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  1. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    Our county commissioners approved the building of an Amazon fulfillment center against all the protests from their constituents. We already have more jobs than workers and they taut the need for more jobs in their decision. Meanwhile we're in the midst of a building boom but the Amazon center...
  2. TractorGuy

    Tractor Supply doesn't have plow bolts

    They don't come up in a search on their web site and the folks working there say they have NEVER heard of a plow bolt. :confused: Wish I had a Agri Supply nearby. Nearest is an hour away.
  3. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but when I pull my finish mower the driveshaft will sometimes contact the cross member on my quick hitch. The arms on the mower float and if I try to set the 3 point to the center of the float with it level it will hit on a dip. If I set it to the...
  4. TractorGuy

    Any Dealer Connection Members?

    Do we have any members that have access to the dealer network that would be willing to do a VIN search? I wouldn't want to know any personal information. Just tractor info like warranty repairs, location origin, current status like was it deemed ineligible for warranty due to flood or other...
  5. TractorGuy

    Any way to edit in app?

    I often see a typo or left out word in my posts using the android app. Is there any way to reopen and edit from the app? Yeah, yeah, I know I should proof before I hit the send icon.
  6. TractorGuy

    MFG/Dealer Price Differences

    I recently entertained the idea of buying a newer F150. I just wanted a newer version of the truck I have but with the Coyote V8. My current truck is a 2003 extended cab with a 6-1/2' bed, 4.6 V8 engine, 3:55 posi rear, and factory tow package. It tows everything I have a need to tow with ease...
  7. TractorGuy

    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    I've been wanting the try out the dual blade idea on my finish mower for some time. My current blades didn't really need sharpening but I touched them up while they were off. I sharpened an old set and put them on top of the better blades. I tack welded them together to keep them square if I hit...
  8. TractorGuy

    Bent my MTL Grapple

    It's not bad but thought the MTL naysayers might like to see it. What happened was I clamped down on a stump and it bent the gusset out which pulled the leg of the clamp in a little. Nothing a rosebud torch and a hammer won't fix. I guess the 2" cylinder applies more force than you actually need...
  9. TractorGuy

    Shipping Logistics

    Seems like this is happening more and more with USPS and FedEx. It's not just the shippers fault either. I ordered this part from a company that is based 6 hours away on August 25th. The order confirmation said it would process in 24-48 hours. After a few days passed I called and they said they...
  10. TractorGuy

    Seat Suggestions

    Considering a replacement seat for my JD 4310. I think I would like something with an adjustable Lumbar and arm rests. I would like to retain the seat safety switch also. Any suggestions?
  11. TractorGuy

    400+ft Internet, WIFI, & Cameras

    The subjects of long distant wifi and wifi security cameras come up from time to time so I thought I would share my setup. It works well and is about as low budget as you can get. My internet wifi system consists of a ZTE Velocity Hotspot Router on AT&T connected to a AR-GL300-EXT travel...
  12. TractorGuy

    Doe and Fawns

    The view out our living room window.
  13. TractorGuy

    Walk Behind String Trimmer to Brush Hog Conversion

    This is a project I've had on my to do list for a while that I finally got around to. So far the results are a resounding success. It squeals the belt a little every time I engage the drive so it may not last as long but it's only worn out one belt in 30+ years. The next thing I want to try...
  14. TractorGuy

    New to me storage tank

    I've run through the gambit on diesel storage. I started with 55 gallon oil drums and they started to rust inside after 4 years. I switched to plastic drums and one of those split this week. Thankfully it split above the fuel level and no spill occurred. I set out on a mission to find an...
  15. TractorGuy

    Corn Price Jump

    I just buy it in 30-40 lb bags to feed the wildlife but it has taken a big jump. Back a month or so it went up two dollars a bag for a 40 lb bag at Academy Sports. I switched to 30 lb bags from walmart because it was easier to access and easier on my back. Went to reorder today and it jumped...
  16. TractorGuy

    Parts Availability - Dealer Availability

    I recently saw a used Massey I would consider but doing research I don't find any dealers within a few hundred miles and online parts seem to be non existent. Are you all finding parts online or do you HAVE to go to a dealer to get them? I wonder why their dealer network is fading away?
  17. TractorGuy

    Dancing Deer

  18. TractorGuy

    Side Discharge Finish Mower?

    Why would anyone make or want one? My finish mower is rear discharge and I can't imagine why you would want a side discharge model.
  19. TractorGuy

    Who Like Billy Strings?

    How about a two hour set with his dad?
  20. TractorGuy

    Wait Time for new Garage Door

    Our 28 year old garage door recently broke another spring. It is uninsulated and been kind of funky for a while so we decided to get a new one. I got a couple estimates and decided to go through Home Depot. Got the order all configured and they charged my card for the $3391.00. Then they sent a...
  21. TractorGuy

    Spell Check

    On this forum and the GTT forum my spell check comes and goes since the format change. Misspelled words will underline in red but if I continue to type without stopping to correct right then the underline will go away. Sometimes when I stop right away and correct the spelling error it will...
  22. TractorGuy

    List all the Cars/Motorcycles You've Owned

    So we have the "What Vintage Car" thread. I thought it would be interesting to know what vehicles people have or have owned. Here is my list to the best of my memory. 1949 Dodge PU 1954 Dodge Meadowbrook, Red Ram Hemi 1962 Pontiac Lemans, 215 alum V8, 4 bbl, 2 spd transaxle 1966 Chevrolet...
  23. TractorGuy

    Face Shields

    I was in my local Home Depot today and they had the Bullard brand face shields in stock. It looks comparable to the premium HF face shield that has been out of stock since covid. $15
  24. TractorGuy

    Birds in the Barn

    I had an open front barn built this year. I knew birds would become a problem and as I was working out there yesterday some small ones were investigating the area. No nests yet but I know that is the next step and then comes the poop all over everything. Do those fake owls work to detract birds...
  25. TractorGuy

    Deer Rarin Up

  26. TractorGuy

    A Couple of Bucks

    A couple of bucks feeding on some corn I threw out near my gate. I wish they would spar a little more and shed that ten point rack for me to collect.
  27. TractorGuy

    Ads on Facebook

    Don't trust ANY of them. Facebook has allowed the scammers to infiltrate both the marketplace AND the news feed. Most of the marketplace ads are the obvious low price tractors and such. The ones being allowed on the news feed are a little less obvious sometimes. I also noticed the marketplace...
  28. TractorGuy

    Fogerty Fans

  29. TractorGuy

    Services in nearby counties. (tags, vaccine, etc.)

    The county I live in has been very slow to make appointments for the Covid vaccine. I actually live closer to a smaller county so I went there to sign up. My sister lives across the state line and she also signed up in the same county I went to. We signed up on a Monday, got called back on...
  30. TractorGuy

    Inexpensive R14 looking variant

    I just ordered a pair of Roadone Cavalry M/T tires for my rail buggy project. I haven't found a comprehensive list of sizes but I have seen them advertised in many different sizes. I know they have the typical 15 inch sizes which would fit some X55 series John Deere tractors. I paid $250 for a...
  31. TractorGuy

    One of our bucks

  32. TractorGuy

    Ten Point

    Our resident 10 point buck stopped by last night but didn't partake in any corn. Probably just following the doe trail. Durn camera had reset itself so the image is foggy. I have to manually set the contrast on this one but once it records at the default setting I can't fix the foggy.
  33. TractorGuy

    Frolic Attack Part 2

    This is what I woke up to see out the window this morning. Action begins at the far right. Best viewed in full screen so I'm just posting the link instead of using the embed code. Play Time - YouTube
  34. TractorGuy

    Frolic Attack

    A young doe needing to get some energy out by dancing around some. We have named this one Dancer.
  35. TractorGuy

    How to measure a Hydraulic Cylinder

    I used your cylinders in my rebuild of an old John Deere loader. It has worked out okay for a fraction of the cost of OEM. One thing it does every time I start the tractor and raise the loader is the loader judders like something is binding. After a few cycles it works smooth. It has done it...
  36. TractorGuy

    Vines tangled up in tiller

    I have only used my new tiller a couple times. Each time it ends up trapping vines under the bearing protection tabs on the ends of the axle. The tines remain perfectly clean. They just wad up around the ends of the axle. Anybody have a solution? I'm thinking I will try sharpening the leading...
  37. TractorGuy

    6 ft Country Way Tiller

    I bought a 6 Ft Country Way Tiller from Rural King this week. This is their cheap "made in china" tiller. I think they may be phasing these out in favor of the King Kutter they have rebranded with their name on it. This one was $1500 before tax. It looks exactly like the no name "made in china"...
  38. TractorGuy

    Pumpkin Carving in 2020 with a SIG M17

  39. TractorGuy

    We don't need no stinkin baler!

    This girl will show you how to stack hay.
  40. TractorGuy

    Young Doe Followed by Young Buck

  41. TractorGuy

    Installed Generic Gauges on 4310 (long)

    My fuel and temperature gauges on my 4310 have been going to full sweep. Sometimes they would work but most of the time it read full and hot no matter the fuel level or actual temp. My tach and all my indicator lights still work fine. My temp sending unit tested okay and I replaced the fuel...
  42. TractorGuy

    Open Station AC/FAN

    This has turned into just a fancy fan but it works good still. Just thought I would share my half failed attempt at an open station AC unit. The original idea was some way to get cool air blowing on me as I work. I acquired a under dash evaporator unit off of eBay for about $75. I looked at...
  43. TractorGuy

    4310 temp sensor thread size?

    Anybody know the thread size on the 4310 temperature sensor? I am looking into sticking a generic gauge on mine and they all come with a 1/8" NPT sensor. I want to figure out if I can find an adapter bushing. Edit: May have found a solution. There is a plug under the sensor that is labeled...
  44. TractorGuy

    Circle TV

    How many of you tune in to Circle TV?Fair amount of rerun material but good entertainment. Mostly opry and country with a few rock and roll documentaries thrown in.
  45. TractorGuy

    This morning's moon

  46. TractorGuy

    Google installed a Covid-19 tracker on my phone

    Ever looked at the Google settings in your phone? Google installed a Covid-19 tracker on my Android phone. It is turned off but there was no notice it was installed. While I was in there I found the setting to turn off personalized ads. In my Android phone it was under settings/google.
  47. TractorGuy

    Kites in Flight

    We had 5 of our Mississippi Kites flying around over the barn yesterday. They have become comfortable with having us spectate and sometimes do a fly through between our barn and garage at eye level.
  48. TractorGuy

    Screenshot your funny CL SCAMS

    Please blur any phone numbers or email addresses. Saw this one today and had to share. Bass Tracker Pro Engines upgraded with ISKY cams and dyno'd over 600 horses. ONLY $1600 ROFL!
  49. TractorGuy

    Home and Auto Insurance

    Who do you use? What do you pay? How satisfied are you? I'm thinking it's time for me to shop around my insurance. Would like to know what some of you are using and how it compares. We are using Farm Bureau and just got another renewal increase on our auto. They went up to $1187 for 6 months...
  50. TractorGuy

    Verizon Wanted a Pic of my Drivers License

    <rant> I have a Verizon prepaid phone I had on Verizon for years. I switched to AT&T a while back but it wasn't any better than the Verizon signal so I decided to switch back. Getting my account number from AT&T was like pulling teeth but I finally got through to someone to give that to me. You...
  51. TractorGuy

    Soil Screener

    I'm about to embark on building a soil screener. I've looked at several designs on You Tube and decided I am going with a stationery design with a fairly steep angle. Most of the models I've seen work but a couple stood out as the simplest and those worked as good as the vibratory models. I...
  52. TractorGuy

    Prepping for a Carolina Carports Barn

    Ordered a 26x42 building to park my tractors in. Will be the raised center with lean to sides design. Center is going to have 14' legs and be 18' wide while the sides are going to have 9' legs and be 12' wide. Going with 3 sides enclosed and open front. May build some hinged barn doors for the...
  53. TractorGuy

    Cover for dirt floor

    I just ordered a building to park my backhoe and tractor in. It will have 3 sides enclosed and a dirt floor. A slab isn't in the budget for now. Any suggestions for a durable floor covering that won't cost a lot would be appreciated. The building is 3 sections totaling 26' x 42'. I have...
  54. TractorGuy

    We're Doing Pretty Good

  55. TractorGuy

    Be Aware and Beware, It's Nesting Season

    Little birds are building nests every where they can find. I can't even work in the garage with the door open without them trying to build in my parts boxes. Today I readied the lawn mower to mow and saw they had a full nest built in the air intake. I got it all out I thought but some fell down...
  56. TractorGuy

    Wife says I need a bigger

    TRACTOR! You didn't think I was gonna talk about my personal deficiencies here in public did you? :laughing: I was cleaning up an area with my little JD 4310 and grapple and stuck it in a few piles it wouldn't budge. When we came in the house she made the announcement I needed a bigger...
  57. TractorGuy

    Ordered Ammo for a gun I don't own

    Got a urge to buy a Ruger LCP II 380. Nobody I checked had ammo for it. Academy Sports has the guns but no ammo and the store clerk said HE couldn't order it. I told him their web site was giving me the option to order the ammo online and he said I should go for it. I went ahead and ordered 3...
  58. TractorGuy

    Hand Built RC Vehicles

    I have followed this guy for a while and thought it would interest some of you. He builds off road RC vehicles by hand with amazing detail. Mostly old trucks. Headquake137 - YouTube
  59. TractorGuy

    Circle TV

    One of my favorite over the air tv stations. Homepage - Circle
  60. TractorGuy

    The Biggest Little Farm Trailer

    My nephew turned me on to this movie. It is streaming on Hulu and I guess you can rent or buy it on YouTube. I haven't looked to see if it's on Prime. It is worth the watch.
  61. TractorGuy

    Jury orders John Deere to pay $5 million for Stillwater man's tractor death

    "Beall's attorneys said Deere痴 manufacturing failed to add additional weight to the rear of the tractor to counterbalance the almost 700-pound front-end loader, before it left the Deere plant in Georgia. The weight was also not added at the local dealership." Jury orders John Deere to pay $5...
  62. TractorGuy

    F150 Engine Preference

    Just came across this YouTube video and thought it was worth sharing. I will summarize the video content and results. They were questioning dealer techs and service writers on which engine they would choose for a 2017 F150 so it's a bit out of date info. The poll ended up with 8 people...
  63. TractorGuy

    Can a cheesy cell booster antenna actually work?

    We started having trouble with our cell phones in the house a while back. I heard that Verizon made some sort of change to the local tower. We were fine before that. They started pushing a notice to our phones suggesting we use wifi calling for better in home use about the same time so it was...
  64. TractorGuy

    Yes, My Tractor DOES Have Tunes.

    :cool2:Was looking at CL ads and about fell out of my chair when I saw this fender mounted AM radio. :cool2:
  65. TractorGuy

    In Spite of Ourselves

    Just sharing a little humor.
  66. TractorGuy

    DuckDuckGo is down

    Guess there isn't much money in not tracking users. That said Firefox has alerted me several times it prevented a site from tracking me.
  67. TractorGuy

    Image Resize

    It would be nice to have the option to resize the uploaded image view without having to go to the advanced screen. I have noticed I can do that from the quick reply window in other forums so it must be a setting.
  68. TractorGuy

    Half Baked Interfaces (IT RANT!)

    There has been a rash of institutions and forums changing formats just to make change this year. It really gripes me to have to re enroll or be forced to make a change just to find out the interface was untested and not ready for roll out. Can't say much about forums since I am technically not...
  69. TractorGuy

    LVB25320 Automotive Cruise Update for 4310

    Has anyone bought and installed the LVB25320 Automotive Cruise Update for a 4310? Looking at the kit listing it seems it only comes with the two switches and a harness. My console doesn't have the hole for the second switch but it doesn't look like they include the console. I can cut the...
  70. TractorGuy

    60" MTL RK5 Grapple

    60" MTL RK5 Grapple Available in 60" or 72" wide at 550 - 600 lbs They also make a 48" single lid grapple that only weighs 370 lbs. They have similar units with skid steer mounts. MTL claims these are all American Made. I am not affiliated with MTL in any way. Just passing on my thoughts...
  71. TractorGuy

    Brush Cutter Snap Ring Warning

    I sheared the bolt on my brush cutter the other day and the shaft came off the gearbox and started framming around. Just thought I would pass a warning to all to make sure the snap ring is on your gearbox yokes. I have had this mower for years and never sheared a bolt. Had no reason to remove...
  72. TractorGuy

    Popup when using site on phone

    I have started getting this popup when viewing the site on my phone again. It happened sometime back then stopped but it is happening again. ONLY happens when viewing TBN. I use Android Chrome and view the site in full mode as opposed to the mobile version. I have never touched on the OK. I just...
  73. TractorGuy

    1952 Cummins Diesel Indycar

    When Cummins entered its #28 Special race car in the 1952 Indianapolis 500 Race, the company wasn't looking to get into the racing business. It was trying to prove a point about diesel engines. The JT-600 engine was, at the time, an in-production truck engine modified somewhat for the race...
  74. TractorGuy

    Weird Dream Share

    I had a couple of weird dreams last night. I assume we all have them so feel free to share yours. Dream #1: I was doing something that involved having a tractor beside a fence and something I wanted pulled over the fence. (not clear on what it was) The tractor was John Deere green and had a...
  75. TractorGuy

    Redirecting the engine heat on a 4310

    My 4310 would blow engine heat out around the hood and fuel door gaps and hit me in the face and on my legs. Hot air was also coming out from under the bottom of the cowl pieces. It was especially noticeable when mowing while wearing shorts. These tractors have a direct drive fan that pushes a...
  76. TractorGuy

    Other Budget Tools that don't suck

    Thought I would start a thread for folks to report on other budget tools that are a good value. I was recently in the market for an oscillating cutter to do some tile and trim work. After searching Harbor Freight and some online offerings I happened to walk down the tool isle in Walmart. I came...
  77. TractorGuy

    Fuel Filter Shame and Embarrassment

    Bought this JD 4310 last December and have been working on fixing it up and improving it. I generally pride myself in maintaining my equipment but for some reason I neglected to replace the fuel filter. It started to lose power while mowing the other day. I found the dreaded algae in the tank...
  78. TractorGuy

    Racoons on the porch

    We have had something digging in our plants and crapping on the porch at night. I added a Wyze Cam Pan to my arsenal of cameras. First night we saw our resident fox approach our cat then last night I think I captured images the digger crappers.
  79. TractorGuy

    Kitty standing up to a fox

    Just got a Wyze cam pan/tilt/zoom. First time out it captured our cat standing up to a fox. Something has been digging in our plants on the front porch so I got this camera to monitor the activity.
  80. TractorGuy

    Mississippi Kite

    This is the second time I've seen this bird or one like it. Both times it has perched in top of a Cedar in my front yard. I have heard they prefer nesting in pines so it's nest must be nearby. Photos taken with a Canon Power Shot SX530HS point and shoot camera rested against a porch post. No...
  81. TractorGuy

    Digital Photo Tachometer

    I always wanted a method to measure RPMs on stuff that don't normally have a tach connected to them. I considered one of the old contact type analog units but never bought one. The other day I decided to act on this want so I looked them up at HF and saw they had them for $38. Being the...
  82. TractorGuy

    Fence Swift Lizards

    Anybody else have Fence Swift Lizards? We have always had some around my place. When my daughter was young she would catch some of the little ones and keep them as pets. We bought feeder crickets at the pet store to feed them. They are pretty docile and get used to humans being around. The ones...
  83. TractorGuy

    Well Caught Fire

    Looked out the kitchen window this morning and saw my well on fire. I had one non Kidde extinguisher on the wall and grabbed it. The plastic pin broke and wouldn't release the trigger. About that time I thought to turn off the breaker and the fire went out. Wasn't enough left of the pressure...
  84. TractorGuy

    Tractor Pull Setup

    I know I wanted to know this. :thumbsup:
  85. TractorGuy

    Cell Tower Lease

    Does anyone have a cell tower on their property or know the ins and outs of leasing land for one? All I can find by searching is lease negotiator companies claiming you NEED their services to avoid being cheated.
  86. TractorGuy


    Did you folks know if you preview your posts you can fix these I知 things before you hit the submit button? Just saying! Some posts have so many of them you can't read the intended messages.
  87. TractorGuy

    Tiller Durability? Roots?

    I am thinking of buying or renting a tiller someday but I am concerned about durability. My land was a timber stand that was cut a few years back. I have been digging the stumps and clearing for a while. I have run my disk harrow over it a few times but it's still a bit rutty and I think a...
  88. TractorGuy

    F725 gas gauge?

    Anybody know how the gas gauge works on an F725? When I got mine the gauge was just laying loose in the indentation of the tank. It has NO mechanical connection to anything. I put a bead of silicone around the edges and set it in place. The darn thing works somehow. It's a mystery to me how...
  89. TractorGuy

    Does in the yard

    A few of our girls stopped by for a snack this morning.
  90. TractorGuy

    Insurance Quote from Farm Bureau

    I have gone without insurance on my tractors and equipment since the beginning of time. I happened to mention that fact to the wife the other day and she encouraged me to get a quote. We have our home owners and cars through them and I was surprised at how reasonable adding the equipment will...
  91. TractorGuy

    Reinforced my Loader Bucket

    I've been fixing up a John Deere 4310 I bought at auction. One thing I added was a junk yard loader that needed cylinders and hoses. I outlined that in the JD section. It came with a standard 5 ft bucket that was in fair shape. I wanted to add the reinforcements that come on the HD bucket and...
  92. TractorGuy

    Can you identify these vehicles?

    My nephew spied 3 of these in Atlanta. Anybody know what they are?
  93. TractorGuy

    Vintage Backhoe History

    Found this and thought I'd share. Early Backhoe Loaders | Construction Equipment
  94. TractorGuy

    Do you have the dealer clean your chainsaw?

    I went in my dealer today to order some parts and a guy brings in a little Stihl chainsaw. I listen as he tells the service writer it ran fine but it had dirt all over it and wouldn't cut well. He asked them to clean the saw and replace the chain. I don't know about the rest of you but I'm...
  95. TractorGuy

    Had a couple of quail in the yard.

    Had a quail couple in the yard.
  96. TractorGuy

    Colassal Tech CUT50F Plasma Cutter w/pilot arc

    Got my Colassal Tech CUT50F Plasma Cutter w/pilot arc today. So far so good. Only made one cut so far and did it on dirty 4x1/4 angle at the bend so it was thicker than 1/4" and dirty. Did I mention it was dirty? Set it at 48 amps and 75 PSI and it blew right threw it. This is a 208/220...
  97. TractorGuy

    4310 Wheel offset vs bearing wear?

    I bought a set of rear R3 tires for my 4310 that came on wheels with a greater offset. My original plan was to remove the tires and put them on my wheels since the ad photo showed 8 lug wheels. The wheels that arrived have the same bolt pattern and center hole as my originals but are about...
  98. TractorGuy

    Sears Economy

    Came across this on YouTube.
  99. TractorGuy


    Not a very dynamic capture but had 4 turkeys hanging around in the pasture.
  100. TractorGuy

    Built an eHydro Breakout Harness

    My 4310 wasn't as responsive as I would like so I wanted to test the drive pedal potentiometers for adjustment and calibration. I would have to push the pedals half to three quarter inch before the tractor would start to move and it didn't have a linear feel to it. The service manual called...
  101. TractorGuy

    Deer Grazing and Playing in a Puddle

    Had a couple of does graze as a young one played in a puddle.
  102. TractorGuy

    Florescent to LED Conversion

    <china rant> Info for anyone else converting florescent to LEDs. Be aware they don't have a standard for wiring. I have purchased from 3 different suppliers and every one of them has required a different wiring scheme. Total BS that we may have to rewire our fixture every time we replace a...
  103. TractorGuy

    3rd Function Selector Valve Install on JD 4310

    Finished up the 3rd function selector valve install on my 4310 today. Ordered the 60" RK5 grapple set up for JD from MTL on Saturday evening. Got a call from them today telling me they have 4 more to deliver in my area and should be here on Thursday. I already had a pair of 3/8" hoses from a...
  104. TractorGuy


    Had a couple of does in the field. They were so stealthy the stupid field cameras didn't record them. I just cranked the sensitivity all the way up on my security cameras. Blurry pics were taken through a dirty window at 500 feet with a Canon SX530HS.
  105. TractorGuy

    Aftermarket Cylinders on 420 Loader

    I recently purchased a used 420 loader to put on my 4310. It was missing the bucket cylinders and the lift cylinders looked like they were leaking so I decided to put aftermarket cylinders on it. From reading other threads it looked like the 420 came with 1-3/4" bore cylinders with smaller rods...
  106. TractorGuy

    Pipe Thread Adapters

    I am changing cylinders on a loader with generic cylinders. I also need to replace all the hoses and add a third function selector valve. I am considering the use of adapters so I can go with off the shelf hoses that come with male NPT ends. Am I setting myself up for leaks?
  107. TractorGuy

    Green Vehicle Parking

  108. TractorGuy

    Foxes tore the wires off my cameras

    I was driving by my yard cameras today and noticed both were unplugged. On closer inspection I found that one power wire was totally gone. After I switched the remaining wire back and forth to check final footage this is what I saw.
  109. TractorGuy

    2WD John Deere 855

    Asking $3500 for my 2WD JD 855. If the ad link works it's still for sale. Use the Google map link in the ad for location and directions. John Deere 855 Tractor - farm & garden - by owner - sale
  110. TractorGuy

    Rebuilt my Landscape Rake

    I have an inexpensive landscape rake I purchased from Agri Supply. It didn't have any gusseting on the angle the tines are bolted to and I bent it early on. Also the main square tube is thin gauge and I have broken both the pivot bolt section and later the angle support off on it. The later were...
  111. TractorGuy

    Member Market Place No New Post for Tractors for Sale?

    In the tractors for sale in the member market place there isn't a link to post a new thread. The only thread in there is an articulated tractor project.
  112. TractorGuy

    Ehydro Forward, Reverse Response

    My new to me 4310 feels somewhat asymmetrical on the forward and reverse pedal response. The tractor will begin to move at the early parts of the pedal but doesn't seem to be linear from slow to full speed. Near the end of the pedal travel it will lurch forward. Is this normal? I am use to the...
  113. TractorGuy

    Little Tractor, Big Stump

    This has probably been shared but I found it interesting to watch. Lots of set up and finish work for one stump.
  114. TractorGuy

    TS Rewards Program

    Anybody get any coupons or discounts through the Tractor Supply rewards program? My wife signed up for it but never sees any emails or benefits from it.
  115. TractorGuy

    Using a Rock Grapple for Brush

    Anybody using a rock grapple for brush? I would like to be able to pick up small brush and limbs and be able to shake out as much dirt as I can to move to burn piles. Didn't know if the smaller 4 to 5 inch spacing on a rock grapple would clog with dirt and not allow me to separate the dirt from...
  116. TractorGuy

    My Bunch

    Left to Right: Me, SIL, Daughter, Granddaughter, and Wife.
  117. TractorGuy

    Tractor Size Chimney

  118. TractorGuy

    Looking at a used 420 loader

    Going to look at a used 420 loader to put on my 4310. Anything in particular I should watch out for? This looks decent in the pics sent but it's missing the bucket cylinders. It's reasonably priced so I plan to upgrade to 2" cylinders and make up all new hoses. That should beef it up to 430...
  119. TractorGuy

    Bought a 4310

    Picked up a 4310 at auction yesterday. Got it home today and looks like everything works and no leaks. Looking for a 430 loader and mounts if anybody knows of one. Tractor has the control and connections but loader is gone if it had one.
  120. TractorGuy

    4310 inside track width

    If anyone has a 4310 with turfs could you measure the inside width front and rear for me? I have an open center trailer my 855 doesn't fit on and I want to find out if the 4310 will fit. If not I will have to modify it to go pick up a tractor I bought off an online auction. Edit: It's 36"...
  121. TractorGuy

    Acorns Driving me NUTS

    Anybody else have an oak over their house? Dadgum acorns falling and rolling down the roof is getting old. Sure glad I don't have a metal roof. Rumor has it that lots of acorns means we will have a severe winter. We have had lots of acorns every year but seems like more than ever.
  122. TractorGuy

    40-50 HP Mechanical Hydro Options

    What are some brand and model numbers to search for with mechanical hydro transmission. Looking for something in the 40 to 50 HP range that can lift a ton or more. I am talking pre computer and emission models.
  123. TractorGuy

    40-50 HP Mechanical Hydro Options

    What are some model numbers to search for in John Deere with mechanical hydro transmission. Looking for something in the 40 to 50 HP range that can lift a ton or more. I've seen some e-hydro models but not really wanting a computerized tractor.
  124. TractorGuy

    Wet Year

    We have had more rain this year than I can remember from previous. There have been just a couple of times I was wanting for rain. Right now I want it to stop. It won't even dry up long enough for me to fix the road.
  125. TractorGuy

    Adding Image Defaults

    A couple of other forums I visit I can add and image and resize it from the quick reply box. Can we get the default here set so that can be done without going advanced and clicking on the A/A thingy?
  126. TractorGuy

    Couple of Hurricane Michael Aftermath Photos

    Rode over to the East side of Mexico Beach on Monday. We didn't go down where the total destruction took place but here are a few pics of what we saw. There were areas along the way where total pine stands were broken down. Some areas didn't look so bad so I'm not sure if the destroyed ares...
  127. TractorGuy

    Tire Discount Code

    For anybody that buys tires online you might want to check Discount Tire Direct on ebay to see if they have what you want. They are running a sale with a discount code of PTIRES18 for $100 off the purchase of $400 or more on select tires. I think the sale is on for 4 more days (Oct. 28th)...
  128. TractorGuy

    Smoothing a Field of Grass

    Trying to smooth out a field I neglected to work while it was still dirt. I got half of it decent with the landscape rake before I allowed the grass to start growing but the other half had a lot of irregular areas and low spots. Now that the grass has grown up it is difficult to work out. I cut...
  129. TractorGuy

    F725 & Sweeper

    Two things I always wanted I acquired this year. The sweeper is doing a great job cleaning up after Michael.
  130. TractorGuy

    Harbor Freight Portable Garage

    I recently purchased the 10x17 Harbor Freight portable garage. The door opening is about 90" wide at the bottom and 81" wide at the top. The door height is about 79". For the money I think it makes a decent temporary solution and should last a while. At least one review I read said the tarp...
  131. TractorGuy

    Doe Pics

    My regulars stopped by early tonight.
  132. TractorGuy

    A Couple of Romping Foxes

  133. TractorGuy

    Spoofed Numbers

    How many of you have had a call saying they missed a call from you when you didn't call them? I have had it happen a few times and my call history clearly shows only the incoming call. Seems like the phone companies could figure out a way to stop number spoofing.
  134. TractorGuy

    Fog in the Field

  135. TractorGuy

    Frying Pan Ocean Cam

  136. TractorGuy

    Bought a pair of F725s

    I just bought a pair of F725 mowers so please let my stupid questions begin. First the required pics. Haven't picked up the parts mower yet but it is complete as far as I could tell. Here is the running mower after a bath. The deck on the running mower has been repaired and the left rear...
  137. TractorGuy

    1960 Porsche Super 318

    This 1960 Porsche Super 318 showed up on CL. Located in Geneva AL. Link will die when it's sold. Not my tractor nor do I have any connection or knowledge of the owner. Just thought it would be a cool tractor to share here. Says it's a 3 cyl air cooled diesel. Pics from the AD.
  138. TractorGuy

    Young Buck

    Came home this afternoon and found this young buck laying down by one of my cameras. I had left the house for a while and forgot to feed them before I left. He had come on the scene, checked all the pans, ate some grass and laid down to wait. He spooked when I drove in so I haven't checked the...
  139. TractorGuy

    Spider Invasion

    Anybody got a LONG LASTING solution to rid of spiders? We have always had them but this year I can't turn around without seeing one. All shapes and sizes! They have really been an aggravation inhabiting my wifi security cameras. They like to crawl back and forth over the lens and trigger non...
  140. TractorGuy

    Bunny Run

    This deer wanted to befriend the bunny but the bunny would have none of it.
  141. TractorGuy

    Wet year in N. FL

    It's been raining hard every other week here. Generator has been getting a workout. Power seems to go off every time the wind blows. The right of way crew for the electric co op marked the trees and brush for trimming months ago but never came back to trim. Glad I have a generator that pretty...
  142. TractorGuy

    6' Agmate Finish Mower modification & tune up

    I will preface this post by saying I saw no real difference in mowing quality afterwards. To make a clean one pass cut in Pensacola Bahia you need a faster blade tip speed than you get with most finish mowers. There may not be a mower that can achieve a clean one pass cut in Bahia. The Agmate...
  143. TractorGuy

    Creative Ebay Sellers

    Found an Igloo cooler model I wanted for my fishing boat. Did an ebay search for the model number and sorted the list by price. Found one listed brand new for $57 which I thought was a deal so I clicked the buy it now. Started getting shipping notices from Fedex saying it was coming from...
  144. TractorGuy

    Tractor Hacking

    May have been posted but this was the first I saw of this video.
  145. TractorGuy

    Beware of a PHISHING attempt claiming to be from Netflix.

    Beware of a PHISHING attempt claiming to be from Netflix. Got one in my email saying my account was on hold and click here to update my payment info. Never click on a link in an email like that. Instead go directly to your account and make sure it is okay. If you get such an attempt you can...
  146. TractorGuy

    PTO connect battle

    I have just been through the worst battle trying to connect a PTO shaft ever. Part of the problem is my little JD855 locks the output PTO shaft when the the PTO is turned off. That shaft cannot be turned by hand under any circumstances. Connecting my finish mower is usually somewhere between a...
  147. TractorGuy

    Bluejay Flyby

    I am enjoying catching these bird videos and slowing them down. Makes for getting some good screen grabs too.
  148. TractorGuy

    Daily Does

    These two come every evening without fail. Lots of others will come and go but these are regulars. Looks like they have had their young and are leaving them behind when they come to feed. I was looking forward to seeing some babies.
  149. TractorGuy

    Redbird Coming in for a Landing

    Had to do a slow motion on this one. These birds sure like to perch and poop on my cameras.
  150. TractorGuy

    Doe in the evening

  151. TractorGuy

    Metal Recycling

    Cars become rebar. Who knew?
  152. TractorGuy

    Shingles, Swelling, and Loss of Muscle Mass

    A few questions for those who may have had a similar experience with Shingles. I am 66 and entering week 7 of having the Shingles for the first (and hopefully last) time. It began with a pain in my left side followed several days later with a rash. The rash hasn't been that bad and consists of...
  153. TractorGuy

    Our Great Granddonkey and his favorite Cat

    This little donkey was parented by a pair of rescue donkeys my daughter took in. He befriended one of the cats soon after birth. She caught them snuggling on her Father in Law's tractor yesterday and took these with her I-Phone.
  154. TractorGuy

    Thread Start Date

    I go to some forums that list the thread start date by the originators name. That would be a nice addition for this forum as well. I don't mind reading through some old threads but others I would avoid if I knew they had been around a while. Also: There is no rime or reason to it but I click on...
  155. TractorGuy

    The Daily Deer

    The Daily Deer - YouTube The Daily Deer 2 - YouTube The Daily Deer 3 - YouTube
  156. TractorGuy

    Drivers License Renewal Scam

    I almost got scammed at that dmv dot com site. Was researching my license renewal and fell into a site I thought was legitimate saying I could renew online. Got redirected to a driverslicenserenewal dot org that asked all the same questions I usually log in to FL DMV with. Put in all my...
  157. TractorGuy

    Does and Fawns passing through

    Had these deer run come through the yard this afternoon. At the end one gets spooked by a car and darts back the other direction. Does and Fawns passing through - YouTube
  158. TractorGuy

    Deer Tracks

    I have small feet but this is still a good size deer. I hope to get a picture of it sometime soon.
  159. TractorGuy

    DuroMax model XP10000EH Generator Review

    This is my review on the DuroMax model XP10000EH Generator. I decided to do a separate thread to review this unit. Deals come and go and pricing varies so this is purely focused on putting together and using the unit as well as providing specifications you won't find in the manual or other...
  160. TractorGuy

    Got my first deer off the new camera setup

    This was captured with the Reolink RLC-411WS cameras I have been working with. Little bugger walked right in front of the camera and posed.
  161. TractorGuy

    Snobs moving to the country

    What's up with folks today? As time goes on we have more people developing property and more people using our road. I have noticed a few that won't and don't waive as they pass by. Today I was grading the road and 80% of the people passing by would not make eye contact or waive. I wonder if they...
  162. TractorGuy

    Reolink Security Cameras

    I have been trying out a pair of Reolink RLC-411WS security cameras. I figured I would share my thoughts and experience with them so far. At this time I give them a 3 out of 5 rating. My purpose for buying was to use as a game/security camera. I set these up on a 12V battery with a solar panel...
  163. TractorGuy

    Did the cost of solar panels go up?

    Shopping for a 50-100 watt monocrystalline solar panel to keep my IP security cameras battery charged. I hooked them up to a 275 CCA battery and a 10W panel that isn't cutting it. I am getting two days and 1 night before voltage gets too low to run them. Measured draw is 900 ma at night and 400...
  164. TractorGuy

    Dewalt Cordless Grease Gun Deal

    I have been on the fence about buying a cordless grease gun for a while due to the high prices. Today I got a hankering to look into it again and found the Dewalt Model # DCGG571M1 advertised at the home improvement stores for $199. This is the 20V Lithium Ion Battery set with one battery...
  165. TractorGuy

    5 acres worth it to offer for haying?

    I have 5 acres I am digging stumps out of. I had it rezoned as AG timberland to be able to have it clear cut. I have no desire to replant in trees and was thinking I might find someone to use the land for hay production to keep an AG rating. If I loose the AG rating the tax difference is only...
  166. TractorGuy

    Can I spread manure with a 3pt seeder/spreader?

    Anybody ever tried to spread manure with a 3pt fertilizer spreader? Would I get much coverage doing that?
  167. TractorGuy

    Adapting Ford loader to John Deere

    I am fixing to adapt an old loader from an 8N to my 855 John Deere. The plan as I am thinking right now is to set it up with the front loader arms on the floor with the bucket removed. This position will allow me to apply dome down force if needed. The JD has a tube running through the frame...
  168. TractorGuy

    Tractor info not showing

    The box on the left no longer shows the posters tractor information. Just join date, number of posts, and location.
  169. TractorGuy

    Interesting Counterweight

    Bought an old 8N yesterday with a loader that has this hunk of iron on the back for a counterweight. Anyone know what this is?
  170. TractorGuy

    Might be joining the vintage Ford club

    Going to look at an 8N in the morning. It's a project tractor the owner bought new valves, pulled the head, then gave up on. Hopefully it won't be terminal. Had to make a run to Harbor Freight to get a winch for my trailer.
  171. TractorGuy

    Any way to clean yellow seats?

    I made the mistake of replacing the seat on my 855 with a yellow one instead of the black it came with. It accumulates black mildew stains I can't get off. I can get some out with Fantastic but not all. Every time I clean it there are more stains I can't remove. I tried a little bleach on it...
  172. TractorGuy

    Confounded Backup Beepers

    I have neighbors on both sides of me that have contracted excavator work. Apparently nobody knows you can unplug those confounded backup beepers. One of them has never heard of a grease gun. His bucket and boom rattles super loud every time he moves it. The excavator on the other side has...
  173. TractorGuy

    Newport Folk Festival Streaming 7/28 - 7/30 2017

    Newport Folk Festival
  174. TractorGuy

    This redirect to when clicking on posted links is a pain! :mad:
  175. TractorGuy

    Pouring Rain AGAIN!

    How much rain have you had in your neck of the woods? We have had lots this year. I can hear the grass growing up behind me as I mow. The good thing about all this rain is it makes the grass grow. The bad thing about all this rain is it makes the grass grow. :confused2:
  176. TractorGuy

    Game camera capture

    Been messing around with a Wild Game Innovations camera in my back yard. This is the $59.99 lights out version from Academy Sports. Took the card out of it today and had a couple of videos of three does that came through the yard. The trigger is sort of slow so if something is just walking by...
  177. TractorGuy

    Jumps ahead when I click on a new to me thread?

    Why does this happen? When I click on a thread I know I have never read it will jump to page two and start me out reading post 33 for example. I have my Thread Display Options set to Linear - Oldest First so when I click on a thread I have never read it should start on page 1, post 1. I am using...
  178. TractorGuy

    Off Road Diesel Price

    What is off road diesel costing delivered in your area? I get a little over 100 gallons per load. Last time it cost me right about what highway diesel would cost at the pump after sales tax. I can live with that for a delivered price but they are quoting me $2.45 plus 7.5% sales tax for my next...
  179. TractorGuy

    Freon Leak Detector

    Just wanted to let folks know the inexpensive Freon/Halogen leak detector being sold on that auction site is a great value and the one I got works very good. I had a much more expensive unit that failed after I loaned it but it was never as sensitive and accurate as this cheap one is. The seller...
  180. TractorGuy

    Pickup tube for 55 gallon drums

    I did a thread on the inexpensive diesel fuel pump I purchased. I needed a little more reach on the hose and the limber pickup hose it came with was a pain so I made a pickup tube for my drums. A 2" pipe thread will screw right in the metal drum hole so I used a 2" NPT thread to slip fit...
  181. TractorGuy

    Mother of all Stump Pullers

    Man could I use one of these. The Model 172 Pulling Stumps at 4.5... - Osmar Garcia de Almeida I had 5 acres clear cut a year and a half ago. Been digging on it a year and barely have an acre and a half finished.
  182. TractorGuy

    855 starts rough sometimes

    My 855 starts and goes rump rump rump and won't smooth out or accelerate sometimes. When it starts and runs bad you can't turn the key off and get it to shut down without pulling the throttle to rest. Usually I can shut it off and restart and it starts and runs okay. Today it did this 4 times in...
  183. TractorGuy

    Okay, Now what is going on at ebay?

    We had the "What is going on at Amazon" thread. Many including myself chimed in saying we had switched to ebay for most purchases. NOW I am trying to buy an axle shaft for my wife's Kia Sorento and the order has been taken, charged, then canceled by 3 different sellers. Actually the first...
  184. TractorGuy

    Cheap 12V Diesel Transfer Pump

    Just thought I would share. I bought this cheap 12V Diesel transfer pump off that auction site. I badgered the seller a little since they had a "make offer" button but at the end of the day I only paid a couple dollars less than the asking price. My cost ended up $67 shipped. Several sellers...
  185. TractorGuy

    I hate them meeces to pieces!

    Dang mouse keeps getting on top of the backhoe engine and chewing a hole in one of the fuel return lines. He has done it twice on the same hose in the same spot even though I parked it in a different place after the first time. I moved it to the other side of the house for now. I guess I'm going...
  186. TractorGuy

    Agmate Finish Mower

    Bought the 6' Agmate finish mower from Agri Supply yesterday. Hope it lives up to the reviews. Planning to pull the belt covers and check all the fasteners and belt tensions before using. Looks like they stock replacement belts, blades, and spindles at bargain prices also. Only 27 bucks for...
  187. TractorGuy


    Any suggestions for inexpensive, portable irrigation? My immediate needs are to get out 500-600 ft from the house and would like it to be movable and expandable. What do you think about 10' sections of PVC with male/female threaded ends? Or would I be better off with a roll of plastic tube?
  188. TractorGuy

    ZTS 7500 Seat Safety not shutting engine off

    My ZTS 7500 will not shut the engine off when I get out of the seat. All the safety switches that prevent if from starting work as they should. In other words if either steering handle is not in the park position the starter will not engage. If the PTO switch is turned on the starter will not...
  189. TractorGuy


    Been working on 5 acres I had clear cut but I also cut some out of my yard. This big ol sweetgum stump is going down kicking and screaming. First I attempted to dig it out with a rented mini excavator but only upset it. Next I built a big fire on top and it refused to burn. After getting the...
  190. TractorGuy

    Can I pull a 6' finish mower with my 855?

    As the title reads, can I pull a 6' finish mower with my 855? Or would I be better off buying a 5'? The mowers I am considering both state 20 to 50 HP in their specs.
  191. TractorGuy

    F935 mowers, good or bad

    Going to look at a F935. Anything in particular I should watch out for? Owner claims it's a 2001 with 436 hours on the engine in the ad. Haven't seen in person or talked to him so I don't know if he is saying engine hours or if he is saying the whole mower is that low.
  192. TractorGuy

    Should I vent diesel storage

    I bought a couple of 55 gal oil drums to store diesel fuel in. They have the typical 2 inch bung and 3/4 inch vent holes with caps. I'm thinking it might be a good idea to keep them vented to prevent expansion and contraction. Ordered a couple of compressor filter silencers with 3/4 male...
  193. TractorGuy

    Deere Tracks

    DeereTracks | Christmas Edition - FARMER CREATES AMAZING SNOW ART WITH TRACTOR & DRONE - YouTube
  194. TractorGuy

    Picked up a 10KW Military Surplus Generator

    Been wanting a generator for years and finally decided to go for a surplus diesel gen set. This makes sense to me since I keep some diesel on the property already. Of course these things are a crap shoot but most stories I've read on them have been positive. If it runs out okay I plan to get a...
  195. TractorGuy


    Ever see any unusual craft flying over your property? I saw this thing a couple of months ago and got a little video of it. It is cylinder shaped and I could not make out any wings, engines, or rotors. It was dead silent and left no trail like I had seen from some jet planes that day. It's too...
  196. TractorGuy

    Feeding the Fire

    Putting the Titan 36 inch wel on thumb to good use today. Feeding the Fire - YouTube
  197. TractorGuy

    Who's on Medicare?

    Turning 65 soon and considering retirement. Other than Medicare parts A and B what is the best supplemental plans to have. Please share cost and good and bad experiences. Have been spoiled by employer subsidized HMO for most of our working lives so I'm a little concerned about giving that up.
  198. TractorGuy

    Ferel hogs

    Finally trapped some of the hogs that keep destroying my back yard. I was beginning to feel like the inferior species. They could vacuum all the corn out of the trap and not trip the door. I fine tuned the trip mechanism until I had no better ideas. Got mama and 4 pigs last night. Will probably...