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  1. TractorGuy

    Tractor Supply doesn't have plow bolts

    Why don't you go bust somebody else's balls. Oh wait. That's about all you do on here.
  2. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    That is what will happen here. Plus the influx of new people. We had a well balanced community with plenty of jobs and not too much congestion. My only saving grace is I am retired and I can just go the opposite way to Georgia for my shopping. The younger working class will get stuck in the...
  3. TractorGuy

    Tractor Supply doesn't have plow bolts

    The point is a business named Tractor Supply SHOULD have more supplies for tractors than they do. I don't particularly fault an employee for not knowing what an item is that the store doesn't even list. I am perfectly aware that other stores list and stock plow bolts. None that are convenient...
  4. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    My source is my personal experience. I have Prime and I haven't seen ANYTHING show as shipped in less than 3 days and haven't received anything in less than 5. Sometimes longer. These are items listed as sold AND shipped by Amazon. I am 5 hours from Atlanta Ga. and less than 3 from Jacksonville FL.
  5. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    No but it sounds like a good move. They recently made another big decision that people lined up to object to and it went the way of big business. You can't get rid of them and when you do another just like them takes their place. I blame the voters in my county. They don't pay attention to...
  6. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    A nearby fulfillment center won't change the fact that Amazon intentionally waits 3 to 4 days to ship anything now. They baited everyone with two day shipping then changed the terms to two days AFTER they process your order. Everything is a week or more out now.
  7. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    We'll see how you all feel about it when you can't get in to town from the increase in traffic. It's all well and good till it stops construction on YOUR building or chokes the main passage to YOUR local business.
  8. TractorGuy

    Amazon created a concrete shortage

    Our county commissioners approved the building of an Amazon fulfillment center against all the protests from their constituents. We already have more jobs than workers and they taut the need for more jobs in their decision. Meanwhile we're in the midst of a building boom but the Amazon center...
  9. TractorGuy

    Tractor Supply doesn't have plow bolts

    They don't come up in a search on their web site and the folks working there say they have NEVER heard of a plow bolt. :confused: Wish I had a Agri Supply nearby. Nearest is an hour away.
  10. TractorGuy

    Westendorf TA25 cylinder rebuild

    Might want to call Westendorf. Customer Support | Westendorf Online Parts Store
  11. TractorGuy

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    Wish I saw those speeds. I have seen up to 15 but usually hover around 5.
  12. TractorGuy

    New Car

    You're a real CATCH! Hope she appreciates what she has. Looks like you have your own stonehenge started too.
  13. TractorGuy


    Nice bunch of deer. We don't see that many at a time. I feed mine in a trough sos not to have corn sour on the ground. Got rid of our hogs a few years back and don't see any need in inviting them back.
  14. TractorGuy

    Traction 4310 John Deere E hydro won't come out of 4 wheel drive

    If the light turns off then the solenoid is stuck. If the light remains on its the switch.
  15. TractorGuy

    Traction 4310 John Deere E hydro won't come out of 4 wheel drive

    Does the light go off when you turn the switch off?
  16. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    Raising the pin location on the implement might be easier and won't have any effect on the hitch. I didn't think of that approach before I went this way.
  17. TractorGuy

    Finally got power after tornado.

    Thank goodness you survived! Looking at the images it's devastation is as bad or worse as any storm ever seen. I don't imagine the areas that were hit directly will see power for a while. Thoughts go out to the injured and rescue teams.
  18. TractorGuy

    Fly through my woods...

    Your woods is slam full of bees. Had one sting me in the nostril the other day. Hurt like the dickens.
  19. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    I went out with a homemade single point plow and ripped some roots. Didn't see any signs of weakness. The finish mower arms are hinged and float up and down 8 to 10 inches. The interference problem is because the mount is right on top of the deck so it's too low. I could almost get away with...
  20. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    I wouldn't have thought it would weaken it much if any. The metal I used to fill the center was a little heavier gauge than the metal in the hitch. I guess time will tell.
  21. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    The real issue is the finish mower pins are too low. I could have, and may still raise those. I will see how well this works next year.
  22. TractorGuy

    Any landscape or utility trailers better than this one for the $?

    IMO you need at least a 18' and 20' would be better. Put a mower on the back and keep the loader on and you will have to remove the tailgate and be hanging off a good bit.
  23. TractorGuy

    Modified My Quick Hitch

    I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but when I pull my finish mower the driveshaft will sometimes contact the cross member on my quick hitch. The arms on the mower float and if I try to set the 3 point to the center of the float with it level it will hit on a dip. If I set it to the...
  24. TractorGuy

    Feral hogs trap the building of my own (DIY).

    Haven't seen em or had any damage since 2016. Rumor has it we have some coyotes hanging round but i haven't caught one on camera or seen one. Neighbor has so maybe that is keeping the hogs run off.
  25. TractorGuy

    Pumping sewer into a septic tank. Bad idea?

    I don't see where it should be a problem. The solids should drop out in the tank and the liquid should overflow no matter how it gets there. Are you sure a single system will pass for new construction? When I had my house built back in 93 I had to have a separate system for the washing...
  26. TractorGuy

    Feral hogs trap the building of my own (DIY).

    My brief encounter with Ferel Hogs was short and fortunate. We didn't have them in the hundreds like some folks do. I had a buddy that made a trap from unistrut and hog panels he could break down and move so he brought it out for me to bait and monitor. I got 5 the first week and a few later on...
  27. TractorGuy

    Best bang/buck landscape rake?

    So you ordered a EA rake? I have the cheap red rake from Agri Supply. Have had to rebuild it and modify it to use on QH. I can't recommend it but in it's defense I have abused the heck out of it.
  28. TractorGuy

    Feral hogs trap the building of my own (DIY).

    Yeah that trap ain't big enough. Get some unistrut and 20ft hog panels.
  29. TractorGuy

    Ordered a 2022 Ram 2500

    Good move not buying a diesel right now.
  30. TractorGuy

    Username change?

    I'm talking about quotes done before the name change. Quoted posts AFTER the name change will display the new name.
  31. TractorGuy

    Username change?

    Your old posts will change to the new name except where someone quoted you. Quotes will retain the old name.
  32. TractorGuy

    Borescopes... thoughts?

    Not found one that was any use to me. Always end up with a clear view of nothing. The last I tried was a Klein Tools ET16. Couldn't get their app to load on my phone and it wasn't available on the play store. The only good part was I could just take it back to Home Depot. I have a cheap android...
  33. TractorGuy

    Can you braze a hydraulic line?
  34. TractorGuy

    Concrete fake log siding

    Total bait and switch. Siding doesn't look like logs and leading chick pic isn't even IN the video.
  35. TractorGuy

    China's rover spots cube-shaped 'mystery hut' on the moon

    Secret moon base uses abducted humans as slave labor
  36. TractorGuy

    China's rover spots cube-shaped 'mystery hut' on the moon
  37. TractorGuy

    Can you braze a hydraulic line?

    I have a steel line I mig welded on my backhoe several years ago that is holding up fine. BUT I was able to remove and clean it. I also had easy access to weld all the way around. I don't see a problem with brazing a line IF you could get at it and get it clean to start with. Not having room to...
  38. TractorGuy

    Any Dealer Connection Members?

    Already a member. Got a user name I might hit up for Deere info?
  39. TractorGuy

    Any Dealer Connection Members?

    Do we have any members that have access to the dealer network that would be willing to do a VIN search? I wouldn't want to know any personal information. Just tractor info like warranty repairs, location origin, current status like was it deemed ineligible for warranty due to flood or other...
  40. TractorGuy

    How do you accurately find your property line to post signs and paint trees

    Don't know if one of these would help but I bought one and it shines for a LONG distance. Ad says 300 meters for the green.
  41. TractorGuy

    What causes this pine tree problem?

    Probably beetles.
  42. TractorGuy

    Flushing Hot Water Tank

    Last time I tried to drain mine it was clogged and blowing back in the hose didn't free it. That was probably 10 years ago and I haven't thought about it since. I have replaced the lower element once and the sediment wasn't up to the top but at that time it would drain. I suspect my lower...
  43. TractorGuy

    How do you accurately find your property line to post signs and paint trees

    Might should have paid the surveyor to place some line stakes in between the corners. I don't have that much land and it was divided into several acre lots long ago. I have located and driven T Posts at every marker and keep the brush cut on both sides of the line where there aren't fences. I...
  44. TractorGuy

    No engine oil or filter available from the dealer I bought a new Boomer 55 from

    FWIW I have done business online with New Holland Rochester and Alma Tractor and was pleased with both.
  45. TractorGuy

    water in hydro oil

    Fought with water contamination in my NH backhoe for years. Finally built a barn to park it in. When I first got it I could pump the contaminated oil out and let it sit and the water would settle to the bottom. Later the water would emulsify like the stuff in your bottle. I always used...
  46. TractorGuy

    Ordered a Seecamp last night.

    Bought a LCPII in .380 last year for $229 at Bass Pro. Ammo was scarce but I ordered and got a few boxes of Hornady Critical Defense before I bought the weapon. Also picked up a box of winchester at BP and later got some Herters Target at a country fertilizer store. Seems okay but it already...
  47. TractorGuy

    It's About Time Deere

    How about non petroleum Jet Fuel?
  48. TractorGuy

    Google frustration

    Google places me several hundred miles away while Google maps works off my actual location.
  49. TractorGuy

    Google frustration

    I use Google Maps for searching more than just Google. It seems more targeted and gives the same call or direction options.
  50. TractorGuy

    Back ordered equipment or parts?

    I tried to order a replacement garage door earlier this year. Went through Home Depot. They charged me the full amount then ordered the site inspection. The inspector said frame needed upgrade. They charged me for the full amount for that. Several days later they informed me the door arrival to...
  51. TractorGuy

    It's About Time Deere

    Other than energy concerns the main drawback to introducing ethanol in fuels was it's effect on metals. Adequate research and modifications were not done prior to it's introduction. Add to that the small engine industry was slow to get on board and a large segment still has not. Protective...
  52. TractorGuy

    Banjo Bolt Torque

    See if this helps.
  53. TractorGuy

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    I agree the connection limit is in the device, not the plan. The Velocity has a 10 connection limit. I mainly route all my connections through the router because it has greater range.
  54. TractorGuy

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    This is the ZTE Velocity unit I switched to. Super easy SIM install and setup. Has it's own rechargeable battery so you can take it anywhere and have wi-fi. At home I run a AR-GL300 EXT travel router behind it and connect everything on my home network to the router. The ZTE Velocity only...
  55. TractorGuy

    Family vehicle tracker recommendations

    My wife and I have location sharing on in Google Maps but it doesn't log speed. I have dash cameras in my vehicles. The one in my truck logs GPS data and speed. The speed only uses kph but is easily converted. The unit fits neatly around the rear view mirror stem so it isn't real obvious. The...
  56. TractorGuy

    Cheap $20 a month Stand Alone Unlimited Rural Internet through AT&T Wireless

    My Mobley died a month out of warranty. I bought a used ZTE Velocity off eBay for $25 and switched the SIM to it. This was before the lock code business. My speed varies but that has a lot to do with my proximity to a tower. Closest tower is 7 miles away over the river and through the woods...
  57. TractorGuy

    Rural porch pirates: ideas?

    My UPS account just up and stopped sending me any tracking info. I have tried like the dickens to remove my gate code from their system to stop the drivers from entering my property after dark. I remove it on the web site, log out, log back in, and the field is repopulated. Spent and hour on the...
  58. TractorGuy

    I ran over this....what is it?

    Style C—Gooseneck Wedge End × Straight Point End I have all four sizes in my tool box.
  59. TractorGuy

    Facebook ads.

    The scams are pretty easy to spot. My limited experience is it attracts every flake around. No matter how you word the ad you will get people messaging you at 3 am asking if you will take half the asking price. Can you deliver. So on and so on. Just ridiculous questions and stuff. The last...
  60. TractorGuy

    Exploding tractor battery!

    Had one blow in my face once. Was using an old garage size charger that had a volt and amp meter. I'm supposing the small load from the volt meter caused a spark when I disconnected the cable. Charger was turned off. Fortunately I pulled my head to the side fast enough I didn't have any eye...
  61. TractorGuy

    The gated community issue.

    I made the mistake of putting my gate code in my address info at UPS and Fedex. I have since tried to remove it because I prefer getting packages at the gate. UPS continues to enter and leave through the gate even though I removed the code from my account info. I asked one of the drivers about...
  62. TractorGuy

    The gated community issue.

    I have a neighbor with rentals. I tired of their lost guests turning around in my front yard years ago. I gated the entrance and have a wifi camera that uploads all recorded movements to the cloud. Up until now I just had the entrance area fenced and if someone was a mind to they could walk...
  63. TractorGuy

    What am I looking at?

    Make sure you don't have a clogged vent first. A common cause for leaks is excess pressure.
  64. TractorGuy

    No engine oil or filter available from the dealer I bought a new Boomer 55 from

    When I bought my used New Holland 575E one of the first things I had to do was rebuild a stabilizer cylinder. I called the nearest NH dealer that was almost 100 miles away. They had the kit so I went there and bought it and asked for the correct hydraulic fluid. Didn't pay much attention to the...
  65. TractorGuy

    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    I upgraded my No Trespassing signs to also read No Hunting yesterday. Nothing says Welcome to the Neighborhood like brand new warning signs. :) Still, with the property next door being prepped for two new houses I figure I might as well be up front.
  66. TractorGuy

    Kohler Courage compression release

    I hate to hear this about DB Electric. I have bought numerous starters and alternators from them. All have been low cost and trouble free. I have also recommended them to many based on my positive experience but I never had need to return anything to them.
  67. TractorGuy

    Ideas for repairing radiator? REPAIRED!

    I can think of two things that should NOT be repaired. Plastic radiators and helicopter blades. :) Old school metal radiators not included but I witnessed the destruction of a $40,000 generator from a repaired radiator fail. I have seen many a metal radiator have the tanks removed and...
  68. TractorGuy

    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    There is a small piece of property adjoining mine that is being cleared for development as I type. I have a few No Trespassing signs already but I plan to get some fresh No Hunting OR Trespassing signs posted before the construction workers or new home buyers arrive.
  69. TractorGuy

    Why do we keep driving to far away stores that are understocked, understaffed and don't care?

    Grainger got the contract for the university I worked at and even opened a branch on campus. Most of our contract prices were very competitive and we got free shipping on everything. Part of the contract deal was employees were to get the same price as the university. I haven't really tested the...
  70. TractorGuy

    Trespasser.....what would you do?

    People that trespass are capable of anything and feel entitled to do whatever they want. I wouldn't have done anything without contacting a wildlife officer for advice. We had a researcher doing rain studies in a National Forest. She came across a baited area and took the guys bucket of corn...
  71. TractorGuy

    Possible metal source in small quantities

    I have a couple of independent welding supply places near me that stock metal. The one with the best prices will cut any size I want. If he doesn't have it he will order it on his weekly delivery with no shipping. The last project I did was fairly simple but he cut it all to size with no cut...
  72. TractorGuy

    Why do we keep driving to far away stores that are understocked, understaffed and don't care?

    Yep. I must always have special needs because they never have what I want. They are also 25 miles away and only open M thru F.
  73. TractorGuy

    Pictures from our 2021 show

    Looks like a great turnout. Thanks for sharing! I read about one in Perry Ga this weekend but I'm still steering away from crowds.
  74. TractorGuy

    Why do we keep driving to far away stores that are understocked, understaffed and don't care?

    I spent 3 hours and $20 worth of gas a while back trying to find a couple of 1/2x3-1/2 Stainless Steel bolts in decent quality. By decent I was willing to settle for 18-8 grade. The only stores in town that had ANY stainless in that size was Ace Hardware. I asked what grade they sold and they...
  75. TractorGuy

    Tonneau Cover thoughts?

    I found a deal on a hinged Under Cover brand years back. I can't imagine not having a cover. We haul our trash off once per week. The cover makes it possible to do without worry of littering. The drawback is having to remove the cover to haul anything tall. It is light enough the wife and I can...
  76. TractorGuy

    Allow hunting. . . very inclined to say no.

    I wouldn't allow it on my property. Also the late mention of shotguns tells me he views your terms as flexible. I would simply tell him you reconsidered and decided against it.
  77. TractorGuy

    Sometimes you gotta wonder about UPS

    Been a bunch of that stuff going on lately. I got a email notification today from FedEx for a package I received 2 weeks ago.
  78. TractorGuy

    John Deere 5210

    I read another thread a few days ago where someone had an aftermarket filter cause trouble. Factory filter fixed it. I think it was on a john Deere. I use aftermarket filters on my New Holland backhoe without any problems.
  79. TractorGuy

    Tractor News Deere shifting production

    Thanks for sharing the whole article. Sounds like greed on both sides at the cost of the consumer. Very few people I know have been offered a 10% raise since the 70s. I was given a big raise 3 months before I retired but I already had my retirement papers in. Had I wanted to work another 5...
  80. TractorGuy

    Grandma needs a new riding mower

    I have a John Deere F725 and my near 70 YO wife loves it. Front deck so you can easily see where you are cutting with hydraulic steering wheel type steering and near zero turn maneuverability. Just saying.
  81. TractorGuy

    DIY foam filling for small tires?

    I slimed some once and had little green specs of goo leaching out all around and across the tread. I have also used fix-a-flat in small tires. Both worked somewhat in dry rot rubber. That furrin rubber is crap.
  82. TractorGuy

    Best way to remove all methanol from tires.

    Weld a barbell rack on the box blade and load 300 on lbs on that.
  83. TractorGuy

    Tractor News Deere shifting production

    Link is only available to subscribers
  84. TractorGuy

    It's Time For Medicare (whether I want it or not)

    Yeah you NEED TO CHECK YOUR ZIP CODE! like that has anything to do with anything. When I went on Medicare I talked to my doctor and they recommended an advantage plan that happened to be provided by the HMO I already had and was happy with. I didn't learn until after the fact I couldn't revert...
  85. TractorGuy

    PTO shaft

    The sleeve on my shaft cover was hard to slide and it got damaged on my quick hitch making it worse. I ended up cutting both halves of the cover so they come close to meet but no longer have to slide one half in the other. There is a small area of exposed shaft now when connected. Hooking up the...
  86. TractorGuy

    DIY foam filling for small tires?

    I tried using Great Stuff on some cart tires once and it didn't go well. I drilled holes around the tread to try to get it to expand evenly but it didn't happen. I spent more time and money than it was worth. It rolled but was a little lumpy. On my wheel barrow I bought a solid rubber wheel and...
  87. TractorGuy

    Your thoughts on this TN75DA

    Looks to be rode hard and put up wet. Instrument panel could have been replaced. I don't see any way to judge age or use by looking at those pedals. Paint is worn off the nubs on two of them. That is the only part of the pedal you make contact with. My experience with NH parts would take it off...
  88. TractorGuy

    RK Tractor Prices

    I wouldn't count on TYM doing anything for a RK customer. Research some lf the Cabelas tractor threads.
  89. TractorGuy

    Project Trailer Cost

    For anything other than a bare tractor 14' is too short. A tractor without a loader or implement won't be much good. I have a 18' car trailer. My tractor with a loader and mower attached hangs off the back at least 2'.
  90. TractorGuy

    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    I run my diesel generator at 40 amps for an hour every month. When I was working we had a large generator to protect the contents in -80c and a -140c freezers. If you want a bunch of pissed off professors on your hands let that generator not function during a outage. They originally had a...
  91. TractorGuy

    3rd Function Selector Valve Install on JD 4310

    All I can tell you is I channeled my selector valve on the curl function and it works fine. In normal loader mode I do get the floppy bucket syndrome sometimes which I have read is caused by regen. When it happens I just have to raise the loader and cycle the bucket a couple times and it will...
  92. TractorGuy

    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    My selector valve is tapped into a fuse that is hot all the time. It doesn't require the key to be on. I would like to know how you can depressurize the system with the grapple lid part way open?
  93. TractorGuy

    Pole barn roof insulation

    I'm not sure if or how it relates but I wrapped some cylinder heads up in bubble wrap once and put them in cardboard boxes. When they sold the buyer picked them up. When I unwrapped them they were dripping wet and the cams were rusting. They had been wrapped for about 2 months. I will NEVER...
  94. TractorGuy

    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    In my case I think it builds pressure from sitting in the sun. I leave mine outside. I move my loader control in every direction with the diverter on and off to relieve all pressure before disconnecting. I suspect that I could just hook up on a cold morning but I have got in the habit of...
  95. TractorGuy

    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    The problem is pressure build up from the trapped fluid getting hot. If you have ball type ends you would want to use something soft to release the pressure. The typical ISO type ag connector has a tip protruding so the seat won't get damaged by tapping it directly on a piece of metal. I...
  96. TractorGuy

    Solar Panel Controller Needed

    Are you planning to keep the controller out of the weather? I tried several outdoors and didn't have much luck with them lasting. I have a cheap 10 amp controller and a Battery Tender 5-45 watt controller that are holding up but both are protected in my barn with the panels on top of the roof...
  97. TractorGuy

    Rust oleum farm implement paint

    I used the JD green on my 855. Looked great at first but faded pretty quick. Still looked good when I sold it but there was some flaking at 3 or 4 years. Just in one place but I know I didn't miss that area when I sanded and cleaned. As far as a rattle can job there isn't any better. I tried...
  98. TractorGuy

    Making switch from Green to Orange

    Is the backhoe going to come with a sub frame? Seems like they would have gone ahead with installing the power beyond for the backhoe.
  99. TractorGuy

    Hydraulic connections won’t go on Grapple

    I tap the male poppet end of the grapple hose on the frame. This relieves the pressure buildup on the grapple lines. A little fluid comes out but not enough to be a concern.
  100. TractorGuy

    RK Tractor Prices

    The TYM version of this tractor has gone up 3 grand in the last two years. Not bad considering a comparable John Deere would cost 18,000 more. I am leary of the parts availability but the savings are hard to overlook...
  101. TractorGuy

    Aluminum decking

    This is what happens to anodized aluminum flashing on pressure treated wood.
  102. TractorGuy

    3rd Function Selector Valve Install on JD 4310
  103. TractorGuy

    Ford New Holland 655D Backhoe Hydraulic Mesh Filter Removal

    The outside of the reservoir doesn't have a access plate to get at the screen? Here is how I do my 575E. I had to make a wrench to unscrew mine. I also found a rubber disc that turned out to be a inner part of the screen and had come loose. If yours is similar let me know and i can give you...
  104. TractorGuy

    Aluminum decking

    I wonder how it will or won't react to pressure treated wood? When I had the rear door on my house replaced the wood framing had rotted at the bottom. They cut the rotten part out and replaced it with pressure treated then put the aluminum flashing back on. The flashing is now disintegrating. I...
  105. TractorGuy

    New guy in florida

    Welcome to TBN from a transplanted Georgia boy.
  106. TractorGuy

    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    For me it's more about having a readily available parts source IF I NEED IT. Admittedly the only parts I have bought from my dealer have been filters and cosmetics. I bought new decals for the generic hood I replaced and a new rubber floor mat. All the hydraulic filters are still sitting on the...
  107. TractorGuy

    Advantage of pneumatic tires versus solid tires on finish mower?

    Never heard of a RFM with pneumatic tires. I don't see any advantage over solid for that application. I got a solid set a while back with sealed bearings. I think I'm going to install those when I go through my mower this winter. I have half a mind to convert the caster swivels to sealed...
  108. TractorGuy

    Any way to edit in app?

    I often see a typo or left out word in my posts using the android app. Is there any way to reopen and edit from the app? Yeah, yeah, I know I should proof before I hit the send icon.
  109. TractorGuy

    Value Proposition: What Makes Your Brand Of Tractor Better Than The Others?

    I have owned Massey Ferguson, New Holland, and two John Deeres. It is just as important to let folks know about tractors you don't like as the ones you do. I never had to do much to the Massey but had a dealer in the next county where I could buy parts. The onl part I sourced through the...
  110. TractorGuy

    Rant on shipping

    I've never had so many packages get lost and mis directed. Actually I don't think I've ever had any packages lost and mis directed until this year. And the person that came up with "SMART POST" should NEVER work in shipping logistics. I had one last week with a UPS tracking number that got...
  111. TractorGuy

    Counterweight build

    Looks good! Since we all have some advice that might be needed: You might want to weld the top to the square tube. That much weight has a lot of stress on the top link connection. I built a frame and used 2 inch 1/4 wall tube at the top link. Mine weights in right around 1200 lbs. It bent the...
  112. TractorGuy

    Smoothing a Field of Grass

    I agree but I checked his other posts and he seemed to be on topic without repeating the fake grass plug.
  113. TractorGuy

    Acetylene regulator issues

    I've not had any trouble with my cheap regulators. To avoid damaging ANY regulator you need to close the tank valve, bleed the pressure off, then back the regulator off after use. Always open the tank valve very slow sos not to blast the regulator with high pressure. Then set the regulated...
  114. TractorGuy

    to those with a 6.2l gas ford super duty

    My SOHC 4.6 engines have been absolute mules. My 99 Mustang has 119,000 on it with probably 30,000 of those being track miles. My F150 has towed a car trailer with my mustang all over the SE and has 190,000 on the clock. NO internal engine troubles with either so far.
  115. TractorGuy

    Smoothing a Field of Grass

    That Artificial Grass stuff looks fakey as all getout!!! I bought a tiller to work the land over and built a homemade drag to smooth it out. Grass seems to just pop up natural without planting on my land so I guess I'm lucky. Mowing is much smoother since this thread originated.
  116. TractorGuy

    to those with a 6.2l gas ford super duty

    I would disconnect pipes at the engine, deflect air flow, and try back blowing with a leaf blower. Crap coming in from the engine side has no chance of clearing through the honeycomb of a catalytic converter. Restricted converters will likely overheat the new engine quickly.
  117. TractorGuy

    Deere 955 Parts

    joecdeere is an extremely valuable TBN member!!! Especially for us Deere owners.
  118. TractorGuy

    to those with a 6.2l gas ford super duty

    I considered buying one of these with a tapping noise. It would have been a steal if it could be fixed with valve springs. I couldn't get past the cost of the gamble if I lost. I had a low mileage 2003 Z06 Corvette that reportedly had valve spring issues. I didn't read about it until a few days...
  119. TractorGuy

    Bad day brush hogging... need FEL advice

    Sounds like it might pulled the piston bolt if the rod moves with the cylinder retracted. Try extending both all the way out and see if there is any movement in the rods. You may have to pull them apart to see exactly what is going on there. I would check other areas 3 times before I condemned...
  120. TractorGuy

    Need help with metal buildings

    I had a Carolina Carports barn built last year and was very satisfied. I think you would have to have a separate contractor for the foundation and any inside wiring. They will erect the building, install windows, doors, and insulation. They have pdf download price brochures. You have to start...
  121. TractorGuy

    Thoughts on primeweld cut 60 plasma cutter

    I bought a Colossal Tech CUT50 with pilot arc in March of 2019. I haven't used it a lot but it works fine for my needs when I do.
  122. TractorGuy

    Hydraulic 3-point leveler

    If you use it enough to warrant I guess the hydraulic version would be a great add on. If like me you DON'T use the leveling feature much then freeing up and lubing the existing link makes it more usable. If yours still moves you are ahead of the game. Mine was frozen so it took and hour or so...
  123. TractorGuy

    Anyone Have an Iphone 11 PRO?

    Not sure what models my daughter has has but she usually upgrades to the latest every year. She got fed up with the iphone and went back to android this year.
  124. TractorGuy

    Thread Sealing Tape?

    For fuel or oil application on pipe threads I use a dab of Permatex Aviation Form A Gasket.
  125. TractorGuy


    You might can just put a coil in the hoses and zip tie them. Won't look as neat but probably keep from tearing them off. If you are lacking in lift you might be able to upgrade to some 2 inch bore generic cylinders. You would have to bush the ends and possibly need different hoses. Be sure to...
  126. TractorGuy

    Cordless Tools vs. Other Options

    Upgrade to 20v. You can get an adapter for the 18v tools. I even bought an adapter to use my Dewalt 20v batteries on my Craftsman 19.2v tools. Chunk the old nicad batteries.
  127. TractorGuy


    Looks pretty good except for the hoses almost dragging the ground. How much lift capacity do you have left? The 70A didn't have a lot to start with.
  128. TractorGuy

    Looking for a JD to replace my Craftsman

    The main thing I will add to the conversation is to beware of the deep 54 inch decks. I was given one that I adapted to my F725 and cut quality is crap. I have set tire pressure and blade levels to the book and for some unknown reason it leaves an uncut strip. To get a clean cut I have to...
  129. TractorGuy

    Landscape rake tine quality

    I have a un branded rake I bought from Agri Supply. I have torn up and rebuilt the frame twice. Mostly due to my abusive use. Never broke a tine. They get bent out of shape every now and then but I can bend them back by hand.
  130. TractorGuy

    Towing a CUT with a nissan titan

    If the trailer is new retorque the wheel lugs every 50-75 miles until they no longer take torque.
  131. TractorGuy

    Anyone having issues with delivery on metal carports?

    Delivery on metal anything is a problem nowadays. I got lucky on my timing for a metal building. I bought early in 2020 and had it completed in 6 weeks. Tried to buy a new garage door this year and got nothing but run around. Gave up and fixed my existing door.
  132. TractorGuy

    Towing a CUT with a nissan titan

    You may have to put the loader back on or back the tractor on to get the tongue weight correct. Look up 4 to 1 scale for measuring tongue weight.
  133. TractorGuy

    Top link off center?

    Aren't you going to a lower input speed? Just asking. Does your tractor have a two speed rear PTO?
  134. TractorGuy

    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    Belts are good 5L size. The design is very simple. It has two identical belts. Each one goes around the drive pulley, center pulley, and one side pulley. Both are tensioned by adjusting the gearbox in relation to the center double pulley. I check them pretty much every time I mow and they...
  135. TractorGuy

    F-150 dying question...

    If it's old enough to have a distributor I would throw a cap and rotor at it. Have seen the distributor rotors open when they are hot.
  136. TractorGuy

    F-150 dying question...

    Without knowing the year you are pissing in the wind looking for answers.
  137. TractorGuy

    Breaking up very hard dirt clods.

    Get some tiger teeth for the backhoe bucket. I put the single point type on mine. Come straight down on the clumps and they don't stand a chance.
  138. TractorGuy

    Burning Wood at Night.

    Round here a permit is required for any pile over 8ft in diameter. Must light after 9 am and be totally out before dusk. I gave up trying to comply and keep my piles below the size requiring a permit. Doesn't change the rules but so far they haven't bothered to come put one out on me.
  139. TractorGuy

    Insurance is strange!?!

    Get ready for the next communication with your insurance company. You may get a non-renewal noticed until proof of said tree removal has occurred. I have a huge oak behind my house and I worry every day the insurance company will want me to have it cut. Had I know when I built the house I could...
  140. TractorGuy

    Hand held Brush Cutter

    For about 4 grand you can get one of these.
  141. TractorGuy

    Hand held Brush Cutter

    Jump to the 3:30 mark.
  142. TractorGuy

    Hand held Brush Cutter

    Is the area too steep for a walk behind brush mower? I guess engine oiling would be a problem if it was too steep.
  143. TractorGuy

    MFG/Dealer Price Differences

    I recently entertained the idea of buying a newer F150. I just wanted a newer version of the truck I have but with the Coyote V8. My current truck is a 2003 extended cab with a 6-1/2' bed, 4.6 V8 engine, 3:55 posi rear, and factory tow package. It tows everything I have a need to tow with ease...
  144. TractorGuy

    Funeral Costs

    Sorry for your loss. I ran into similar costs when my mother passed. Back then the most expensive coffin was about $2700 if I remember correctly. They had it right inside the door of room all the models were on display in. All the other, less expensive, coffins looked more like see something at...
  145. TractorGuy

    Really good small tire changer...

    Last small lawn tractor tire I changed I just clamped the hub of the wheel in the vise, soaped both beads, started the bead, placed vise grips on the bead of the wheel, and spun the tire on. After doing the bottom I pushed the top bead on and repeated. Worked like a charm.
  146. TractorGuy

    Implement bearings...check them

    Good reminder. I buy PGN bearings in 10 packs off eBay. End up with left overs but you never know when you will need one. Haven't checked the ones in my finish mower but they are 4 years old and it has been a little louder.
  147. TractorGuy

    Land plane for driveway

    Might work. Let us know how it goes. I prefer a grader blade for road and driveway shaping.
  148. TractorGuy

    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    A little but not by much. I usually try to run it at the next mark beyond the PTO mark on the tach. It tends to drop RPMs as I mow and I have to keep bumping the throttle up. I need to look into adjusting the tension on the throttle. Ideally you want to increase blade speed but most PTO finish...
  149. TractorGuy

    Anyone like traffic circles-roundabouts?

    That's MADNESS! I don't mind a simple single lane but even a double lane is stupid crazy.
  150. TractorGuy

    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    No I just stacked and tacked. I didn't bother to check for evenness. Identical blades would only be a 1/4" different but these are two different brands so they may have a different offset. The top blades are original and the bottom blades are Caroni. After mowing the whole field I wasn't as...
  151. TractorGuy

    Dual Blades on Finish Mower

    I've been wanting the try out the dual blade idea on my finish mower for some time. My current blades didn't really need sharpening but I touched them up while they were off. I sharpened an old set and put them on top of the better blades. I tack welded them together to keep them square if I hit...
  152. TractorGuy

    How many have wives who make work for you.

    Who has a wife that doesn't?
  153. TractorGuy

    Love Letters. Real Estate

    I have received post cards advertising"we buy houses". As long as it's sent legally through the mail I just treat it like any other junk mail. I have neighbors that sometimes leave notes in people's mail boxes about road maintenance. I don't like anybody going in my mailbox other than the...
  154. TractorGuy

    Grapple style preference

    One other thought. There are times I don't want to pick up small limbs in my yard with the grapple because it's hard to to without damaging the grass. With type one it's easy to open and tilt back to hand load it. I think type 2 would be great for rakeing roots BUT. There are 3pt root rakes...
  155. TractorGuy

    Grapple style preference

    Whichever one you get you will find times the other would work better. I have #1 and there are times I would like #2. Either one will beat none and you will be glad you have it. Type 1 will handle a pile of brush fine.
  156. TractorGuy

    Driver's License... What Vehicle did you use?

    49 Dodge 1/2 ton PU.
  157. TractorGuy

    Ehydro issue

    All I can say is if I turn my 4310 eHydro off and restart it with load match turned on it won't hardly move until I turn load match off.
  158. TractorGuy

    Ehydro issue

    Load match switch turned off? I don't use mine often but if I forget to turn it off the tractor is very sluggish when I start it back up with the switch on.
  159. TractorGuy

    Showroom Shock !

    I drove by a Massey dealer in Quincy FL yesterday and it looked like they were flush with new tractors.
  160. TractorGuy

    Good movies,,, well there are a few.......

    Watched Cry Macho on HBOMAX tonight. Great movie! Clint Eastwood is still a great actor at 90.
  161. TractorGuy

    Hydraulic hose quality

    Hairline cracks are the beginning of the outside cover failing. I much prefer my hydraulic hoses to show no cracking. That said I have some in use on my Backhoe that were missing pieces of the outer cover before I got the machine. So yes, a hose may continue to function long after the outer...
  162. TractorGuy

    Question on County Line Tiller Maintenance

    From County Line Tiller manual: BEFORE PUTTING ROTARY TILLER INTO SERVICE IMPORTANT: This tiller was shipped without oil in gearboxes and without grease in grease fittings. UNIT MUST BE SERVICED BEFORE USING. NOTE: Fill gearbox using 90 W gear oil (type GL5-85W 140 or Triple Zero Grease; which...
  163. TractorGuy

    Meg-Mo swinging blades -- first impressions

    Thanks for the interesting review. I have been contemplating a double blade test for some time and plan to make something similar to the megmo for testing one day using disk mower blades. I also don't think the round hole is an issue. I made a set of blades to use .155 push trimmer string on a...
  164. TractorGuy

    Hydraulic hose quality

    You can't determine quality by country of MFG. I was having a local company make all my hoses and they used a different foreign made brand every time. One of the hoses they made for my backhoe deteriorated and blew in 3 years. Looked like a 20 year old hose. I don't remember the brand name...
  165. TractorGuy

    Chassis Number
  166. TractorGuy

    how deep can I run a subsoiler (for running pipe) with ck2610

    The backhoe would do it but not likely to dig a trench that deep with that size tractor and a sub soiler.
  167. TractorGuy

    Stabilizing clamp on forks?

    This is the last time I used mine. They went over instead of under but i needed a little more reach to move my generator. I had my 1200 lb ballast on the 3pt and kept the load a few inches off the ground. :)
  168. TractorGuy

    Shipping Logistics

    My latest update on the Amazon package says "sorry it's late, contact USPS". USPS says it's in the hands of a shipping partner and USPS awaits delivery to them. So when it's moving as planned Amazon has a slider bar showing it's progress. When it goes screwy they tell you to go to USPS. Note...
  169. TractorGuy

    Unsecured hay hauling

    My daughter makes several hay runs a year for 3 horse families. The first time she made the mistake of letting the supplier's workers put the straps on. Halfway back she had to find a flat enough area to straighten and secure the load. Now she doesn't leave their lot without strapping the load...
  170. TractorGuy

    Tractor Battery

    Another thread from the cellar but I will add my 2 cents anyway. One thing about many tractor batteries is the negligent engineering of placing them in front of the radiator. If your tractor has the battery in front of the radiator you don't want a regular lead acid battery that vents out the...
  171. TractorGuy

    Unsecured hay hauling

    Hauling anything unsecured on public roads is stupid and dangerous. How long does it take to put a couple of straps on??? Don't be THAT GUY! If you are going to pull a trailer you should do it responsibly. Have the coupler and safety chains in good condition. Have all the lights working. Have...
  172. TractorGuy

    Don’t forget those spark plugs.

    Changed the plugs in my F150 and Kia Sorento at 100K. Both looked just as good as new when I pulled them.
  173. TractorGuy

    Bent my MTL Grapple

    A lot of the stuff I pick up has a lot of dirt in it. I have to roll the grapple back and forth to sift the dirt out. A bucket grapple wouldn't work well for my needs. My needs would be better served with less distance and space between the clamps to prevent stuff from falling out when I roll...
  174. TractorGuy

    Bent my MTL Grapple

    There are times I wish I had bought a smaller single lid grapple. That said I have worked the crap out of this thing and it has paid for itself twice over.
  175. TractorGuy

    Stabilizing clamp on forks?

    I have a clamp on set like this. All I can say is they suck! Just a tad better than nothing if you need them. I usually just chain whatever I need to move to my bucket hooks and pick it up from above. By the time I have my clamp on forks mounted and secure I could have chained whatever it is to...
  176. TractorGuy

    Shipping Logistics

    Finally got the item from the OP. Now i wait on a Dewalt pole saw/hedge trimmer set I ordered from Acme. It shipped on time and made it all the way down to Forest Park Ga where it has sat not showing movement since Monday. Still says I should receive it today????? Also ordered a set of Cobalt...
  177. TractorGuy

    Don’t forget those spark plugs.

    Yep! Had a pressure washer that would run a while and shut off. I figured the coil was heating up and failing. It also had some carb issues so I ordered a cheap carb and coil. Got everything done and ran it 5 minutes and it shut off. Went to the store and bought a plug. ALL FIXED! I had a...
  178. TractorGuy

    Bent my MTL Grapple

    It's not bad but thought the MTL naysayers might like to see it. What happened was I clamped down on a stump and it bent the gusset out which pulled the leg of the clamp in a little. Nothing a rosebud torch and a hammer won't fix. I guess the 2" cylinder applies more force than you actually need...
  179. TractorGuy

    Offset Rear Blade

    It's not always possible to buy the implement you want. Sometimes you have to buy for the tractor and budget you have at the time. I have a landscape rake and a grader blade I bought when I had a little 855 John Deere. They are too small for my 4310 but I have gotten plenty of use out of them...
  180. TractorGuy

    Bad boy compact tractors?

    John Deere Compact Utility Tractors are built by John Deere in Augusta GA.
  181. TractorGuy

    Security Cameras -update

    Have you tested any compact remote power sources for the wyze cam? I wonder how small of a battery and solar panel you can get away with? I tried mine on a 5000 MAH battery with a solar panel but it killed it in one night. Those things won't recover from dead on the panel they come with. I have...
  182. TractorGuy

    Bahia grass wears out mower blades

    Try to find some low or no lift blades to fit.
  183. TractorGuy

    Car Show

    I came upon a meet that was dedicated to WWII vehicles one time. Cool [emoji41] stuff! Shame about the corrosion around the water neck. The rest is so clean I would address that before it gets worse.
  184. TractorGuy

    Rear Dirt Scoop, Like New, 30"

    I had a Leinbach version of this I let go with my JD855. These are very handy for the guy that doesn't have a loader. There are times I wish I kept it but it sweetened the deal when I sold the tractor. I cut out a spot under the lift pins to make mine QH compatible. I never used it in forward...
  185. TractorGuy

    Security Cameras -update

    I have a couple of Reolink Argus Eco cameras that are wifi but also record to a micro sd card. Coupled with the solar panel supplied by Reolink the batteries have remained at 100%. You could review the contents on the sd cards with a laptop and USB adaptor if it doesn't already have a slot and...
  186. TractorGuy

    Florida Morgan ??? - on the TBN Facebook page

    This young lady probably doesn't know her picture is being used for this contact. Scammers steal people's information and photos off the internet and pose as them. One recent email I got in my spam came from a person that died early this year. Scammers are the scum of the earth.
  187. TractorGuy


    Personally I wouldn't pay over $700, $800 tops for that one.
  188. TractorGuy

    High Quality Lawn Sprinkler

    Impact sprinkler on a tripod is hard to beat.
  189. TractorGuy

    Pole barn build now or wait?

    For my money having a all metal structure built by experienced builders was well worth the money. I probably had 10 days invested in getting the groundwork done and they constructed the building in less than 3 days. For anchors it has 22, 1/2"x4' rebar driven through the tops of the base beams...
  190. TractorGuy


    Found one on line that looks cleaner but may be missing half the driveshaft. $1499 asking price.
  191. TractorGuy

    Supply chain issues not ending soon - Case and New Holland in this article.

    Not sure if it's still the case but I had limited exposure to the car rental business back in 92. They changed inventory every 3 months. News said they all sold their fleets when Covid started so now they got nothing to rent.
  192. TractorGuy

    Getting a new portable fuel tank.

    After my drum split scare I'm done with large plastic diesel storage. I just pumped the rest of mine into 5 gallon plastic containers so I could situate my new to me aluminum tank. Not sure if it counts for containment but I do have a heavy duty tarp the size of my barn underneath the crushed...
  193. TractorGuy

    John Deere 955 - 3PL

    Should be a knob under the seat. I think it's on the left side. I will try to find a pic and post it later.
  194. TractorGuy

    Pole barn build now or wait?

    Check around on pricing. Flooring depends on your needs and if you just want dry storage or a work shop. I had Carolina Carports put up a 3 sides enclosed 31x42 in May of 2020 for $11,400. They were running a 10% off sale for buildings over 10 grand. It is three section with 9' outer walls...
  195. TractorGuy

    Shipping Logistics

    Seems like this is happening more and more with USPS and FedEx. It's not just the shippers fault either. I ordered this part from a company that is based 6 hours away on August 25th. The order confirmation said it would process in 24-48 hours. After a few days passed I called and they said they...
  196. TractorGuy

    What works against rodents

    A good solution for openings is steel wool. I owned a building onece with a pipe coming through a wall they would enter around. I tried packing stuff in the hole and taping it up and they would chew through. Finally packed it with steel wool and no more mice.
  197. TractorGuy

    Towing capacity

    A bathroom scale and some boards will work. I measured the tongue weight for a heavy trailer setup at work with my 4to1 setup once and then took it to a shop with certified scales. My measurement was within 3 pounds different. That particular trailer had over a 1000 lbs on the tongue...
  198. TractorGuy

    Towing capacity

    I said if it sags with the correct tongue weight it isn't sprung for the task. Your example proved my point.