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  1. Tony H

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    The Chain going to the QA plate for Float... Does that work OK? It's very horizontal where generally the chain is very vertical.
  2. Tony H

    Rear Wiper install

    Trying to find harness in roof. Didn't take totally down. Should harness be in roof by front set of switches or side switches?
  3. Tony H

    DK5310se HST Won't Start **Emergency**

    I've been following this Post. Thanks for the update. Always good to hear that something got fixed and what the fix was.
  4. Tony H

    Snow Equipment Owning/Operating Pictures of your snow weapons

    I agree. In the middle of Winter, when temps are in the single digits, the snow does have a bit more stick. Plowing hilly driveways with 12" plus snow you need, at, least, front chains on a 4wd tractor to get tractor and steering. With front chains on a 3000 series kubota, my son could...
  5. Tony H

    Eradicating moles

    Maybe I have Voles, they were at my beets, potatoes and carrots
  6. Tony H

    Eradicating moles

    I use garlic. We grow it so no biggy to chop up a dozen cloves bulbs. At this point we just sprinkle a bit around the perimeter of the garden every Spring and we are in good shape. But in the beginning we sprinkled some in the middle of the garden, a week later a little bit farther put from...
  7. Tony H

    Snowblowing rules of thumb

    You misunderstood, the rubber smell was from the impeller being frozen to the Tunnel. Yes, the spinning up after I installed did cause a little heat-up as everything Seated. Funny you say they didn't help. I have put then on about 8 blowers, friends family, and the throwing distance an...
  8. Tony H

    Snowblowing rules of thumb

    Love #4. Was never a problem for my Walk behind until I added rubber extensions to the Impeller Blades. With the closing of the gap from blades to housing it became an issue. Yup rubbery smelling smoke on auger engagement
  9. Tony H

    Ball valves for hydraulics?

    Thanks. Direct and to the point. We will do that type of homework before pulling the trigger. Just getting a warm fuzzy on what's acceptable. I'll pass this along and see how he wants to proceed. I think I'll steer him away from cutting.
  10. Tony H

    Ball valves for hydraulics?

    That valve is a Home Run! My first thought was to use the soft line to the Curl hydro cylinder looking at the tractor, can we cut and double flare the hard line? It would make a neater modification as well as make the soft lines from the plow shorter. Is cutting and flaring an acceptable way...
  11. Tony H

    Culvert Install

    Your pictures must be very high resolution as they're a while to load on this Thread. Not sure how steep the decline was to the crossing, did you back down with the culvert in bucket?
  12. Tony H

    Ball valves for hydraulics?

    I have a neighbor who currently disconnects his 'Curl' on his FEL and connects it to his homemade snowplow Angle. Not bad but playing with hose fittings sounds like a source for a leak eventually. Can he use simple Ball Valves to stop the flow to his Bucket Curl? The thought was to put a Tee...
  13. Tony H

    Diesel algae issue ?

    Today's low sulfur diesel is prone to algae... Any Biocide is ok. STA-BIL used to make one. Can't find it anymore. Power Safety makes one, BIO KLEEN the ingredients and percentages are identical.Not cheap but you use very little. 1/4oz per 5 gallons
  14. Tony H

    Storing implements for the winter.

    The implements that are not in garage or basement, is under a steel shelter, one end has a tarp to keep the westerly wind and snow out. First thing I do is put plastic down to put the implements on. Even under a roof, dampness comes out of the ground. You have to see how quickly the plastic...
  15. Tony H

    Preserving diesel fuel in transfer tank

    Low sulfur diesel makes bacteria happier then old diesel. Use BIODIESEL in your storage tank.
  16. Tony H

    Please critique the weld quality (photos enclosed)

    Obviously they did not grind off the powder coat before starting. They look like my 'snot welds' when trying to work thru nasty rusted exhaust systems. Otherwise, my welds are much flatter and are in 'V' patterns My guess is that about 50% of those beads have penetrated properly. I wouldn't be...
  17. Tony H

    Rotella T4 vs T6

    Funny, I was having the other issue. My Walmart was not stocking 2.5gallon T4. I wasn't going to pay the extra$ for the 1 gallon jugs. Finally got some at Tractor Supply Corp. Tried for 2 months, whenever traveled that way.. . Walmart could not tell me when they were getting delivery...
  18. Tony H

    10’ Western Heavyweight conversion to Tractor front 3 point hitch ?

    Personally I think I would design it such that you come up with a position on the top link and lift arms they you always drop the plow to, then use the truck plow as it was intended for the truck. No mess, no fuss, use the joystick it came with. The hole issue with using 'Truck' plows on...
  19. Tony H

    Rotella T4 vs T6

    I always use T4 but then again, I change oil once a year disaster what the hours. I tend to do around 100hrs a year. Did my annual, make ready for winter changes this morning. 67 hours this year. Lot of house building not so much landscape work.
  20. Tony H

    power tool recommendation

    Providing that you fully drain the pump during cold months. Take the hose off pump, pull cord a few times. Expanding H2O plays havoc with pumps
  21. Tony H

    Nice oil to leave on precision hand tools?

    Hmm, I never bought one. I have my dads old stuff, metal scribe pushed up in the body. They as good as new. Tight, rust free. I never even looked at what China has to offer in our invasive Big Box stores
  22. Tony H

    3 Point PTO Trencher

    Wow, power, by me needs to be 30" by UL standards I ran my power from the pole to house 3 years ago. 300+'. I used my backhoe. Backfilled a bit and put in phone line. Same hole but kept it 12" away from power to eliminate EMI noise thru the phone. Both were in conduit. Do not try to pull...
  23. Tony H

    Male Square Head Pipe Plug with starting to round off - What to do?

    Metric or sae flare nut wrench. If it's bummed up as you say, maybe a metric wrench would tap on it right.
  24. Tony H

    Wheelbarrow tires going flat

    Today's rubber is garbage. Semi permeable. I own 6 wheel barrows. Lots of projects call for 2 or three. A barrow tout dirt in, a barrow holding the plant and one with compost dirt to replace the junk I'm digging out. I bought a solid tire for one barrow. I don't care for it it is slightly...
  25. Tony H

    Would it be possible to convert a lawn mower into a lawn "tractor"

    IH made Cubs until about 1984ish. These little Cubs were real garden tractors. Meant to pull and push.
  26. Tony H

    Would it be possible to convert a lawn mower into a lawn "tractor" With this, or...
  27. Tony H

    Would it be possible to convert a lawn mower into a lawn "tractor"

    Booo. I turned a '72 Chevy Vega into a Drag car. That is a no frame 4 cylinder putter. Just so you know what you are in for, garage projects are frustration and theoraputic.
  28. Tony H

    Would it be possible to convert a lawn mower into a lawn "tractor"

    Maybe look at an old Can Cadet Garden Tractor. They have real robust frames and drivetrains. Something like their old 782. Many came with cat 0 hitches. Having said that.. I would never deny anyone a garage project.
  29. Tony H

    Rotary Cutter Keeping Outdoors

    And that always disturbed me as I was my stuff twice a year. I guess they figure uracil for the short time they have it.
  30. Tony H

    Rotary Cutter Keeping Outdoors

    Off the ground will help air circulation. But I would lay some plastic on the ground under it. Where I live now is night and day from where I lived. Here, the ground never seems to stop giving up moisture. Plain dirt with gravel over it and the heavy plastic painting cloth always had moisture...
  31. Tony H

    Rotary Cutter Sharpening the blades

    I sharpen mine every few years. Just an angle grinder works. I like to CUT not TEAR, what I'm going thru. It makes it easier on the PTO. Angle grinder works since balancing the blades aren't a real issue
  32. Tony H

    When did John Deere begin the Right to Repair problems?

    Proprietary Quick Connect is why I didn't by JD. Just like the company Apple. Everything is proprietary so you need to pay their crazy prices for anything to work with the Apple equipment. I won't buy from a company that gets you on the hook THEN continues to beat you up for owning their...
  33. Tony H

    Newb looking for advice and info on a new compact tractor and attachments

    I went back and looked at the specs. Yup SSQA... Good. The dig power of the hoe was less then I expected. That was on the 2100 series, you said you got the 3100? When I bought my land I had a lot of, well, gaining access to it. I went a different way. You are looking at an Ag tractor...
  34. Tony H

    Newb looking for advice and info on a new compact tractor and attachments

    You sound like you have thought it thru. 52hp, Cab, forks, HST all correct in my book. Front,third function you too will want. Hard piping up to the front of FEL arms, I hope. Push button on lever as a minimum, totally separate lever is wonderful, if they offer it. Teeth on bucket (bolt...
  35. Tony H

    Thoughts on this guy’s experiences

    These little 3 point hitch backhoes are not made to take a beating. Grabbing and yanking roots and trying to dig in Rocky clay will not make your Lil backhoe happy. Not on any of these Sub Compacts
  36. Tony H

    year-round fabric cover for more delicate tools/implements

    I had the same scenario. I have big equipment on land that I am building my home on. Any tarp over equipment does too bad things. #1 makes nice warm cubbies for mice and #2 tarps crest a waterproof tent for moisture to come up out of the ground and create moisture from the bottom up. The...
  37. Tony H

    Backhoe Vs. 12000 LB Mini EX

    I have a JCB MINI CX which is equivalent to a JD 110. AND if I were you, I would go with the EX. 360 degree rotation to put dirt is very handy compared to 180 degrees of a backhoe. Tracks on the Ex beats tires for grading. Getting in and out of tight spots after running a ditch, put the...
  38. Tony H

    Oil change intervals

    I am original owner of 20-40 year old vehicles. The 4 vehicles all have over 200K miles on then, 2 have about 336K miles. I would never go that long between changes. People will tell you that they tested their old oil and the lubrication properties are still excellent. That may be so, but...
  39. Tony H

    Asking for advice on using a rental 3ph tiller for a first-time user

    You have the same soil SS I do. I also have a BCS (tractor) model 732 with several attachments. It is a tough machine but not intended for virgin soil of this type. A tiller on the tractor is the way to go. Till super slow, don't go crazy with the rpms, hand on the Lift. When tiller...
  40. Tony H

    Runs nice and dies in 20 min UPDATE UPDATE

    Read thru all posts. I was leaning toward fuel but I think you exhausted all fuel issues (minus replacing all fuel lines). I don't think they are collapsing or sucking air or tractor would run crummy bit not just shut down. A '99 would have a Low Oil Pressure shutdown. Wondering if that...
  41. Tony H

    Compacting "gravel"/"item 4"/"road base". Rent a Roller?

    It sounds like Crusher Run. That's what we call it here in the Cobleskill, NY area. That stuff packs very quickly without need to Roll. Have the delivery truck put the chains on the gate of the truck and run it out for you. It will stop out fairly level. Then backblade the highpoint in...
  42. Tony H

    Removing a Subframe from a FEL. Issues?

    He asked a question for an answer and education. No need to be so Snarky.
  43. Tony H

    very hot -battery cable

    Wondering if the insulator between the +12, alternator Stud is misaligned or missing. This would literally cause a direct short to Ground. As it's a remanufactured unit, I'd look there first. Unless you Pond Bath got water someplace that needs time to dry out
  44. Tony H

    steering wheel spinner knob

    Block heater, on board battery charger and Spinner was my first purchases when I bought my tractor. There's a threaded hole on one of my spokes for the Spinner, but the dealer wanted $30+ for one. Bought a $13 10 years ago, it's great.
  45. Tony H

    Tz25da 2008 can't get fuel to come out of gas tank!

    Many fuel tanks and right in the fuel line has a filter. Did you back blow the fuel line and get bubbles in the Tank? Today's diesel is low sulfate so algae and bacteria easily grow in the tank. It may have clogged these small filters. I'm sorry I am not being specific to your machine. Back...
  46. Tony H

    Paint or Stain on Shed

    Are you looking to have it a specific color? Real, oil base stains are much thinner and soak in. I had Storm Stain (can't remember the manufacturer, maybe Ben Moore) on my home. When time to redo, I sprayed it. If not fussy, Boiled Linseed Oil soaks in and dries. It's what people use on...
  47. Tony H

    Help! Branson Tractor only IDLES - no Power

    Limp home mode?
  48. Tony H

    First electric tractor ride

    I'm sure I won't spend $12K in fuel in 10 years. They do avoid replacement cost of batteries. As my tractor is 10 years old, I still consider it new. Certainly not time to swap in a bunch of batteries. Believe that currently no one in the US takes old lithium batteries. Some huge diesel...
  49. Tony H

    Inverted Snow Blower

    Just a thought. Driveways with turns would be an issue for the drag type blower. With it being 3' behind the rear wheels, it swings quite a bit as you drive around a bend in the driveway. With the Backup style blower, you can be more precise around bends as you are steering from what is...
  50. Tony H

    Hydrostatic quirk or total nonsense?

    When pushing into a pile, you should be in low range. No, low range does not give you more lift capacity. Your issue is the way they rate their lift capacity and the fact that your weight was 2-3' forward of their rating point.
  51. Tony H

    Glad he wasn't hurt seriously

    Always thought about hydraulic or spring loaded outriggers for that sought of activity.
  52. Tony H

    converting a lightly used dirt road to gravel - how important is it to follow gravel road building best practices?

    I made my driveway buy simply laying out that geotextile matting (I bought it on-line at Lowes) and then 8" of, what we call here, Crusher Run. It been 6 years with dump trucks, cement trucks and all building trucks driving on it. The matting REALLY helps to keep the topping from getting...
  53. Tony H

    What causes a circle of dead lawn grass?

    Gub Animal urine
  54. Tony H

    Eradicating moles

  55. Tony H

    Eradicating moles

    I heard Victor has cheapened their Out O Sights. Has any of you users seen this? I don't have an old one-to-one compare.
  56. Tony H

    Caught 4 small feral hogs at a time, this morning

    I never can understand the hunting restrictions on any Nuisance animal on YOUR land.
  57. Tony H

    I don't understand something.

    People spent 1/4 million on a boat they use, sometimes 4 months a year. Hours a year is deceiving. Some folks let their machine idle as they getting and do something before hopping back in. Others shut them off for a quick Pee break. I have 100k miles on my motorcycle, friends have Bikes...
  58. Tony H

    Eradicating moles

    Moles diet is grubs and other soil critters BUT you may have Voles. They diet on roots.
  59. Tony H

    Eradicating moles

    You may find a garlic grower in your area with some of last year's bulbs. The new garlic was harvested about two weeks ago. So late years leftovers might very cheap as the garlic starts to get green sprouts inside each clove. No one really wants them for cooking.
  60. Tony H

    Eradicating moles

    Well, we grow 100s of bulbs, Vietnamese red, German red, musik, kuty, etc. For an acre of land, you probably need 20 bulbs(3 lbsish). Chop into 1/4" chunks. It worked at my first house and now we always surround the perimeter of the garden with it, pre season. Funny how people pay...
  61. Tony H

    Eradicating moles

    Chop up garlic. Spreading an area, wait a few weeks spread some more just ahead of the previous area. You basically will Herd then off your property. We grow garlic just to use as rodent control. We grow mostly 'red' garlic as they have more of a bite then the mellower ones.
  62. Tony H

    Hydraulic coupler advice

    Generalizing a bit... Flush face connectors ISO 16028, are typical on Construction machines. The biggy on these is that they are supposed to be environmentally friendly. No drip. Because of this 'no drip', they are very tough to connect. Google connecting Flush Face connectors to see the...
  63. Tony H

    Three children, one adult dead in farm tractor crash in York County, PA.

    With big equipment comes great responsibility. Do we know the actual cause?
  64. Tony H

    Rennovating a garden

    If you are bringing in trailers of manure, tilling that into what you have should elevate the subsoil issue, I would think.
  65. Tony H

    Recommended Tractor for 4.5 acres

    I think, next body size up...30-35hp range.
  66. Tony H

    Groundsmaster 52 runs 10 minutes, then dies

    VERY curious what you find. Your issue is driving me crazy. You obviously know your way around an engine. As you can tell from my posts, I'm leaning toward fuel. If it was ignition, I think it would be breaking up as you idled up, not just BOG down. Do you have Welding Tip cleaners...
  67. Tony H

    Groundsmaster 52 runs 10 minutes, then dies

    Looking at other downdraft carburetors, it appears that the Seat IS metal and it can be unscrewed out of the carb, when carb is disassembled. I'm still leaning toward a reduced diameter in a jet or Seat. Was this a sudden issue or did it start after the machine sat for months? I don't...
  68. Tony H

    Groundsmaster 52 runs 10 minutes, then dies

    I know you went to lengths to be thorough with the carb. Just wondering if the jets (emulsifier tube)still have some restrictions. Enough varnish to decrease the diameter a bit. Look at picture #5. If air vent to bowl is clogged, bowl can't get fuel...
  69. Tony H

    Groundsmaster 52 runs 10 minutes, then dies

    The needle and seat is odd. Both being steel. Worst case, it wouldn't seat well and engine would run rich, or at least gas would fill the elbow to air cleaner. This came on suddenly I guess. Does the needle have a point on it as it should? Or did the rubber tip on the needle disappear? On...
  70. Tony H

    Can all tractors flip over easy?

    Just a common sense thing. Adding spacers to rear tires will give you a bit is a wider, more stable stance.
  71. Tony H

    Need a Primer on Tractor brake lock

    I have the same issue with neighbors 3400 Kabota. I'm sure there is an adjustment, thats why I was surfing when I found your post. I push the brake down, machine is stopped, push little lever to lock brake, let up on peddle and it releases the brakes enough to get movement.
  72. Tony H

    Groundsmaster 52 runs 10 minutes, then dies

    Rubber parts in older engines cannot handle the alcohol.
  73. Tony H

    Groundsmaster 52 runs 10 minutes, then dies

    Bingo! As soon as engine stumbles close valve. Then see how much gas runs of of fuel bowl, IF any.
  74. Tony H

    Groundsmaster 52 runs 10 minutes, then dies

    Here's what I'm thinking... It happened to me on two machines. Look at the rubber needle valve seat in the carburetor. On one engine, the hole in the seat was slightly misshaped. This caused the fuel to run into the bowl very slowly. So the engine would start and run fine. The bowl couldn't...
  75. Tony H

    How do I Get Crankshaft Nut off Kubota?

    Put the socket and breaker bar on, support the handle on the breaker bar then 'tap' the ignition key. That'll loosen it.
  76. Tony H

    Planting a 150 ft row of bushes. What is the best attachment to use?

    Not sure of the soil you are facing. The home I sold a few years back, I'd dig the holes, the property I'm currently building on needed my backhoe to dig the 300 small holes for the Norway Spruce I planted. So much stone that after hole is dug, I needed to use dirt from my large compost pile...
  77. Tony H

    Late Fathers PT-422: What should I do with it?

    Just a dumb issue I had on an older engine. Does this Robin engine have points and condenser? I had an engine drive me crazy run good one day, an hour later run crummy. Turned out the Condenser fit loosely in the condenser mount. It was getting an intermittent Ground. How are the spark plug...
  78. Tony H

    Late Fathers PT-422: What should I do with it?

    Sounds like a Lean running condition. Not sure how long it sat. I'd check fuel lines from tank to filter to carburetor. I'd also backblow gas line up to gas tank and see if the fuel tank is full of crud. Carbon buildup can be cleaned up by DRIPPING water down the carburetor as the warmed up...
  79. Tony H

    Excavator v. Skid Steer for Hobby Farmer?

    Both skid steer and excavator will tear up the sod. Bit the telehandlers.... Whew cha-ching. I've used telehandlers to unload I-beams off trailers for a few years. I love the steering capabilities... Crabbing, front steer, all steer. They are great but you will need to open your wallet again...
  80. Tony H

    Critique what went wrong.

    3 tons of wood. that's what she said
  81. Tony H

    Will this hold or crack over time? Do more passes?

    When I stuck weld, I always make small circles as I 'push' forward.
  82. Tony H

    Diesel Fuel Rationing?

    Tyranny, exactly why there was a 2nd amendment. Currently being manipulated by the tyrannists. Fuel issues would not exist if Day One in office did not include a record number of Executive Orders 'unTrumping' everything. Let the fuel companies lease the land that they were leasing.
  83. Tony H

    Why would a mower melt 20 amp fuses?

    Sounds like a mouse chewed wire that sometimes shorts to Ground.
  84. Tony H

    Stihl blower spark arrestor.

    Some Federal Safety guy was bored and had to create more B.S.
  85. Tony H

    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    The older machines did have options, as you mentioned. The new ones do not. My whole rant was rhetorical, I know it's the American "L&L" problem Lawyers and Liability. Just frustrating to pay for it then pay to undo it. In the case of this JD, you need to lean forward to reach it and you...
  86. Tony H

    Bottle jack method of tree felling (plus rope?)

    Plunge cut and wedges. With no real lean to speak of I don't think the bottle Jack is necessary. But I'd cut my wedge, then plunge cut thru tree get you hinge cut then back out of the tree. Do not come all the way out, leave about 1/2" of wood. Put wedges in, just inside of that 1/2". Tap...
  87. Tony H

    What would you do ?

    Mother-in-law should 'throw the flag on the play'. Maybe do the water activities and postpone the heavy lifting. Maybe start at 3:00am, it'll be cooler. Half joking but I've done it.
  88. Tony H

    has anyone ever heard such nonsense?

    Are you asking the dealer about a Riding Mower or a Garden Tractor? There is a difference. A Riding Mower is light weight. Meant for travelling with a mower deck. Garden tractors should be Rated differently as they are designed to possibly drag implements thru dirt. There's no specific 'pull'...
  89. Tony H

    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    The whole idea of this 'safety mandate' it to make one more attentive when operating your tractor. What clown came up with this? Now, instead of turning my head prior to backing up, I'm looking down to find either the left hand button or right hand pull knob. How is that safer? Leaning...
  90. Tony H

    How would you fall this?

    Your first post makes sense. Maybe, put a bigger notch. IT WILL JUMP BACK UP as you cut your way toward the rootball. As you cut toward the ball you will feel it getting light and ready to go. Start cutting smaller pieces, if the notch doesn't cause the break, we hope it stands up...
  91. Tony H

    Mowing Steep Hills

    I know you mentioned Walk-behinds are not an option. $20k for a Steiner or Ventrac would not begin option for me. I have a scenario where I can not go up my hill to the flat on top, like your fence issue, I have a 48" walk behind and it let's me now totally perpendicular to the slope. My...
  92. Tony H

    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    When we get a new Administration that will do want Americans want rather then their personal agenda, I think fuel will go back to the ***** Administration. It will only by force that I would think electric. I know California's electric grid cannot handle what's already on-line. Charging cars...
  93. Tony H

    Landscaping with a tractor?

    Can you just make swales to steer the water? A ditch will prevent you from mowing or driving over but a wide swale will narrow down your wet area. French drains would be a second thought. Don't mess with piping, just deep trench filled back to grade with round rock.
  94. Tony H

    Mowing Fed Up w/ BX Drive-Over Deck. Making a Change.

    If you have the $$, get a ZT even a 48" walk behind. It will cut you mowing time way down. Not because of faster cutting but because of ease of getting close to the trees. No reversing a thousand times.
  95. Tony H

    I have no idea what to buy

    If this is for Mowing only, I would seriously look at Zero Turn machines. Gravely, Cub Cadet, Toro. These machines turn on a dime leaving you with much less trimming then the standard Ride-on. If you anticipate other duties, let us know. Just went back to see you looking at ZTs. I have...
  96. Tony H

    conflicting advice on using bucket with rotary cutter

    I think all advise is valid. I may run the bucket on and low while mowing a new area. After I'm confident in the grounds, I might take it off for visibility
  97. Tony H

    ***UPDATE*** Mice ate my light wiring, ques on the wire connectors

    Vick's vapor rub. I put it on some harnesses, I have seen mice prints on Dusty surfaces so I have put the smallest film in those areas too. Some sockets and wire insulation is now made with Soy. Ecologically friendly and mice love it. Go figure.
  98. Tony H

    E-15 fuel in your area?

    Adding alcohol to had is like adding more bread to meatloaf It will fill your belly but just doesn't help anything. It literally takes the same amount of GAS to get from point A to point B. 10% ethanol reduces your MPG by 10%. I know, I still own three cars that I have owned since before the...
  99. Tony H

    LS or Kubota

    Also the Kubotas front axles and trani, on the 3000 series has issues. If you use the FEL to haul some weight, often, the front bearings explode without warning.. At about 300-400 hours. Sometimes it takes out other internal parts by the knuckle. I've had the tractor split twice now because...
  100. Tony H

    This has to be a record !!!

    The mindset of making appliances more efficient by making smaller motors and running the crap out of them boggles my mind. A more efficient unit that has to be thrown out and recycled CANNOT be more fuel efficient in the long run. Less efficient with much longer life has got to be more fossil...
  101. Tony H

    Smaller rear tires to lower tractor ROPS so I can fit into my trailer when hauling

    Maybe two 2x6s under front tires would have tilted ROPS enough to clear doorway.
  102. Tony H

    Diesel Fuel Rationing?

    And this Administration just cancelled another Land Lease for domestic fuel companies. Forcing electric down our throats whether we low-cut or not. Land of the Free or Land of the manipulated?
  103. Tony H

    Would You Loan It Out?

    He can't afford your high prices? He didn't pay you! I'd get the Unit back. Tilling last year's ground is bad enough, cutting virgin soil... I would want to do it so I can feel it out and not abuse my equipment. Hopefully his 24hp won't work on virgin soil. Tools like this I do not lend out...
  104. Tony H

    First Tractor Purchase - Looking for advice

    As someone else mentioned... 2wd or 4wd, lifting and driving Max loads is very tough on the Ag. Tractors.
  105. Tony H

    Stamped marking on chain

    Ate the links stamped or just the Tag?
  106. Tony H

    Which Backpack Blower?

    I got work to do... Can't please everyone. I hate the look of solar panels on people's roof tops and windmills interrupting beautiful landscapes.. I gotta live with it
  107. Tony H

    Riding mower vs BX

    Bravo X-ray, look into Clarence modification for your JD Blower. Don't buy the actual kit, buy some 4" wide belting, cut and Bolt onto your Impellers. Shoot will stay clear even on the slushy days.
  108. Tony H

    Riding mower vs BX

    I always like the idea of a tractor that can do mowing rather then lawn tractor that can almost do yard duty. I'd think about the BX with rear mount (PTO driven) finishing mower
  109. Tony H

    What Insane/Crazy Price did You Pay Today?

    My car has a noisey Idler Pulley on the AC Belt. I can hear it on very cold mornings. Sticker shocked at $40. I took off the old one, used my needle tip on my grease gun and got grease into the Sealed bearing. Good for another 200k miles, I hope.
  110. Tony H

    6ft Rotory Tiller not getting job done

    Not familiar with The River. Looked it up on line and at a casual glance, the gearbox looks way tiny. Maybe it can't handle your ground. My Kubota neighbors tiller literally has what looks like a solid rear axle mounted on top of tines. Big gears in that differential casing. That unit...
  111. Tony H

    Battery Help

    Unions and ridiculous Minimum Wages had put the USA out of the world market.
  112. Tony H

    Oil question

    What are those ratings for? Lubrication ability or environmental spill issues?
  113. Tony H

    Mahindra dies after turning it on its side

    Hydro lock Ditto for me. I'd it was hydro locked, it would not have turned on revolution, let alone run a few seconds.
  114. Tony H

    Getting ripped off at the pump

    Too bad The State put the $30K in their pocket and didn't, at least, give you what you were owed.
  115. Tony H

    Kioti ck3510 backhoe or comparable tractor

    Unless your material is super sandy and it will all fall from the roots, you are going to have a 2000lb root ball to get out and move. I don't think you have enough Giddy-up with that backhoe. I have dug out three sides of an 18" diameter tree 40' tall, then pushed it over. That helps break...
  116. Tony H

    Don’t buy mahindra

    Kubota's too are known for wiping out front axle bearings when using the loader with heavy material. NOT above what it should do, mind you, but heavy material often kills the front ends. FELs on Ag tractors are probably made for hay and horse manure removal. Not buckets of sand, stone and...
  117. Tony H

    Battery powered chainsaw

    Friend and neighbor has the $800+ Stihl battery job. It was bought the first or second year Stihl came out with it. My wife borrows it from time to time to limb what I cut with the gas saw. After 2 years, charge life is way down. Even when reading 50% charge it drops in RPM while cutting a...
  118. Tony H

    Electric ZT

    No! However, in our 'land of the free' the new regime had passed laws to end the sales of fossil fuel equipment in a few years. Have you seen all the new Stihl equipment? All batteries. I will baby my stuff.. Hopefully they won't ban the sales of engine/caburetor rebuild kits
  119. Tony H

    I did it. Roast and discuss my choice. (sharing experience + numbers for others)

    If you have open area for the driveway to drift, look into simple T Post and plastic fencing. It works. Bit I agree, I too spent $$ for the comfort. Especially plowing driveway weather
  120. Tony H

    Bush Hog

    A rotary mower might be a Finishing mower. Q-tip =Cotton swab Jello. =Gelatin Brush Hog = rough cut mower Bush Hog= rough cut mower Skil saw = circular saw
  121. Tony H

    City kids do not leave keys in vehicles. . . It’s different out here...

    Amazing the owner is a fault because a non owner took your vehicle. "you left the keys in it so you tempted them" I hate this 'new math' where the criminal is not responsible for their actions. I heard that recently a mail truck was stolen. The postman turned it off, hopped out to run a...
  122. Tony H

    Tuff Torq K46 - rebuild or just drain/refill oil?

    Interesting question. The hydro might just need fresh fluid with their friction properties. OR was fluid low on the JD too so you have internal wear? Hydros have come a long way. Tractor trailers, busses, everything has hydros in them these days
  123. Tony H

    Need to move an 800+ pound concrete slab.

    I would go with this. Chain on one end with a couple of pipes, fence rails, logs that you keep putting under the front as they roll out the back.
  124. Tony H

    City kids do not leave keys in vehicles. . . It’s different out here...

    What?? It was always "3 on the tree" never saw or driven a 4 speed on the column
  125. Tony H

    City kids do not leave keys in vehicles. . . It’s different out here...

    Backhoes are for Riff Raff removal, aren't they? I was just on a car forum talking about securing cars from theft. Until about 6 years ago, I lived on long island (that's lower Eastern NY) cars in driveway or garage and house, never locked. When we sold the house, we didn't know where the...
  126. Tony H

    Kioti CK30HST loses hydraulic power

    Big expense of new pump but glad you got it back to working. Do you think you could have replaced the gasket/o rings on the old pump or was there issues with the metal parts?
  127. Tony H

    Seafoam for real?

    The red stuff, yes. I have seen the jelly in carbs that have had stabilize in them too long. The blue, marine use stuff works better. It's made to absorb more moisture then the red.
  128. Tony H

    Buying crushed rock -- new MSHA rules?

    Never heard of it in NY. My guess is the new rules is just another way of taxing. Now you gotta pay 'the man' to get a license. Or pay $100 plus delivery. Tax, fees, permits, license, keep yelling yourself that we are a free country.
  129. Tony H

    Would a zero turn be faster than a B2601?

    Yes you will win with a ZT. It's not necessarily the ground speed that makes the mowing faster, it's the lack of backing up and the lack of large radius turns. Your 'one engine' to maintain is a legit thought. That's something you will have to decide
  130. Tony H

    Kioti CK30HST loses hydraulic power

    Folks here are saying the problem started AFTER the filter/flued change. That's not correct.. You did fluid and filter AFTER you had the hydro issue.. Correct? FEL and 3Pt hitch are a problem yet driveability is still OK. Was hydro fluid low when stuck in ditch? Maybe low fluid starved the...
  131. Tony H

    Greetings and Salutations

    Give us more history.. Found implements by moving weeds with rebar... So, was it in a barn that you bought? Was it a purchase from someone that side 'take it all' and you didn't know what all there was.. Let's hear the story
  132. Tony H

    Can this be repaired? If not, does replacement have to be exact OEM?

    Looking at first post. First picture... Yes, I believe that removing that screw would let you remove the valve handle. Rotate the handle counterclockwise to bleed it "AIR", rotate clockwise to "OFF". Straight down is run mode. Second pic... Any setup with a shutoff valve and a bleeder system...
  133. Tony H

    Trailer tires…what the…

    Only thought would be south facing tires that the Sun beat up but you say no direct sunlight. Maybe tires face west and they get windblown. That'll dry out tires too
  134. Tony H

    Broke 2 Oil filter wrenches

    Not sure why the Factory doesn't know how to install these filters. I had a heck of a time on BOTH the filters on my Zero Turn. Each wheel has a hydro. Mangled and bent it up too. The tool in the picture did finally do it. A strap wrench or chain wrench might grab well with a piece of...
  135. Tony H

    Underground electric/drainage question

    I have hard clay issues.. I bought Direct Bury wire. Ran it in schedule 40 electrical gray. Glued each belled end. Direct Bury alone should be good bit with all the shale in soil, I wanted extra protection.
  136. Tony H

    Kioti Purchase Ck3510se HST Cab - Unrealistic Expectations ? Looking for advice

    My argument at the dealer would be " nobody sells a FEL where the bucket is narrower then the front tires. P. S. 90% of us can care less that the post is technically in the wrong spot.
  137. Tony H

    1710 engine stalls, I really need your assistance

    I'd check the fuel tank vent. Sounds like the tank is not venting and that cause-and-effect vacuum. Loosen the fuel cap and see if tractor runs passed 30 minutes
  138. Tony H

    Welding Hooks to a front end loader

    Looking at many 3000 series Ag tractord, yes, I would reinforce these thin, light buckets.
  139. Tony H

    Clamp on hitch receiver, whatam I missing?

    He's got a backhoe
  140. Tony H

    Kioti Grapple Buyer beware!!!!

    SSQA should not need grinding old to new. That is their first tale. IF they sold it to you knowing it wasn't a Kioti to Kioti connection, then they should not play that card now that you have a problem.
  141. Tony H

    Clamp on hitch receiver, whatam I missing?

    Can't explain why it doesn't work As-Is but I think a quick fix from it rotating would be to buy a small U Bolt for holding Leaf Springs from a trailer place. Drill to holes in your bucket close to the very end of this hitch... Right where the clamping mechanism is. That should stop the...
  142. Tony H

    Am I crazy? Chalky oil in crankcase - 1 Hr old - Husqvarna ZTR

    Definitely water in oil. Wonder how overfull the dipstick would read before emptying. Yes it is the operators responsibility to check but, be serious, it's brand spanking new.
  143. Tony H

    Swollen Ford Lug nuts

    Early 70 Mopars. Passenger side. Theory is, Rotation of tire on that side would cause big nuts to loosen.
  144. Tony H

    Warning About Dealers And Their Pricing

    Harley Davidson has been selling at above MSRP 'Forever'. I'd never own a machine that has 'yesterday's technology with tomorrows prices'. They must have great marketing people because they are more then just surviving.
  145. Tony H

    Shipping Tractors

    Ha ha, love the sarcasm.
  146. Tony H

    Oh No, forgot to replace fuel cap. Now what?

    John deere has the same lame filters on their 5wd lawn tractor. 758? Overpriced toy filters.
  147. Tony H

    Oh No, forgot to replace fuel cap. Now what?

    Let tractor sit. Fuel and water will separate. Get small tube (1/4"-3/8"). Push it down to the bottom of fuel tank and siphon out bottom of tank... That's where the water will be. Siphon to clear jug so you can see clear water turn to yellowish diesel as you get it all out. Then I'd run it a...
  148. Tony H

    10 Hours In, found this laying in front of my bucket (see pic)

    Yup Qtips Skill saw Jello We all know what is generic for these manufacturers names
  149. Tony H

    Ventrac 4500Z quits unexpectedly

    You are saying a clogged fuel vent caused the problem? That was my guess. As far as fuel pump replacement, look for the engine model number, not Ventrac model number. What is it? Kubota D902? Once you have actual engine number, crossing the pump should be a breeze. What makes you think a...
  150. Tony H

    Why are hoses hard to connect???

    So you guys are happy with the X-Boom. With the energy I had to use before coming up with a system that works for me, I would think that the hand grippe would break or the bar section would bend before connectors moved. That's why I was trying to buy that HOLP-ON clamp...
  151. Tony H

    Why are hoses hard to connect???

    It's temperature change. It creates pressure. If you unhook the grapple with the jars fully closed, then the hydraulic cylinders cannot open or close slightly with pressure change. If you can tilt the grapple down with the jaws open slightly it may help. I have also had luck with mating the...
  152. Tony H

    New hydraulic top link won't clear the lift arms on my B-series

    Looks like you need a male to make right angle fittings instead of the multiple fittings coming off the cylinder
  153. Tony H

    Driveway gravel

    My dad used to say " you living here for free? You need to pitch in when you are told" now finish you bottle, get you diaper changed and get outside Ok the last part. I made up. I was out of diapers before he put the lawnmower in my hands
  154. Tony H

    Driveway gravel

    This is what I mentioned in my Post. They truly work wonders on #2 stone (about 3/4" to 2" sized stone)
  155. Tony H

    Driveway gravel My neighbor use to Leaf Rake it in piles, on and off, for weeks. He bought this attachment for his Stihl power head and now it's a few hours on a 400' driveway. Of course the best way is to plow high in the...
  156. Tony H

    Love hate our new L4060 HSTC limited edition

    AG tractors, in general do not offer heavy lifting capacities. It sounds like you need something like a John Deere 110. Or, like mine, JCB MIDICX. These are construction tractors with 3ph capabilities. Rather then an AG tractors with FEL capabilities
  157. Tony H

    Removing the Chains of Bondage...

    My chains stay on as well. All winter, with temps very cold, the tires alone do well. It is now when temps get up around freezing where the bare tires pack snow and slip. It is really now, at the end of season where the chains need to be on. Not to mention, mother nature always gives us a...
  158. Tony H

    And there'd probably be some fool pull out to pass

    Hey buddy how do i get this car out of 2nd gear
  159. Tony H

    Help on new purchase

    Yes, JDs proprietary interconnects is a show stopper for me. A company should not corner you to buy their overpriced attachments by having a custom hookup system.
  160. Tony H

    Seized chainsaw

    Sounds like the Carb was adjusted to get every inch of RPM out of the saw. Tuned at Max RPM means the saw is running too lean. Even properly mixed gas will not help the engine from running too lubrication lean. Back to your question.... Pull the spark plug out, spray cylinder with carb...
  161. Tony H

    Stamped marking on chain

    It IS an old anchor chain. It was a spare anchor on an old 43' trawler. I can't imagine a place by me that has those qualifications. I used to work by and use a UL facility to test my electronics designs.... Many hours away from There these days
  162. Tony H

    Stamped marking on chain

    I know the weights for the grades and sizes. Just wondering when chain markings began.
  163. Tony H

    Stamped marking on chain

    When discreet start stamping chains? I have a 30-40 year old 3/8 chain. Maybe zinc plated, never used. Trying to decide whether I want to spent $40ish for grab and slip hooks to make a pull chain if I ever need one. Don't know the grade of this chain, not sure when stamped chains became a...
  164. Tony H

    Steering wheel knob placement

    Back in the day when front steering was all linkage and 'Loose' by nature. You were White-Knuckled driving normally at 60 MPH. Just holding a Spinner was suicide, hence the nick name, suicide knob. Funny how many say they get in the way... Many new boats have them standard on their wheels...
  165. Tony H

    Steering wheel knob placement

    Dirty, Dusty, muddy hands slide on the wheel, even easy steering hydros. Spinners are great.
  166. Tony H

    Steering wheel knob placement

    I'm right handed and I like mine in the 11:00 position. I sit high on my tractor do when driving I likey arm across the wheel, right hand on Spinner. When using the Loader a lot, the left hand is comfortable at 11:00
  167. Tony H

    Rodents win again

    Vick's vapor rub. Lower tire treads. The smell and greasiness keeps them away. Schmere some on the wires. Put some on paper and leave it in the cab. Don't keep the tractor parked in the same spot more then a week. The Tom-Cat 'Farm and Home' works very well.
  168. Tony H

    Would you buy a 30 year old truck with 51 miles on it?

    Brake cylinders or calipers have rubber that may cause a brake fluid leak. Although I'm currently driving 23 and 33 year old vehicles that have over 200k miles on all kinds of temperatures and they have mostly original beak components. As well as starters and alternators.
  169. Tony H

    3pt concrete ballast build for logging/firewood

    Imron paint? I was a bit confused. I thought you added to the original cement cube. You used the forks but started over with the cement. I was wondering how you anchored the accessories to the origin block. Nice setup
  170. Tony H

    Bad news big repair

    Hmm, about this issue. The sell plug in thermostats to be used as 'heat out in the house' warnings. House gets below 40f and it activates the switch. Plug anything into this t-stat switch to turn on as a warning. Can't you use one of these for you block heater? It's nice when you can keep...
  171. Tony H

    Clump of snow fell in my fuel tank!

    10" of snow equals 1" of rain. You basically drop 1 droplet into the tank. Even with only 1 gallon of fuel, the engine won't feel that drop of water.
  172. Tony H


    Borax 20 mule power soap. It affects the nervous system on ants.
  173. Tony H

    Do you take it to the dealer for maintenance or do it yourself.

    It's dealer's job to make money. They charge you 'book' for a specific job and push to beat it. Pushing is shortcutting. I maintain everything that I own. They seem to outlive all the Dealer/mariner objects around me. My daily tools are all considered classics.
  174. Tony H

    Snow blower purchase

    They may have changed with hydrostatic but I had a circa 1978 craftsman 420 track machine. I got it for free but hated that it did not freewheel in reverse. It always had to be put in reverse and driven backwards even when you wanted to pull it back a few feet, shift over and blow forward again.
  175. Tony H

    Snow blower purchase

    The only issue with the craftsman machine is the tiny rectangle discharge area that clogs very easily in our typical heavy snow. Add the Belting material on the impeller... Problem goes away. It's called the Clarence modification. Kits are expensive, just buy the belting material at Farm...
  176. Tony H

    Disable tractor seat shut-off?

    They do get frustrating. My backhoe never had one. My friends Kabota has one. Sometimes I need to get up on the edge of the seat to see what I'm doing in tight quarters. Thats when the engine starters stall or does stall Very annoying.
  177. Tony H

    What is the best way to narrow my 700' gravel drive?

    Maybe whatever call Crusher Run in my neck of the woods. Combo of Stone and finer material. Drive over a fresh 8" of the stuff and it compacts and tightens up fast. Put a layer of textile down with this on top and you are good for many years It won't push down into the soil...
  178. Tony H

    What is the best way to narrow my 700' gravel drive?

    Those rubber paddle on the Stihl is what my neighbor uses every Spring after he snowplowed his stone driveway all over his lawn. So much faster then the leaf rake he used to use. It works very well for that. Not sure how well it would do with 4" of beat down stone.
  179. Tony H

    Smoking diesel mystery

    That's what came to mind when I read it.
  180. Tony H

    Block Heaters 24/7

    My winters are cold. Sometimes way below freezing sometimes well below zero Fahrenheit. A few of my neighbors that have snow plowing routes and those that have farm animals plug in their block heaters for those 6 months. That is, when they are not in the vehicle, using it, the vehicle is...
  181. Tony H

    DPF Regeneration driving me crazy...

    And how much Jet fuel is dumped from each place before landing?
  182. Tony H

    Getting ready for 20 inches

    Sensationalizing the weather. Just give me the truth and stop crying wolf.
  183. Tony H

    Why is Weight The Only Solution Being Offered To The Problem Of Traction?

    Counterbalance using the rear axle as the fulcrum. It takes weight off the weaker front axles of the AG tractors. Weighted tires won't help in this case, you need weight hanging off the 3pt hitch. Then be careful when FEL is empty.
  184. Tony H

    Why is Weight The Only Solution Being Offered To The Problem Of Traction?

    Ladder chains.. Bronco busting. I bought Trygg -Nosted Multi Flex chains for winter snowblowing. Less bounce on roads not perfect but much better than the ladder style.
  185. Tony H

    Ventrac 4500Z quits unexpectedly

    Just talking out loud, again. That 3 cyl Kubota engine sometimes has a propane conversion kit at the carb. Any chance some fuel shutoff solenoid for propane substitute is malfunctioning? Some broken spring or something. We had the engines on our large scissor lift and they are great. Would...
  186. Tony H

    Ventrac 4500Z quits unexpectedly

    Not familiar with the Ventrac engine.. Overhead valves? Check valve clearance. These new overhead valve engines are finicky. An hour of heat up is a long time, I admit but maybe the valves are not fully opening when very hot if valves are set too tight. Just throwing my thoughts out to you
  187. Tony H

    Ventrac 4500Z quits unexpectedly

    If the vent is semi clogged, it may take a long while for the pull of the carburetor to create enough vacuum that it can't draw anymore fuel. But with the semi clog, it loses some vacuum, which let's you start it again. It will run all day at idle because at idle the vent can keep up. Here's...
  188. Tony H

    Ventrac 4500Z quits unexpectedly

    Sandspiders love the smell of today's gasoline. They build airtight nests in venting areas Loosen fuel cap and see if stalling issue goes away
  189. Tony H

    New tractor arriving this Friday. What do I need?

    Grease gun and 3 tubes of grease for starters. Sounds like your general use doesn't require ballast IN the tires but you may want to google 3pt hitch ballast to make a homemade counter balance for when you move heavier things in the Loader. Back down hills when weighting bucket. Without front...
  190. Tony H

    DPF Regeneration driving me crazy...

    No, it's asinine. Had a stone delivery a few months back. Mushy ground. The driver got thru, dumped his stone and went to make a run thru the wet clay incline hill on my property. Got right into the mush when his truck went into this mode, engine drops in power. Tires spun, it was over...
  191. Tony H

    Clearing snow (3 kilometer long wood trail)

    Wow, I respectfully disagree. He's got leveling ground, he gets only 10" snowfall at a time. He doesn't need the tires loaded, just add, removable weight to the hitch. he's not going to bend up his Loader Arms unless he's crashing into trees. Heck, my neighbor has an L3000 series kubota...
  192. Tony H

    Tires Winter use Tires

    Industry tires, in my opinion, can easily slip and then you got no traction. Maybe a bit less traction then AG tires. I find that snow traction depends heavily on temperatures. Very very cold and traction increases. You can hear the snow squeak. Closer to the freezing mark and snow get...
  193. Tony H

    Loan a Yanmar

    Under your scenario, I would not lend it out. My neighbor and I have been friends for 40 years. He is meticulous with his equipment and yet when he wants a hole dug, I come over and dig it with my backhoe. There's no resentment, he gets it. So a basic stranger, with no history... Nope
  194. Tony H

    Clearing snow (3 kilometer long wood trail)

    First I would think with you low height snowfalls, the cheapest would be a rear plow. You have the ground clearance for the snowfall and rear blades are 'inexpensive'. You can also leave FEL on to load wood. Next, I would suggest a simple used pickup truck plow modified to a quick attach...
  195. Tony H

    CUT Low Loader Lift Capacity

    I needed good FEL lifting but wanted cat 1 in the rear. You won't get it for $30K but that's why I bought my JCB MIDICX. The 4:1bucket alone ways 800lbs. it's a construction type tractor that can do Ag. work, instead of the other way around. Look at used JD110. Very similar
  196. Tony H

    snow blade rubber edge help

    Maybe they sell the tread for the bottom of flip flops. I've seen fancy leather sandals with tire tread soles.
  197. Tony H

    64 years old TD14 dozer still pulling the Giant logs. Unbelievable......

    That gas to diesel lever must pull the valve to increase compression, turn off gas and open diesel fuel flow. Cool. Of course this dozed couldn't possibly have ever worked. No plastic, no warning labels. We all know that Warning labels is what makes things work, right?😀
  198. Tony H

    64 years old TD14 dozer still pulling the Giant logs. Unbelievable......

    How did you come by that machine? Original owner? First tree looked lake it was hung up on the stump. I was surprised to see the power nose down as you tried backing up. Thanks for sharing.
  199. Tony H

    Pushing A Tractor To It's Limits

    The rest attachment should have been on the uphill side to counterbalance. That is, if you wanna flirt with danger, at all.