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  1. Farmer495

    Thief repaints MF to NH colors and keeps tractor!

    Picture in link. Stolen tractors disguised to avoid detection, police allege - Prince Edward Island - CBC News Compact MF repainted and decaled as New Holland to throw police off. CAT dealership there was MF dealer as well, so was likely new machine at the time.
  2. Farmer495

    M7040SU underslung/downswept exhaust

    Does anyone have some up close photos of the underslung/down swept exhaust piping on an M7040SU? Just curious, have to clear a low door and the vertical stack has to be removed, it's just a straight piece of pipe so I can put a shorter one on it, but wanted to see the factory set up.
  3. Farmer495

    Looks like Deere ruined the 5E series

    Check out the 2015's with the oversized hood, tiny fenders and Tier IV DPF etc. I had a new 5E on my short list, looks like that isn't an option any more.
  4. Farmer495

    5045E 5055E 5065E 5075E 9x3 Trans

    I am looking at a 5055E with 16.9-28 tires and 9x3 Transmission I had it for a SHORT test drive around the dealer's lot. Speed chart seems ok, but looks like C reverse is useless for anything, B reverse seemed fast, A reverse slow (snowblower?) B range looks like only "field speeds" C range...
  5. Farmer495

    M5640SUD , Anyone have one? General and emissions ratings.

    I'm looking at 5640SUD's I am hoping to get a "simple" tractor, so I am concerned with computers and emissions equipment and what years had what. I have 3 pieces of sales lit, 2009 M5640SUD V2403T E-TVCS Indirect Injection 2011 M5640SUD V2403-T E-TVCS Indirect Injection 2014 M5640SUD-1...