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    Smashed my Deere Canopy

    Some folks smash their garage with ROPS... I smashed my canopy on the 5065e not once but twice in one day. First time was next to a tree but didn't see an over hanging limb. Only cracked the left corner. Second and final smash was going into the shed. The first smash had tilted up the entire...
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    Wireless Driveway alert or alarm recommendations

    I have a gravel drive that's 1200 feet from highway to the house. We'd like to have an early warning whenever someone drives up. Longer wireless range would provide more time to prepare to receive visitors. I had an optical alert from Miltronics, but it had too many false alarms from birds and...
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    Help-Identify maker of this tillage / cultivator 3 point tool

    I bought this 9 shank tillage tool with a broken spring. I would like to get a replacement spring but can't ID the make. It looks like a "Fred Cain" Even has some blue paint. But most Fred Cain attachments have two rods for the spring perch. This attachment has a flat plate welded to the...
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    Telescopic Draft Links for Deere 5xxx series tractor

    Telescopic Draft links for Deere 5xxx series tractors. P/N SJ11072 and SJ11073 for left and right. $550 for pair. Purchased for a tractor I didn't get :( Located in North Carolina. Please reply via TBN, click on screen name "hosspuller"
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    Replacement Seat Deere 5200, 5300, 5400 tractors

    After 22 years of good service the seat cushions of my open station are cracking open. Has anybody installed the AI aftermarket Seat # RE62227 ? Would you recommend it over the Original Deere. I hesitate to buy Deere when the aftermarket for about the same money gets a complete seat vs two...
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    Bad Product at Tractor Supply.

    Any body want to sit around a fire breathing ZINC fumes with your wine? Enjoy a bout of Metal Fume Flu ... See at link the danger >>
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    F915 Diff to Trans hose

    I've got the proper hose from Deere. The hose collapses when installed. What is wrong?
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    Broken Deere F915 AXLE

    I'm in need of advice. The left axle shaft of my F915 has broken. The break was at the splines inside the differential. The problem I'm having is removing the left axle housing. There is not enough clearance between the frame and the differential. There is a thick washer in a recess between...
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    Bearing puzzle ... Or how to remove bearing without ruining clutch.

    Hello all ... I'm looking for suggestions on how to remove a failed bearing from an electric PTO clutch. The outer race is staked in place so can't be pulled out. The magnet windings are below the bearing so torching the race will damage the coils. The inner race is now off center and jammed...
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    Welding rods and self cleaning oven

    I have an opened 50# box of 7018 rods. It's been stored in the opened can in my office closet for 8 years. I'm concerned about moisture in the coating. Although I don't do any critical welding... just typical farm repairs. A thought ... A self cleaning electric oven gets to about 850 degrees...
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    Deere 5200 fuel gauge trouble

    The fuel gauge on my 5200 bounces wildly when the engine is running. If shut down and ignition is on, the gauge settles and indicates the fuel level. It appears to me that either the fuel sender is bad or some electronic part that damps the sender signal has failed. Anybody have an idea or...
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    Overturned bobcat excavator

    Buddy has just overturned his excavator this afternoon I haven't seen it yet. I'll post pics this evening. What precautions should be taken pulling it up right and before starting the engine?
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    Location of TN55 3-point rate of drop valve ?

    A friend has a TN55. His complaint is the slow descent of the 3 point. Is there a rate of drop valve on this machine he doesn't know about? Thanks for your replies ...
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    Suggestions needed ..

    I've a newly acquired 5 acre hay field. The problem is it's shape. An equilateral triangle... Not a huge problem when cutting clockwise until the last two acres or so.. The then shape becomes impossible to continue cutting without backing or making wide turns. :confused: I'm using a NH 477...
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    Walton tedder tines?

    I'm looking for replacement tines for a Walton GT-8 tedder Any body know of a source? Thanks..
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    Walton tedder parts?

    I'm looking for replacement tines for a Walton GT-8 tedder Any body know of a source? Thanks..
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    Starting Husqvarna 445

    I've a new Husqvarna 445. If the decompression button is pushed in, it's impossible to start. Left out, a 1/2 dozen primer bulb cycles & the choke, and it starts. Is this normal? Or is this a problem that Husqvarna should fix?
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    Tires !

    Bummer ! :confused2:Went out to Bush Hog this last Saturday... Tractor was tilted over, :confused2: Flat tire. Went to get the backhoe to help change tractor tire, :confused2:Flat tire. When I lived in the city, I only had two tires. ... One bicycle and I could change the tires myself...
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    Am I a Fuss? (A rant)

    Took my dually truck to have the tires rotated. (another story of why) Any way, The dealer service remounted one of the outer duals so the tire air valve of the inner dual is blocked. I hate taking my stuff to be serviced... Expensive and mostly leaves something to be desired. Either I redo...
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    Spare o-rings for O ring face seal fittings

    When I take a hydraulic fitting apart, good practice says to replace the o-ring. Where can I find the various size and durometer for 1/2 and 3/4 inch fittings? Then I can purchase the rings in bulk, rather than an expensive kit with sizes I'll never use. Thanks for any help...
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    Leveling posts ?

    I'm planning a 20' x 36' pole shed. There will be two rows of posts every 12 feet separated by 20 feet. Once the posts are vertical in the ground, I need to trim the tops level about 12 feet above ground for the trusses. How would a person determine the level plane on the posts? Use a line...
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    Reason enough to change your own oil

    Jiffy Lube ... click here >> Jiffy Lube is investigated. [VIDEO] I worked in Corporate America my entire life...They deserve all publicity possible.
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    Aftermarket Deere part

    I have a Deere F915 front mower. It's been a good machine, but the PTO shaft that drives the deck is worn out. It was worn sloppy when I got the mower 10 years ago, but now it's time for a replacement. I once saw an ad for PTO shafts in a commercial turf magazine. Can anybody point me to a...
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    Oil & Fuel  NH 310 Baler

    I got a new to me NH 310 square baler. How many quarts of oil does it take to change in the main gear box? Thanks in advance...
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    Backhoe  Spun rod end bearings

    I have a Deere 310C backhoe. There are several sleeve bearings (steering, bucket and swing) that have spun, blocking the grease fitting port. The bearing sleeve material is very hard. A High speed drill bit won't scratch it. I'd like to drill a new grease hole through the bearing to the...