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    Steering wheel height

    Anyone raise there steering wheel?
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    Rear view mirror for mt352hc

    👍 thanks for the info
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    Rear view mirror for mt352hc

    Anyone know of a rear view mirror that mounts to the roof. thanks in advance
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    Loader Joystick upgrade

    What did you use for a handle with that curved stem?
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    Loader  Joystick upgrade

    Any do any joystick mods to make more comfortable to use while sitting back in the seat
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    Backhoe for my mt352

    I have 3 sets of rear remotes on my machine. Install shouldn’t be to bad I would have to assume it gets easier and easier the more times you do it.
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    Backhoe for my mt352

    I feel your pain. I had to put one of my dogs down about a month ago
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    Backhoe for my mt352

    I’m assuming that’s with the mount. But not positive I’ll have to double check. I was thinking more like 7500 but apparently I’m way off base! Thanks for the reply 👍
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    Backhoe for my mt352

    Trying to find a backhoe for my tractor. Just got a price from dealer in pa today. $9400 wtf! I paid 36k for my 2021 mt352hc, 10500gvw twin axle trailer, 5ft box grader and 5ft brush deck. Are there any after market hoes that fit these machines