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  1. ovrszd

    Ranger XP1000 cab insulation

    Wife bought a 2018 XP1000 with a Polaris plastic windshield and a cheap plastic rear window. Wants it to be all season. So I gutted the interior and insulated every panel plus all of the front firewall that was sensible. Squirted expanding foam in the little nooks and crannies. Horribly time...
  2. ovrszd

    "My Home"

    Is there a way to prune "My Home" list of threads when they appear??? I want to minimize what I see on that list. If I'm done with a thread but there are still comments how do I make it disappear from my list?
  3. ovrszd

    A Big Job - Allis Chalmers Film

    This is worth every minute to watch. An excellent video of a construction project in the 50s. Hard to grasp the size......
  4. ovrszd

    Truck Detailing

    My Grandson has an Auto Detailing Company called "Flawless Detailing". He worked on my truck this past week. Stripped everything off the paint. Buffed and Polished out all the scratches. Coated the painted surface with a Teflon Coating. Brought this 20 year old truck back to life. He says...
  5. ovrszd

    Queen Mum is sick

    I heard on the news this morning that the Queen is very ill. Was even a rumor yesterday that she had died. Prayers for her to be at peace.
  6. ovrszd

    Colorado Fire

    Is anyone here on TBN affected by the Colorado Fire yesterday? I saw some news video yesterday while it was active. It moved thru a grassy area faster than a man could run. I heard this morning that one town lost 500 homes? Sounded like Superior and Louisville were hit the hardest? Prayers...
  7. ovrszd

    New Car

    My wife said she wanted a new car for Christmas. So, I built her one.
  8. ovrszd

    Grandson Certified Welder

    I'm very proud of my Grandson. He's 22 years old. Certified Welder. Works for a company doing Commercial Grade Welding. His previous gig was welding medical grade stainless steel. Now he's welding iron pipe. This gig has him in Commerce, Georgia. He's working on construction of a Battery...
  9. ovrszd

    Building a dirt Shop Pad

    Last Summer we built a dirt pad for my Son to extend his existing shop. The pad is approximately 70ft x 150ft. At the lowest corner we elevated 11ft. We also extended the pad on two sides of the existing shop. Estimate that we moved 1,750 yards of dirt for the pad. Estimate we stripped 350...
  10. ovrszd


    My Son plants a food plot each year. I prefer roadkill. Retrieved a Deer carcass from the highway near me and staked it down in my CRP field with a game camera. Just added a second carcass yesterday. In a week the birds in the daytime and Coyotes at night left only hide and bare bones of the...
  11. ovrszd

    JD4020 Plowing

    Thought I started a thread about this but then couldn't find it, not sure what happened. So I'll do it again, sorry if it duplicates..... Ran into this 18 year old young man plowing with a very nice JD4020 and 5 bottom plow. Doing it for the fun of it. He's plowing a small field on a large...
  12. ovrszd

    Locking threads

    I think it would be a nice touch to offer a reason a thread is locked. The more Musings and Ramblings thread just got locked. The discussion was heating a house...... So maybe rather than slam the door on a thread for no apparent reason, how about a simple statement such as, "Heating house...
  13. ovrszd

    China Corona Virus #2

    Let's try this again. Hopefully we can keep this one going. I'm not a "News Hound". I keep up with this topic here on TBN. Some very intelligent and investigative men have contributed to this topic. I'd like to continue to benefit from their knowledge and research. Any updates today?
  14. ovrszd

    Rear Blade  Land Pride RBT3596 Hydraulic upgrade

    Couple weeks ago I bought this Land Pride RBT3596 rear blade. It's a 2010 model. Has one hydraulic cylinder to change angle. Side shift and Tilt are controlled with mechanical linkage. Blade had obviously spent the past 10 years sitting in a machine shed. Might have 5 hours of use...
  15. ovrszd

    Tractors and Men and their relationships

    I WAS MADE FOR LOVING YOU by Steve 'n' Seagulls - YouTube
  16. ovrszd

    Australia Fires Part 2

    Let's try this again. With the intent of mentally or spiritually or simply supporting our fellow TBN members in mind. Jeezzzzz?.. I still want updates from those involved down there in regards to progress.
  17. ovrszd

    Australia Fires?????

    I've got several Down Under friends here on TBN. Worried about them due to the fires. Everybody okay???
  18. ovrszd

    Massey's Worldwide Influence

    Ya never know where you will see a MF tractor. I have always looked for them in my travels. This one was in Afghanistan. My latest favorite band uses one frequently. Here's an example. Stay til the end. :) SAD BUT TRUE by STEVE'N'SEAGULLS (LIVE) - YouTube
  19. ovrszd

    New John Deere 672G Grader

    The Township I work for bought a new machine last week. Took delivery on Wednesday in the middle of a road project. This machine is 6WD, 255HP, 42K lb machine, 17.5x25 Bridgestone Radial tires, 14'x27"x1" moldboard w/8" cutting edges. Powertrain is a 9.0L 6 cyl engine and 8 spd powershift trans.
  20. ovrszd

    New House Build

    Last March we started planning a build at our farm site. Started with a shop building (48x39x14). Am doing the finishing touches inside of it now. Next to the shop we are building a house. Finally got started on that a month ago. Construction is painfully slow here. Now we are getting...
  21. ovrszd

    Camera Security Systems???

    Considering setting up a camera based security system at my farm property. I know absolutely nothing about this subject. Hopefully those with systems can offer guidance and suggestions. I don't need anything elaborate. Cameras that I can view thru an App on my phone would be great. Limited...
  22. ovrszd

    48x39x14 shop build

    We decided to build a shop and house on our 150 acre farm. We currently live on 20 acres 8 miles from the farm. We'll sell that property to fund the build project. Plan to do this without a mortgage. We'll see. :) In March we started moving dirt to create a building site. Hauled dirt with...
  23. ovrszd

    Build a Shop/Home Pics, Ideas, Plans???

    We are wanting to build a Shop and Home combined in one structure at our farm. Would really like to hear from anyone that has done something similar. All pictures and ideas are greatly appreciated!!!! Terry is mostly concerned with the outside appearance as women usually are. I'm mostly...
  24. ovrszd

    Australian Volcanos?????

    Checking on our Southern friends regarding Volcanos??? Heard on the news this morning there was a significant eruption?? Everybody alright down there?? Educate us please. :)
  25. ovrszd

    What Is It??????

    Lost my neighbor to Cancer two years ago. Was helping his widow clean out his Machine Shed and found this. Thought it a very interesting item. First one I've ever saw. Thought it might be interesting and entertaining to discuss it and confirm what it is. I'll start by offering these pics. :)
  26. ovrszd

    Purchased 1984 Ford 555A TLB

    Bought a backhoe couple weeks ago. It's a 1984 555A with 4n1 loader bucket, 15ft extendable, 24" heavy duty hoe bucket. Tach says 5242 hrs but if it's accurate they have been extremely hard hours. The extendable dipper has been broken at the elbow joint. The repair appears rather old with...
  27. ovrszd

    Blood in the Kubota RTV

    My Son Danny sent me a text this morning saying him and my Grandson Dylan had gotten blood in the Kubota. Hunting on our farm.
  28. ovrszd

    Drone Video Corn Harvest at Night

    My friends were shelling corn a couple miles from my house so took the Drone over for a look. Wanted to shoot some video at night and where they were working was a good location. It's a bit lengthy but worth it if you are interested by farm equipment in operation. Enjoy. :) 217118...
  29. ovrszd

    Massey 3635 w/DL260 FEL add 3rd function???

    My Son bought a 3635 with DL260 MSL FEL. Wants to add 3rd function?? Whole goods kit isn't available. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance!!!
  30. ovrszd

    Ford 3910 Injector Pump removal/install

    The Injector Pump on my 3910 has been seeping fuel since I bought the tractor two years ago. It got worse last Summer, to the point I would shut off the fuel when parked. Primarily was leaking from the O-ring that connects the two pump body parts. When the weather got cold it was so bad that...
  31. ovrszd

    Ford 3910 3pt lift cylinder rebuild

    My 3pt has drifted down for a couple years. This past Summer when brush cutting and heating up the oil it got worse. Would "relift" every 2 seconds or less. So this Winter I decided to tear it apart. I lifted it off by hand. I don' recommend that method. It's heavy and awkward. I removed...
  32. ovrszd

    Old Iron Parade video

    A Gentleman (member) over on Heavy Equipment Forum, old-iron-habit, linked me to his video. Check out his inventory of running old iron. Very nice collection. Very knowledgeable collector. oldironfinal - YouTube
  33. ovrszd

    First Female Licensed Pilot in Howard County Iowa

    This past week I had the honor of attending the funeral of my Aunt Charline. She was 94. Born 8th of 13 children into a poor Missouri farm family. In 1941 she was persuaded to come to Iowa by two of her Brothers, my Dad and his Brother Ray. She needed to figure out a way to make a living so...
  34. ovrszd

    Identify old Ford Tractor help

    Hey guys, a new member posted a thread about ID'ing an old Ford tractor he inherited. He posted the thread in the Projects section. Here's a link to his thread. You Ford experts will nail this one immediately...
  35. ovrszd

    RTV Stupid Human Trick

    Time to change the oil. Pulled onto the drive-on hoist in the shop. Raised it up. Went underneath and drained oil, changed filter, greased rear axle joints, looked everything over real good, dropped the hoist. Time to fill the engine with oil........ Uh-oh,,,,,, forgot to raise the...
  36. ovrszd

    Garber Seeder

    I was just given a Garber Seeder. PTO driven. Equipped with the fixed drawbar bracket for mounting to tractor. Nothing to connect the PTO shaft (8 spline) on the seeder to the PTO shaft (6 spline) on the tractor. I did a Google search and saw some pics of using a braided rubber hose to drive...
  37. ovrszd

    CAT Pull Type Grader Action Pics

    Got to spend a couple hours with my Son using our CAT Model 35 Pull Type Grader. I was just the "mule" driver. Danny was the blade operator. Pretty amazing what these old machines will do. We started with some gravel road maintenance to let him get used to the controls.
  38. ovrszd

    Antique Pull Type Cat Road Grader

    A very good friend of mine has a scrap business. I've gotten several good AG implements from him over the years. Couple days ago he called to tell me he was cleaning up an Estate property. Said there was a pull type grader there that was being scrapped. I could have it for scrap price if I...
  39. ovrszd

    Welding Table Build

    Finally got a table built. Well, until I start using it and discover it needs more things done to it. Some materials I had onhand, some I bought. Tried to estimate the onhand costs. So end result price should be fairly close. Top Plate 34"x60"x3/4" $230 40ft 2"x3"x1/8" tubing...
  40. ovrszd

    Folding Cutting Table Question????

    Hey guys, I'm stumped. Adding a cutting top to a welding table. It hinges so it can be folded down out of the way. Looking for ideas to latch it in the up position. Don't want to use wrenches. What do ya think??? Thanks in advance for any ideas. :)
  41. ovrszd

    Bad Day for Hired Hand and Combine

    Roading this Combine down a steep hill on a gravel road to a narrow culvert crossing. Got to loaping and lost control. Didn't hurt the driver other than getting wet as the cab filled with water before he could unzip the window and get out. I'm pretty sure it totaled the Combine. Had to...
  42. ovrszd

    JD2210 Suspension Seat??

    Anyone swapped a suspension seat onto their 2210??? Looking for ideas. Thanks!!!
  43. ovrszd

    Interesting Insect Photos

    Check out these guys!!!
  44. ovrszd

    The Great Grease Gun Coupler Showdown

    Year ago or so I bought a LocknLube coupler. I used it for a bit and then put it on the shelf. Recently I heard of Univer-Co's version so ordered one. Here's some pics and opinions. First thing noticed is the bulkiness differences. Here's a couple pics.
  45. ovrszd

    Super C for scrap price

    I've got a Super C that hasn't been ran in 20 years. I'd sell it to anyone interested for scrap iron price. Would part off pieces at the same rate. Just hate to see it go a scrap yard. PM me if interested.
  46. ovrszd

    Ford 3910 Clutch Replacement

    Bought this tractor a couple months ago. Noticed it had a rear main seal leak, along with several others. After I got the front axle rebuilt and back under it I decided I'd tackle the rear main seal. I built a stand on wheels to fasten to the front half of the tractor. Already had the rear...
  47. ovrszd

    How to convert SCV valves?

    Is it possible to remove the detents in one of these valves to eliminate the SCV feature?? If so can you explain the procedure? I can't seem to find a schematic of these Ford valves. Thanks in advance.
  48. ovrszd

    Ford 3910 FWD front axle repairs

    Decided I am tired of oil drips on the shop floor so fixing some leaks. This tractor leaks out of the axle shaft seals which drips from the knuckles and it leaks out of the center section swivel. So I rigged up a stand to hold the tractor in place with the axle removed. Then strapped the axle...
  49. ovrszd


    Had our family Christmas Shop Party last night. A very good friend of mine showed up with a present for me. I am not worthy........ But I accepted it...... :) Book says 300A. Will weld 1". Runs on 24V. Uses flux core or gas. Will be very handy when we travel to 4 wheel or at the farm...
  50. ovrszd

    Ford 3910 Front Bumper

    Decided I better build a front bumper before I take this tractor to the timber. Maybe it'll save the grill and fiberglass nose piece.... Built it all outta flat iron.
  51. ovrszd

    Bought a Ford 3910

    Little bigger chassis than I was looking for but couldn't resist. Original owner was a sod farmer. Bought it from second owner who took it in trade for some new sod equipment. 3000hrs. Needs rear tires, they are the originals. Otherwise seems solid. Time will tell.
  52. ovrszd

    Shopping for 50-60HP tractor

    Found a Massey 1190. Not sure of model year yet so don't know if it's an Isuzu engine or not. 1273 hrs. $8500. Anyone have one or have any experience with one??
  53. ovrszd

    Moving all metal Machine Shed

    I've got a 48x33x15 open sided machine shed that was in a very poor location. I decided this Fall to move it. First I thought I'd unbolt it from the 8 piers it was standing on, jack it up, put skids under it, and drag it to the new site. After sleeping on that consideration, I decided to...
  54. ovrszd

    4000SU, 4600SU, 4610SU owners??

    Looking to add a 2nd tractor for light 3pt duty and light chores. Anyone have one of these models and can offer opinions? Does the 4000 model have independent PTO and/or diff lock? What's the gain between 00 and 10 models? Thanks in advance!!
  55. ovrszd

    Making a ditch crossing

    One of my farm boundary fences crosses a deep, narrow ditch. It's always a hassle keeping the watergap intact. Especially this year when we had a couple very large rains in very short time. So I decided I would install a culvert, fill the ditch and fence across it. I used the FEL and cut off...
  56. ovrszd

    SUDT2 versus Universal Hydraulic Fluid

    When my M9540 had 50hrs on it I changed hydraulic/trans fluid and put in Universal Hydraulic Fluid. $6 per gallon. The most noticeable thing was slow movement when cranked cold (30 degrees F). Also got some whining if engine was revved before warming. A little hard to shift gears unless the...
  57. ovrszd

    Propane Cost???

    I was told yesterday that Propane is $5.00 per gallon here in Northern Missouri now. Something about distribution problems creating shortages. What a joke!!!! :mad:
  58. ovrszd

    Blue Birds

    I've nested Blue Birds around my property for 30 years. Last Summer was my lowest production in several years because B-Martins took over most nests and I had to block the nests. But still had several hatches of Blue Birds. Anyway, I digress.... Normally in the late Fall Blue Birds will...
  59. ovrszd

    Kubota's reply to FEL Safety Latch Pin Mod.

    I sent an email to Kubota Corp concerning a Safety Latch Pin modification for their FEL. This modification or something like it might prevent future problems with the latch pin setup. I linked them back to the two threads on TBN concerning the problem of the pin jumping out and releasing the...
  60. ovrszd

    Chain Saw Tote Box

    I've had a fender mounted scabbord for my small saw for a long time. Keeps it out of the way and easy to carry. I had been carrying my large saw with gas and oil in the FEL bucket. Decided that was kinda stupid. Forgetful me will eventually try to use the bucket, forgetting the saw is in...
  61. ovrszd

    QA Loader Frame Latch Pin Safey Modification

    A while back an operator started a thread about his LA1153 Loader on an M6040 coming loose from the tractor during use. He was pushing snow with the FEL and thinks the chatter of running the bucket on frozen ground caused the latch pin to jump out of it's holder, which allowed the large pin to...
  62. ovrszd

    Massey Ferguson tractors overseas

    I was digging thru some pictures this morning and stumbled onto these. Thought you Massey guys might enjoy them. First picture is of a Massey Model 240 if I remember right. It was in Kwost Afghanistan. Not sure you can spot it, but notice it has a vertical exhaust. On the exhaust pipe is...
  63. ovrszd

    Rear Wheel Weight adaptation

    My neighbor gave me a pair of John Deere rear wheel weights. 140 pounders. For the price I decided I could take the time to convert them to fit my M9540. Well, I don't have the equipment necessary to redrill the weights so I had to cobble up some brackets. Took a lot of head scratching...
  64. ovrszd

    2210/2305 front weight rack

    I've got a Quick Hitch front blade for my JD2210. I also use my JD2210 with a Quick Hitch and Tote Box to haul wood into my Shop. I got tired of sitting on the hood to keep the front axle on the ground so I built a weight rack that my QH front blade mechanism can pick up. In the Fall I add...
  65. ovrszd

    JD2210/2305 telescoping 3pt stabilizers

    I've been sick of my turnbuckle stabilizers since I bought this tractor. Put it on my list to build some telescoping links. The other day the weather was nasty all day so spent the day in the shop. This is what I ended up with. I removed both rear tires but could have gotten by with just...
  66. ovrszd

    Quick Hitches  Quick Hitch versus extendable 3pt arms Demo Video

    Had some cutting to do today so shot some video hooking/unhooking. The standards were that I hooked a separate brush cutter to two different tractors and moved to a relatively flat area. Set the cutter on blocks, unhooked the tractor and moved it forward 8-10 feet. Then started the video...
  67. ovrszd

    Top Link Extender

    Got bored the other day and built a Top Link Extender to fit my M9540. It's especially handy if you add a Pat's system, or as in my case use a Quick Hitch off and on. Allows you to retain the useable length of the top link without having to buy another one. And if using a Hydaulic Top Link...
  68. ovrszd

    Hydraulic Tilt Link "Homemade"

    Finally decided to build a Tilt Link. I bought my goods thru Surplus Center and one item at the local tractor supply store. Here's the list from Surplus Center. Item # 9-7261-8 3x8x1.5 DA Hyd Cyl Swivel Eyes Item # 9-5460-8-6 (2) 1/2 NPT to 3/8 NPT Bushings Item # 9-6901-8-8...
  69. ovrszd

    Brush Cutter Chain Guard homemade

    Bought a used cutter with rubber belting in the front and nothing in the rear. Decided I wanted chain guards for the front at least. Called JD dealer and they priced a complete set of chains at $1000. After I got up off the floor I asked if they sold just bulk chain. They said yes and that...
  70. ovrszd

    Hydraulic Top Link "Homemade"

    Been wanting a Hydraulic Top Link for a while. Looked at several distributors. Then decided to sort of build one myself. Well,,,, I guess a better description would be that I modified a boughten cylinder to fit my needs. I wanted a 3"x10" cylinder to fit Cat II. So I bought a cylinder from...
  71. ovrszd

    M8540/9540 Range Shift Lever Modification

    I don't know how the cab models are setup, but the open station models have the Range Shift Lever located between the seat and the console on the right side. It's far enough rearward that it's hard to get ahold of and hard to shift unless your right elbow is double jointed. I decided today to...
  72. ovrszd

    M8540/M9540 540/1000 rpm PTO Conversion install

    I decided to add the PTO conversion to my M9540 so I contacted Messick's and ordered the kit. The cost was $1156 plus sales tax and they shipped it free. Surprisingly, it arrived on a pallet. Didn't think about it being that big. Here's what you get. From start, which was...
  73. ovrszd

    3pt Hitch Adapter

    I had cobbled together a Cat I hitch adapter that served me well until I traded up to a Cat II tractor. Then I began to destroy it. So I decided to build another. I wanted this one to be versatile and able to be used with or without a Quick Hitch easily. So I built the top link with multiple...
  74. ovrszd

    M9540 Belly Skid Plate/Brush Guard

    My new tractor has spent the first three months of it's life in the brush. I consider myself cautious about getting brush under the tractor but it still happens. One time my grapple wouldn't grip. I found the connection to the solenoid on the valve had came undone from brush. The recent cold...
  75. ovrszd

    JD2210 upper driveshaft service/grease

    I was at my dealership last week and a customer was in there getting his JD2210 fixed after the engine to transmission driveshaft failed from lack of grease. It also broke the front case on the transaxle as it beat itself to death at engine speed after breaking. My tractor has 400 hours on it...
  76. ovrszd

    New M9540HD12-1

    Been wanting a bigger tractor for a while now. Have been running an L4400. Started seriously shopping four months ago. Had my eye on a NH T4040 but that fell thru. So started looking hard for a M8540 or M9540. Wanted to find one pre-Tier IV which would be the 60 series. Finally found a...
  77. ovrszd

    What is it???

    When I was a little kid, mid 1950s, my Dad picked corn with an 8N Ford tractor and a pull type, one row Woods Brothers corn picker. I loved to ride in the wagon. As the load got full I would push the eared corn into the corners to get the most on. We were not rich. Our equipment was second...
  78. ovrszd

    Scaled my tow rig

    I had access to a certified axle scales the other day so did some weighing. My truck is a 2000 F250, 7.3L Diesel, AT, SRW, Extended Cab, Shortbed, Lariat model, half a tank of fuel. My trailer is a Neal Brand GN, 28' + 4' dovetail, no ramps, wood deck, dual wheeled 10K Dexter axles, no...
  79. ovrszd

    Special Edition L4400

    I think my L4400 is special. What do you think?? ;)
  80. ovrszd

    slow FEL

    My L4400 has a 1495 Rhino FEL. I've always thought it was a bit slow. Doesn't like to curl and lift at the same time. Even slow when lowering the empty bucket. My Brother recently purchased an L3240 with Kubota loader. His loader is twice as fast as mine. My cylinders are a little...
  81. ovrszd

    Toolcat Snow Removal

    I'm at Ft McCoy Wisonsin for some training. We just got nailed with over a foot of snow and high winds. I cruised the Fort today taking pictures of snow removal. Thought you Toolcat guys might like to see them. Enjoy.:)
  82. ovrszd

    farming with JD2210

    Had a little seeding job to do so dragged out the ole tandem disc. The JD2210 didn't seem to mind too bad. It worked better after I built a weight rack and added 250lbs. ;)
  83. ovrszd

    Retirement Present L3240

    My Brother is retiring from farming all his life this Fall. Rather than give his money to Uncle Sam he decided to give a little of it to himself!!! He had been talking about buying a Compact tractor for quite a while. He finally decided Kubota was his best choice. Originally he was looking...
  84. ovrszd


    Anyone have one they want to talk about?? My Brother's looking to buy and has his sights on the 3700. Thanks in advance.
  85. ovrszd

    1547 versus 1648

    I'm new to the MF world. Went to the website but didn't learn much. It appears there is an overlap of tractors between the 1500 series and 1600 series. I'm looking at replacing my Kubota L4400 so want to stay in that size range. Why would I choose the 1547 over the 1648 or visa versus?? Can...
  86. ovrszd

    JD2210 MMM Lift Kit?????

    Is there a kit that I can add to my JD2210 that will lift the deck independently from the 3pt??? Seems I've heard of that??? I'm tired of running my 3pt arms in the ground when the deck is down. Thanks in advance!!! :)
  87. ovrszd

    Help, replacing HST cooling fan JD2210

    Anyone guide me to a detailed thread concerning replacing the HST cooling fan on my JD2210?? Thanks in advance for any help!!! :)
  88. ovrszd

    FEL funny predicament

    I decided to pull an unused electric pole. First used the 3pt to get it almost out of the ground. Then chained it to my FEL bucket at the top of the bucket and around the bottom of the bucket. Lifted it completely out of the ground. Then discovered the situation I had put myself into. Take...
  89. ovrszd

    Mowing  Lawn Mowing

    My eldest Son broke his leg last week so we all ganged up on his lawn Sunday. Awwww,, nothing like relaxing in the shade with a cool beverage after a couple hours of gang mowing!!! Machines involved were his ole JD420 w/60" mmm and Honda engine upgrade. Other Son's JD 4300 w/72" LandPride...
  90. ovrszd

    Handy Buyers Guide

    Here's another link to my buddies Rag, Rural Life Magazine. It's a comprehensive Buyer's Guide for all types of equipment. Enjoy, but don't drool all over it too much!!! ;) Buyer's Guide | Rural Life Magazine
  91. ovrszd

    Homemade Box Blade

    Can you guys look at this blueprint and tell me where I'm offtrack before I start??? Please excuse the crude drawings. It's an Acrobat Reader document. Thanks in advance.
  92. ovrszd

    Kawasaki Side by Side

    Check this out. Kawasaki Counters RZR with Teryx 750 | News | Rural Life Magazine
  93. ovrszd

    Massey Worldwide

    Thought I would post a couple pics I took last year traveling in Iraq. Also noticed what appears to be a Massey in Grrr's Avatar. Massey Ferguson has done a good job of marketing worldwide for quite a while now. Every tractor I saw in Iraq and Afghanistan were Massey's. Hmmmmmm,,,, how'd...
  94. ovrszd

    Mowing  Maximum Hillside Mowing

    I've read several threads in the past regarding how steep of sideslope a tractor can be operated on. This past weekend I was mowing the roadbank and these discussions came to mind. I went to the house and got my camera. My Kubota B2910 has a Tiltmeter on the dash so I parked it on one of my...
  95. ovrszd

    Rotary Cutter  Bought a Brush Cutter

    Been looking for a Brush Cutter and stumbled onto this Ford 901 60" cutter for $100. I built a swivel top link bracket and hitched it to my Kubota B2910. Immediately realized I couldn't lift it high enough to suit me. I could only get the runners about six inches off the shop floor. So...
  96. ovrszd

    Newest Kubota Attachment

    Hey guys/gals, just wanted to share information on the newest Kubota attachment. It's the 90 series Tote Box. All steel construction. Easy Tilt. Removeable tailgate that stores conveniently in the front of the box. Quick Hitch compatable. Can be painted in any color. Not sure how many of...
  97. ovrszd

    B2910 Diff Lock

    I bought my B2910 used with 320 hours. The Diff Lock is difficult to engage. Takes considerable heel pressure on the pedal and it seems to only engage in the last 1/4 inch of pedal travel. If I push the pedal until resistance is felt and stop, it does not engage. Only additional pressure to...
  98. ovrszd

    Homebuilt PTO 3PT Wood Splitter w/pics

    I got home from Iraq a little over a month ago and have been living in my shop and loving life!!! I built a Splitter and would like to share my experiences as well as pictures. It's been a great project and works very, very well. I used a 21 GPM Prince 540 rpm PTO Pump. A Prince 4.5x24x2...
  99. ovrszd

    What Brand Loader?????

    We want to buy a loader for our Kubota B2910. Open for ideas about brand?? It appears Woods is stronger than Kubota for example. Haven't gotten any prices yet so don't know how they compare in that way. Just open for opinions about brand, price, quality, etc?? Also looking for ideas about...
  100. ovrszd

    Quick Hitches  FarmPro Quick Hitch

    Hey guys, I bought one of these from Ebay when they were $150 shipped to my house. Now they are down to $115 shipped. Excellent quality, good product, shipped to my house within a week. Check it out if you are in the market for a quick hitch. eBay: Farm Pro 3 Point Category 1 Tractor Quick...
  101. ovrszd

    Identify this CUT???

    Here's one for you guys. I took this photo in downtown Baghdad. The bummer part about this question is that I don't know the answer. So whomever can post the most convincing answer as to the make and model of this tractor wins!!! :)
  102. ovrszd

    Your Tractor's Age????

    Just read a post from Birdhunter1 about his purchase of a 17 year old tractor and whether it was vintage or not. From that I got an idea that it might be interesting to hear the age of your tractor. For those that have multiples, we don't need to hear about all of them. To set a fair playing...
  103. ovrszd

    R&B Mfg Inclinometer

    I am currently in Iraq. My wife just bought us a Kubota B2910 primarily for mowing. It's considerably bigger than our JD 455 so she is apprehensive about using it on slopes. I had saw the advertisements for R&B Manufacturing's tiltmeter product. Today I sent an email to Mr Hedgecock about...
  104. ovrszd

    Bought used B2910

    My wife and I had been talking about buying a tractor for a while and had settled on a new B3030 since we couldn't find anything comparable used. I stumbled onto this tractor and my wife bought it for us. I think she did very well!! It's equipped with a 60" mmm, is a 2001 model, with 320...
  105. ovrszd

    B2910 Loader??

    My wife just bought me a used B2910. We need a loader for it. What brand and model should we look for?? Any tips?? I'm trying to post pics but I keep getting an error code of 127. I'll figure that out and post. Thanks for ideas about a loader!!!
  106. ovrszd

    B3030 brake pedals

    My first post is gonna be a stupid one, I can just tell!!! I'm shopping for a compact tractor and by buddy keeps telling me to look at Kubota. Looking at the pictures on this site, it appears the hydrostatic pedal is on the right side. It also appears the individual brake pedals are on the...