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    Would You Loan It Out?

    I know a fellow like that, no three or four. They borrow for free, never return it so I have to go pick it up. I had one guy who borrowed so he could do custom work, taking my customers, then when it needed parts I was to pay for them. It all came to a sudden stop when I found out and stopped it...
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    What are the most reliable tractors to own?

    Yamar has been making tractors for years. We had one 45+ years ago. John Deere has used Yanmar engines in their compact tractors for years and due to an agreement between the two companies Yanmar quit exporting to the US. Apparently the agreement has expired as Yanmar is now exporting to the US...
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    Hydraulic Side Tilt For 3PH--Single or Double Acting?

    Your current vertical lift arms are fixed with an adjustment on one or both. This keeps things on an even keel side to side. A single action cylinder will destroy that ability. For example you want a rear blade to cut deeper on one side in relation to the other.
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    Block Heaters 24/7

    Years ago… I thot I couldn’t afford to leave any of my tractors plugged in until a hour or so before needed then one cold winter day the power went out. I needed the tractor powered generator to milk my cows but non of the tractors started. After that one tractor was plugged in continuously with...
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    Grading--what am I doing to cause this?

    I see several problems. 1: tractor only has position control. Front wheels go over a ripple the blade mounted behind the rear wheels go down. Then back wheels hit the ripple and come up causing the blade to exaggerate and go even higher. 2: blade too light 3:blade behind the back axle...
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    Elevation = rough start up..?

    Diesels do not throttle the air like a gas engine. There should be no noticeable difference between the two altitudes.
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    Tires do not spin

    If you are barely pressing the pedal down you are not in low range. Shift the transmission into a lower range so you can push the pedal down more and yes you should then spin tires
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    Will 10 Horsepower actually matter on the same size tractor?

    25% increase in power? Yes! Farm tractors for years have been 10-15hp between different models. Ex: 32, 38, 45, 55, 67, 83, 110, 125hp in one popular brand from a few years back and there was definitely a difference in performance
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    Ford/New Holland 1720 Clutch Overhaul Questions

    How many hours on the tractors?
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    My ‘93 Ford would overheat and very frustrating. It would blow coolant out the overflow tube on top of radiator. Pulled the radiator to get cleaned internally but when they started cleaning it sprung a leak and I was told, “not worth messing with.” Passages were half plugged and passages rotted...
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    Has anyone had any experience with "swinging lawn mower blades"?

    I have been using Meg-Mo blades on my 60 inch finish mower. I prefer them over standard mower blades.
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    Diesel Running Backwards

    My 1320 will also run in reverse for maybe 30 seconds.