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  1. i7win7

    Possible DEF shortages

    If you use DEF fluid you may want to watch this
  2. i7win7

    50 Gallon Fuel Tank Build

    If your loader/forks can handle 700+ pounds, you too can retire your fuel cans
  3. i7win7

    1 Cool ROPS accessory

    Flex-a-Lite model 116 radiator fan 2,215 CFM and 11 amp draw. Stirs up quite a breeze. May help with bugs a night when running lights. Ground speed in reverse slightly faster? :unsure:
  4. i7win7

    Emergency ditch opener needs Top 'n Tilt

    Made this 8 or 9 years ago. Idea was to open drainage ditch after a mudslide and minimize damage to hillside drive. Wondered if I should dismantle it and salvage the carryall. Tried it today, definitely need TnT, not sure if a solid digging tooth would be better. It is an emergency tool to...
  5. i7win7

    Talk about white knuckels #3

    Stewart Ped here my frinds call me Stu. Well, I cleaned out my hillside drainage ditches today (mudslides). I used to use my BX, it was a white knuckel job and if I "broke wind" sounded like a high pitched whistle. This is the most dangerous thing you can do with a tractor and all manuals tell...
  6. i7win7

    BX2370 won't start because of bad ground.

    Yesterday my BX would not start - made clicking noises. Plugged jumper cable into my winch power connector ( and tried to jumpstart, no luck. Removed battery - charger showed 95%...
  7. i7win7

    3-Point Hitch  3 point inspection

    Last fall while clearing brush, I just happened to notice both lynch pins on lower lift arms were missing. I carry spares - no problem. Today while lubing FEL, I went under tractor looking for more grease fittings. 1 telescopic stabilizer had a retaining clip other side missing. Don't own BH...
  8. i7win7

    Found: Weird tractor video

    Giant Pumpkin vs Tractor - YouTube New use for snowblower?
  9. i7win7

    Coming to field near you? Future Tech

    ULTRA-MODERN TRACTORS IDEAS | AMAZING FUTURE TRACTORS YOU HAVE NOT SEEN - YouTube Interesting R&D toys. I want the Kubota Apple picker - can't use it unless I start planting trees.
  10. i7win7

    Adding electrical devices to tractor

    Purpose of post: to provide general ideas to fellow tractor owners wishing to add lights, electric sprayers, even some high current accessories for short term intermittent use (think winches, jump starts). I'll start with the high power preparations. #1 good heavy duty wire, at Walmart you...
  11. i7win7

    I could use that - wish list attachments

    Seen anything new or unusual that would make your tractor more useful? I could find a use for this Flip Screen Promo (2019) - YouTube