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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    What a coincidence, THAT is where I am getting MY shearbolts. Time to go to an industrial supply.
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    The driveshaft one was breaking.
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    I have an odd question for older DK50C owners

    I have a 2002 DK50C that doesn't have a rear windshield wiper nor heated rear glass. It's a real pain in the butt when I am blowing snow and I have to stop every couple of minutes to clear off the ice on the glass so I can see. Does anyone know what year Kioti started adding rear wipers and...
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    So, I am guessing that some loose fan bolts were the cause of the snapping of the shear pins. Boy what a tricky way to tighten the fan bolts, but I got it tightened up. I haven't tried it yet, as I needed to put my rear blade on to cut some ice on the driveway, and I (apparently) forgot to...
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    I am now thinking that it was a cheap batch of grade 5's. When I snapped another today by sucking a tree branch in the blower, I went through several more snapping, and then I used a little longer and older purchase date bolt and it worked fine. I think it was just cheap shear bolts. Thanks for...
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    So, there was a brief break in the series of storms, so I dug out the snowblower and put it back on the tractor. I greased every fitting copiously and attached the driveshaft to the tractor and turned the pto on...... and it didn't snap. So I am guessing the ungreased joints perhaps had...
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    Pressing the clutch doesn't affect the speed of the PTO... that's probably why I didn't try that.
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    It's live.... .as I am getting older.... I am starting to forget stuff. I wouldn't think that I would have forgotten to use the clutch.. but I guess anything is possible. The only time I use the pto is in the winter, so it's been 6 months since I have used it. CRS syndrome. Thanks everyone!
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    Didn't even think of using the clutch.... I'll try that.
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    What would bliping the throttle do?
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    Actually, I haven't greased the u-joints.... maybe I'll try that. So the foot clutch also engages the pto? Really? Didn't know that.... I may try that. It's worth a try.... it is dumping outside and I need that blower.
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    No the local neigborhood hardware store
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    It is pretty new, and I haven't picked up anything that would have caused it to bind. When the snow is cleared, it turns very easily.
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    That's what I was thinking. The tractor is at idle, and as soon as I turn the button on that turns on the pto, the bolt snaps. A couple of days ago, it worked fine, but now I have no idea. After the bolt has snapped, I can turn the auger with my hand, so there isn't anything in the auger that...
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    it's a 2002 Kioti, and i have no idea about slip clutches.
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    I can turn the impeller with my hand, so it doesn't have any rotating issues.
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    nope, just at idle.
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    Woods Blower keeps snapping grade 5 bolts

    Bought a woods blower a couple of years ago for my 50hp Kioti and it works like a dream, but recently it has started snapping the grade 5 shear bolts. I can hand turn the auger and then I will turn on the pto, and it instantly snaps the shear bolt. I was working great the week before, but now it...
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    2002 DK50c Shudder?

    1500 hours on a 2002 and fluids checked regularly (although I haven't checked them in the last 100 hours).
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    2002 DK50c Shudder?

    So I was driving the tractor and all of the sudden it started shuddering- not in the engine per sae, but the whole tractor was shaking like someone grabbing the side and shaking the vehicle. I stopped forward motion and the tractor itself was still shuddering. I dropped the box on the 3 point to...
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    2002 Kioti DK50C heater issues

    If anyone is interested, I solved my problem- I found an online auto parts store called JEGS and they had a 177 CFM heater that fit perfectly in the spot. Installed it with a night and day difference. The old blower, I could feel from maybe 2" away from the vent- this thing blasts the air across...
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    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    Actually I love my backhoe, and use it almost daily for pulling out sagebrush by the roots, and moving rocks with the thumb attachment..... it's also good for weeding a garden (at idle rpm) and the best part is when I am "weeding" I don't hurt my back....
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    2002 Kioti DK50C heater issues

    Don't have any issues with the ac when turning on the heat. Which back vents are you talking about? The vents for the AC are actually above the heater vents in the roof, and they point down on the driver (and I don't feel any air from them when I have the heat on).
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    2002 Kioti DK50C heater issues

    Ok, then as a follow up, does anyone know how long Kioti used this configuration so perhaps I can get a newer unit that has more fan power?
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    2002 Kioti DK50C heater issues

    I don't need the heater yet, but now is the time to be thinking of doing repairs. ..... I use my tractor in the winter to plow my 1.5 mile long driveway, and the stock heater just doesn't put out enough hot air to keep the windows from fogging up. If I put my hand in front of one of the two...
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    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    I wish... a little out of my price range..... I've been dreaming for years on that one.
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    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    Another question to add in my search- not exactly related to attachments, but associated with them. Since I am looking for used 50+ hp, does of the noted sized tractors ( Kioti, Kubota or NH or any other decent tractor) have partial swivel seats? I am getting older and looking over my shoulder...
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    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    Thanks for the replies..... maybe time for a "collection"....
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    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    Yeah, my wife would like to see me add more toys to my "collection".....
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    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    Yeah, my 2002 Kioti Dk50C has the plates under the tractor and a steel mount under the drive axle, I just assume all tractors were like that. Good to know... thanks for the info. Does anyone know if Kioti makes a backhoe that mounts to the back of say a PX1153? I am shopping online for a...
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    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    "avoid 2pt backhoes at all cost" .... that is curious... Not knowing much about tractor life, I thought all backhoes are 3pt using the tractor hydraulics..... I use the backhoe in the summer and a snow blower in the winter, so I don't want anything permanently attached. Also, I saw that there...
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    Is there any size of tractor that is too big to add a backhoe on it?

    I am looking to move up to a larger tractor from my Kioti DK50C to a bigger tractor- 75+ HP and was wondering if there was a size that was too big to add a backhoe? I am thinking probably Kioti, Kubota or New Holland.
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    Is there anyone out there that has a service of shopping for tractors?

    Yes, I have..... not much to choose from in the 60-70hp turbo 4x4 with a cab, pre-2013 with low miles.... (maybe I am being too picky)....
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    Is there anyone out there that has a service of shopping for tractors?

    I live in California and most of the used tractors are on the east coast I live in an area with very few used tractors and was wondering if there was anyone out there that has a service where they will check out used tractors for buyers across the country (not sure what it is called). We have a...
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    Curious about dependabilty

    I have a 2003 DK50 and I am thinking about getting something newer. There are a lot of features in the newer tractors that weren't on the older ones. I was wondering if the newer tractors which probably have a lot of electronics in them are fussy. Does anyone know the year that Kioti started...
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    I have a 2003 DK50c with about 1200 hours on it

    and I am thinking about upgrading to a newer, larger, hydrostatic drive Kioti or similar tractor and was wondering what year I should be looking for with the best value. I use it for snowplowing, and general work around my 10 acre property. My tractor runs great, but it is a little underpowered...
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    Got blasted in the Sierra with lots of snow....

    I have a woodmaxx 84" snowblower that keeps popping it's 5/16" grade 5 shear pins. Would I be asking for trouble if I moved up to a grade 8?
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    Spring has sprung and I put away the rear blade

    and I went to put the backhoe on my 2004 DK50. Everything was working fine last fall when I took it off and put the rear blade on. So I dropped the blade and backed up to the backhoe and hooked up the hydraulics and when I was operating any of the backhoe joysticks, there was slight movement of...
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    How do I replace cable?

    2002 DK50 C using the joystick that operates the FEL up and down, the cable broke and thus the bucket no longer goes up. So I ordered a new cable, but I cannot figure out how to take the old cable out of the joystick block. Attached is a photo. The front plunger is the one with the broken cable...
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    Woodmaxx Snowblower Shear Bolts?

    Success!!!!! You guys are awesome... Lesson learned- the top link and the bottom links need to be a parallelagram or at least close. I went against my better judgement and lowered the attachment point on the blower- knowing it wouldn't make a difference, and when I hooked it up- I realized I was...
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    Woodmaxx Snowblower Shear Bolts?

    You guys are brilliant (or I am a dope).... but it made a HUGE difference. I never even SAW those holes. So I will put my hydraulic top on and see how this works. It still looks a little high- it would be nice if when the box was lifted, it stayed level. Any more ideas? I guess the next step is...
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    Woodmaxx Snowblower Shear Bolts?

    You guys got me going... there was a little bit of daylight left (alpenglow), so I went outside to take photos. The driveshaft DIDN'T matter. Same thing happened. I measured the approx length of the lower arm, starting from the same estimated place the top link is located and it was roughly...
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    Woodmaxx Snowblower Shear Bolts?

    I may try that next. Maybe you guys can answer something for me. For 15 years a friend of mine let me use his Ford 26 hp tractor to do my snow removal. I had a 3 point blower on it, and never had any issues. One thing I noticed that is different from his and mine, is when I lifted the 3 point...
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    DK50 Rear Wiper

    Does anyone know the year they put the rear wiper on the DK50? I have a 2002, and now that I have got the Woodmaxx blower on it, it would be helpful to have a rear wiper so I can see what I am doing. I don't think I can drill the glass to put a manual wiper on, so I am hoping I can get the glass...
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    Woodmaxx Snowblower Shear Bolts?

    Ok, I talked at length with Joel and he gave me some ideas, and thus my problem has been resolved. Operator error (or inexperience) Now I know and it won't happen again. Lessons learned: 1. Apparently their U-Joints with the sliding sleeve are built to super tight tolerances. I literally...
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    Woodmaxx Snowblower Shear Bolts?

    The manual says the outer drive line is attached to the tractor, and the drive line they sent me, the outer drive is attached to the blower, so all the melted water runs down the driveshaft and freezes the two covers together. So possibly one of the guys in the shop may have gotten the U joints...
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    Woodmaxx Snowblower Shear Bolts?

    I just got a SB84 for my DK50 tractor, and the shear bolts which came with it for the PTO to the gearbox are snapping like twigs. The manual says they are grade 2, with I would expect to break very easily. What grade are you guys with the same blower using? Grade 5? Grade 7? I was blowing...
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    DK50 Toplink Sticky

    When using my lever for the toplink, it is "sticky" as it sticks in whatever position my hand leaves it in and doesn't return to center; which accounts for lots of 3 point implements slamming into one position or another. Is it as simple as siliconing the lever or more involved? Also it moves...
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    2004 DK 50 Heater Blower

    I wonder why I am not getting any air in the cab? I went to O'reilys and they have something close which will be here tomorrow, so tonight I am going to put these in boiling water to see if I can reshape them.
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    Snowblower  Just got my Woodmaxx snowblower and I need some advice

    I bought the American Made PTO driveshafts for it and when I try to hook it up the blower PTO shaft slides onto the tractor PTO Spline until it gets to the ball detent. Then will all my might I pull back the sleeve that releases the locking "balls" and try to push the pto shaft from the blower...
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    2004 DK 50 Heater Blower

    So does anyone have any ideas how I can turn up the amount of heated air being blown from the heater? The low setting is pretty much the same as "off" and the high setting I can feel just a "breath" of hot air being produced. The fan seems to be working fine, but I don't seem to be getting any...
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    Light weight wood chip bucket or modifications?

    I have a Kioti DK50 and I am moving a bunch of wood chip mulch around. The 1/3 yard bucket is the equivalent of a wheel barrow load. Since the chips are so light, I'd like to find either an oversized bucket, a poly bucket (if they make one) of some sort of easy mod I can do to increase the...
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    Options for rear wiper on a 2004 DK50C?

    Planning on getting a snowblower this year, and I want to keep the glass clean. The back windshield currently does not have a wiper (nor any holes for a wiper) and I was wondering what my options are?
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    Looking to buy a blower for my Kitoti DK50

    Living near lake tahoe, we usually get adorned with really wet, sloppy snow which in most cases causes normal snow blowers to quickly clog up. On my Honda blower, I added some HDPE in the chute and that helped a lot. Does anyone know of any 3 point snow blower manufacturer who SHIPS their units...
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    Bearcat 74554

    Last year I bought a used 2004 Kioti DK45 and it came with a bunch of attachments. One of them was a Bearcat 74554 5" chipper. The thing looks like it has never been run.... it's been sitting out in the sun, so the paint is a bit faded, but there is very little signs of use. I was thinking I was...
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    Not an attachment, but still useful

    When I am digging a trench with my Kioti DK50, I often encounter rocks in the trench. I soon grow tired of digging the side wall out to uncover the rock. There are several products out there you guys and gals should be aware of: Dexpan- expansion agent- drill 2" hole, mix up and pour in and...
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    Since I am winterizing my DK50C....

    I might as well ask other questions too: New to me 2003 DK50C- just turning 1000hrs. My manual tells me to check the "Oil Pressure Filter"..... pray tell, what is that and where do I find it and how do I check it? "clean fuel tank" - is that a common thing to do if the tractor isn't...
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    Best vendor to get 2003 DK50C parts ASAP?

    I need fuel filter, fuel pipe, FEL pivot pins and zerks. Who is the best vendor for parts of a tractor of my vintage? I'd like to get all of that ASAP. Snow is a comin.....
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    Oil & Fuel Bleeding the fuel system on a Kioti

    Good to know because I need to replace the fuel filter and right now there is fuel leaking out of the fuel bowl, right around the rim of it. I didn't want to take it apart before I knew exactly how to put it back together. So, let me get this straight... use the "air setting" or loosen the nuts...
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    2003 DK50C Front Axle fluid level

    Attached is a photo of the fluid level. The manual doesn't describe what is the ideal level. Some guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Oil & Fuel Bleeding the fuel system on a Kioti

    Hi gang... have kind of the same question, but with a photo. 2003 DK50C, the Owner's Manual shows loosening up the round thing at the lower right to bleed the fuel. But the fuel filter does have the "air" position. Does this mean in order for me to bleed the air out of the fuel filter bowl, I...
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    My 2004 DK50's air conditioner is blowing luke warm air

    WIth that vintage tractor (in California) what do I need to do to get it to blow cold air?
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    Land plane questions

    I spotted a used land plane for sale and I was curious if anyone knew anything about the Terrabond brand? It looks like the blades are fixed in a horizontal position (90 degreees toward the direction of travel), rather than an angled position (45 degrees off the direction of travel), does that...
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    Radiator hoses looking a bit brittle on my DK50

    So I was planning on replacing them. Problem is I have a cab with a heater in it. When I drain the radiator, I am assuming the water will drain out of the lines going to the heater in the cab (located on the roof of the cab). I would assume when I put new coolant in it, there will be a air...
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    Mushy hydraulics?

    I'm sure this has been covered before, but Tractorbynet won't let me do a search, so I will ask again: On my Kioti DK50C the bucket hydraulics seem a little "mushy". It's not as responsive as I am used to on other tractors. The motions are rather slow and somewhat hesitant. Anything i should...
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    Pros/Cons of Front Mount Snowblower vs Rear Mount

    Just bought my neighbor's Kioti DK50 and been plowing my 1.5 mile long driveway with it this year. Considering getting a blower next year and wanted to know the pros/cons of the front mount to the rear mount. I am thinking with a front mount I can leave the box scraper on the back to quickly...
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    Replacing the crappy radio in my 2004 DK50

    Can someone tell me what the wire colors are going to the plug on the back of the old radio. I need: Hot Ground Acc (if it has it) There are 3 different wire connectors on the back of it, with what looks like a bunch of un-necessary wires. So I know which wires to hook up. Appreciate it...
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    I have top, but I want tilt on my DK50

    Attached are images of my '04 DK50 and I currently have a top control, but I want tilt for the gannon box when I am plowing or smoothing out my dirt road. Attached are photos of the hydraulic set up. Tell me what I need to make it happen (and where I should put it). Thanks
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    Oil & Fuel  Was reading a thread about greasing the zerk fittings so I pulled out the grease gun

    and started greasing the fittings on my DK50. I noticed one fitting missing and a few of them weren't taking grease. So I went to grab my socket to unscrew the fittings so I could match them at the auto parts store, and low and behold, I cannot get the socket to reach the fitting. The socket...
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    Wiring in LED lights to my DK50

    The front two work lights have black and yellow wires going to them (no problem) but the back two have a Black, a Yellow and a White with a red stripe. What is the white and red stripe wire? Can I ignore it and wire up the rear LED lights without using the white with red stripe? I would assume...
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    Just purchased a used tractor....Headlight issue

    The sealed H4 headlights seem to have had a leak which allowed moisture in the lights. Upon closer observation, along with water on the inside of the lens, it appears the silver coating of the lens has turned black pretty much everywhere; thus when the headlight is on not a lot of light is...
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    Buying Advice Looking to buy my neighbor's Kioti DK50c

    Actually, here are some photos of the attachments:
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    Buying Advice  Looking to buy my neighbor's Kioti DK50c

    Several years ago, a friend of mine was selling his (i think the year is) 2004 Kioti DK50C, and my wife wouldn't let me buy it (long story)- but I talked my neighbor into purchasing it. Now he wants to sell it as he is buying a New CAT tracked skidsteer. My neighbors and I share a 1 mile long...
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    Chipper options

    My neighbor and myself are looking at reducing the brush on his property. He has around a hundred acres of white sage and bitter brush. The biggest diameter on the bitterbrush is maybe 5in tops. He has a 100 HP bobcat that he uses for snowblowing in the winter. And he is going to purchase a...