found it first. it's around 5ish feet in diameter and lined with some kind of mortar or clay and concrete. PO seems to have tried to fill it with tree parts...
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    Does anyone know what this bolt is for?

    Found this bolt on the front of my front axle today very close to falling out. Found during greasing, the jam nut was all the way at the top and it was hanging on by a couple of threads.
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    Advice on smoothing, leveling a field

    I have a big field I want to keep mowed. Not feeling super good on the tractor doing it. It is rutted and wavy and has some pretty severe slopes. I feel nervous on the tractor at times as I go 20 degrees sometimes more. A good bit of it is at 15 degrees. But it is the ruts and wavyness...
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    Until today I loved my Branson. Well I still love it I guess

    What the heck is up with the rear remote controls. I know I am a newb but there has to be better working valves out there. They are notchy and either full blast or off. It moves my new ditch bank mower so fast I can't really control it. Is there a mod or a replacement valve that I can do to...
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    Boots, what are you wearing, what do you recommend?

    Fairly new to the rural life. Quickly learning sneakers do not cut it for most things I am doing on the property. I have a pair of Keen Durand boots and I like them but I am looking for a second pair. I learned from my time in the military that it is good practise to rotate boots. So I am...
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    Price Check  L3000DT

    I have a L3000DT with 2400 hours and no fel. Otherwise I have all maintenance records and it is in average to good shape. I want to sell it and have no idea what I should ask for it. Looking for pricing help
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    Should have done this earlier Hello TBN nation!

    Been posting for a bit now but tbh I did not see this forum. New poster and tractor owner. Like some others on here I am a city kid (grew up in NYC) and have very little experience with tractors. My RN is Sean and I am currently splitting time between Tampa where I have .5 acres and a lawn...
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    Purchased a mini instead of a UTV

    Got frustrated with the lack of availability and prices on the UTV's I was considering. Ended up finding a mini truck and it ticked all the boxes for me, including a dump bed. Bonus is I can get a plate in TN and drive it to the lumber yard :)
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    New 14K trailer pick up

    About 3 weeks from order to pickup. Nice trailer that I hope gives me good service. I customized a few things added rub rails, extra d rings, winch plate, battery box and springs on the ramps. Everything else was standard, tires have 6 year warranty Tredit Elevate STR (jury is out). Anyone...
  20. Number15

    Is there a Kubota diesel to avoid?

    Fact of life. Every company makes a dud now and again. I am looking at some used equipment from different brands and many have Kubota diesels. Knowing they have a stellar reputation, is there a certain model or series that had more problems than most and should be avoided?
  21. Number15

    New 5520ch owner

    Looked at all the players I could find in both FL and TN. In the end I opted for the Branson. The Deere was $$ and on perpetual back order. LS was to far away, I didn't like the Mahindra or bobcat dealer. Guy was a jerk. Kioti, tym, Massey and new Holland were all hard to demo. Dealers...
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    2305 transmission question

    I was looking at a 2305 with a friend that might purchase it. It has ~320 hours but has sat out in the weather for the last 2 years not really being used. You can tell its been rained on a few times. Anyway, the sight glass in the transmission had 0 oil in it. I don't know how much actual...
  23. Number15

    Should I cab or not. Getting ready to buy

    I am very close to buying my first tractor. One of the last decisions I need to make is if I should get the cab version or not. I currently live in FL and the endless summer is brutal and the AC seems inviting. Problem is I am moving to middle TN and not sure if the cab is needed as much...
  24. Number15

    Can someone tell me what this is

    and what it is used for? Found a bunch of attachments in the woods on my property I just purchased. I can figure out the others but I have no idea what this is. I'm very new to this so if it's obvious then apologies :)
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    I have one opportunity to get it somewhat right -- Lawn tractor

    As some of you may have seen I just acquired some property in Tennessee. Over 80 acres, plenty of stuff to do :) I'm for sure getting a tractor, or using the tractor that is there (l3000) But I also want/need a smaller mower for what I am going to call the house yard. I'm not sure the size...
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    Tractor Sizing  Now I stepped in it, I need everything

    So my wife and I are moving to Tennessee. As many have done lately it seems. Problem is we went from .7 acre to 80 acres :eek: if the deal works out There is absolutely no equipment at the property now so I have a large portion of my move budget earmarked for a tractor and related items...