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    Is a subcompact under 25hp enough power?

    You can do all that stuff it’ll just take a bit longer. Which personally I enjoy, what’s the hurry. Always a good day to be outside on the tractor
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    Propane Tank, rent or buy 500gal

    Got rid of my propane tank this year. Heating only with my mini splits and wood stove from here out. The propane company had updated their policy so that I’d have to purchase twice the capacity of my tank each year to have the tank rental fee waived. I only used less than a tank full each...
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    A sign of the times

    I don’t like hauling gravel myself anyway. Makes a mess of my truck, and can’t reasonably haul very much without going over my trucks capacity. My local landscape supplier will deliver $60 worth of crusher run for free.
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    Trail camera recs please

    One thing I’ll say is to avoid SPYPOINT. Had one that worked for a few months before it stopped uploading. Got it replaced under warranty, the replacement worked for exactly one day before it also stopped uploading for no apparent reason. This is also after I followed all the prescribed...
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    Planning on dropping Health Insurance. Change my mind.

    If you live near a large city, almost every large city has at least 1 hospital that offers free healthcare to people with no insurance. Catholic hospitals in particular usually do as a charity.
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    Got to love developments in rural areas

    That why I made it a point to buy my land far enough away from the city that the population hasn’t changed since the early 1800s. The 1.5 hour commute isn’t too bad since I only work 10 days a month.
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    Income Taxes: Turbo Tax - H&R Block - File Your Own?

    Always do my own now. One W2, mortgage interest statement, charitable donations to church. Much simpler than years ago when me and the wife had multiple jobs.
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    Mini split questions?

    My mini splits work great in the winter. Keeps my drafty old farmhouse nice and toasty. Main thing I’ll say is if you plan on self installing, do plenty of research and watch YouTube videos beforehand and be sure it’s what you want to do. Installation isn’t as simple as some of these retailers...
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    Back up Generators - finally looking.

    Non ethanol gas will last much longer. I’ve stored it for over a year with no problem. I have several 5 gallon cans and a 10 gallon caddy, if a major storm is in the forecast I go fill them all up beforehand and beat the mob.
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    Back up Generators - finally looking.

    Personally my 7000/9000 portable generator does fine. I wired in an inlet plug to a 30amp breaker to back feed my panel, can run everything including well pump and mini split heat pump. Procedure to run it is fill it with gas, start it up and let it warm up and plug it in to the inlet. Turn off...
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    Anybody use Paypal ?

    Yep. I last sold something on eBay about 8 years ago. The buyer then disputed the transaction and eBay/PayPal took the money back out of my account without my knowledge. They seem to automatically side with buyers.
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    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    That and they still keep such a small inventory on hand, so half the time I need something they say “we can order it for you.” That worked in the 90s and early 2000s before e-commerce took off, but nowadays there’s no point in going to their store if I know I’ll probably have to special order...
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    What Have You Done That Has >"TOTALLY CHANGED"< Your Home?

    Most recent improvement I’ve made and probably also the best is 2 mini split heat pump systems. The first is a 36k BTU single zone and the second a 27k 3 zone system. 100% self installed and saved about $10,000 in labor costs had a contractor done it. Able to provide enough heat in winter...
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    Anyone have gutter guards that they like?

    I used to do a lot of side work cleaning gutters and I don’t recommend them. Debris will always get past them and still need to be cleaned out. Just leave them open and blow them out after the leaves have fallen.
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    Flushing Hot Water Tank

    I’ve heard some say it’s not necessary. Personally I still do, it’s easy preventative maintenance in my opinion and doesn’t hurt it. If you have water in the tray it may be from the pressure relief valve, might want to have a look at it.
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    Baby, It's Cold Outside, But Let's Talk A/C

    I recently self installed a Mr Cool DIY unit. Hardest part of the install was running some romex through the crawl space for a new circuit. An issue I had the the precharged lineset is that you apparently have to tighten it down, loosen it a turn and then retighten it in order for the valves...
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    Above Ground Water Storage Tank (2,000 GAL)

    1500 GPM would be the pump capacity. A hand line from that pumper would flow around 175 GPM. You wouldn’t physically be able to handle a line flowing 1500 GPM.