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    67 Loader Cylinders

    Anyone replace the cylinders on their 67 loader? If so, what did you use? Just got done putting a new bucket on my dad's 750 with the 67 loader, checked the bypass pressure and it's at 2300 psi, so the lack of lift is probably the cylinders bypassing. I'd pull them off and rebuild them, but by...
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    Display & Lights blowing fuse after replacing stop relay

    I have a DK50se HST that has had intermittent starting issues for a few years now. I had replaced the ignition switch and the problem went away for a while, then I picked up spare relays for the ignition and stop circuits from the dealer and then never installed them because the problem went...
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    Making hay is fun when everything works!

    I've been showing my girlfriend how to make hay. She's a quick study and she really loves farming. I think I can count on her to do whatever needs doing when I'm not around - unless something breaks because she's handy, but not very mechanically inclined. I absolutely love her though, and she's...
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    John Deere 750 Transmission Parts

    My dad has a 1980's vintage JD 750 4wd compact tractor, and he's had it for many years. One of the front wheel hubs had a bearing seize up, and when it locked up tight when he was skidding a log it smoked a couple of gears in the transmission on the FWD side of things. Apparently, the two gears...
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    Fox and Bunny

    Thought you folks might enjoy this short video from one of my trail cams on my forest land in the Western UP of Michigan. It's a red fox (I know, it's grey in color - but the white tail tip is the giveaway) going after a snowshoe bunny. I wonder who won the contest? It's literally a matter of...
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    UP Timelapse Video

    A couple of weekends ago I went up north to pull one of the trail cameras from the back corner of the land. It was getting a lot of annoying false triggers, and the IR flash quit working back on December 26th. I put all the photos from the card on the computer, and then said why don’t I make a...
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    DK50SE HST Wouldn't Start

    I went out to clear off the 10" or so of snow this morning, I turn the key, and nothing. Wiggle the range selection lever making sure it's in neutral, and nothing. Not even a click. So I launch an investigation. Thinking it might be a bad switch or whatever, I looked up this post...
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    Disc Harrow  Ford 204 - worth buying?

    Anybody have any experience with a Ford 204 transport disc? I'm thinking about buying one, asking price is $950. It's 12' with hydraulic lift and road wheels. I don't want to spend good money on a hedgerow ornament, so I'd appreciate some info/feedback. Thanks!
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    DK50 SE HST Plow Sizing

    I'm going to burn and turn 5-1/2 acres later this summer to covert former horse pasture to hay. I'm thinking the DK50 can probably handle a two bottom, and maybe a three bottom if it's not bigger than 12", but my plowing experience is limited to dragging an ancient two bottom horse drawn plow...
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    New Holland 256 Repair

    I recently picked up a New Holland 256 Rollabar rake. It works, but needs a little preventative maintenance on the driveline. An old manual I downloaded says the gearbox uses 140wt gear oil. However, on the NH parts website, the page says the gearbox should be packed with grease. Mine is...
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    How important is a tedder?

    I'm getting set up for haying on our small farm, and have recently acquired a bunch of old hay equipment - a NH 467 Haybine, a NH 257 rake, and a NH Super Hayliner s68 baler. Way back when when I was working on a hay farm as my summer job during high school, I seem to remember we only really...
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    Comparison  DK45 vs DK50 vs NX4510

    I'm going to need a tractor and think I'm going with Kioti because it seems like it's just as much or more tractor than the other brands for less money. No brand bashing here, just my oibservation. I've test driven a DK50SE HST Cab which was interesting, I'm not sure I'm that crazy about a...
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    Questions about Mott LB flail mower

    I recently bought a hammer knife mower for my Cub, it turns out it's a Mott FHC. It mows pretty well, even with dull, rusty knives: It doesn't fit my lo-boy very well, I can't lift it off the ground very much without the PTO shaft hitting the fast hitch cross bar, and the PTO drive line angle...
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    Help with sickle bar ID

    Hi Folks, I've had this sickle bar attachment kicking around for years now, it came with my '65 IH Cub Lo-Boy, but I doubt it is for the cub. The mounting arrangement looks like it's more for a garden tractor - maybe a Cub Cadet? The bar is about 4' long. Here are some pictures: The drive...
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    Bean Pump / Sprayer question

    Hi Folks, OK, so I've got this spray tank that is meant to tow behind a lawn tractor: I don't know how old it is, but it's got a Bean pump driven by a B&S 5 hp, with a 50 gallon tank. I inherited it from Grandma along with her '78 Wheel Horse. They sure don't build lawn tractors like that...
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    Buying used - NH or Kubota?

    Hi folks, I've been poking around here a bit - lots of great info! I could use some advice though. I have a '65 IH Cub lo-boy that I've spent a LOT of time working on. I mostly use it to plow snow in the winter. It's started making some clunking noises. I thought it might be one of the final...