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  1. Buggs67

    Oil & Fuel  tractor turns over but won't start

    2014 CK2510H with about 1,000 hours. It cranks over just fine but won't start. This started by the tractor not starting after I shut it down while working. It cranked fine. I stopped. Let it sit a minute and it started like normal. This happened again so I thought fuel starvation and changed...
  2. Buggs67

    Waterproof Solderless Heat Shrink Butt Terminal on sale

    These connectors are on sale right now at Amazon.
  3. Buggs67

    Roto Mower 24

    This vintage mower is at a local auction that is going off June 5th.
  4. Buggs67

    Yellow Jackets under deck enclosed by ceiling.

    I have a second floor deck where the bottom is sheeted with steel siding to make a roof over the patio under the deck. I have used several cans of yellow jacket spray on the nest from above but they are still there and very active. Any ideas how to kill this nest? I got stung 4 times in about...
  5. Buggs67

    ZTM Flex Forks

    When I bought my Hustler ZTM they offered Flex Forks as an option for $300. As I was pushing the budget already and they didn't seem like they'd do much I declined. I thought it interesting that they'd replace the forks the mower shipped with and I'd get no credit for the forks. Anyhow I'm...
  6. Buggs67

    EMS Appreciation Week.

    I thought this was a good forum to bring this up. I used to work alongside the volunteer EMS in our township. These people drop their lives to rush out and help complete strangers often in the worst of weather and circumstances and frequently i the middle of the night. And then they get up...
  7. Buggs67

    Saw for sale 50s Farmall Cub

    I saw this on Facebook Marketplace. It kinda says "Take me home!" Ad says; Runs and mows.It’s a 6 volt tractor smokes a little bit out of exhaust, not as bad after it warms up. goes threw all the gears. Selling due to I have 2 other of these and no room to store. $1,250 Millerstown, PA
  8. Buggs67

    Grass seed - non-coated

    I went to pick up grass seed and it's all coated; 50% of the weight is inert materials and the package claims to retain more water. And the price...$50 for 20 lbs, of which only half was seed. Last year I picked up seed from the local supplier of corn, straw, hay, etc. He buys in bulk and...
  9. Buggs67

    Problems with Hustler ZTM or Hustler Customer Service?

    I started having issues with my Hustler Raptor SDX. Kawa engine, Hydro-Gear ZT-3200, 54" deck. It doesn't track right. It will start to drift to the right and then when I try to correct it does nothing and then over corrects. It's been at the dealer for about 2 months. They resolved my...
  10. Buggs67

    Home Made debris forks

    I have clamp on pallet forks and for a big job (like all the limbs/branches from a felled tree) it's worth breaking them out. But sometimes they're too long. Sometimes it'd be nice to have a quick-to-attach set of 4 short (2') forks to do clean up. Anybody make a set?
  11. Buggs67

    Broken ZTM mowing deck belt.

    I started mowing yesterday and after about 50-100" the mower belt broke. This mower only has 107 hrs on it and was dealer serviced at 76 hrs last fall. Seems like a short life. It was too late to call the dealer. When I got the belts for my Land Pride finish mower I got Kevlar reinforced...
  12. Buggs67

    Zero Turn Tires

    My Hustler Raptor ZTM came with Big Bite tires, which the dealer made sound like a selling point. IMO they skid and spin too easy. I've reduced the inflation pressure and tried regrooving with my tire groover and they still skid and spin, tearing up the grass in the process. I'd hate to buy...
  13. Buggs67

    Giant Hornets, aka European Hornets

    Anyone have any experience with Giant Hornets, aka European Hornets? It appears we have some making a home in the lilac bush by the house and I had the misfortune to make ones acquaintance as I was mowing by there. A sudden extremely painful sting on my left hand was the first sign. Long story...
  14. Buggs67

    Rev (RPM) Limiter?

    I don't know if this has been asked and answered but do the Kioti tractors have a Rev Limiter? Both my cars do (both gas engines) and they cut out before red line. I usually run at the arrow for 540 PTO rpm but I know it will rev higher. There is no red line on the tach.
  15. Buggs67

    Welding brackets on tractor frame

    I'm new to welding and just got an arc welder. I want to weld some brackets on the tractors frame and I don't want to damage any electronics. Do I need to disconnect the battery? Both terminals or just NEG?
  16. Buggs67

    What the heck happened?!

    What the ???? I wasn't gone that long.
  17. Buggs67

    3-Point Hitch  Hydraulic side lift for a CK2510

    I'd like to replace one of my side links with a hydraulic cylinder so I can control the tilt on my rear blade and box blade. I don't want to do a T n T. I already have the rear control for my BH. Has anyone done this? I'd think all I need is a cylinder of the correct compressed/expanded...
  18. Buggs67

    Portable Generator for temp power outages.

    Looking for advice on Generators. We don't lose power for any length of time here; in 3+ years it's never been out for longer than 3-4 hrs and my neighbor who has lived here for 40 years said it's never been out as far as he can recall more than a day. (We moved from N Jersey where it's not...
  19. Buggs67

    Today's Posts vs New Posts

    When I click on "Today's Posts" I get "New Posts". If I click on "New Posts" I get "New Posts". It seems to me that one should be New Threads that originated this date, and another should be New Comments on Posts that have been running for awhile. Is it me, or my computer or the software?
  20. Buggs67

    Workshop Air Conditioning - Frigidaire Made-in-China!!

    This has been a record hot summer and as I get older I find the heat more exhausting. So I'm going to air condition my workshop. It's 20X30 and well insulated. It will maintain a temp of 75 - 80 with the doors closed. As it has no windows I am getting a through the wall unit. After looking...
  21. Buggs67

    3-Point Hitch  Hydraulic side lift for a CK2510

    Has any one added a Hydraulic side lift to a CK2510 or similar Kioti? Before I speak to the dealer I'd like to well informed enough to decide if I should cobble together a kit myself or purchase a system from him. I already have quick connects on the rear for my Back hoe and thought all I'd...
  22. Buggs67

    Zero Turn Mowers: Tuff Torq TZ17-M vs. Hydro-Gear ZT3100

    I'm looking into getting a higher-end residential Zero Turn Mower. Comparing engines, Hydro-drives, etc And most seem to come with Hydro-Gear brand drives (even the lower JD models). But the JD model that compares to the Hustler I'm considering uses Tuff-Turf hydros. Anyone have any...
  23. Buggs67

    Oil & Fuel  Changing HST/Hyd filters and NOT changing fluid.

    This may be duplicate information. There was a thread (that I can't find now) about changing filters whie not changing the Hyd Fluid. One guy said he lost a lot of fluid, like a gallon or more. And made a huge mess. There was a lot of discussion. Well I changed both my Hyd and HST filers...
  24. Buggs67

    Finally living in the country!!

    After talking and trying for a couple years I am finally relocated to the country! I used to work and live in North Jersey (and when we say north we mean you can't go anymore north or you're in NYS) and now that I'm retired I live in farm country. No more socialist taxes and regulations. I...
  25. Buggs67

    Rear Finish Mower  Land Pride 2560 on Kioti CK2510

    I just picked up a Land Pride 2560 finish mower (for $500) because I now have a lot more grass to mow. My questions are: I try to mow up and down the slopes but some of it I have to go sideslope or at an angle to the slope. Would I be better off with the FEL removed? I thought it would be...
  26. Buggs67

    Chevy 454 Motorhome engine problems

    This might be off topic but my motor home has a Chevy 454. Twice now we've been running along fine for a couple hours and it just dies. Plenty of fresh fuel and it cranks over well. Towed to a shop ($$$$$) each time and then after sitting overnight or a couple days it starts and runs fine. The...
  27. Buggs67

    Buying Advice  Mid Mount Mower or 3pt finish for Kioti CK2510

    I have a Kioti CK2510 and am getting ready to close on property with some acreage to mow, guessing 3-4 spread out around the house and driveway and out buildings. The MMM seems to be the compact convenient way, except it can't mow anything you can't drive over (dead-ends, corners). And from...
  28. Buggs67

    Merry Christmas; What did Santa bring you?

    Merry Christmas to all my tractor friends. I hope the holiday finds all healthy and happy. And I hope you got some goodies for your 4 wheel friend and not a FEL of coal (unless that's what you asked for :laughing:).
  29. Buggs67

    Loader  FEL drops under load

    I had a problem surface yesterday. I was lifting a quad with my FEL. It's under the rated weight and I've done it before with no problem. I lifted the quad and went to release the joystick and the load immediately started to sink to the ground. I was only at half throttle so I raised the RPM...
  30. Buggs67

    88 Honda FourTrax now dead

    My 1988 Honda FourTrax 300 has just finally given up the ghost. His name was Frank (Frankenstein) first because he had so many stitches in the bodywork, then because he was kept alive by scavenging parts from his twin sister who predeceased him. He no longer had front brakes. the headlights...
  31. Buggs67

    Zerk/grease nipple fix

    I recently went to grease my Loader and Hoe and found one broken off fitting and two frozen ones. I thought it'd be an easy fix; stop at the auto parts store and pick up some metric replacements. Well three stops and none fit. My local Kioti dealer only has angled fittings; the straight ones...
  32. Buggs67

    Possible to over-rev my diesel tractor?

    This may be a dumb question but does the tractor have a rev limiter? (I'm going to try to ask Kioti but they are usually not too helpful. They repeat what's in the manual). I was driving my tractor up a hill (on road) and advanced the throttle to rev at the PTO arrow (2600 rpm) When the hill...
  33. Buggs67

    Kawasaki Prairie 360 belt adjustment

    Anyone have a Prairie 360 familiar with belt adjustment and is this something I can easily do w/out special tools. It's 30 min to the nearest Kawa dealer and it'd take 2 hr to drop it off and then pick it up not to mention gas. And that and an oil change is all it needs.
  34. Buggs67

    3 point hitch one bottom plow

    I found this listed on Craigs list. I don't need it now, but will in the future f or a food plot. Is $100 reasonable. I don't have much infor and it looks rusty but not abused. Thanks In advance.
  35. Buggs67

    Which log tongs do you like

    I borrowed my buddies log tongs and they worked great with my boom pole. Lifted/moved logs and blue stone. I wanna buy some. Any preferences?
  36. Buggs67

    Oil & Fuel  UTF at Kioti Dealer

    Has ANYONE bought UTF at a Kioti dealer. I've seen a lot of discussion of what to use and there are many fluids which meet Kioti's poorly specified requirements. My local dealer recently did well by me and I'll try to support him ... to a point. But if he's gonna sell me NAPA or something at an...
  37. Buggs67

    no homebuilt BH thumbs?

    I've been looking for a bh thumb. Just some thing basic. They look pretty simple to both build and design. One of the best I've seen here was on Donfi's machine and it was built by a friend/shop near him (in CA). Has anyone else built one? Wit MIE's selling for $550 and BXpanded at $320 it seems...
  38. Buggs67

    Anyone with experience with Kioti Customer Service??

    Anyone with experience with Kioti Customer Service?? Any hints? Also am I the only one whose only document of ownership is a Bill of sale (hand written) marked "paid" with no signature or serial #s?
  39. Buggs67

    CK2510 poor preperation by dealer

    I took delivery of my new CK2510 about 2 weeks ago. The dealer dropped it off and then wouldn't demonstrate the BH (which was the only part I hadn't experienced while shopping). He said "read the manual, it's all in there". Well it's not, and his attitude should have foreshadowed my problems...
  40. Buggs67

    Ordered CK2510 TLB

    Well I did it. Yesterday I went and ordered my first tractor/loader/backhoe. It's already at the dealer, they just have to finish setup. Hope to have it by next Friday. I should be ready to start my projects by then.:cool2:
  41. Buggs67

    CK2510 HST price check

    I'm looking at a CK2510 HST. The dealer quote me USD $20,500 for a TLB combo plus tax. The CK20HST was $19,500. They have big rebates right now. Wondering if anyone knows if these are decent prices. Thanks in advance.
  42. Buggs67

    Compact TLBs Kioti CK2510 vs Kubota B2320

    I'm shopping for a Compact TLB. I've been looking at Kioti because they are close and seem to have good specs. I'm also checking into Kubota (B2320) since they seem to be the breed standard in this class. My Kioti dealer is saying the CK20 is every bit as powerful as the CK2510, even tho the...
  43. Buggs67

    New to site

    I've been reading the forums for awhile while researching a new (first) compact tractor/l/h. Any recommendations are appreciated. I'm a real newbie. Thanks